Chapter 58: Can it get any colder?

Pretty sure I've also been neglecting Homecoming levels, but not really, since they'll be visiting those too of course. I'll fit that piece into my puzzle even if I have to force it in...with force! Enjoy!

At the Hunter's Cabin

" got a mystery box..." Jessie said.

"Yup, time to toss in the fire" George said doing so before anyone could argue.

"So much for that moment of interest..." Travis dully said.

Soon after he said that the front door opened wide, and out came Howard once again, carrying a similar cardboard box.

"Now what did I say about throwing your mail into fires? Of course I understand somewhat, I use to want to do the same thing to my bills. Am I right folks?...Well anyways here's your mail, only this time I'm gonna watch you two open your letters to make sure I've done my job" Howard calmly said. Although he was smiling, and even chuckling to himself at the joke he made, everyone felt for a moment a heavy weight suddenly hitting them, as if they were being overcome by something truly devastating if their mailman were to suddenly grow upset. They went so far as to think that he is in fact saving them from sudden death by remaining calm, and not letting anger take sudden control.

"W-what If I suddenly changed my mind, and I don't want stuff sent to me?" George nervously asked.

"Well the process is quite easy George, all you gotta do is explain to the office workers that you want out for a reason. You could just lie, and say you're moving to a new state, or that you have suddenly contracted a fatal illness." Howard explain nonchalantly explained.

"Oh thank go-" George was about to thank.

"Of course those offices are closed due to a sudden snowstorm, and even so they don't open on the weekends so I'm afraid you're stuck with receiving letters from us for quite a while. Tough luck kid, here's your mail" Howard politely explained as he extended his right arm carrying the package over to George who reluctantly took.

"What about you Heather? Aren't you going to read your poem?" Howard asked.

"I was just stalling for dramatic effect" Heather awkwardly answered.

Heather tore open the letter, her original plan was to 'accidentally' rip the letter itself, but with Howard watching her, she didn't dare underestimate his possibly keen eyes, and senses.

"Are you gonna read it out loud, or should I?" Cynthia asked.

"I was known for having a pretty good voice for reading stuff" Howard said.

"You do seem to have a natural knack at reading out loud, but I'm just gonna read it myself, and get it over with" Heather said.

"I'm really proud of you for overcoming something that you clearly loathe" Harry said

"Aw~ thanks it goes" Heather began, taking a deep breathe. "DearestHeatheroh,howImissedyou,you'rethelightinmyeyes,thehopeinmyheart,theloveofmylife!Icountthedaysuntilwemeet,itwon'tbelongnow! From Stanley" Heather read incredibly fast

"Couldn't have said it better myself" Howard said.

"...I suppose this the best I can hope for...still proud of you though" Harry said.

"Yeah I've never read anything that crazy fast before" James said.

"Now then George you've kept us waiting long enough, why don't you relive everyone of their curiosity, and open your well deserved prize." Howard said.

"Well you know...uh...hey Murphy!" George suddenly cried out.

"I won't open that box of yours for you, don't wimp out on us" Murphy said.

"I-I just wanted to ask you about your police girlfriend" George said.

"He's changing the subject! Shut up, and open the box!" Murphy quickly said.

"Sorry, I was a little curious about that too" Eileen admitted.

"Girlfriend?" Alessa muttered to herself

"Forget about that, look box!" Murphy pointed out.

"So many questions-wait did she just call you daddy?" Mason quickly asked, looking at both Heather, and Harry.

"I knew there was something I didn't make clear to you." Harry said.

"Girlfriend?" Alessa repeated.

"Are you alright? Your staring off into space there" Sharon asked.

"Maybe she needs some rest, let's clean that chair, and have her sit on it" Alessa suggested.

"She's not my girlfriend, stop repeating it, you're gonna make it stick" Murphy said.

"My daughter...Cheryl was here this whole time?" Mason said.

"It's not what it sounds like, damn how are we gonna explain this? Even I don't have a complete understanding." Harry admitted.

"I am his daughter-or your daughter-uh~ both of yours, know with re-birth, and...Alessa! Explain!" Heather said.

"S-so it's not like ingeniously clever brain was just tainted by stupidity?" Alessa said.

"Coming from George, then yes that is right, I...well it's complicated, I don't need to explain it." Murphy said.

"That's what single people say when they're ashamed of others finding out they're alone!" Laura teased.

"Aw~ well I hope you do find someone soon" Alessa said completely believing her.

"Don't be such a dunce! She's lying, and teasing! Geez, you little kids!" Alessa said.

"Why are they talking about me like this, right in front of me?" Murphy asked.

"Well they are still kids, it's kind of cute." Moon said.

"(She's too distracted with something else)" Heather thought.

"I really need someone to clear this up for me, if you're my daughter why do you look so mature. Does this mean you're me from the future? So I do eventually find my daughter?" Mason wanted to know.

"It's clearly obvious that one of you is the paradox in this...I don't suggest physical contact if I were you" Travis dully said.

"(Sweet, no one has paid attention to me, and this stupid box" George said.

"Now I wouldn't quite think that just yet" Howard said.

"That's right you still have a waiting audience" Maria said.

"We intend to get our money's worth" Cynthia said.

