Title: In His 'Tousan's Footsteps

Summary: Sixteen year old Ketchum Satoshi has wanted to replace his Otousan, Ketchum Akira, as Pokémon Master since he was a child. His adventure is just starting. Aged up au. Similar to the anime in the beginning, but changes as the story progresses.

Rating: T

Pairings: Satoshi/Kasumi (Pokeshipping). Mushashi/Kojiro (Rocketshipping). Takeshi/Seiyo (Brozelleshipping). Others to be determined.

Ages: Satoshi and Kasumi- 16
Mushashi and Kojiro- 25
Takeshi- 20

Warnings: Pokémon battles, language and some sexual activity (non-graphic)

Disclaimer: I don't own pokémon. If I did I wouldn't be writing fan fiction, I'd be living on my own personal island.

Japanese Terms

Satoshi- Ash

Kasumi- Misty

Takeshi- Brock

Mushashi- Jesse

Kojiro- James

Okaasan/'Kaasan- Mother

Otousan/'Tousan- Father

"I just feel bad about all those trainers who won't get their pokémon back. They didn't do anything wrong. I know we saved a lot of them, but still. How could anyone do such a thing?" I said. Kasumi and I were headed towards the Viridian Forest. I was hoping there would be some good pokémon for me to catch on the way to Viridan, so I might have a bit of a team when I went against my first gym leader.

Kasumi shrugged at my question. "I have no idea. Some people are just bad. Sometimes, dark trumps light."

I nodded. It reminded me of something 'Tousan would always say. "Good doesn't always win, Sato. And sometimes, a very rare sometimes, good and evil aren't black and white, but the same shade of grey."

The first part had always seemed wrong. In Pallet Town, the world was inherently good. The most evil was the occasional adulterous partner, maybe an assault if the conditions were right, but the person in wrong was always brought to justice. My real world experience was teaching me differently.

As for the second part, I couldn't make heads nor tails of it. Riddles had never been my strong point.

We continued walking in silence, only pausing when the Virdian Forest sign came into view.

"Well, I guess this is where we part," I said. I was beginning to get excited. There were many pokémon in the forest and I was going to have to start catching them quickly if I wanted to stand a chance against the first gym leader.

Kasumi snorted at me. "Do you really think I'm just going to take your word? I'm going with you. Until I have a new bike, I'm going to be up your ass, reminding you every second of the way."

I gulped. I had never really had anyone not take me at my word, or vice versa. Maybe it was because Pallet Town was small and everyone knew everyone, but it had never crossed my mind that someone might not trust me. I was going to have to remember that I wasn't in Pallet anymore.

"Ok then. Let's get headed out. We've got eight hours until dusk and I plan on using it! Through the forest!"

Kas gaped at me. "You mean, you're serious about going through there? You've got to be suicidal!"

I could feel my face fall. I had been under the impression that the forest was safe. The other routes took at least three times as long. "What's wrong with the forest?"

Kasumi pressed her warm body against me, clutching my arm to her chest. She put her mouth next to my ear, lips softly brushing against the outer curve as she whispered, "There are bug pokémon in there."

I tried to hold my laughter in, but instead it exploded with such a violent force that both of us were torpedoed towards the ground, ruining the moment. Kasumi sprung back up, wielding a mallet that she pulled out of thin air. "Don't you laugh at me, Ketchum! Meet my mallet!"

The wooden abomination swung down, striking me squarely on the forehead before I could dodge it. From this I learned the mallet was not wooden, as I originally thought, but some sort of stiff foam. Not enough to leave a bruise, but definitely enough to give me a massive headache.

"What the hell was that for!" I yelled as I stood up, ready to run away.

"Pikachu pi!"

I looked down at my mouse friend. "I tried not to laugh! I can't help it that I find women being afraid of bugs funny. I thought it was just a myth."

"Pika." Pikachu shook his head before heading towards the forest. I ran after him, not wanting to be left with only a Spearow. Although it wasn't a weak pokémon, I had no idea how it would hold up against the pokémon in the woods and Pikachu was a lot stronger. Behind me I heard Kasumi screech before taking off after me and attaching herself to my back.

"I just saw a Weedle!" I stopped, as did Pikachu.

"Really? And I missed it!" I slumped as Kas beamed me. "Hey! I meant that I missed protecting you from it. If I had seen it I could have caught it and there would be one less Weedle to worry about."

