Title: In His 'Tousan's Footsteps

Summary: Sixteen year old Ketchum Satoshi has wanted to replace his Otousan, Ketchum Akira, as Pokémon Master since he was a child. His adventure is just starting. Aged up au. Similar to the anime in the beginning, but changes as the story progresses.

Rating: T

Pairings: Satoshi/Kasumi. Others to be determined.

Warnings: Pokémon battles, language and some sexual activity (non-graphic)

Disclaimer: I don't own pokémon. If I did I wouldn't be writing fan fiction, I'd be living on my own personal island.

Explanations of Japanese terms to follow the chapter.

The two pokémon danced across the screen, one a deep purple humanoid creature, plump and short, the other a little shorter, pink and on four legs. The pink one, Nidorino, jumps and lunges at the pokémon, horns at the ready, but Gengar dodges, menacing smirk never leaving his face. He goes in for the attack, hypnotizing the Nidorino. it's green eyes droop as it dinosaur-esque body sinks to the floor. A ball is thrown into the ring, turning the pokémon into a laser like substance before sucking him into itself. The ball returned to it's owner, who quickly decided on a replacement pokémon, Onyx.

The giant stone snake crashed in the arena with a roar. Made of multiple boulders, the monstrous pokémon was a force to be reckoned with. It too made a move for the Gengar, but it was just too fast and dodged again, while the announcer blathered on about something unimportant. The only important thing was who won the battle. I was rooting for Akira and Gengar, but that was expected of me, him being my father and all.

I swung around, pretending that my Voltorb alarm clock was a pokéball and pretending to hoist it across the room like the trainer's on TV did, but remembered last second to be careful; I could not be alarmless for the morning.

"Ketchum Satoshi! What are you doing up this late? And creating all of this racket?" my okaasan yelled as she threw my door open. She was about to yell some more when she caught a glimpse of the picture where she saw her husband being named victor. "I didn't know Akira had a fight tonight. I thought he was supposed to be coming home to see you off, not in... Sinnoh? He'll never make it back."

I glanced over. "He told me when he called the other day. He said if he won... Shh. You'll see."

"This fight was won in honor of my son, Satoshi, who will become a trainer tomorrow morning! Soon it'll be him and I up here fighting!" The crowd cheered and I jumped up and pumped my fist into the air. My 'tousan was the coolest, even if I didn't get to see him much. He had taught me a lot when he was home; that Gengar and I were close friends.

'Kaasan rolled her eyes. She had never been one for Tousans theatricals, no matter how much she loved him.

"Ok, Sato, bedtime now. And don't tell me you can't sleep. Lay there and think about tomorrow, because I do want to sleep." With that she shut the door, signifying that this conversation was over. I sighed, using the remote to turn off the TV and flipping the switch next to my bed. Even though I hadn't thought I was tired I quickly fell into a pokémon filled sleep.


I sat straight up in bed, eyes darting around, trying to find the crash that had awoken me. Eventually my eyes came to the broken alarm clock on my floor. I laid, happy that it wasn't anything to serious, then shot up again. It was daylight. I was late for getting my pokémon.

"Fuck!" I swore, tumbling out of bed and into my shoes. I tore out of the house and down the road to go and meet with Professor Oak, and hopefully get a pokémon.

Coming down the road, I could see a crowd in front of the professor's place and I was still in my pajamas. I skid to a stop in front of Shigeru, who was almost being molested by his fangirls. They were hanging off of his shoulders and pawing at him like animals. It was disgusting, but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a tiny bit jealous.

"Heh, come to see my off Satoshi? Seeing as all the pokémon have been taken and all," he said with a smirk.

"What? You have to be wrong! I need a pokémon!" I yelled.

Shigeru pulled a pokéball off of his belt and spun it around on his finger. "Then why do I have this? There were two other trainers here too."

I growled. Great. I needed to go talk to Professor Oak. He would know what to do. Hopefully he would have something for me...

"Well, some of us are cool enough to need to start training. I'll see you later, dumbass." Shigeru headed off down the road and the gaggle of girls followed after him. I shook my head. As jealous as I was about him having all those girls around him, I didn't want to be a player. I was more of a monogamous, non-slutty guy myself.