"Even if we didn't pay anything" Henry said.

"If you need any help opening it, I have plenty of sharp tools" Angela assured.

"Do it you freaking wimp" Elle dared.

"Hey Wheeler?" Douglas said.

"Yeah?" Wheeler responded.

"It seems like there is a possible riot just waiting to happen" Douglas said.

"You're seeing it too?" Alex said.

"We need to bring order back to our friends." Wheeler said.

"Maybe it'll sort itself out?" James figured.

"So is she, or is she not, you know?" Jessie asked.

"No she's not!" Murphy complained.

"So what was that whole scene? It looked as if you were suppose to get arrested a long time ago, but escaped..." Captain Lake said.

"I-I can explain all of this, just-" Murphy began.

"Can't you see some crazy lady just wanted to touch him like a weirdo! I...I would have wanted to escape too if I had the chance..." Alessa glumly muttered.

"You got to come clean otherwise this could never end" Moon said.

"I think I know what's going on" Tina said.

"Y-you do?" Murphy nervously asked.

"She sounded a little too determined, almost desperate, but it wasn't affection. She wanted to accomplish something, and you were involved. You were wearing a convict uniform, and she had on-thought poorly made- a police the only explanation" Tina began.

"Listen, I'm not a bad guy, I'm not some blood thirsty murder-" Murphy began.

"You two are part of an aspiring theater troupe" Tina declared.

"...What?" Murphy muttered, completely dumbstruck.

"Oh~ now I can see why he tried to hide it! You know it's okay, we won't think of you as any less of a man if you enjoy parading in tights through a catchy up-beat song." Cybil said.

"...What?" Murphy still too dumbstruck to answer properly.

"So that costume party was not costume party at all! It was an after party for some show you recently performed! And you were all in costume" Tina said.

"So what happened back there was just a really strict leading actress who cared more about her career than her own safety? Well at least she's determined" Cybil said.

"...What?" Murphy muttered, but was recovering.

"I guess she must have hit her head really hard, because she looked like she was performing right in front of us" Tina said.

"Maybe even worse, she could actually believe she is the person she is role-playing! The poor girl!" Moon said.

"We really got to snap her out of it before she hurts someone, or herself" Eileen said.

"Alright, then the cat's out of the bag, you kids could stop arguing" Rose assured.

"And here I thought things couldn't get any stranger." Christopher said.

"(...I think I would have been better off if I just told them I was an escaped convict)" Murphy thought to himself.

"...It could be worse, right?" Alessa figured.

"Let's...let's just keep out of my private life, please?" Murphy asked, very close to begging.

"Drama queen" Christopher joked.

"Nice!" Rose complimented.

"Beat me to it!" Laura complained.

"(I'm surrounded by either completely stupid, or completely optimistic people)" Murphy thought to himself.

"Okay so what you're saying is that Cheryl is going to die, but she won't exactly because she was actually a part of someone else who split her soul. Then at the last minute she did it again, and that came out to your daughter Heather who is the same as Cheryl, but not really, though they did come from the same person?" Mason tried to understand.

"...I...I kind of lost count is that really true?" Harry asked.

"Well I didn't explain it clearly, but that's the gist of it." Heather said with a shrug.

"...You're both delusional" Mason diagnosed.

"(This man dressed in ludicrous clothing who shares my name has just called me delusional! How low have I sunk?)" Harry thought to himself.

"Made perfect sense to me" Travis dully added.

"Where do you fit in to all of this?" Mason asked.

"...The foundation" Travis answered as if he was just asked if he preferred mustard, or ketchup on his hot dog.

"What does that even mean?" Mason asked.

"Hm~ I'm at a loss too" Harry said.

"Again, makes perfect sense to me" Travis said.

"Next chance we get, the power is coming off" Heather said.

"Maybe then we'll get a more understandable answer" Harry agreed.

"I really hate waiting" Mason said.

"Open the box George~" Maria teased.

"O-okay, okay fine! I'll do it...stop smiling mailman!" George called out.

"I'm just being myself" Howard defended.

With shaky hands, and a heavy weight of reluctance over him he slowly unraveled the tape around the box keeping the lid shut. He extended his arms forward making sure the box was as far away from his face as he possibly can, and cracked open the lid. Moments later nothing happened, the suspense quickly vanishing from the room as everyone had just finished their own arguments to pay attention to George as he bent the lid more open. Half way through still nothing...

"You gotta take a peek inside" Howard instructed.

Gulping he slowly pulled his arms back towards him, the box now inches away from George's face as he opened it even more so. Still nothing happened, his cocky attitude slowly returning...

"I-I guess this just some dumb prank by you, very funny...not!" George stammered doing his best to hide the fear as he opened the lid completely.

As if tripping some invisible string the contents of the box spewed out in the shape of a possible two litters of red liquid splashing only George's face, and shoulders.

"Ha-ha~, so worth it" Howard said, even his chuckling, and excitement for the dramatic end was very nonchalant.

"Childish pranks? Is this the best it could do?" George mocked.

"...It's blood isn't it?" Henry asked causing George to yelp.

"Right on the money" Howard said.

"I-it can't be right? Not this much, it has to be something else!" George cried out as he attempted to wipe away the stuff.