Pikachu snickered as Kasumi looked at me skeptically. This was going to be a long trip if I didn't figure out how to get money for a bike. Kasumi and I weren't really compatible, at least not so far.

I turned back to the path, just in time to see a Caterpie skitter in front of us. Kasumi yelped, locking down on my arm even harder than before. I rolled my eyes, not worried about Kas seeing it with her face buried in my neck.

With my free hand, I pulled a pokéball off of my belt, fingering it to it's full size. I whipped my hat around backwards as I brought my arm back, then launched the ball at the bug, who looked up at me as it was struck and caught by the pokéball. It barely moved as the 'mon struggled within. The light flashed once, twice, and then went dark.

I stood there for a half second, stunned, before jumping up and whooping into the sky. Kasumi, who hadn't let go of me, was knocked over and glared at me seethingly. I ignored it, picking up my pokéball and rubbing it against my cheek.

"I caught a pokémon!" I yelled, grabbing Kasumi. I pulled her lithe body close to me, spinning us around and around. I released her after a few seconds, blushing. I hadn't exactly thought about what I was doing, but I was now.

I looked over at Kasumi and realized that she too was blushing. Pretending it never happened was the best policy in this situation, that's for sure. I didn't want Kasumi to think I was coming on to her or something. She was just my traveling companion.

"Let's meet our new team mate! Go, Caterpie!" I tossed the pokéball, watching the green caterpillar take shape as I heard Kasumi screech.

"No! Leave the green beast inside it's pokéball!" It was far too late though as Caterpie was staring at us, eventually deciding on walking over to see Kasumi and rubbing against her leg. "Ahh! Get the hell away from me!"

I watched as Caterpie's eyes watered. I ran over and snatched him and cradled him, much like a mother would a hurt child. "How could you say such things? He didn't do anything to you!"

Kasumi huffed. "It did something to me just by being alive! It's a disgusting bug."

I looked down at Caterpie, unsure of how anyone could be disgusted by such a cute pokémon, especially one that turned into a Butterfree.

"I'd hate know what else you find disgusting if Caterpie is on the list."

She scowled. "Peppers and carrots."

I looked over at her. "What?"

"Bugs, peppers and carrots. They're all disgusting," she clarified. I rolled my eyes.

"Of course they are. Because that makes sense. I'm sure you shriek every time you see peppers and carrots too."

"No, that's ridiculous. I make gagging noises instead."

I threw my hands up into the air. "Then you can travel with someone else, because Caterpie is here to stay!"

I stormed off, placing Caterpie on my shoulder. Pikachu looked between Kasumi and me before scampering off to catch up with me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kasumi have an internal argument with herself before attempting to follow me sneakily.

After allowing this to go on for five minutes, I finally called back to her, making sure to keep facing forward. "So, are you going to accept Caterpie?"

I heard her stop and could only imagine that she was shocked that I was that perceptive. When a Gengar runs rampant in your house, you tend to learn how to sense people quickly. He had always liked to play pranks, and I was really bad at falling for them.

"N-no. This is just the only path through the forest, that's all. I would already have been in Pewter, had someone not ruined my bike." I blushed, but kept my head forward so she couldn't see. She had a good point.

I was about to respond, but saw a Pidgeyotto in the field up ahead that stopped all thoughts in their tracks. Instead I ran forward, trying to grab a pokéball off of my belt as I went. I quickly realized that only Spearow's and Caterpie's were there and had to swing my bag off of my shoulders to get a new one. When I opened it up though, what was inside surprised me.

As I dug to the bottom of the bag, my hand came across something smooth and oval shaped. I couldn't remember anything that I had packed like this and I also couldn't remember my 'kaasan handing me anything shaped like this. I withdrew the item from my bag to see that it was... An egg?

Mystified, I slowly took in it's appearance. It was brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. It looked like it was made of fire, almost as if it were the flame on top of a candle. If I hadn't already been holding it, I definitely wouldn't have picked it up. As it was though, all I could do was stare at.

"Oh my God! Sato, you're burning! Starmie, put out that fire!" Kasumi yelled. I didn't have time to think. I had to protect the egg. I quickly wrapped my body around it, taking the brunt of the water gun. Without even asking, Caterpie tackled Starmie. It may not have been enough to do real damage to the stage one pokémon, but it got it to stop attacking me.

"Kasumi! Call it off!" The redhead quickly returned the pokémon to the pokéball.

"Sato!" she cried, running over towards me. "Are you ok? You aren't burnt, are you? Starmie's attack didn't hurt you?"

