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Previously on Supernatural- Sam shifted around so he could snuggle into his mother and father's sides. Sighing contentedly, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


"Papa! Papa!" Sammy hollered, running into the kitchen. He launched himself into his father's arms, giggling as John tossed him into the air.

"Morning, kiddo!" John cheerfully greeted. He gave the youngster a hug before settling him in his booster seat. "I hope you're hungry because Aunt Mary made a little bit of everything for breakfast."

Sam gazed at the enormous amount of food on the table, licking his lips at all the delicious smelling dishes. It looked like every breakfast food imaginable had been fixed. He saw scrambled eggs, bacon, and even sausage. All his favorites were there except… "No chawms?" he inquired, his lower lip quivering.

"I'm sorry Baby. Aunt Mary didn't get any Lucky Charms when she went shopping yesterday." Mary apologized as she took her seat at the overloaded table. Seeing the boy's eyes tear up at that announcement, she racked her brain for something to say to stave off the water works. Mary worried her bottom lip as she swiftly ran through her options. In seconds, she had what she thought was the perfect solution. "Don't cry Sammy. We'll go to the store and pick up a box after breakfast, okay?"

"Yay!" Sam cheered, bouncing in his seat. He didn't know why he was suddenly craving the sugary cereal. He hadn't eaten Lucky Charms for breakfast since he was ten and he hadn't really wanted to then. But he had had no choice. That was all they had so that was what he ate. Now however, Sam couldn't wait to dig into the colorful marshmallow loaded cereal. 'It must have something to do with my size.' He theorized. 'Or maybe…'

"Here you go, buddy" John said, setting a plastic divided child's plate in front of the three year old.

"Fant you" Sam politely stated. Smacking his lips, he snatched up his oversized spoon and started gobbling up his food.

"Slow down Champ. You're gonna get choked." John instructed. He smiled when the little boy did just that.

"Good boy!" Mary praised, ruffling the three year old's mop of hair. After assuring herself that Sammy was eating slow enough to prevent choking on his food, she turned her attention back to her own meal.

Once breakfast was finished, John took his empty plate to the sink and dropped it in. Turning, he leaned against the counter and took a large gulp of his coffee before setting the mug in the sink as well. "I'm heading out now, Mare." He said, picking up his keys. The Winchester patriarch walked over to the table and knelt down beside Sam. "Papa has to go to work now, Sammy. You be good for Aunt Mary, alright?"

"Papa go bye-bye?" Sammy tearfully asked.

"Yeah, papa's going bye-bye buddy but just for a little while." John confirmed, hugging the sad youngster. "You'll see me at lunchtime."

"That's right." Mary piped up. "You and I are going to go eat lunch at Papa's job."

Sammy perked up a little. "We eat wif Papa?" he repeated.

"Yes, after we go to the store to get your Lucky Charms and the park to play." Mary explained.

"Yea! Sammy pay!" the four year old shouted. "We go now!"

"Whoa there Sport! You've gotta get a bath and get dressed first. You can't go to the store in your pajamas." John pointed out. He chuckled as the little boy jumped out of his chair and raced out of the kitchen. "Better go after him, Mare before he decides to start the water himself."

"I'm going. Bye John" Mary said. She gave her husband a quick peck on the cheek and then hurried after their rambunctious charge.


After a soaking bath time followed by a quick clean up, Mary packed up Sammy's stroller and the two left the house. As they strolled down the sidewalk Mary pointed out the various animals, plants, and places she thought Sammy might like. Sam played along by making animal noises and clapping his hands. And when his mom seemed to run out of things to say, the littlest Winchester started the sing the song that had been his lullaby; Hey Jude. A surprised Mary joined in and the two spent the remainder of the trip singing the well-known Beatles' tune.

At the grocery store Mary scooped up a basket and then made a bee line for the cereal aisle. She picked up two boxes of Lucky Charms and then perused the other aisles adding items to the basket that she thought Sammy might eat. She allowed her charge to choose his favorite juice and a few snacks before picking up a loaf of bread and pushing the stroller up to the check-out. Once their purchases were paid for, Mary and Sammy headed to the park. They rolled past the playground and over the bridge to the small duck pond.

Mary pushed the stroller up to the bench in front of the pond, set the brakes, opened the bread, and pulled out a couple of pieces. "Come on Baby, let's go feed the ducks." She said as she picked the three year old up. After setting the youngster on his feet, Mary took Sam's tiny hand in hers and led him down to the edge of the pond. "Here Sweetie, take this piece of bread and throw it to the ducks."

Sammy took the small bit of bread and tossed it in the general direction of the ducks. He grinned as the birds immediately raced to the treat. "Do again! Do again!" he shouted, bouncing up and down.

"Here you go." Mary stated, handing the boy some more bread. She smiled as the over excited little boy threw piece after piece to the ducks. When the two slices were gone, she gave Sam another one to tear apart and feed the quacking creatures. Once that was gobbled up, she steered the giggling youngster back over the bridge to the playground. Mary settled him in the sandbox and then walked over to a nearby bench and took a seat.