"I bet it's animal blood" Henry said.

"T-tell him it's not! You must know what you delivered to me! Don't you guys always do?" George asked loudly

"Alright, alright I'll be honest, it's not animal blood-" Howard said.

"See! It's not blo-!" George exclaimed sounding relieved.

"It's human blood" Howard answered

George shrieked, Howard chucked, the rest were indifferent. Although he was still pitied.

"My work here is done, look forward to some more mail..." Howard said retreating once again out of the building.

"Well that was a laugh, and a half, but I think we spent too much time warming up here. I'm sure we all regained the feeling back in our bodies, so let's finish our exploration" Mason said.

"Yeah I think we drained this place of all it's entertaining value" Henry agreed.

"That made no sense..." Captain Lake said.

"So we're starting with that door on the left?" Angela asked.

"That's the one, let's get to it" Mason said leading the crowd.

Going through the door, the team found themselves inside a kitchen with an antique cook stove, and the area of yet another phenomenon that was causing their lights to dim, and flicker.

"R-right there! On that table, it's as clear as day: Eric pointed out.

They saw what appeared to be an apparition, part of it going through the hook on the ceiling, while the lower half seemed to be resting on the sink.

"Maybe I should snap a photo of this..." Mason figured.

"I have a camera too!" Laura pointed out, bringing out the Polaroid they had used for a previous emergency.

"It's empty though" Alessa reminded.

"I just took the shot, you might want to take a look at this" Mason said moving at the front of the group, and lifting his cellphone up a bit to show his audience.

The photo he took depict what appeared to be a dead deer, dead, and slashed open. Soon after showing everyone he received a message.

"Another one? Does it have to come with the photo...wait a second, I already had this message before, why should I be surprised" Mason spoke to himself.

"Mason, the message?" Elle asked.

"Right, it reads...'Joel Junior's first kill! It was a biggie too, 190 pounds lbs. field dress. Got him in the neck, went down like a dead weight. My son is a man now!" Mason read

"This is odd, can we really call this one paranormal?" Eric said.

"Well technically it's an apparition of a corpse, not of a living thing...does that count?" Jessie said.

"It's got to be in some category..." Tina said.

"Dude, let's just call it a Silent Hill special, and call it a day" Ryan said.

"Yeah stop making us take so long to get through rooms" Alex agreed.

"Hm~ I could have sworn this was the right way to go...we might have to go back" Mason said.

"I see a perfectly good door right over there" Cynthia said.

Mason opened the door.

"That leads outside again...there's a second trail that will take us to another cabin, pretty sure that's the only other one we haven't checked." Mason said.

"Please tell us it will be the last one" JP said not wanting to have to outside any longer than he should.

"I can assure you, that it's the last one" Mason promised

"How is it that through this entire trip we haven't found a single thing worth salvaging, where are the health kits, ammo, and the like?" Heather asked.

"...Do I look like I've been carrying weapons with me? Why would I care if there's ammo, or not? Besides, why would such things just be lying on the street?" Mason asked.

"Curse you man, your perfectly sensible logic has left this place barren of useful ammunition" Heather said.

"We'll just have to be resourceful, besides, it doesn't seem like we'll be needing it anytime soon, Mason keep leading the way" Douglas said.

Mason left outside with everyone else following him, returning back to the front porch they followed a second trail.

"Hey dad, I have a question that's been bothering me for a while" Heather said

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"Has Silent Hill always had a sky-tram?" Heather asked.

"You mean the one we saw back in the Devil's Pit?...I never even realized until now actually" Harry said.

"Me too, maybe it was obscured by the fog" Travis dully said

"Hey now you're saying these things after I've put a lot of work, and love as a tourist guide in Devil's Pit?" JP said.

"You know, you'd think a place like that would have been mentioned in Silent Hill, but I haven't seen a single flier, not even a postcard" Christopher said.

"Me too! I actually saw a flier about Rosewater park, and it didn't even have a mine cart ride" Rose said.

"So you're saying none of you knew of Devil's Pit before coming here?" JP said.

"It was a real shocker to see such a place I can tell you that much, I had my theories until you explained everything" Wheeler said.

"It's too bad our first time there ended so bad, but hey maybe it was popular in some point" James said.

"Yeah, sorry I lived near Silent Hill for quite a while, and we've never heard of the place...Lakeside Amusement Park yeah, but not Devil's Pit. Have you Elle?" Alex asked.

"Not even a little bit" Elle admitted.

"Ah~ this is really depressing" JP said.

"Finally getting along with the atmosphere?" Henry asked.

Suddenly their flashlights began to dim, and flicker, yet again.

"Aw~ come on, not this crap again" Murphy said.

"Maybe we'll find something more ghost like this time" George said.

"Well let's get this scavenger hunt over with" Eric said.

"Is this really necessary?" Captain Lake asked.

"I think it's coming from over here" George said turning left, and leaving the path.

"Wait a second there George we're following Mason here!" Eric called out.

"It's okay, if I remember correctly he's actually going the right way" Mason said quickly following.

"He better not get us lost" Murphy grunted as he, and everyone else followed.

The team reached the end of the forest, or at least the red hard plastic fence the blocks their path even forward for good reasons.