I stood up, clutching the egg tightly to my chest. "No! And this isn't actual fire, it's an egg!"

Kasumi looked at me, shocked. "An egg?"

"Yes, an egg. See, feel it." Kasumi slowly moved her hand to the egg, touching it softly.

"Wow. It really isn't hot. If anything, it's a little cold. Oh, that's not good! Starmie's water gun must have done this."

Kasumi looked worried. At this point there was no way to keep going. I wasn't going to try walking in these soaking wet clothes and if I put them in my bag them everything else would be soaked too. It would be best to make camp for the night and continue on tomorrow, and we could keep the egg warm.

"Go get some wood for the fire. We'll set up camp."

Kasumi glared at me. "Why don't you go get the wood, Ketchum?"

I glared back. "Because I want to get into some dry clothes! Unless you want to watch of course."

Kasumi spun around, trying to keep me from noticing the blush on her face, then stomped off into the woods. I walked a little bit off of the path and stripped off my soaked clothes quickly. It wasn't cold out, but it wasn't all that warm either and that water gun had been anything but warm. I settled into a pair of clean boxers (thank you 'Kaasan) and a pair of pajama pants, then headed back towards the trail. Kasumi was already back, having had no problem collecting the firewood and already had a small flame going. I placed my clothes nearby to dry.

I began to unpack for the night, Caterpie and Pikachu helping me. I put the egg near the fire while the other two unrolled my sleeping bag. Kasumi, finally satisfied with the fire, turned around to brag about her accomplishments, but instead let out a small squeak.

I looked over at my traveling companion. "You ok?"

She nodded. "You, uh, you aren't wearing a shirt. Just surprised me is all."

"What, have you never seen a boy shirtless before?" I teased.

She blushed, but retorted, "Of course I have! I train water pokémon after all. People swim where I fish. I just didn't expect to see to standing here without one."

"Well, I sort of went for a swim, but I was fully clothed. I didn't want to dirty another shirt and it's warm enough. I figured I'd be fine."

Kasumi nodded, then began setting up camp for herself.

Twenty minutes later, we were sitting in front of the fire eating instant ramen, minding our own business, and then it dawned on me, that Pidgeotto had gotten away.

"Dammit! You made me miss catching Pidgeotto, Kasumi! You had Starmie water gun me and it scared it off. I was excited about catching it too."

Kasumi rolled her eyes. "What, so you could have another flying pokémon?"

"Yes," I said, folding my arms over my chest. "Flying pokémon are not the worst type to have. They have a lot of advantages. You owe me for having me miss out on Pidgeotto."

"Like you owe me for my bike?"

Kasumi was beginning to show some anger on her face, but I wasn't giving in that easily. "Exactly. We're even now."

She snorted. "As if. You missed a Pidgeotto, not a Moltres. Pidgey are one of the most common pokémon for newbs to have, and they evolve pretty quickly. Basically, Pidgeotto is worth next nothing."

"It wasn't worth next to nothing to me," I mumbled. It may not have been an incredibly rare pokémon, but, when raised well, they have the ability to become very powerful pokémon. Truth be told, I'd always liked Pidgeotto more than Spearow. Pidgeot was a lot more majestic than Fearow, which were gangly and strange looking. Obviously fate didn't care though. The egg had the possibility of being a lot more amazing than anything else.

"Fine, if it means so much to you, then whatever bike you get me doesn't have to have a headlight. That should be a fair trade. That head lamp cost me one thousand poké."

I nodded. I knew that this was the best I was going to get. I wasn't in the mood to argue anyways. I had lost valuable time with everything that had happened. I should have been catching up to Shigeru instead of sitting halfway through the Viridian Forest eating ramen half clothed at four. There were plenty of traveling hours left. Unfortunately, I could go no where with the current state of the egg and my clothes.

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't notice anyone come sneaking out of the forest until it was too late to stop Koffing from spraying Pikachu's face with it's sludge attack, leaving the mouse blinded.

"Ka..." he whined, trying to rub the goo out of his eyes. I picked him up and cradled him for a minute as the trio began their motto.

"Prepare for trouble!"

I looked over as they continued, putting on a show. I turned back to Pikachu, more concerned about him.

"It's ok, buddy. I'll take care of them for you. Spearow, go!" I released my second most powerful pokémon. The bird flew out and around, awaiting my orders.

"So we meet you and your Spearow again, twerp. What a pleasant surprise. Now that Pikachu is at a distinct disadvantage, we'll have no problem taking him," the woman, Jesse, said.

