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"Class, for today's homework you have to write about a metaphorical line. Any line! Like the line between right and wrong, the line between success and failure, any line at all! Class dismissed!"

Danny thought for a minute. He knew what line he would write about. He walked on to his next class.

The next day, he had made his essay, shocking Mr. Lancer by actually turning in his assignment. Mr. Lancer watched as Danny shot a nervous look at his friends, who looked worriedly back, and started to go through the essays that night. He got a lot of essays on the line between right and wrong, black and white, and success and failure. Two were because he had suggested them and the other was because it was easy.

He sighed when he got to Danny's. Well, his was different, at least, but it would probably be badly written, judging from the few assignments he had ever turned in. He started to read through it.

The Line Between Life and Death

A line. The line between life and death. Everyone says it's there, clear and distinct. But is it clear? Is it even truly real? Maybe, maybe not. Life is when you're warm, breathing, your heart is beating, but is death really that different? Not really. Few know what it is like to walk the blurred line between life and death. Only three.

Three walk the line between life and death, never again to be truly on the side of life, but unlikely to ever be truly on the side of death. Not alive, not dead, but walking a line in between, never to have a normal existence. Full of pain, full of joy, even full of emptiness at times. Few know who they are and the line they walk, but walk the line they do. They just walk along the blurred line, tilting back and forth as if on a tightrope, achieving much or achieving nothing.

Most say ghosts have no feelings. They say all they feel is malevolence and hate. But they do have feelings, just as complex as those of humans. There are good ghosts, there are bad ghosts, just as there are good humans and bad humans. All the ghosts humans come across are mostly bad ghosts, but bad ghosts have feelings too. Ghosts are just like humans in most ways.

Those who walk the thin line between life and death are the only ones who could truly understand both. Humans and ghosts say they understand each other, but they don't. Ghosts understand humans better than humans understand ghosts, but even they do not understand everything. Those who walk the thin line between life and death understand both to the fullest extent they can be understood. Ghosts... are almost exactly like humans.

Does the thin line between life and death truly exist? I'm not so sure.

Lancer stared at the essay. Did Daniel truly write this? He looked quickly up at the name. Danny Fenton.

Softly, he put an A+ up in the corner. "Perhaps the most thoughtful thing he's written." He commented to himself. Then he frowned. He would talk to Danny about this.

The next day, he called Daniel to his desk to talk.

"Daniel," he asked, gesturing to the essay. "what is this?"

Danny smiled softly. "My parents aren't the only ones to know about ghosts. But they don't truly understand them. Few do."

Lancer stared at Danny as he got up and walked out of the classroom. Swiftly, he decided. Danny was hiding something. But what? And how was he to find out?

Essays. He had first gotten Danny to open up with an essay. Perhaps...

Up on the board, he wrote, Fear.

OK, I've wanted to do one of these forever, but I'm still attributing the original idea to PsychoticNari, who wrote an excellant story called Essay's. That's where I first got the idea to actually do one. The essays won't be superb, but still. Originally, this was gonna be a oneshot, but whatever. I don't care anymore. XD Bye! Please R&R!