"My flashlight is steadily growing more, and more useless the more I keep going forward" Alex pointed out.

"What kind of spirit breaks electronic devices?" Captain Lake asked.

"Real ones!" George poorly answered.

"(What does that make me then?)" Captain Lake wondered.

"What's stopping you from wrecking our gear?" Eric asked.

"I...I don't know, I've never touched one" Captain Lake

"I'd rather not cause any problems for anyone, just in case" Hanna answered.

"D-did you guys see that!" George cried out.

"My ear-drums ringing from your shouting, no I didn't" Murphy answered.

"T-that skull hanging from the tree, it just fell down on it's own!" George explained.

"So?" Angela said.

"So now our flashlights work again, back to the trail" James said.

"No, I mean it's a spooky sign of paranormal intelligence" George explained.

"Well there it is, the spookiest thing in Silent Hill according to George is a animal skull that fell from it's hung position" Henry declared.

"I got a voice message all of a sudden, must have skipped this one" Mason said.

"How come you're always getting the weird messages Mr. Popular?" Heather asked.

"I never asked for any of these, but I might as well give this one a listen" Mason said playing the message.

"Stop crying Joel, stop being such a pussy. Finish the damn thing! If you had done better in the first place he wouldn't be suffering like that. Just point, and shoot, it's right in front of you." The voice of an upset man spoke.

"Was that paranormal enough for you?" Mason asked.

"So paranormal no one will believe it" George said sounding disappointed.

"Well alright, the trail is this way" Mason said leading the team back towards the snow trail.

"(Maybe that's why they don't question my ghostly presence, I am pretty realistic looking, but how else will I be able to steer my boat?)" Captain Lake figured.

"Looks like the cabin is just a little further ahead, I told you there was another one" Mason said.

"We pass this one, and the school is just around the corner?" Harry asked.

"If I retraced my pace perfectly, then it should" Mason assured.

"I'm gonna miss you snow...not really" Laura said.

"You would have if it canceled school" Sharon said.

"We didn't miss school did we?" Emilie said.

"Well you sure did" Rose said.

"My perfect attendance..." Sharon said becoming very depressed all of a sudden.

"B-but if we tell them you were sick I'm sure they'll still give it to you!" Rose quickly said

"*Sniff* r-really?" Sharon asked.

"It worked for me" Henry confessed.

"Me too" Cynthia said.

"I'd still wouldn't recommend it if you're not sick" Cybil said.

"And if they don't I'll make them!" Laura assured.

"You don't even go to the same school together" James said.

"You're an adult fix it!" Laura ordered.

"But there are so many complications, and mone-aw~ screw it, it sounds like too much fun not to do. We'll do it" James assured.

"And here's the cabin, all I need to do is open it-and it's lock" Mason said.

"We missed a key? Are you kidding me, all that walking! All that forest to look around for it!" George said.

"Actually the key is on the left side of the cabin" Mason said.

"What is the point in having a locked door if the key is just a couple of feet away?" Eric wondered.

"Stop trying to bring logic into this, it's hard enough as it is" Heather reminded.

After walking the horrendously long, arduous, and life changing several feet to left the hand side of the cabin they noticed a bloodstained red jacket with a furry hood.

"Oh the inhumanity! This super cute jacket ruined by splashes of blood!" Maria cried out.

"Can we have a moment of silence for this once really fashionable item gone to waste before it's prime?" Cynthia asked.

"You two do whatever you want, the key is in this wallet over here" Mason said.

"Oh the blood really gives it a bright glow!" Alessa said.

"I would like it with no blood, I'm sorry" Alessa said.

"We just open this here, and bingo the key is where it should be...on the floor underneath inches of snow, where I left it" Mason said.

"...I'm taking the wallet" Alessa declared.

"Won't that fracture the delicate balance of what Silent Hill allows?" Moon asked.

"...I am Silent Hill..." Alessa darkly replied with a sickening smile, and swiping the wallet.

"I'm already freezing don't start giving me chills" Harry said.

"You're just showing off!" Laura declared.

"Shut up, I am!" Alessa argued.

"Are not!" Laura retaliated.

"Are too! Isn't that right Alessa?" Laura asked.

"I-uh, well-" Alessa stammered.

"Isn't that right Walker?" Laura asked.

"...I could use a sweater..." was Walker's response.

"Well aren't you just huggable right now" Tina replied.

"We should head inside now" Mason said.

"Wait we're not done here!" Cynthia said.

"Well I don't want to be done freezing to death so let's go inside" Alex said.

Mason unlocked the door, and they all clambered inside. It was unknown what such a long spacious cabin was suppose to keep inside, but whatever it was must have been very big, or perhaps it was just an unfinished project?

"Wow, spacy" Travis dully said.

"Yeah, Travis take five" Lisa said.

"*Sigh* I can't even feel happy about that..." Travis dully said.

"If I remember correctly there's suppose to be a hole on the other side" Mason said.

"A hole? I know where this is going" James said.

"What we're gonna be walking around it carefully right?" Lisa asked.

"G-guys, guys shut up, and look at what's in front of the hole" George whispered loudly.