I rolled my eyes. Spearow could have taken them out without Pikachu the night before, it would have just taken longer than it would have without him. No doubt it would be easy enough for him to win tonight.

"Ok Spearow, time to show them what we're made of! Give them a sand-attack!" The brown and red bird pokémon landed, carefully using it's claws to throw sand and dirt in Koffing and Ekans' eyes. The two pokémon dodged the attack, Ekans giving off a low hiss, while Koffing gave off a short plume of smoke.

"Ekans, bite," Jesse yelled as the purple snake obey, throwing itself at my Spearow, who rolled, avoiding the attack.

"Koffing, smoke screen!" James called, looking quite proud of the fact that he had finally remembered an attack.

Jesse was not so pleased and instead knocked him on the head. "You idiot! That is a bird pokémon!"

I grinned. I didn't even have to think of a strategy if Jesse just kept talking. "Spearow, use gust to blow the smoke back at them, then peck."

Spearow did as told, but instead of hitting either Koffing or Ekans, he misjudged and instead went hurtling into a nearby tree, beak stuck. I hung my head, embarrassed at what had just happened. I was out of options. Spearow and Pikachu were both going to be Rocket's unless... Unless Caterpie could possibly help. It was a long shot, but it was better than just handing everyone over. "Spearow, return! Caterpie, go!"

The little green caterpillar looked at me, wide eyed, assuming that I had to be kidding. He was just a small bug, not really ready to take on both Koffing and Ekans at the same time. Still, it was the best shot he had at remaining with me. "You can do it Caterpie, I know you can."

He nodded, hauling himself onto the battlefield. Ekans and Koffing looked at the little bug and started to laugh, followed closely by Jesse, James and Meowth. That's when I saw something unexpected. Caterpie got angry. And when I say Caterpie got angry, I mean downright pissed, shooting off a few short string shots to show it's anger, but that just caused them to laugh harder. It just happened to give me an idea though. "Caterpie, string shot those two. Get it nice and thick."

Caterpie looked like he didn't understand for a second, but realization swiftly dawned on him and he did as he was told. The string shot from his mouth, curling the two into a sticky cocoon. They struggled against their bonds as Jesse, James and Meowth stared, Jesse beginning to yell at their 'stupid' pokémon.

"Caterpie, finish them off with a tackle!" The worm-like creature bolted towards the two, slamming into them at top speed with a well placed tackle. Ekans ended up wrapped around Koffing, who crashed into Jesse, James and Meowth, sending flying into the air.

"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" the fiends yelled, turning into a shiny speck before disappearing.

"What is with them and those awful sayings?" Kasumi said. It was the only thing her brain could process.

"I have no idea."


I blearily opened my eyes, allowing myself the time to wake up slowly. I had little doubt that Sato would sleep for a while yet and, although I could already tell I was hungry and what not, I hadn't been allowed the luxury of a nice slow wake up since my parents passed only three years before. My sister's definitely weren't going to let me sleep with all the work to be done.

The only thing that wasn't making sense to me was what in all of the world I had placed my sleeping bag next to that was such a vibrant green, a green that had pretty little yellow circles and... segments?

"Oh my God, get that fucking thing away from me!"

I darted behind a tree, having finally realized that it was Caterpie that was so close to my face. It had definitely been a wake-up call and one that I hoped never to experience again.

Sato also sprung up and, from the way he spun around, he was worried that there was something dangerous nearby, instead of just something creepy. When he realized I was hiding behind a tree, gazing disdainfully at Caterpie he let out a relieved sigh, a half second before laying into me.

"Seriously? You screamed like that because Caterpie got too close? He saved our asses last night and this is how you treat him?"

I glared at him. "For one, I didn't even fight, and I seriously doubt that my pokémon would have had any problem with Koffing or Ekans. The second thing is that he was sleeping right next to my head! I woke up to a face full of bug, and you expect me not to freak out?"

He looked at her, clueless at to why he shouldn't think such a thing. "I honestly don't understand the problem. I think you need to make good with Caterpie."

"And how, pray tell, do you expect me to do this?"

"Well, patting him on the head for starters."

I snorted. "And if I don't?"

