Honeymoon Retake!

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Chapter 5

After an hour of Don Arjun couldn't take anymore of Aorhi's, Oh my gosh noooo don't hurt him.

She's lying to you!

Watch out its a trap!

No don't cry!

Oh no poor baby.

Arjun wanted dinner.

"I'm hungry." Arohi just waved her hand at him. Arjun rolled his eyes, she wasn't even going acknowledge him?

"Arohi I'm hungry do you want to go the resorts restaurant?"

"Huh hmm? Yeah I'm hungry too."

Arjun looked her over and suddenly remembered the dance performance she gave for free at the club before there sugagrat.

What if she decides to do that again? This crazy girl can't be trusted. Maybe we should just order room service.

The press people! What if there still here and they see Arjun and I having dinner together? Then they will think we really are a couple. No we can't go out!

"Lets order in." They said at the same time.

"I'll call room service." Arjun volunteered. He didn't understand why Arohi, well now that he thought about it, she most likely wanted to finish the movie.

Aorhi didn't think too much about why Arjun changed his mind to dine in, Don was almost finishing up!

After 30 minutes of waiting two waiters came to deliver there food. Arjun watched in surprise as they put a white table cloth on the two person table which was brought from the corner of the room to the centre along with the two chairs.

Candles were lit up, a crystal vase with fresh cut flowers were put in. Flower petals of all colors were thrown in a heart shape around the table, candles smelling like vanilla and orange blossoms were lit around the room filling the room with there light aroma, but most of all there food smelled great, but why all the other accents?

Just before the waiters left one of them inserted a CD into the music system and romantic instrumental music filled the air, it sounded like Adnan Sami's. While the other waiter turned off the main lights of the room, and one soft light shined on the table from the ceiling.

Just as the two waiters left Don finished up.

Arohi turned off the TV and came back to reality.

"Oh the food smells so good but what's up with all this?" She pointed at the flowers and candles.

Arjun shrugged and sat down to eat.

"No idea, and don't care. As long as the food tastes good." He opened the covers and looked up at the standing Arohi. "Are you going to eat or not?"

"I am." She sat down but with a troubled look on her face. Arjun put his spoon down.

"What's the matter now?"

She paused for a moment before replying.

"Well this is obviously a romantic dinner for a couple, I understand we are not a couple by any means, but people usually dress up all nice for nice dinners like this." she motioned towards the rich food then pointed out there clothing. "We are wearing our pj's!"

Arjun talked to her as if he was explaining this to a five year old child.

"Arohi, sweetheart, you are having dinner with your dushman, it doesn't get any better then this."

Arohi made a face at him.

"Of course I don't expect a jahill to understand romance."

"Oh and your the queen of romance? Watching SRK doesn't make you the queen of romance."

"Says the guy who high jacked a girls wedding." Arjun paused for a moment and put his spoon down.

"Ha! Like you really wanted to marry that cabbotar."

"Better then marrying a liar." She stabbed at her chicken with her fork.

If only she knew the truth about her honest cabbotar.

"Well to bad and boo whoo whoo, you are married to a liar. You can always leave, the door is open."

" Divorce me and I will!"


He said it with such intensity that Arohi didn't know what to say in response.

She simply starred at him as he ate his soup. Then he started on one of the main dishes.

Arjun felt Aorhi's eyes on him.

"Aren't you hungry?" He pointed to her plate which she had barely started on. Aorhi stared at Arjun for a moment longer before nodding her head and continued eating.

Arjun paused for a moment the look in her eyes, she was sad and troubled it was raw and made him stop to think. He really did screw her over royally by highjacking her groom. For one second, okay maybe two seconds he felt bad, guilty and just bad.

What am I thinking? She's my enemy! Anyway no women in there right mind would want to marry that rabbit. He has no back bone, the biggest scaredy cat. Arohi needs someone tough or else she will walk all over them, and someone strong to protect her, someone like me...oh shit!

Arjun chocked on his food and started coughing violently. What was he thinking? These were dangerous thoughts. He reached for his water.

Arohi for someone reason felt her heart race, in a good way when Arjun said "Never".

Why the hell would I feel good about Arjun refusing to give me a divorce? I want to be rid of him forever. He has brought nothing but pain, heartache and social ruin for me and my family. How could he cheat me like this? Did I not matter at all to him? Maybe I did...or do... is that why he replaced that rabbit...I mean Chiku during our wedding? Great now I'm referring to our sham of a wedding as a real wedding. But it was real wasn't it? I am his wife...am I not? Well one thing is for sure he kept his word about marrying me, all that time I was engaged to rabbi...Chiku, Arjun promised me in seven days he would marry me. If only things were different but this is just drama...oh no he's choking!

Arohi got up from her seat and smacked him on the back a few times before Arjun grabbed her hand with his left hand and drank water with the right. She didn't need to hit so damn hard!

"Are you okay? You don't know how to eat? I understand you are an animal, but even animals don't choke on there food like that. What the hell were thinking about? You should pay attention more because..."

Arjun interrupted her monologue.

"Bass mere ma! Forgive me. Thank you for you help. Please take you seat and for God's sake stop talking!"