Seemingly crouching several feet away from them, and just inches from the hole was what appeared to be a dark shadow, or apparition staring down at the depths of the hole, not aware of the dozens of people watching it.

"Camera, camera, Mason, anyone take a picture of this" George whispered loudly.

"My cellphone getting all buggy, no way am I gonna break it just so you can have a snapshot of something no one will believe either way" Mason said.

"(Maybe it's for the best that he doesn't remember that I'm a ghost)" Captain Lake concluded.

"You know considering where we are, I bet we could talk to them." Jessie said.

"Who wants to give it a go, it doesn't seem like that spirit is going anywhere soon. Heh...spirit, this is so not detective-ish" Douglas said.

"I have a theory that maybe that ain't no spirit, but a broken hologram sent by life more advance than our own" Wheeler said.

"Well let's go interrupt whatever it's doing, and find out" James said

"Don't say it so casually! You're making our field of studies look bland!" George said.

"It's actually more of a club, but I think I know what you're trying to say" Tina said.

The walked slowly towards the figure, who remained motionless, but once they passed her invisible line, she shrieked a distorted screamed poorly resembling that of a little girl, and fled to her left side, and through the wall.

"Well at least we have this perfectly round hole to jump down on" James assured.

Before he could perform a cannon ball into the hole, the hole, and everything else around them began was being encased in thick ice. Even the hole itself was soon frozen over by a small glacier. Soon the ceiling, walls, even the floor was encased in ice, all except our heroes.

"I guess we shouldn't have wasted all that ammo back in the mine" Alex figured.

"You destroyed much of the natural environment that cave was made of!" JP said

"Damn it! I already been through this already, do I have to go at it again?" Mason said.

"Y-you do know the way out though right?" Elle asked.

"Yeah... we just gotta retrace our steps all over again...I think I remember, but this is gonna be so difficult now with all of you." Mason said.

"How come?" Cybil asked.

"There are things walking around, living monsters right out of a damn fairy tail, and they'll be chasing us non-stop." Mason warned.

"You're forgetting...we're armed" Alex assured gripping his Pulaski axe firmly.

"Any monsters trying to get to us will have to go through me!" Wheeler assured.

"What are we gonna be going fighting through anyway?" Elle asked.

"They're pale, about a little taller than the kids, and they just grab, and claw at you until you pass out from exhaustion, or kill you" Mason said.

"Well that's a let down, I doubt they can reach pass my Pickaxe" Henry said.

"...Well maybe we do have a chance, okay once we open that door try to follow me as best as you can, we can outrun them for a short time, and there's no reason to stay, and fight if we can avoid it" Mason said.

"We'll play it safe then, your call" Douglas said.

They retreated back to the door where they came, Mason opened the door only slightly to peek ahead for any signs of trouble, but luckily all seemed empty, and quiet.

"Down the hill, we just keep following the path just like before" Mason said.

They descended down the slope no signs of trouble so far.

"According to my map, we just keep going straight through these woods, though I'm pretty sure we'll be taking the long way, and head for this unmarked building next to the Caldecotte sawmill" Mason explained.

They kept walking until they came upon a fork in the road, one leading straight, and a second making a sudden left turn at a 90 degree angle.

"...Left, we keep going straight, and we'll reach that dead end cabin" Mason said.

They took the detour despite it clearly stating in the map they are going the wrong way, and several feet later they came across another fork. A clearly blocked path to the right, and a second sharp 90 degree turn to the left.

"Well the path to the right is obviously blocked, so we keep heading left." Mason said

"So c-cold, why does it have to be so cold? Are you a cold person?" Alessa asked.

"I don't think so, I'm pretty sane right?" Masons said.

Their left turn lead them to a round clearing with two directions, one going right, and another going left.

"Oh, goody, it's like a maze, and we're the lab rats" George sarcastically said.

"...We're going left again" Mason instructed.

"Seriously? You know if we keep going left we'll be going in a circle." George explained.

"It's not a circle it's a u-turn that's all" Mason said.

"It's still pretty quiet, we can afford a little time making u-turns" Douglas figured.

Turning left they saw yet another two paths.

"Right, or straight...I doubt both will lead us anywhere good though" Elle said.

"Straight, definitely straight" Mason said.

"Definitely?" Harry asked.

"...Probably" Mason corrected.

Heading straight the path curved slightly to the right, leading them to another cabin.

"We gotta get in there" Mason said.

"How there isn't a staircase, or even a ladder nearby" Eric said.

"There's a hill over there that'll-" Henry began

Mason climbed up the 9 foot high wooden porch like a real man.

"I like the way you do things Mason, when we get out of this we should go for a beer, I'm buying" Alex said climbing the porch soon afterward.

Murphy, Elle, Heather, Captain Lake, Ryan, and Cybil climbed up the porch after him while the rest climbed up the ice hill which turned out to be more difficult than climbing seeing as how they had about as much grip as a pair of slippers have shoe laces.

"If George could stop falling on his face we could have moved on by now" Jessie said.

"Dude this is nothing come on man you're the last one" Ryan said.

"Sissy, sissy George is a sissy!" Laura, and Alessa taunted.

"Someone meet him halfway, and help him out." Alex said.

