Description: This story is based on the Happy Days episode, "Potsie Quits School." But this one has a dark side to it. It's my first Happy Days fanfic, so it's probably not that great. Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I only own Andrew in this chapter. Everything else belongs to someone else.

It's Saturday night and Potsie is in his room, thinking about what had happened at school this past Monday. Other than his father, Potsie hasn't seen or talked to anyone since then.

Flashback: After Potsie answers a question incorrectly, Professor Thomas begins to torment him.

"You don't belong in this class, Weber! You are a rotten apple, ruining the whole bunch! I'm going to love giving you a zero on the exam tomorrow!"

"Awe." The whole class said, feeling sorry for Potsie.

"Hey you know what? I'm getting tired of being picked on! And you know something else? You're a rotten teacher!" Potsie shouted, almost in tears.

"Potsie, sit down or you're going to end up getting kicked out of class." Richie whispered.

"Forget it, Rich. I don't have to take this from him or anyone else! And I'm not gonna get kicked out because I quit school! Yeah, I quit school!" Potsie shouted as he ran out the room, leaving everyone shocked and speechless.

End of flashback.

"Warren, you stupid son of a bitch! You better get down here! Right now!" A voice shouted, causing Potsie to jump. Potsie knew who that voice belong to. It was his father, Andrew Weber. And he knew better than to keep him waiting. So he quickly ran down the stairs to see why his dad was yelling. When he finally arrived downstairs, he found his father sitting in a recliner chair in front of the television. And Andrew began to torment him.

"It's about damn time you got down here. I've been yelling for the past five damn minutes now. What the hell were you doing up there?"

"I'm sorry dad. I guess my mind was in another universe or something." Potsie said, apologizing.

"Hell, it's no wonder your mom died. She had a damn idiot for a son. Thank God she only knew you for five years. I bet if she had to spend another day on this earth with you, she would have killed herself. She's very lucky that her car got stalled on the train tracks that day. The rest of us ain't so lucky because we're still here with you. You bring bad luck to everyone around you." Andrew rudely said.

Potsie was nearly in tears. He knew that his mom loved him, but it always upset him to hear his dad say things like that. He never really could understand why his dad hated him.

"Is there something you need dad?"

"Yeah, go get me a beer from the fridge."

Potsie couldn't understand why Andrew couldn't get the beer himself because the kitchen was right next to the living room.

"Why can't you get it yourself? The kitchen's just right over there." Potsie said, pointing toward the kitchen.

As soon as Potsie said that, Andrew smacked him across the face with the television remote.

"Don't you ever speak to me like that again! Or I will kill you! Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir. I'm sorry I made you mad."

"You know, I just don't understand. You're nineteen years old, but you never learn. You're such an idiot."

"I said I was sorry. It won't happen again."

"Just forget it, and get me the damn beer."

Potsie left the living room and walked into the kitchen.

Flashback: It's three days after his mom's funeral services, when Potsie accidently breaks her favorite flower vase, causing Andrew to become very angry.

"Warren, what the hell did you just do?"

"I broke mommy's favorite vase."

"Damn it Warren! I told you to be more careful around your mother's stuff. She's only been buried for three damn days and you're already ruining her stuff!"

"I'm sorry, daddy. I was an accident." Potsie said, apologizing.

Without warning, Andrew grabbed the five year old, threw him on the floor and began hitting him.

"Please daddy, please stop hitting me!" Potsie begged as he was screaming.

"You need to learn how to obey me!" Andrew yelled as he kept hitting his son.

By the time Andrew had finished hitting the five year old, Potsie's face was bruised and bloodied.

"If anyone asks you what happened, you tell them that you fell off your tricycle. Because if you tell them what really happened, I do the same to you again, but next time, it'll be much worse. Okay?"

"Okay, daddy." Potsie said through tears.

End of flashback.

"What the hell is taking you so long in there?" Andrew shouted.

"Sorry dad! I'll be there in a minute!" Potsie shouted back, apologizing.

"Well, hurry up! I'd like to drink a beer sometime today!"

Potsie quickly got a can of beer from the fridge, walked over to the kitchen pantry, took something out of the empty coffee can, and walked back into the living room.

"Sorry I took so long dad. Here's your beer." Potsie said as he handed his dad the beer and just stood there.

"Why the hell are you still here? Don't you have some place else you should be?" Andrew rudely asked.

Potsie reached into his back pocket, pulled out a gun and aimed right at his father.

"What the hell do you think you're gonna do with that? Shoot me? Yeah right, you're too scared to pull the damn trigger."

"Dad, I just want you to know that you're never going to hit me anymore." Potsie said as he pulled the trigger and shot Andrew right between the eyes.

End of chapter one. I'm not sure what Potsie's father's name was or if it was ever mentioned in the series, so I just made up a name. Please review. Chapter two will be up soon.