"I'm leaving you here to fend for yourself, in these dark woods, against scores of bug pokémon," he said smugly. He knew that it would be far easier for me to pet one bug than have the possibility of fighting multiple all alone. Without Pikachu and Sato I might have one sleeping on me next. I pulled myself away from the tree and moved towards Caterpie, hand outstretched. It was all going well, albeit disgusting, my hand only a half inch from him, when he suddenly popped up into a j shape, spraying a misty version of string shot into the air. I skittered away from him as quickly as possible, right back behind my tree. while I grew disappointed in him. Either the runty little bug liked torturing me or... or it was evolving? Then it dawned on me. Caterpie was changing and Sato had out his pokédex.

"When Caterpie evolve they spray tiny pieces of their string shot into the air, letting in envelope them in a hard green outer coating. They are then known as Metapod." When I finally looked back Sato's Metapod, I realized that his transformation was also complete. Sato let out a whoop, grabbing Metapod and hugging him.

"You're a Metapod! I got my first pokémon to evolve!" I sighed, ignoring the idiot and instead packing up my stuff. At least it was going to be a bit before Sato realized that I still hadn't pet his beloved Caterpie/Metapod.

His cheering was short lived, as he knew he had to get packed if he ever wanted to see Pewter City. Luckily, I had made him pack up all everything but his sleeping bag the night before, so it was only about ten minutes and some bread before we were on the road. Of course, seeing as my day was already going to hell, Sato saw another bug pokémon half a mile after we departed. This time though, it was a Weedle.

As soon as he saw it, nothing else in the world mattered; he was going to catch it. He whipped his hat around, and his pokéball magically appeared in his hand, or so it seemed with how fast he was moving. He pulled his arm back and began the launch, but a strange kid popped up out of nowhere.

"Halt! Are you the fourth trainer from Pallet Town." Sato was visibly startled by the newcomer, launching his pokéball harmlessly into the grass while the Weedle ran off.

He spun around, angry. "Hey! Do you mind being quiet? Some of us are trying to catch pokémon around here!"

"So you are not the fourth trainer from Pallet?" the kid in the samurai suit asked.

Sato glared. "I am the fourth trainer from Pallet. Why do you care?"

The samurai's eyes glazed over as he began to speak of recent events. "I've had three glorious battles with trainers from Pallet. My pokémon were scorched, drowned and seeded, but I learned something from each of those battles. Now I'm hoping to learn a final lesson from you."

"Fine. If I have to fight you, I will. I don't think Spearow will mind a quick battle."

The boy snorted. "I imagine you're right, at least about the quick battle part. Arrogance rarely leads to success in battling."

I fought the urge to roll my eyes and I wasn't even the one battling. Arrogance rarely lead to failure from what I heard. All the league hot shots had egos bigger than a Snorlax. Still, Sato was being a bit cocky. There was no guarantee that he would just because the others had. For all he knew they had some sort of type advantage.

"We'll see about that! Spearow, go!" Sato hurled the pokéball out, releasing the bird pokémon, who proceeded to strut around. This time I didn't fight the urge and just rolled my eyes. It seemed as though arrogance was in the water supply. It just happened to be that I was immune to it.

"That's your choice?" the boy asked, shaking his head at the decision. "Fine then. Pinsir, go!"

A humanoid pokémon appeared in front of us. It reminded me of a stag beetle, if it had bred with a human that is. It had two stubby brown legs that appeared to only bend at the hips, an upside down egg shaped torso and two large, thorny grey pinchers coming out of the top of his head.


"Spearow, get out there with the first move and peck!" Spearow did as it was told, but the Pinsir easily dodged it. Sato had seriously underestimated this guy with how quickly this giant bug was moving. Speed and quick strikes were not going to cut it and it didn't take long for Sato to realize this. "Spearow, return!"

The samurai grinned. "Giving up that quickly, eh? Pride goeth before the fall."

Sato and I both glared at the kid. He was worse than Shigeru from what I had been told about him. I was about to slap this arrogant ass. If Ash didn't manage to beat him, my pokémon were from the Cerulean Gym. I'd wipe the floor with him, even at a type disadvantage.

"No, I just have to play to my pokémons strengths. Spearow isn't fast enough to hit Pinsir and Spearow is an attack pokémon. On the other hand, this baby," Sato enlarged the pokéball in his hand. "Is meant for defense. Go, Metapod!"

Both the samurai and I stared at the little green bug in front of us. Satoshi had sounded so smart when he was talking, but proved his idiocy when he let out a Metapod. It was a great defensive pokémon, but was sorely lacking in an offense of any kind. Although it should know tackle, it's ability to use it had been greatly hindered and that Pinsir was probably a good three or four levels above it, with and far too speedy to get hit by a flying cocoon. Still, Sato had pull a win out of his ass less that twenty-four hours before, so I kept my mouth shut. The samurai did not.