"Anyone got any rope?" Elle asked.

"I can supply" Alessa said with a smile.

"I'm going, I'm going!" George quickly cried out, accomplishing his goal.

"Aw, I really wanted to help you. You know, to make up for all the teasing I've been doing behind your back" Alessa said.

"Calling him a dodo brain was one of your my favorites" Laura said.

"I've seen your 'rope', and I don't want that touching me anywhere" George exclaimed

Mason rushed through the door, and pushed it open because using a door knob are for the weak, and careful types. A second door he pushed open lead them to a small hallway, but before they could force a third door open Mason paused, and held his ear close to the door.

Wait...I hear footsteps at the end of this door..." Mason said.

"Action time people, watch out for each other, fight with everything you got at all times, and no one gets left behind." Alex said.

"If that is our creed, then I'll follow it to the end" Henry said.

"Ass-kicking time baby, hell yeah!" Wheeler exclaimed.

"My hands are shaking, it feels like forever since I've last fought" Heather said.

"Slice, and dice, only a doctor (or nurse) can pull it off better than anyone" Lisa said.

"I can't believe you people are so excited about danger" Mason said.

"I don't think it's us entirely it just feels like this is a long time coming" Harry said.

"That being said, good hunting" Alex said.

"Good hunting" Elle replied.

"*Sigh*...Good hunting" Mason said

He forced the door open with a hard shoulder shove making it clear to anything living that their worst fears are about to become a reality. The shrieks they heard almost instantly was not that of anger, but of blind fear of knowing their time has come.

"Straight ahead, move!" Mason said,

"Their coming from the left!" Alex realized.

"They'll be coming all over the place if we stay too long!" Mason assured.

Despite his warning several of those with flashlights pointed their flashlights towards the direction of the noise, and seeing for the first time a Raw-Shock. It was hairless, pale, barely humanoid, faceless, and with almost no distinguishable characteristics so far. One thing that did distinguish it from other monsters though was just how quickly it could run, it dash at them despite having skinny legs, and no fear of weapons, or being outnumbered.

" claws, weapon, or even a freaky face...kind of a letdown Mason" Alex scoffed.

"Guys we got to get moving, we need a running start to jump over the wide crack on the ground, and there's no way around it." Mason said.

"Hold on let me just..." Elle began stepping forward.

"Gripping her bat tightly she swung just as the Raw-shock jumped at her, and clubbed it directly in the head flinging it back several feet. It fell to the floor not getting up.

"They can't even take a hit-and it's coming back up" Elle said, then quickly changing her stance back into fight mode.

Before it could get up entirely, Elle nailed it again with her bat. The force strong enough to send it skidding along the icy floor by several feet.

"There, now we can-" Elle said.

"It's getting back up again." Alex said as if he is on the brink of realizing a horrible conclusion.

"There's another one straight ahead now! These things aren't brainless, they're like wolves, tactical to the point that I've noticed them planning ambushes, and even predicting where I'll head to next" Mason told them.

"...Well I bet they can't recover being dismembered" Lisa said moving ahead of the group to attack the oncoming Raw-Shock ahead of them.

She charged with her blade angled horizontally to her right side, the sharp edge almost glinted like the small glaciers around them. She aimed for the stomach, and swung. It was a perfect cut through the entire waistline. She waited to hear the plop of the top part falling on the ice, but instead felt a heavy burden on her back as the Raw-Shock she just sliced jumped on her, and clutched it's cold clammy hands on her throat. The waist still completely cut, yet no blood, and even more stranger was how it's upper body was just floating underneath it's leg as if it's waist was actually still there, but invisible.

"I didn't see that coming, quick we got to get that thing off of her!" Mason exclaimed.

As Travis, and Elle attempted to pull the Raw-Shock off Lisa, two more appeared on the left hand side, now adding to a total of four.

"Okay, so they can't die, that's just great" Alex said

"At least it doesn't appear that they cause any headaches, but their distorted shrieks will haunt me for a while" Henry said.

"We gotta keep moving, over that crack, just run, and jump I'm sure we can make it!" Mason said.

"What about the kids we're sure they can't make it.

"We'll carry them over there! Just move!"

Alex drove his Pulaski axe into a Raw-Shock's skull nearly splitting it in half, it went limp for a brief second before it suddenly came back to life with the axe still in it's head, and attempted to claw at Alex who quickly shoved it out of reach. A fourth Raw-Shock attempted to get close to them, but Maria, and Heather put a halt to this by clubbing it in both it's stomach, and neck causing it to collapse on to the floor. As both girls attempted to pin it to the floor with Heather's maul having difficulty as the thing continued to writhe around full of energy as if he wasn't being slowly impaled by a spike ball of metal. The first Raw-Shock lashed out once again, only to be intercepted by Angela. She drove her knives right through it's chest, but it's did nothing to stop it's arms from punching at Angela's chest, and face. Just as she pulled both her knifes out, leaving two slits you could almost see through, along came Harry who clobbered it the blunt side of his Emergency Hammer sending it sliding several inches away.

"Go on we'll distract them, just take the kids out of here first we'll follow as soon as we can!" Alex exclaimed.

"Come on Sharon ride on top of daddy!" Rose quickly exclaimed mid run.

