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Sam Winchester held back a sigh of relief as the impala sped off the highway exit, heading towards the nearest cheap motel. After an almost full day of riding in the tension filled vehicle with his brother Dean, the young man was more than ready for a break. Dean hadn't spoken more than a handful of words to him since they'd come back from Zachariah's little field trip and it was really starting to get to him. He couldn't believe…Sam was jerked out of his thoughts when the car screeched to a stop. Glancing out the windshield at the dilapidated building, the youngest Winchester grimaced as he reached back to grab his bag. Opening the door, he tossed the bag strap over his shoulder and stepped out. He barely had time to shut the door before the impala took off backwards through the parking lot. Sam watched the classic Chevy do a three-sixty at the edge of the lot and then barrel down the street.

"Great" he muttered. Shaking his head, the hunter trudged to the front office of the crumbling motel. He walked inside coming out minutes later key in hand. Sam strode down the long walkway to the room on the end. Shoving the key in the lock, he swiftly opened the door and stepped into his home for the night. He shut the door and flicked on the lights before looking around. The light brown walls with brightly colored landscape paintings and the beds covered with plain blue blankets were a far cry from what he was expecting. The room was actually pretty decent. It was definitely better than the dumps they'd been staying in lately. It looked like for once they'd gotten lucky.

'Yeah, right lucky' Sam thought as he tossed his duffle across the room and dropped onto the edge of the bed. Lucky was the last word he'd use to describe them at the moment. Running a hand through his chestnut hair, the young man sighed. His relationship with Dean had been rocky for a long time. But they had both been working hard to get back the closeness they'd once had. Unfortunately, he knew that Zachariah's twisted version of "This Is Your Life" had destroyed any tiny amount of progress they had made. Sam knew that the dick of an angel had screwed with the memories to further his cause. After all, how could anyone believe that a small child witnessing his parents fighting or a knock down drag out fight between father and son were happy memories? You'd have to be a nutcase to think those were happy times. Staying with that other family for the holidays and the huge fight with his dad that ended with the ultimatum 'if you leave, don't come back' were some of Sam's worst childhood memories. Anyone who knew him would know that. But Dean was so busy being hurt by the angel picked memories that he didn't realize he was being manipulated. If he just stopped to think, he'd remember why Sam was with that other family or what happened when Dean and dad finally came to get him. But it didn't look like that would happen anytime soon and he didn't know what to do ab…

"Why so glum, chum?" a cheery voice called from the other side of the room.

Sam's head shot up the same time as his hand reached for the gun he kept in the waistband of his jeans. Seeing the owner of the voice standing by the rickety wooden table smirking at him, the hunter groaned. "Aww man, not you again." He grumbled, glaring at the intruder. "What do you want this time?"

"Now is that any way to greet a friend?" the short, brown-haired man asked.

"There's a lot of things I'd call you, but friend isn't one of them." Sam fired back. "Now what do you want, Gabriel? I'm in no mood for a guessing game."

"But games are fun!" the angel protested.

"Gabriel" Sam growled.

"Fine, party pooper" Gabe huffed. He pulled out a chair, plopped down, and sat staring at the youngest Winchester.

Sam waited impatiently for the annoying being to explain his presence. When several minutes went by without a word being spoken, the hunter snapped. "Gabriel, I swear if you don't…"

"Loki" the angel corrected. "And don't swear, it's not nice."

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose to try and ward off the headache he could feel coming. Glaring at the cause of his current problem, he growled, "What. do. you. want?"

Gabriel grinned. "Oh, it's not what I want, Sammy boy. This visit is all about you. See, I know about what that douche Zachariah did to you and Deano and I gotta tell you I was a little disappointed by your brother's reaction. I was sure he'd catch on to Zach's trick after the first bad memory. I never expected him to fall for it let alone blame you."

"So what, you're here to gloat?" Sam interrupted.

"Not a chance, Sundance" Loki replied. "I'm here to do you a favor."

"No, no thanks" Sam adamantly stated, shaking his head. "I don't need any favors from you."

"Oh, I think you do." Gabe countered as he stood and walked over to the young hunter. Kneeling down in front of the boy, he sighed. "I think after all the crap my so called brothers have put you though, it's only fair that one of us does something nice for you. And I happen to know just what to do to pay you back."

"Really? And what would that be? You gonna put me in tv land again? Or maybe you're going to drop me back in that time loop? Find some more bizarre ways to kill off Dean, did you?" Sam growled.

"Nothing like that Sammykins" the trickster said, patting the hunter's knee. "No, the gift I'm going to give you is something you never really got to have; time with your mother."

"Mom? But she's…how can you…"

"Relax Junior, let me worry about the how's and why's." Gabe instructed. "Now come on. We're running late."

With that the smiling man swiftly reached out and touched the youngest Winchester's forehead.