"I was expecting too much from you, obviously. I knew that you probably weren't very good, bringing up the rear and all, but I guess I just expected more after the other trainers. I mean, you know your strategy, you just have no idea how to apply it."

"Just shut up and start fighting. I have yet to see any proof that you really are better than me at training pokémon."

The kid glowered, knowing that he was right. So far it had been all bark and no real bite. "Fine then. Pinsir, snap it in two."

Satoshi and I both balked. Pinsir would do just as he said, which was cruel, even for a bug. Pinsir scooped up the little green pod, while Sato just watched, at a loss for what else to do. I couldn't watch what was going on, so I instead kept my eyes focused on him as he squeezed his shut for half a second, before yelling out, "Harden!"

As soon as he said it, my eyes darted back to the battle, unable not to watch with such a strategy. I moved just fast enough to see Pinsir's claws clamp down and shatter on the smaller pokémon's diamond hard body. Metapod was dropped, rolling a few feet away, where he turned himself upward, while the Pinsir screamed in agony. I felt bad for the pokémon. After all, it was just following orders.

"Pinsir, return!" The screaming pokémon disappeared and the air was silent with the lack of sound. "I underestimated you, although I'm not sure if that was a stroke of pure genius, or you just calling out a random attack."

"You talk too much," I said, annoyed with the whole battle so far. To my amazement, it wasn't because of Sato either. Generally he was the one I wanted to kill. "And I should know a lot about talking. I'm a sixteen year old woman with three older sisters that think the phone is God."

The boy blinked. "Women should be seen, not heard."

Luckily for samurai boy, Sato grabbed me. "I get revenge first. He insulted me first, it's only fair."

I sighed. He was right. I would have more than enough time to kill this kid after Satoshi wiped the floor with him.

"Fine, but when you're done, he's mine."

Sato looked at me and grinned. "Trust me, I wouldn't get in between you two. I only want mine first to make sure I get some."

I laughed. Satoshi had caught on to me quickly.

Some time during the conversation, the samurai boy had called out his next pokémon. I took one look at it and felt the anger begin to boil inside of me. "You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

The samurai boy just ignored me, instead focusing on his Metapod. This match would be simple, albeit time consuming. Whoever's Metapod gained enough experience through the use of harden to evolve to Butterfree would win. This generally didn't take forever with the level requirements to evolve, but it definitely took a few hours, hours we could be using to get out of this forest instead of sitting here. I grabbed my headphones out of my bag, deciding to watch real battle videos. It would be more productive.

A while later, I was awoken with a start by a loud buzzing coming in. If there was one thing I knew about bug pokémon, it was that this buzzing meant Beedril and Beedril meant pain.

"Oh shit. Everyone, let's go! We're about to be stung." The two boys snapped out their near statuesque states and listened to the air, also noticing buzzing.

"Beedril," the samurai breathed, while Sato was scrambling to get his bag and return Metapod. I followed his lead, slinging the drawstring bag over my back and booking it down the path. The samurai yelled at us to follow and I quickly changed direction, seeing the hut in the distance. The fermentation of my muscles made them burn in time with my lungs, but there was no way in hell that I could stop. You just couldn't tell if you'd survive a Beedril attack.

We stumbled into the hut just as the Beedril caught up with us, jamming their twin needles into the door. I fell to the floor, panting at the exertion. Sato collapsed next to me, using my back as a support.

"You let a Weedle escape? A Weedle! Then you didn't inform me so that we could hold our battle far from the site of your transgression, and almost let us get stung by them! We could have died, you ignorant fool!"

I stood up, finally having caught my breath, and decided enough was enough. This guy was a pompous ass and I was through.

"Listen here. We didn't ask your fucking opinion, and I'm just about sick of your holier than thou attitude. We aren't from around here. We don't know how the pokémon here work. I'm a water pokémon trainer who hates bugs. I didn't even know that it was Weedle that evolved into Beedril. It wasn't like Sato meant to let it escape anyways. If you had waited a minute or two, or at least taken survey on what the trainer you wanted to challenge was doing, we might not be in this mess."

The samurai glanced over at Satoshi. "Do you always let your woman speak for you? And in such a crude manner?"

That was it. I pulled my mallet from behind my back, swinging it towards him with all of my might while screaming, "I am my own damn woman!"