"Which kid did I grab?" Travis dully muttered.

"Me..." Little Walter muttered almost as dully.

"Onward noble steed!" Laura shouted at the heavens.

"Neigh?" James said though he did not wish to argue so he did as he was told.

"Y-you should feel honored to be carrying someone of such high status" Alessa said in a poor attempt to hide her shyness with a dominating voice.

"Actually I wanted to help them out...but fine whatever let's just go!.

"Come on Hanna we don't want you to needlessly hurt yourself here" Eric said grabbing, and carrying her as they attempted to escape.

"...Need a hand?" Moon asked.

"I'm sorry..." Alessa replied.

At that point a fifth one appearing waiting for them at the other side of the bottomless crack.

"Someone do something about that thing waiting for us!" Christopher exclaimed.

"Having just pulled out the Raw-Shock off Lisa Elle then quickly fired several shots from her pistol, and hit the Raw-Shock several times causing it to fall on the floor, but not die. Christopher carrying Sharon made it out safely, but now the Raw-Shock had already stood up, and was rushing towards them, but Rose met it halfway, and clubbed it with her golf club which was now partially bent.

"Careful those things break easily." Christopher warned.

Then came Travis carrying Little Walter, followed closely by James carrying Laura.

"This thing won't give up easily!" Rose exclaimed as she clubbed it yet again.

"Let me try!" James said.

Getting near it, he pulled out his Great Knife, and went for an overhead slice as Rose clubbed it yet again, and in the process bent the golf club out of shape making it useless.

"Okay then! How about this!" James exclaimed.

Moving even closer to the Raw-Shock he swung his Great Knife down with all his strength before it could stand up again. The strike was a success in not only cutting the entire thing in half though not perfectly as the right side was wider than the left, but also leaving a thick cut in the ice beneath is as well causing it to fall into it, and momentarily get stuck. He couldn't celebrate however because the Raw-Shock was already attempting to pull itself out with both seperate parts still acting as one despite the two inch vertical gap.

"All the kids made it across! Come you guys let's go!" Murphy shouted out to the rest of the team left behind.

"I know these things are suppose to be smart, but you would think after the sixth bat to the face they'd learn to back off!" Elle exclaimed.

"I guess not only do the not fear death, but they don't feel pain either" Alex said.

"Strategic retreat, nothing more!" Heather said pulling the Maul off her Raw-Shock opponent, and making a run for it with Maria.

"You're not ditching me that easily!" Angela exclaimed going after the two girls.

"I hate it when my partner gets the better of me" Maria exclaimed jumping the gap soon afterward.

"Elle you heard them, let's get out of here!" Alex exclaimed.

Right with you, my swinging arm is starting to get tired" Elle agreed.

Alex hopped the gap, but waited for Elle who was just about ready to jump when all of a sudden she was intercepted by a Raw-Shock that just won't quit. She shoved the pestering thing away, but now she had no way of turning around to get a running start because three Raw-Shock were already heading towards here.

"Jump! I'll catch you half way!" Alex exclaimed.

Realizing who she was talking to she did not need to be told twice, she jumped as far as a standing position could, and just as Alex predicted she only made it half way, maybe several inches more, but luckily he had already grabbed hold of her arms, and pushed her towards him.

"Those things can also jump after you!" Mason called out.

They had to put a halt in their romantic embrace as one of the Raw-Shock looked as if it was going to prove Mason's claim. However Elle stood her grounds at the other side, and waited for it. This turned out to be a good thing because as soon as it jumped, Elle intercepted it by stabbing at it's gut with her blunt, but very sturdy aluminum bat. Unable to master the double jump, the Raw-Shock fell into the empty abyss of the gap. The three other Raw-Shock looked at Elle, the bat, and the gap, and quickly retreated.

"Ha! Looks like it's clear from here on out!" Elle said celebrating way too early.

"Those things are smart, they're not running away, they're taking a detour around the gap" Mason said.

"You've gotta be freaking kidding" Elle muttered as she retreated back towards the cabin where everyone had already climbed up a 8, or so foot ledge made of ice. With the help of Henry, and Murphy both Alex, and Elle quickly climbed towards the higher level plain of ice, and frozen trees just in time to see a Raw-Shock who was previously stuck in a small crack in the ice pop itself out, and began chasing after them screaming madly in the process.

"Keep following me!" Harry called out.

"What's that on the floor?" Cynthia quickly asked.

"I don't believe's a flair! We could use these to keep them off us!" Mason explained as they continued running, and jumping a ledge on the opposite side of the ledge they previously climbed up just a few seconds ago.

"How does that help again?" George asked as they continued running towards a soft curving path all the while several shouts of an unknown number of Raw-Shock was soon heard behind them, and getting closer.

"It's probably not the light it gives off because my flashlight does nothing to them, but the heat it gives does seem to hurt them, or at the very least frightens them" Mason explained.

"So fire is their weakness...why does it feel so obvious?" Lisa asked as they headed towards a path littered with trees which they had to zig-zag around.

"You should have mentioned that earlier! We have three confirmed fire conjurers right here with us! Travis if you don't mind-ledge climb!"

"I don't take it, I'm tiring of not caring about anything" Travis dully said.

