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Hey guys, decided to do a little short story that'll into drabbles of my own. From Grim Tales From Down Below, let me get a YEA YEA for those who can't wait for Afterbirth. Pretty cool webcomic from Snafu comics, check it out, but for those who are a fan (of either my work or Bleedman's), let's get on with the show.

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Junior gaped in horror as Minnie was torn. Her ligaments stripped from her body as if she were some detachable toy. Had he any type of gag reflex, or stomach for that matter, he would throw up from the brutality and horror. And the pain in her eyes. She looked in so much pain.


"Crazy, right? How can someone as gentle as her be given a fate like this? Can you see how much she needed you and you were such a coward at this moment? She did everything she could to make you happy, keep you safe…funny how useless you really could be."

"But I just…I didn't have powers! She should have kept herself safe. All she did was show-"

"Yes, she was a show off. Yet you were still her admired older brother, the brother she followed like a puppy, who she only wanted affection from. LOOK AT HER YOU BASTARD!"


Minnie coughed, her half body resting on the ground. Junior wondered what to do as Zero distracted the Pumpkinator. Then everything went black except for Minnie and him.

Junior looked upon his sister in anguish, wishing he could take his sister's pain and exchange for the peace she wanted. Her hand looked as if it were reaching for her eye, but turned course and reached for his face.

"Mine brother, why didst thou leave me in acrid agony?"

"Minnie, I…"

"You envied me and now I lay in ruins."

Junior sobbed. Her face grew more sadistic.

"For what wretch would let thy own sister be tortured? Mine love for you was great, some viewing it as unclean. But it felt of complete purity and was the only reason the insults from thy tongue went beyond."

"Minnie, I'm sorry. I know my jealousy was wrong, I know how much you love me. I am the same, but I let the envy cloud it all. Please, try to find it in your loving heart to forgive me."

"Would thou wish to know of the most raw pain blown to me that day? The breaking of mine heart in knowing that mine brother hated me to the most distasteful degree. Now all I can ask is…why?"

Junior let the tears leak from his eyes. He felt the clenching in his chest and knew the very pain of a broken heart…

Junior awoke in a sweat in his bed, and due to position, fell. He rubbed his skull in annoyance. He sat up and breathed, something that he had to do most nights since his little sister's death and rebirth. The nightmares were more and more hateful towards him.

He knew he blamed himself and if there wasn't more truth than that. To say that he regretted that day the most was an understatement.

He had been able to learn the rules and games of death when he grew his scythe in his sleep. His body muttered death's oath as his conscience slept, but in the morning, he had to take notice of the large weapon of what he had thought had been a gift or the start of training.

But when he had brought it to his father, Grim told him that Junior's magic did this, not him. He could feel it in the scythe itself.

His father told him maybe the reason he finally got his powers was because of the balance of pain. A reaper can either be born with the scythe, take a predecessor's, or be dealt a great deal of pain, physical or emotional. Junior knew which this came from.

Junior waved his hand and walked into the portal, to his sister's room. She was asleep under her comforter, purring softly in her dreams.

"She used to have nightmares."

Junior waved his hand over her face and she sighed softly at the power. Her unmarred face was perfect in his eyes. Once, he had wanted to watch it sob; now he only wanted complete and utter happiness to cross it.

Once he learned the Body Reformation spell, a spell that clocked back the body before it was ever hurt, it was the first mid level Reaper technique he used. He actually wasn't a Reaper at all, his father hadn't even thought of teaching him yet. He only knew spells and tricks from his own study.

Everything that had happened never was. Instead of walking to the cemetery, he walked back into the forest, not getting captured. Minnie contently met Zero before he did and when she had gotten captured, immediately broke free. She growled her green, Nergal eyes into the frightened ones of the tricksters and told them to leave her before she cut them all new mouths to scream from.

She found Junior leaning against the tree they had come from and once he cooled off, he and Minnie made their way back to the party. Well, that's how everyone else remembered.

Only he and, as master of time, Clockwork knew of all the despair and pain that night. He still had the eye, but hid it within his skull instead of his socket, controlling the Nergal powers to the recesses of his head. But he knew that sooner or later he would have to tell them. The spell only lasted for as long as he kept realigning his powers within her body.

Minnie shifted in her bed, knocking into him slightly which caused him to back up. Right into her bookcase.

A large book slammed onto the ground, the sound loud in her room. Minnie awoke quickly, her nightgown riding high on her hips.

"Brother? Why art thou here?"

"Sorry, Minnie, I couldn't sleep."

"Dream of darkness?"

"Nightmare? Kinda…"

Minnie patted her bed and scooted from the middle, a lot of space in her Victorian bed. Junior sat, but didn't climb in as he used to. When they were little, he would make his way to his sister's bed, mistaking her blond hair for his mother's. Either way, the morning after was to say the least, extremely awkward. But he continued to do so until his 10th birthday. That's when envy started to take hold of him.

"Mine brother, what conundrum doth thou try to solve."

"It's nothing; just…I'm sorry Minnie."

MiniMandy was confused as her brother shook his head.

"I'm so sorry. I caused you so much pain over something as petty as jealousy."

Minnie lidded her eyes.

"You loved me, well, love me and all I used to do was turn my back on you. But I will make sure you are never alone again, that you will never be in pain any longer. Can you please find it in yourself to forgive me?"

"Mine brother, non the matter of which the cause, I will forgive thee eternally. But thou must forgive thyself or thou will fall to ruin."

Minnie slid her hand up to his face, his tears running into her soft and supple skin.

"I know not what pains thee so, but thou must find it within thyself to covet the strength to let go."

Junior smiled into his sister's grey storms. He kissed her nose.

"Thanks, lil' sis. G'night."

Minnie blushed a little.

"Sweeter dreams than those past, mine loving brother."

Junior got up and was just about to make another portal when he looked back to Minnie's form.

"Just for tonight."

Junior thought to himself as he slipped into his adoring sister's bed.

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