Disclaimer: okay, I do not own the A-Team, the only thing I own is the plot and my imagination!

Warning: non-con, abuse, slash






The night was quiet, everything was asleep. Peaceful, until…

"AAAAHHHH" A blood-curdling scream echoed through the jungle. Face, who was sleeping peacefully suddenly awoke. "What? What's going on?" he said, looking around the tent, searching for the cause of that sound. He looked to his right and saw his friend and lover, Murdock.

Murdock's eyes were wide, looking at some invisible foe. "Murdock, you okay?" Face asked softly as he slowly moved closer to his shaking form. Murdock's eyes snapped towards him, finally relaxing when he registered where he was.

"Facey? Is that you?"

Face whispered his response "yeah buddy, it's me. What's wrong? Are you okay?" "I'm fine! I am totally fine!" Murdock said quickly, looking away from Face. "Murdock…" said face, taking Murdock's face into his hands, trying to look into his eyes.

"look at me. what's wrong? And don't even think about lying" face quickly said, when he saw Murdock debatin whether or not he should tell the truth. "fine," Murdock sighed, "I'll tell you, but trust me, it aint gonna be pretty." face looked deep into hs eyes, searching for something. "it doesn't matter. I want to know so I can help yhou. I love you, Murdock! I hate seeing you in pain." Eyes tearing, Murdock smiled and said "I love you too facey." 'but I wonder if you will still love me when you find out how disgusting I am.' He closed his eyes, screwed up his courage and said "it all started when I was seven years old. My dad had died not too long ago, and my mom…well, she couldn't handle that…"