Sam sighed as he watched his mom walk away. Dean had never left him to play alone when he was little. He had always played with him. Their dad had too, sometimes. And he remembered his big brother telling him one time that their mom hadn't been one of those bench moms; that she'd always been right out there with him playing. Sammy ran a hand through his hair. He guessed he was going to have to show his mother how to play on the playground. Putting his hands on the ground, the determined boy pushed himself up and toddled over to his mama. "Aunt Mommy pay wif Sammy?" he asked, taking her hand. "Peas?"

"You want me to play?" Mary asked. She glanced around the almost empty park before nodding. "Okay, I guess I can play with you for a little while." Standing, she let herself be led over to the giant red slide to begin their first adventure of the day.


"You should have seen him, John. Sammy went from one side of the monkey bars to the other." Mary bragged as she wiped her tiny charge's mouth and hands.

"You did?" John asked. "You went across the monkey bars all by yourself?"

Sammy shook his head. "Nuh uh, Aunt Mommy helpt-ed." He replied before popping a handful of Lucky Charms into his mouth. "And she slided wif me, too."

"You don't say?" John said with a grin. "I didn't know Aunt Mary knew how to slide."

"Ha ha" Mary muttered, lightly slapping her husband's hand.

"You know I'm just teasing." John told her.

"Oh I know. And I'll just be teasing when I pay you back." Mary warned.

John's grin widened. "Don't start anything you can't finish." He tossed back.

"I'll remind you of that when I win." Mary replied.

Prank wars? His parents were involved in prank wars? So that's where those had come from. And he bet he knew who won, too. "Aunt Mommy win!" Sammy hollered, fighting the urge to laugh at his father's expression.

"Aunt Mary's going to win, huh?" John asked as he scooped up the youngster. Cradling the three year old, the young father started mercilessly tickling him. "Are you sure? Huh? Who's really going to win, Champ? Huh? Who's the real winner?"

"A-a-aunt Mommmmmy!" Sam proclaimed. Batting at his dad's hands, the youngest Winchester twisted and turned in his father's hold.

"You little scamp!" John cried as he continued his tickle attack.

"AAAAuuuunt Mom-mmmmy help!" Sam stammered through his giggles. "Hhhhelp Saaammmmmy!"

Laughing, Mary joined in the fray. The small family tickled and tussled and chuckled as they playfully fought in the Winchester tickle war.

By the time the war was over all three of them were breathless from laughter. Leaning back in the metal chairs, they spent what little time they had left just enjoying each other's company.


Mary looked up at the pitter patter of little feet. "Well, look who finally decided to wake up." she said.

Sammy sleepily shuffled over to his mom and raised his arms.

Smiling, Mary scooped up the yawning boy and carried him back into the bedroom. She quickly changed him into his play clothes and then toted him out to the kitchen for a snack. Once Sam finished his apple slices and juice, mother and son went into the living room to play. "So Sammy, what would you like to play?" she asked.

Sam thought for a moment. He needed something little kids played that would be easy to teach his mother. He didn't want to try another session of ball; his knees still ached from yesterday's attempt. He needed something…he snapped or more like attempted to snap his fingers as the answer came to him. "Hide seet!" he announced with a grin.

"Hide seet? Oh hide and seek! You want to play hide and seek, Sammy?" Mary asked.

"Yes Sammy and Aunt Mommy pay hide seet!" Sammy enthusiastically answered.

"Okay baby, we'll play hide and seek." Mary agreed. "You go hide while I count, alright?"

Sam nodded. He slid off the couch and hurried out of the room to hide. This was going to be the best afternoon ever!


"Papa! Papa!" Sammy shouted as he launched himself into John's open arms. "Papa we pay hide seet!"

"You did?" John asked, feigning surprise. "Did you have fun?"

"Uh huh" Sam fibbed. Truthfully, the game had been anything but fun. It had taken a good part of the afternoon to get his mom to pretend to have to search for him instead of finding him right away. It was only after Sammy had burst into tears and tearfully explained to her how his 'mommy' played the game that she caught on and started really playing. Still, he had managed to teach his mother how to play on the playground as well as the proper way to play hide and seek all in one day. That was a good day's work. There was still a lot left to teach her but he had plenty of time to do it. If he worked on one thing at a time, Sam was sure Mary would be the perfect mother Dean remembered before he left.


Sammy stifled a laugh as his dad crept past his hiding spot. He knew John saw him and his mom. After all, it was kind of hard to miss two people sized lumps under a blanket in the middle of the floor. Yet, he walked right by calling out, "Where's Sammy? Come out! Come out wherever you are!"