As the samurai sat there, dazed, I continued on with my lecture. "I only met him two days ago, and I am definitely not his woman. Even if I were his woman, he would have absolutely no control over what I say or how I say it. If you have a problem with something I've done, you will direct the remarks towards me, not Satoshi. Are we clear?" I shook the mallet just slightly to prove that I wasn't afraid to re-educate him further.

"Pi pika," Pikachu said, making it perfect clear that he too stood by my side, even if we didn't know what he said.

"Crystal, ma'am and sir."

I nodded, then turned to Sato, who was looking through his bag furiously for something. Eventually he just flipped it over on end, not that it seemed to help him any.

"Kas, where's the egg?"

I looked over, slightly alarmed. "You had it sitting next to your bag. To the right.

Sato looked horrified, then angry. "You knew it wasn't in my bad and didn't pick it up? I only have two hands, Kasumi, and I had to grab the bag with one, and return Metapod with the other."

I scowled. "Do not blame this on me, Ketchum. That was your egg to take care of and I wasn't exactly close to it. It wasn't my responsibility."

Sato huffed and went and sat in a corner, not wanting to accept that I was right and if he was faced with me, he'd have to. Instead he pulled out his xtransceiver and distracted himself. I heard the samurai mutter something about a novice before moving to another area to practice his sword technique.

I sat down in the corner and fell asleep again.


"Kasumi! Kasumi, wake up! The Beedril have gone and I need to go get the egg."

I groaned, not thrilled with the prospect of waking up again, but did what was asked of me. I stood up and stretched, trying to loosen up my muscles after they had been so abused by the hard wall. Sato decided that he couldn't wait that long though, instead taking off towards the clearing. I sighed and did a few more stretches before following him at a much slower pace, the samurai at my heels. I'd obviously made a lasting impression on the teen.
When we arrived at the edge of the clearing we noticed Satoshi, Pikachu and Metapod sitting towards the far end. Sato was lovingly holding the egg and speaking to it, totally absorbed in it's well being. So absorbed in fact, that he missed the Beedril coming up behind him. My heart stopped, brain racing to think of something I could do to help my traveling companion. There was nothing. My pokéballs were in my bag and it would take to long to get them. He was so distracted that he would never hear us either. I collapsed, unable to watch as the pokémon hurt my new friend, but unable to completely look away, meaning I didn't miss the true showing of the bond between a trainer ans his or her pokémon. Hearing the oncoming Beedril, Metapod threw himself up to block Sato, taking the painful hit for himself, and surely suffering for it. Without thinking, I lurched forward. The momentum from the hit had sent Metapod flying towards us and I didn't think that a crash landing could possibly help the injured creature, so I caught him and nestled him gently in my arms, pretending not to see the large gash on his back. If we got him to a pokémon center in the next day or so, it would be treatable. He would have a long recovery, but he would survive.

I walked over to Satoshi, who was standing there, horrorstruck.

"He'll be ok, Sato, we just need to hurry and get him to a pokémon center."

Satoshi nodded, putting his hand on Metapod's shell. It was then that I got to witness the second amazing thing of the day.

As soon as flesh met shell, light burst forth from the crack. We all gasped, slowly letting it dawn on us what was happening. A new figure began to emerge from the shell, showing his wings first, then following with his circular torso and head, which sported two large red eyes, a blue mouth and two blue hands. Finally, he wiggled his two long blue feet free of the shell. He gave his black veined wings a few gentle flaps before springing off into the air.

"Free, free! Free, free!" he said as he danced and soared on his new wings. Sato pulled out his pokédex.

"Butterfree, the butterfly pokémon. Butterfree's wings contain powdered poisons that can put enemies to sleep or paralyze them. This powder is essential as a defense mechanism and also makes Butterfree's wings water repellent. Butterfree love honey and will even go out in the pouring rain to collect."

Dexter was snapped shut so Sato could focus on rejoicing, until Butterfree picked up the egg. All of us went on high alert.

"Hey Butterfree, why don't you just hand me that egg so you don't hurt it," Sato said, trying to emanate calm.

Butterfree cocked it's head to the side, looking rather confused as to why we would be asking it such a thing. Pikachu decided to step up, talking to his traveling companion.

"Pi pika pika pi pi chu." Sato and I looked to each other and nodded, happy to have the yellow mouse help us. He looked quite smug, obviously thinking he had convinced Butterfree. Then, the egg dropped.

