Kagome was standing in the middle of a large bloodied field. The final battle had just finished. Everyone came together do defeat Naraku and his army of demons. Sesshomaru, Kikyo, Koga, Kohaku, even his detachments including Kanna who is very loyal to him turned on him. Now Kagome stood in the field with only Sesshomaru by her side. Everyone else had died.

Kagome was crying holding on the the Shikon no Tama tightly. "Why? Why did they have to die? I want them back."

Suddenly a holographic like Midoriko stood before her and Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru just simply stood there and watched everything take place.

"La-Lady Mi-Midoriko!" Kagome gasped as she unconsciously took a step towards her.

"You do not need to address me as such, child. I came because of your plead. If that is your wish then I shall resurrect them. Although not all can be revived. The detachments cannot be revived without also reviving Naraku. And Kikyo, you already know her situation," Midoriko told the young fifteen year old miko.

Kagome stood still. They also had helped her yet their lives could not be spared. She hesitantly agreed.

The next thing Kagome knew was that she was on her side of the well that was now sealed. She could no longer see her friends but they were at least alive. And the Shikon no Tama was no more.

Kagome climbed out of the well. When she went inside she met with a sad Souta and Mom. They had told her that her grandpa had recently died. But only from old age.

Kagome ended up having to retake her senior year or middle school all over again. She had too many absences. Although she did do much better as she could actually attend everyday without her friends trying to set her and Hojo on a date.

Now she was at her grandfather's funeral. He was being buried next to her already deceased father.

As she was about to leave with her mother, tears in their eyes begging to come out she saw someone who looked familiar. As she took a better look she said, "Shippoe."

She knew there were very few demon in the modern era. The ones that were still alive could appear human or looked like an animal. The ones that still lived learned to live with humans and don't mean intentional harm.

"Hai Okasan (sp?), it has been long. More or less five hundred years. I have heard about your situation and I have already taken care of all the forms. You apparently had a wealthy family member that left everything she had to Oba-san."

Her tears now gone she looked up at him hopefully, "If you are still alive does that mean..." Her question lingered.

"I sorry...no. You probably already knew that Sango and Miroku got married. Inu-baka being only half demon died almost two centuries ago. Surprisingly after you left I started spending a lot of time with Seshomaru. He too had died about a century back. Not sure why though. I ended up being his heir and had faked my death over the years in oder to keep the company that i had recently sold to you distant relative. Kirara is still alive though with me."

"Kirara is alive." A smile graced upon her face. At least she would get to see one friend again. But still felt a great deal of sadness that the second man she love had died. "I would love to live with you, but what about Sota and mama?" Kagome asked. Shippoe gave a famous kitsune grin. " She come and live with me too! Family sticks together and I'd love to get to know my Oba-chan and Oji!" She now felt a little more at piece until she saw where she was to live.

Shippoe lives in a mansion. Kagome had just learned that he has several private estates. She had also learned that he owns the largest Multi National Corporation. Although he has changed in the last five hundred years apparently his pride turned to something that rivaled Seshomaru's. She gave a small smile knowing Shippoe was raised by him, for even the short time they had... He couldn't settle for second or third. And of course the corporation had to be world wide. Kagome figured Sesshomaru had just wanted to keep tabs everywhere.

Kagome woke up panting. Her memories had played in her dreams once again.

When she woke up she realized that today was her first day attending high school. Something that was set back a year for her due to having to retake her last year.

Kagome Higurashi would now attend the prestigious Ouran Private Academy. That was what she thought anyway. Her family had gotten in a large amount of money recently. Apparently her mother's great aunt was very wealthy, and left everything to her mother. Then her mother signed her up to the rich bastard's school.

As she got out of bed so she could prepare for her first day, a group of mother's private workers; that were in which demons so that they could keep the secret that was about to form, had come in and completely changed Kagome.

She now had short black hair, that was tinted an aqua blue. Some would say it looked like Cloud's hair style from FF7. Certain strands of hair would stick out slightly out, but it looked cute. Her eyes remained the same color. They were sapphire blue with a silver rim and specs (I know I changed the color but they make her stand out more and make her more unique because most Japanese have brown eyes). They had put her in the male uniform to her new school. Two words now described her appearance PRETTY BOY.

As Kagome stormed down to the kitchen where Kagome's mother was. She was about to yell what the heck she was thinking but was interrupted as she already started explaining.

"You know very well of my age issue. I'm not as young as I once was Kagome. So as my daughter you are heir to the corporation. Only till Sota is 18. Of course several other companies would have hard time accepting you, a female as heiress because of your lack of experience. Therefore as you attend Ouran you shall attend as a male. I also took the liberty of Shippoe erasing all computer files on you. He's still working on any written evidence of Kagome Higurashi. So I also created a new ID for you. From this day on you are Kaname Higurashi. Who is your older brother that was living on his own. Kagome, died in a car crash before I got the inheritance. I only changed the middle character so you shouldn't freak. Now don't reveal your secret or there WILL be consequences."

Kagome, excuse me Kaname didn't even want to know what the 'consequences' were. She was then noticed what the time was and made a mad dash to the the limo without breakfast because she had taken too long.

As she sat in the back of the car all she could think was how annoying this was going to be. Her mother even put up a fake tomb stone out back.

As she looked out the window she was still in thought. At least, her mother hasn't become over protective. Sota was going to the middle school part of Ouran. He has changed in some ways I guess. He was almost as tall as her and has more of a Gothic look to him. Her mother had insisted to build the mansion, in front of the shrine. There was a large forest all around the old shrine and taking a little bit of it out wouldn't be too much. So while that was being built, they lived with Shippoe in his mansion.

Well pretending to be a guy for a few years won't be so bad right?

As she exited the limo she stood before the large Ouran Academy. On second thought this could be a long three years.