"Those things are already closing in on us! We won't be able to climb over this in time before they get to us." Moon said.

"Give the wand to one of us, and we'll hold them off with our fire!" Cybil exclaimed.

"Alright who wants it!" Travis dully called out.

Meanwhile at a nearby cabin just recently passed.

A swirling mass of black sludge was seen through a thick layer of ice trapping the wood interior, and soon after a face, and hand came into view.

"Ow!" Walter Sullivan cried out as his head bumped into the ice.

"What's wrong? Said a female's voice.

"Nothing newbie, just this annoying sheet of ice is in the way...nothing a chainsaw can't fix." Walter said already revving his chainsaw alive.

"I wish you would stop calling me that, I have a name you know" the woman's voice said.

"Well I forgot it you know" Walter said as he pierced the thick ice, and began work at making a round hole.

"How do you expect me to help you guys if you can't even respect me enough to memorize my name" the woman complained.

"Alright fine, tell it to me one more time, I'm sure I won't forget considering how busy I am trying to get us in this rat hole place.

"...It's Mary! Mary Su-S-Sund-Sunderland..." Mary announced.

"Why do you have so much difficulty saying your last name? It's getting annoying!" Walter called out as he was nearing completion.

"...You would too if you had your heart rip out...twice" Mary argued.

"You could say that to anyone in the world, but to me, well you'll get something different" Walter said.

"Besides I...I still have feelings for him...maybe that's why it's so hard" Mary said.

"Done! Don't care about what you just said, but here we are, I can almost smell my prey" Walter said.

"A-and you said he's with him right? James is with him? I promised I will help, if you lead me to James!" Mary argued.

"He is don't worry, I don't care what you do to him, just don't tell Pyramid Head, he might get upset, not that I care, I mean what can he do to me?" Walter said.

"O-okay I'm ready..." Mary said.

Both of them stepped out of the oval hole of sludge, and walked casually out of the cabin.

"It's freezing here! Where the hell are we now?" Walter complained.

"It's really cold, I didn't even know this town could snow like this" Mary said.

"This isn't snow it's pure ice! Everything is pure, and-" Walter began as he opened the door. "Even the outside there's nothing, but ice, the trees, the rocks, the water...all ice, what is that annoying screaming?" Walter ranted.

"We're not alone...James, James!" Mary cried out!"

"No left, or right, just straight? Boring, but oh~ well." Walter said

Walking the single trail they came upon a sharp right turn, which they took, but soon after they came across a sharp left turn which they too took seeing as how the path on the right was blocked by a small glacier.

"We're getting close, this is definitely the right way...but it's also very faint, just barely a trail left to follow." Walter said.

"James~!" Mary called out.

As they turn right, and coming across a second cabin they heard what could have been a response to Mary's call for James.

"...Sounds like a girl screaming...definitely your man" Walter said.

"No it's's distorted somehow...we have to hurry!" Mary said.

Up that ledge to the cabin? Well I can warp there, but I don't see how you co-" Walter was saying.

He soon got his answer as several dark-skinned fleshy tentacles erupted from her spinal column, and lifted her up towards the ledge high enough so that her feet touched the floor before shooting back inside her. Surprisingly her dress was still in once piece when she did this, no rips, or tears lingered even though they were clearly shown after the tentacles appeared.

"Looks like you'll be useful to us after all" Walter said, warping by Mary's side soon afterward.

"Let's go" Mary nonchalantly said opening the door first.

They entered a small room, a door to their right the only other way, Walter opened it sending them to another room with a second door to their left. Taking that door they found themselves back outside again where the shrieking grew louder.

"That screaming it could be painful to the ears soon" Mary said.

"No kidding that last one sounded real close though...Ah! There's our nuisance" Walter said pointing a Steel Pipe at something in the distance.

Standing besides a wide crack in the ice was a Raw-Shock, but to Walter it looked like a paled skinned annoying freak. It turned around as if scanning the area, and spotted Walter, and Mary off into the distance.

"It's just one we'll be done with it in no time" Walter said.

The Raw-Shock as if it heard what Walter said shouted once again, and soon three more Raw-Shock appeared around them.

"*Sigh* so annoying. I don't have time to deal with you, but-" Walter said

He snapped his fingers, and soon the loud screaming was answered by the sounds of several moans, and groans of suffering souls. Coming out of the walls behind Walter, and even the floor near them came out several Victims. Victim 18, Andrew Desalvo, Victim 19 Richard Braintree, Victim 10 Eric Walsh, and Victim 4 Steve Garland.

"Then again I don't need to when I have them" Walter finished.

"Ugh! What are those things?" Mary asked.

"I'll tell you later, it's a funny story...if you're a sadist, but for now...kill them!" Walter ordered.

End of Chapter

Just trust me about the whole Mary thing, you know I wouldn't leave you guys without an explanation to practically everything I do. The Villains Meet shall answer. By the way I think Harry Mason in Shattered Memories is the most athletic person in the entire game series. Sure you have people like Alex, and Murphy, but have you seen them do the things Mason has done trying to outrun the Raw-Shocks? Didn't think so, anyways thanks for the reviews, support, you reading this far, and of course your patience!