"Well hello there, Satoshi." I jumped and did a one eighty, turning to see Professor Oak standing behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey Professor, sorry I'm late. Can we head up to the lab by any chance?"

The older man gave me a smile. "Of course we can, Satoshi. Now what's on your mind? It must be something important for you to run over here in your pajamas for."

I blushed, looking at the scenery we passed as we walked instead of the other man's face. "You see, I turned sixteen a few weeks ago and I was supposed to be here to get my pokèmon this morning, but my alarm didn't go off. I was hoping that you might have one left, maybe Squirtle?"

"Sorry Sato, it was taken-"

"What about Bulbasaur?"

"No, it was too-"

"And Charmander?"

"Satoshi! Let me speak. I gave all the normal starter pokèmon to the kids that were on time. I have one pokèmon left but-"

"I'll take it! Where is it, Professor? I have some people to catch up to!" I ran through the doors and to the circle that held the three pokèballs, quickly opening them to find that there wasn't a single pokèmon in any of them.

"Hold your horses, Satoshi. The pokèmon is still in safe keeping. I wasn't planning on giving him away with the issues he has, but if you insist." He was already telling the machine to give him the pokèball as he spoke. I watched as it came up and grabbed it off of the pedestal, opening it. Sitting in front of me was a cute mouse-like pokèmon. It twitched it's long yellow and black ears, subtly moving the red spots on it's cheeks at the same time. It turned to look at who had released it from it's imprisonment and I caught a glance of it's lightning bolt shaped tail and two brown stripes.

"He's so much cooler than Squirtle!" I said, picking him up and attempting to hug him. Instead I ended up holding still as the evil beast shocked me.

I could hear Oak laughing in the background. "That's the problem with Pikachu, also known as the electric mouse. He's not a very friendly pokèmon. He would much prefer to shock you than to train with you."

Pikachu stopped shocking me as soon as the professor was quiet and I turned to glare at him. "You could have warned me, you know."

He shrugged. "You were determined to take him, Sato. You're pokèdex and your pokèballs on the table."

I nodded, grabbing the aforementioned items as I ran out the door, still holding Pikachu. I sprinted back to my house, where I was greeted by 'Kaasan and some family friends.

I sat down Pikachu just in time for my 'Kaasan to launch herself at me, using her limbs to attach herself to my torso. "Sato! You're finally getting to follow in your otousan's footsteps. I'm so proud of you, but I'm going to miss you so much." She straightened up, then began again. "Now, I've packed your bag for you. I got all your clothes packed up and even packed you some hot chocolate! Now, don't forget to wash your clothes and dry them, I packed you a clothesline and rubber gloves to do it with. Especially remember your underwear-"

"'Kaasan! I'm sixteen, not six. I can take care of myself!" I snatched the bag from her hands, pulling a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved black shirt from my bag, which I put on over my pajamas. I looked for my jacket and hat, but they mysteriously weren't in there. "Okaasan, where's the jacket and hat."

"Well Sato, your 'Tousan sent you these for Sinnoh, in honor of you becoming a trainer." In her outstretched hand lie a red and white baseball cap with an L on the front. An official Pokèmon League hat. I had been wanting one for years, but had always been told no. I shoved the hat over my unruly hair before I grabbed the jacket that lay beneath. It too was from the official Pokèmon League. The torso area was blue, while the sleeves and collar were white. There was a pokèball with the words 'Gotta Catch 'Em All' curved around the bottom. On the back was the large L of the Pokèmon League. It was topped off with some gold trim.

"Whoa! Thank you guys so much!" I pulled it over my black shirt and grinned. I was officially ready to be a pokèmon trainer.

"Don't forget the gloves, Sato. They're in your pocket." I reached my hand in and sure enough, there were a pair of gloves, the same gloves that my father had worn years ago when he started out. I keep feel the tears starting in my eyes, but blinked them back. I was a man. I couldn't cry any more.

"Thanks Okaasan. Will you tell 'Tousan thanks when he calls? I ought to get going."

"But Sato! We haven't gotten to see your pokèmon yet!" I looked down to see where Pikachu was hiding at my feet and got uneasy. With how much Pikachu didn't like me and how quick he was to shock, I wasn't sure that I wanted to take the chance on all of these people. As soon as I looked down though everyone else noticed him.