There was only so much nagging a man could take.

Arohi rolled her eyes.

"I was just helping you out." She grumbled as she stuck a piece of nan in her mouth. "I should have let you choke to death."

"Oh really? Then who would listen to your nonsense? And who would you fight with?"

"See, this really proves that you," She pointed her fork at him, "are a jahill, you think I LIKE fighting with you?"

"Well yes, its the only thing you do with me."

"That's not true!"

"You think so? Then tell me princess, what other activities have you and I engaged in that didn't result in an argument?"

Arohi was about to say something but then stopped her self, a memory of watching the sunrise, and dancing with him at the masked ball filtered through her mind. Arjun took her silence as agreement.

"See what I mean, you-" She cut him off.

"When we danced at the masked ball." Arohi pierced Arjun with a stare that made him freeze.

"And the sunrise." He added.

Both enemies started at each other there eyes reflecting the same troubled emotions.

Arjun could name a few more but he decided not to. This was a road best left alone, for both of them.

"Your dinner Arohi, is getting cold. There is no point in discussing or bringing up those days. Its better for both of us to just forget them."

Arohi felt something in her heart break then shatter into a million pieces at his words. Her eyes started to sting for some odd reason, her vision was blurring, beacuse the image of Arjun eating his dinner became blurry. Arohi took her water glass and started drinking.

What was wrong with her?

I have given up on us, we are through, history. He betrayed me! Why am I feeling like this? I need to pull myself together. Look at him, he seems fine, if he can be this unaffected then so can I! He's my enemy, he made a fool of me today, and the whole country will read that article tomorrow! I will get my pay back Arjun Singhania one way or another meh tumhare band baja ongi.

The rest of there dinner was eaten in silence.

After a half hour the same waiters came to clean up. Arohi left Arjun to oversee the clean up and went into the washroom to brush her teeth.

"Sir how was dinner?" One of the waiters asked.

Arjun was jolted out of his thoughts.

"Fine. It was fine, thank you for your trouble."

"Your welcome sir, but we were just doing our job. Did your wife like it sir?" The other waiter asked.

Arjun didn't know what to tell them. Instead he took two 1000 rupee notes out of his pocket and gave them to each of the waiters.

"Yes she did. If you two don't mind, could you take those rose petals from the bed with you on your way out?"

"Of course sir."

When Arohi came out of the washroom she noticed the table plus chairs, were put back to there original places, all the flower petals were gone, including the ones on the bed , the candles were blown out and the room was only lit by the dim light in the centre of the room. Arjun was sitting on the foot of the bed with the lone rose in his hand lost in his thoughts.

A perfect setting for romance.

"I'm done."

Arjun whipped his head around and looked at her, for a moment longer then necessary. Then he nodded leaving the flower on the bed, and walked into the washroom.

Arohi walked slowly up to the flower, and before bending down, she looked over her shoulder to make sure the washroom door was closed.

It was closed.

She picked up the flower. Remembering what Arjun had done to her with it. She took the flower to her side of the bed, pulled the covers back and lay down, examining the flower.

Arjun rinsed his mouth for the last time. He ran a brush through his hair.

I have to get a hold of my self. She's my enemy. She's the reason why Rashi is suffering so much.

After collecting his thoughts Arjun opened the bathroom door. He saw that Aorhi was already in bed with Mr. Softy, she didn't set up any curtains on there bed. This meant he had to tread carefully, who knew what she had planned.

There was a pillow in place for a second person on the bed. He assumed he was safe for now. Arjun turned off the last light in the room. Bathing the room in natural light from the moon.

A perfect setting for romance.

He made his way over to his side of the bed, watching Arohi. She had her eyes closed, he smirked when he noticed the rose was on her nightstand. She was so easy to read sometimes. Taking his sandals off he pulled the covers and slipped into bed as quietly as possible.

Better not make any noise, I don't think I can take any more of Aorhi , I just want to sleep in peace.


So much for that thought. Arjun let out a big sigh and opened his eyes.


"This is a large bed, stay on your side. Mr Softy is going to stay in the middle. Don't you dare move him. He is going to watch your every move."


"Don't try anything during the night, or else you will regret it."

She's got to be kidding right?

"I'm not thrilled about sharing a bed with someone who smells even after a shower."

"Go to hell Arjun Singahnia!"

"Only after you, wifey."

"Stop calling me that."

"What? Wifey?"

"Yes. I'm not your wife!"

Arjun laughed, his voice sarcastic, "Then why are you sharing a bed with me? Why come to my house, make such a big entrance to live with me?"

He got her there.

"Shut up! You know what I mean. Now let me sleep in peace."

"Your the one who started this conversation." The pitch of his voice went up as Arjun impersonated Arohi. "Arjun, don't try anything during the night, or else you will regret it." His voice normalized he added. "I wouldn't dream of touching you, or your dirty Mr. Softy."

Arohi tried her hardest not to laugh, but his voice was all squeaky and ridiculous. She took a few seconds to compose her self.

"Well its a good thing we understand each other."

"Better then anyone else."


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