Snuggling into his mother's side, Sam thought over his week. It had started off really rocky but after the first couple of days, things had smoothed out. His mom turned out to be a quick learner. She'd taken to motherhood like a duck to water. Sam and his mother had played and laughed and sang and had a wonderful time together. And his dad…his dad was the best father a boy could ask for! This was the daddy Dean knew, not the dad Sam remembered. The difference in the two was staggering. Sam never would have believed his stern order barking father had been such a wonderful daddy if he hadn't seen it with his own two eyes. His dad was laughing and playing like he didn't have a care in the world. He was…a knock on the front door startled Sam out of his thoughts.

"Hi Johnny!" Gabe greeted as he walked into the house. "Sammy! Daddy's back!"

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Sam ran to the smirking trickster and jumped into his arms. "Daddy!" he hollered, pasting a grin on his face.

"Hiya Sport! I hope you were a good little boy for Papa John and Aunt Mary." The trickster said.

"He was wonderful." Mary responded as she walked up to the group. "How's Heidi? Is she doing alright?"

"She's doing pretty good. She was really tired so I dropped her off at home before I came here." Gabe lied. "I'd rather not leave her alone too long. She's still none too steady."

"I understand. I'll just go get Sammy's things." Mary said before disappearing down the hall. She was back minutes later with a full stroller. "I figured Heidi wouldn't be feeling too well so I packed all his stuff last night. I wanted him be ready for you when you came."

"Thank you and thanks for taking care of him for us. I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't agreed to help out." The trickster fibbed.

"We were happy to do it." Mary told him. "It was nice to have a little one in the house for a while."

Gabe nodded. "I know what you mean. I've missed the little guy." He said, taking charge of the stroller. "We really need to be going. Say goodbye to the Winchesters Sammy."

"Bye Aunt Mommy" Sam said, hugging his mother. He then wrapped his arms around his father's neck. "Bye Papa. Sammy miss you."

"We'll miss you, too" John lovingly stated as he ruffled the little boy's hair. "Bye buddy"

"Bye folks and thanks again" Gabe told the Winchesters before turning and walking down the stone pathway to the sidewalk. He pushed the stroller down the street and around a corner and then stopped. The trickster snapped his fingers and the stroller disappeared. "Time to go back, Sammy boy" he whispered before placing two fingers on the youngest Winchester's forehead.


Sam slowly became aware of something cold on his forehead and a raspy voice calling his name. Moaning, he struggled to open his eyes. Surprised by how hard that small act was, the young hunter fought and fought until his eyelids finally parted, opening to mere slits.

"Finally" Dean muttered, smiling down at his little brother. "I was starting to think I was gonna have to take you to the ER."

"ER?" Sam croaked. He took a few sips of the water Dean held out to him and then cleared his throat. "What, what's going on?"

Dean frowned. "What's going on it that you scared the crap outta me!" he growled. "I get back and find you unconscious on the floor! You were burning up with fever! I had to haul your ginormous butt onto the bed and try to bring it down! Why the Hell didn't you tell me you were sick?!"

"I, I didn't…" Sam's denial was interrupted by a coughing fit.

"Crap! Come'ere!" Dean grumbled. He lifted his little brother into a sitting position.

"Th *cough* thanks" Sam sputtered. "I'm *cough* I'm…"

"No more talking" Dean ordered, holding a bottled water for his brother to take a few sips. Seeing Sam open his mouth to protest, he held up a hand. "I said no, Sam. You are not relapsing on my watch."

Sam dropped back onto his pillow. He'd rest if Dean wanted him to; he just needed to know one thing first. "We 'k?" he whispered.

Dean rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, we're good." He replied. "I did a lot of thinking about those so called favorite memories while I was sitting here."

"Thi'king?" Sam mumbled.

"Okay, so it was more like a certain prankster we know knocked some sense into me." Dean revised. "He, uh, he made me realize what I should have seen all along. Those memories weren't your best memories any more than they were mine. Well, at least not the ones we saw together. It was just more of Zach's twisted crap to drive a wedge between us."

"Not, not *cough* gonna wo'k." Sam stated.

Dean frowned. "What did I say about talking?" he scolded. Getting a cheeky grin in response, he chuckled. "Go to sleep bitch. You look like shit."

"Look bet'er than you j'k" Sam rasped, closing his eyes.

"In your dreams" Dean whispered. He gently carded a hand through Sam's long locks before standing and tip toeing out of the room.

The low rumble of Dean's voice roused Sam from his half asleep state. Prying his eyes open, he glanced around the room. Had it all been a dream? Was the week with his parents nothing more than a fever induced dream?

"It was real Sammykins." A tiny high pitched voice called from the nightstand.

Sam turned his head towards the voice. Seeing the trickster waving at him from the cover of an ancient magazine, he frowned. "Not a dr'm?" he asked.

"No gigantor, it wasn't a dream. You really did spend a week with your parents." Gabe clarified. "You even have a souvenir to remember it by. Check under your pillow."

Sam reached a shaking hand under his pillow. Feeling something soft, he pulled it out. He smiled at the little brown bunny his mom and dad had bought him that last day. Snuggling the stuffed animal to his chest, Sam closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep, a contented smile on his face.