"Oh, look how cute! Is he your pokèmon?" 'Kaasan asked.

I grinned. "Yeah, he's mine alright. Together I plan on beating 'Tousan one day!"

Everyone chuckled at that. "I thought that pokèmon stayed inside pokèballs, Sato."

I felt my face heat up. "Yeah, I forgot about that in the rush to get out of here." I pulled a pokèball from my bag. "Time to get in, Pikachu."

I tossed the ball, only to have Pikachu return it back to me with a swat of his tail. "Pika."

I threw it again, only to have the same thing happen. I growled, now determined to get him in the ball. "Pi…Ka… Chu… Pi… Ka… Chu…"

"Isn't that just adorable! You guys are already playing games." I looked at my 'kaasan, trying to gauge if she was joking or not. It quickly became apparent that she was not, so I decided to play along with her. It was better than telling all these people I had no control over my pokèmon.

"That's exactly what we're doing! We planned it on the way over here!" I picked him up, displaying him to the crowd.

"But, it's a little weird." All I could do was shut my eyes as I prepared for the shock.


It had been determined that my rubber gloves were going to be put to better use as a resistor to Pikachu's electricity and the clothesline would be great to drag him along with, so here I was dragging the pokèmon that was supposed to be my faithful companion towards Viridian City. At the top of the hill I finally got sick of it and turned to look at the yellow mouse.

"Ok Pikachu, I didn't become a trainer to drag a pokèmon all over the world. I'm not really sure what the problem is, but I don't want to be your enemy. I want to be your friend. I know you can't tell me what you want, but you could make this a little easier on me. I really am trying." I kneeled down, untying the clothes line. "I know that you don't like the pokèball, so why don't we try just letting you walk instead? I'll even take off the gloves."

Pikachu shook his head and turned away from me. "I really don't want to have to fight you and all of the trainers too Pikachu."

Close by I heard pecking against a tree. I turned to look a saw a bird-like pokèmon. It's s chest and the tips of it's wings were creamy, while it's back and tail were the color of clay. It noticed me staring at it and it's black masked eyes turned to look at me, cream and clay headpiece ruffling in the wind. I grabbed my pokèdex, wondering what I had managed to run into.

"Pidgey. A very docile bird pokèmon. Good for the beginning trainer."

"Yes! I'm in luck! Pikachu, attack!" I pointed towards the Pidgey, waiting a second before realizing that Pikachu was still just standing there. "Pikachu, come on!"

Pikachu looked at me, grinning, then took off up a tree, where he yawned and laid down to watch me.

"Fine. If you're going to be an ass, I'll get it without you. I don't need your help!" I stormed off after the Pidgey, grabbing a pokèball and enlarging it. I snuck up on the bird, not wanting to alert it to the face it was about to be caught. As soon as I had the perfect position I launched the ball with all my might. It opened, turning the pokèmon into the laser light and fitting it inside the ball before shutting. The ball shook and I watched it intently, wanting to know if I had been successful or not. Eventually the pokèmon proved to be too strong for the ball and it snapped back into my hands. I could hear a high pitch giggling behind me. I ignored it.

Somewhere, in the reaches of my mind, I remembered a vital piece of advice my 'Tousan once gave me.


"'Tousan, 'Tousan, how do you catch a pokèmon?" Ketchum Akira looked up, shaggy black hair waving in his eyes, grin across his face.

"Well Sato, it all depends on the pokèmon you're trying to catch, but there's something you almost always have to do," he replied. My seven year old self stared, waiting for his answer. "You have to weaken them silly! If someone were to just try and snatch you you'd break free, but it they wore you out, then you'd be too tired to fight them off!"


"Argh. You're supposed to use your own pokèmon to weaken it. Pikachu isn't going to help me and I need to have one that will listen to be a trainer." I pulled at my collar, realizing how hot it was getting. It was then that I had an idea.

Mere minutes later, I was sneaking up on the Pidgey again, crawling in order to get close. At two feet, I sprang, using my pajama shirt as a net. I pinned the pokèmon to the ground, not wanting it to get away.

I thought I had it, but a huge gust of wind came from under the shirt and knocked me on my ass. "What the hell was that?"

I pulled out my pokèdex again, looking up Pidgey's moves. "Tackle, gust, quick attack, sand attack, whirlwind… Wait, sand attack?"

