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"I don't know why she hurt me all the time…"

"she was the perfect mom"

"…she promised me that she'd love me, no matter what"

"she lied"

"No matter how much I tried to be the perfect son, she still hated me." before Face could argue, Murdock said "I know she hated me. It was the way she looked at me, like as if I was scum. It was the way she talked to me, like I was privileged that she even graced me with her presence." Eyes closed, he didn't see Face's pained expression. When he opened his eyes, Face had wiped his expression clean.

"How did you cope?" asked Face. "Simple," snorted Murdock, "I bottled everything up and hid it away. Every feeling, every piece of my personality that might upset her was 'put away' so to speak." Face stared. 'How could she do that to Murdock? He's the sweetest guy I've ever known, he doesn't deserve that!' Silence followed Murdock's statement. Fortunately, it wasn't an awkward one.

"It wasn't that bad at first. She'd just call me names, and force me to do her dirty work. But one day, I guess I just pushed her too far." Murdock stopped, pulling away from Face, and the conversation. Although Face didn't want to push Murdock, he knew (from personal experience) that bottling it all up was unhealthy.

Face, after a moment of weighing his choice, decided to just go for it. "Murdock" "Yes Face?" "What happened? What did she do to you?" asked Face, in a soothing, and curious voice. Murdock, with his eyes closed and hands clenched, took a deep breath.

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