It landed with a thud, tiny cracks traveling up it's side. Pikachu cheered, throwing his tiny fist in the air. Sato began to tear into his two pokémon, but I watched in fascination at the cracks began to move up the side more quickly.

"I... I think it's hatching." That stopped Sato in his tracks. He turned to stare at the egg. When the cracks hit the top, the egg exploded into light as the shell dissolved (much as Metapod's cocoon had) and came shooting out towards us. When the light finally dissipated, there was a little bird hopping around. It was about the size and shape of a Torchic, but instead of three little feathers coming off of the top, it had two golden pieces sticking off of the top of it's head. They stuck up at an angle and looked like two little w's had been stuck to the top, coming off to the left and right.

It's body was the color of rust for the most part, but the area towards the bottom was snow white. It was almosta solid band, but there was an area where the rusty feathers dropped down in the front in a triangle. The bird hopped once more and tripped, leaving it in a giant crying mess.

"Oh shit!" Sato said, leaning down and scooping up the baby.

He rocked it for a moment and it calmed, looking up at him. "Hocho?"

Sato smiled at it. "Hi there. My name is Satoshi, and I'm going to be your trainer. Your name is Hocho?"

"Hocho." The bird nodded, snuggling up to it's new master. Sato looked at me, at a loss for what kind of pokémon he had. I shrugged. I had never heard of a Hocho, but I was jealous. It was incredibly cute.

Sato's curiosity couldn't be contained, so he pulled out Dexter and scanned the bird. "Pokémon unknown."

That was when we really got confused. "I thought Dexter knew all of the pokémon. I mean, as far out as Unova at least. I know I need upgrades for ones further out than that. Where did this little guy come from?"

I shook my head. "You'll have to ask the professor when we get to Pewter City. I haven't ever spent any time looking at pokémon further out than there."

The samurai came out from his hiding place in the shadows. "I'm no pokémon professor, but I have at least seen pictures of all of the pokémon, from all of the regions. I've never seen one quite like this. You have been blessed with some sort of rare and exotic pokémon. Someone has seen something in you that I cannot. You will be a great trainer one day, if this is any indication. May I ask where you got it?"

"I'm not sure. I was going through my bag yesterday morning and found it. I left my bag sitting while my pokémon were being healed because there wasn't anything important in it. Anyone could have put that egg in there."

The samurai nodded. "Not to mention the fact that any psychic pokémon could have teleported it at anytime, saying that they could pull your coordinates from your pokédex. All one would need is a Porygon and an Abra."

I looked at the guy like he was nuts and Satoshi followed suit. "Why would someone do that?"

The samurai shrugged. "Possibly a parent that wants you to get ahead. Kasumi said that your last name was Ketchum, correct? As in Ketchum Akira?"

"Yeah, but 'Tousan doesn't have any psychic pokémon or a Porygon. He also doesn't want to interfere in my training. He always has told me that the only way to become a master is by figuring it out by yourself. When I was thirteen I wanted to take a battle technique class and he told me that the only technique I needed was instinct and knowing what types were effective and uneffective against other types. He gave me a chart and told me to learn it. I did. I still have no idea about techniques, but I've managed to catch two pokémon in four days, and I evolved Caterpie to Butterfree in twenty-four hours."

The boy looked shocked. "I have sorely underestimated you. I caught my Caterpie a week ago, and it's still a Metapod. I am sorry for my earlier behavior and for keeping you waiting. Thank you for your lesson."

The samurai bowed and Sato followed suit. "I hope to see you again one day. We can battle when we have some real experience and really see who's the better trainer!"

The samurai smiled. "Of course. I will have to train twice as hard if I am to best someone as blessed as you."

I watched as Sato visibly puffed up and realized I needed to employ some swift moves to keep this from turning ugly. I shot my hand out and snatched his ear, giving a tug as I walked away. "Sorry to have to leave like this, but if you expand Sato's ego any more than it's going to float us to Pewter. We'll talk to you later, Samurai!"

We hit the edge of the clearing while the other boy just gawked, unable to understand me. I threw back my head and laughed. That made boy two on my adventure.


"Aw, what a touching moment," Kojiro said, dabbing at his eyes with a tissue.

Meowth popped up beside him, also crying. "I thought that Beedril had won, but then Metapod..."

"You imbeciles!" I yelled, clunking both of them on the head. "The only reason that you should be crying is the fact that we almost failed our special mission and we have yet to come up with a plan to capture that Pikachu!"

The two rubbed there heads as they hung them. "Sorry Mushashi."

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