I looked up just in time to see sand coming at me. I was lucky enough to shut my eyes before it did any damage, but was still covered in the nasty stuff.

"I thought today was going to be a good day…" I heard a rustling in my bag and looked over to see a purple tail sticking out of my backpack. "Dammit! Get out of there!" As I dashed toward the pokèmon my pokèdex fell out of my pocket.

"Ratata. It lives wherever there is food available, ceaselessly scavenging for edibles the entire day.

The pokèmon saw me and it's eye's widened, taking off into the forest. I didn't get a good look at it, nor did I care to. I grabbed my pokèdex, slamming it shut and throwing it into my pocket before slinging my backpack across my back for safekeeping.

"Pidgey!" I turned to the left just in time to see three Pidgey's pop up from the grass. I grinned, bending down to pick up a stone. I might be able to knock one out. I aimed carefully, but misgauged my power and the stone hit about a foot from the center one. The three birds quickly scattered, leaving me in the same position I had been in when I started.

I sighed, looking around. In the distance I saw a bird's silhouette.

"Looks like I get another chance." This time I paid closer attention to what I was doing and hit the creature dead on. As I watched, a bump raised on it's head, but it didn't pass out. It was then that it struck me that I wasn't one-hundred percent sure that I was still dealing with a Pidgey; all I knew was that it was a bird. As it turned, I swore. These were the reason I wasn't allowed on route one to begin with. "Spearow. This pokémon is very protective of its territory. It flaps its short wings busily to dart around at high speed."

The pokémon in question made good on it's description, protecting it's territory by swooping down at me. I ripped the bag off of my back, swinging it at the bag at it. After it narrowly missed me a few times, it decided that I wasn't worth it and that it was time to attack the actual pokémon in the picture.

Pikachu was ducking and weaving, barely staying on the narrow ledge. "Get the hell away from him! I threw the rock!"

The bird ignored me though, continuing after Pikachu. My brain clouded for a moment, but then got clear, even if it wasn't in the present.


"When you're out battling pokémon, Sato, there's something really important you have to remember in order to keep you and your pokémon safe."

"What's that 'Tousan?"

"Wild pokémon don't like their tamed counterparts. They feel that they are not worthy of existing because they allowed themselves to get caught. They will always attack a tame pokémon."


By the time I broke out of my thoughts Pikachu was barely hanging on the tree, having been knocked off the branch. I was about to try and throw a pokéball at the Spearow to distract it long enough to get Pikachu out of harm's way, but sparks began flying from the red spots on his cheeks. I recognized the attack, thunder shock.

The Spearow twitched as the attack hit it, easily taking it out of the air. It rested on the ground for moment and I breathed a sigh of relief, until it popped back up that is. "SPEAROW!"

Seemingly out of nowhere more than two dozen of the bird pokémon appeared, headed straight towards us. "Looks like it's time for us to run!"

Pikachu and I took off down the path. I saw other pokémon on the sides, but didn't have enough time to stop and find out what any of them were. "Pikachu, stay close and I'll make sure that they don't get you. No, don't run ahead! They'll come after you before me!"

The swift pokémon didn't listen though and took off. I pushed myself harder to keep up, but was no match for him. I watched as the Spearow began to peck at the poor pokémon. He tripped and fell, allowing the Spearow's time to gang up on him. "Pikachu!"

I fought my way through, ignoring the pain and the wetness I could begin to feel running down my arms. My own pain wasn't important. I had made a terrible mistake and Pikachu was paying for it.

I reached down and picked him up, cradling his body to my own as I shielded him from more attacks while I ran. I skid to a stop a few minutes later at the edge of the cliff. I looked down, seeing a river and looked over to the approaching Spearows. The water was going to be cold, but it was better than dying.

"Sorry about this." I squatted, then extended my legs, jumping as close to the center of the river as possible. It was so cold when we hit that I nearly gasped, but stopped myself from inhaling the water last second and instead forced my eyes open against the burning water and came face to face with a Gyrados, which I swam away from as quickly as I could in order to not get eaten. A tug on my shirt stopped me from getting very far and I was hoisted onto dry land, landing harshly on my ass.

"Great, it's just a stupid kid… Oh, wait! He has a pokémon!" I looked over in time to see a girl jumping off a rock and down beside me. She was skinny and very pretty. Her fiery red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, allowing me an unobstructed view of her teal eyes. She was wearing a pair of denim short that went about midway down her calf and a yellow camisole. I blushed. Whoever she was, she was beautiful.

"Are you ok?"

I looked up at her and smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine."

She glared back. "Not you, dumb ass. The pokémon! What did you do to the poor thing? It needs a doctor! There's one in Viridian; get moving!"

"Which way do I go to get to Viridian?" I asked, springing to my feet. The girl looked exasperated, but pointed towards the path. I heard a cawing and looked over my shoulder to see the Sperow coming over the water. "Oh shit! They're back!"

I began running towards the path when I spotted my bike. It wasn't right to take it, but… "I have to get Pikachu to Viridian City right now. I'm sorry, but I have to take your bike to get us there. If you follow us, I'll be sure to return it to you."

I made sure the Pikachu was safely in the basket before I took off, the girl protesting behind me.

I was outrunning the Spearow easily on the bike, pedaling as fast as my feet would allow. The birds were fast, but I had a head start and they moved at about the same speed I did. As I went on, the sky got darker and I felt water re-soaking the clothes that had just started to dry. I ignored in in favor of pedaling harder. The rain turned the dirt road into mud though and as I took a curve, the bike came out from under me and threw me into a tree. Pikachu landed only a few feet from me, looking exhausted and defeated.

I forced myself onto my hands and knees, even though every cell in my body protested against such an action. I made it next to his still form and put my hand on him. "I'm sorry, Pikachu. I just wanted to be a trainer and, one day, replace my 'Tousan as the Pokémon Master. I didn't want you, or any other pokémon, to get hurt. I just wanted to do something that would make me worthy." I pulled a pokéball off of my belt and enlarged. "I know you hate this thing, but get inside. I'll make sure I get you to a pokémon center and get healed."

I set the ball down and stood up turning away from my pokémon. "I am Ketchum Satoshi! I will not let you kill this Pikachu! If you want to hurt someone, hurt me! It is my duty as Pikachu's trainer to keep him safe. If I'm ever going to even stand a chance of battling Ketchum Akira, then I have to be able to do this!"

I felt a tugging at my pants, then my back as Pikachu came up and leapt from my shoulder, shocking the Spearow. The lightning traveled through the water, hitting them all. The great pillar of yellow light was the last thing I saw before the world went black.


"Ugh! I feel like I've been hit by a Graveler. I opened my eyes and looked around, trying to figure out where I was and why I was wet. I saw Pikachu and smiled when I saw him looking at me. "You really are the coolest pokémon ever."

Pikachu smiled back at me. "Chu."

I turned over and looked up towards the sky. There was a rainbow, and through it flew a golden pokémon with a massive bunch of tail feathers and an ornately spiraled headpiece. The air it had just passed through seemed to glitter and I pulled out my pokédex, wondering what this pokémon could be.

"No data found. Previously unidentified pokémon." I sigh. Of course it was. Maybe that was a sign of future good luck though. I stood up, Pikachu in my arms. I felt a spot of warm wetness on my face. At first I thought I was crying, until I felt Pikachu soft fur. He had licked me, the first sign that things might just work out after all.

Japanese Terms

Satoshi- Ash

Okaasan/'Kaasan- Mother

Otousan/'Tousan- Father

A/n: Wow. I think this may be the longest chapter I have ever written. So, this is my first pokemon fan fiction, although I have written for Digimon and Battlestar Galactica: 2003. I decided to write this because Pokémon was the first anime I ever watched and at one point they made me angry, angry enough to quit watching. That was when they started taking Takeshi and Kasumi off the show. I want to remedy this, as well as make something for those of us who are hardcore Pokéshippers.

There will also be some other minor changes, if you have yet to notice. For one, Satoshi's father is involved. His mom mentions him in episode two, but never again. She does say that he is a trainer though, so I thought I'd expand on that idea. I have also changed the clothing a little bit. I made Satoshi's jacket an official league item and made it so that Kasumi's clothes are a little more modest, but are still rather revealing.

The update schedule for this will probably be pretty erratic as I have another fic I'm working on for Digimon that has to be updated too, so I'm asking for your patience in that regard.