Disclaimer/Credit: One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda. The credit for the original concept of a 'Marriage Prospects' fic goes to soybean. The lovely formatting is courtesy of dreams . of . destiny . Last but not least, I got was inspired to make one myself by ToniBen's KHR Marriage Prospects.

Well, let's just jump right into this, shall we? I feel that the title's pretty self-explanatory, and even if there's some confusion at first, I'm sure you guys will catch on fast. ^^ First up: Luffy!

One Piece Marriage Prospects

Monkey D. Luffy

Appearance: Look for the straw hat. Luffy never takes it off, and if you ever attempt to remove it yourself, you had best be prepared for at least minimal resistance (most likely more). Should you manage to wrestle it from his protective, rubbery hands, you will be greeted with a fairly unruly mop of dark hair (he is a pirate after all; grooming kind of pales in comparison to fighting for your life against the Marines), big eyes, and a face that always seems to be stuck in that gigantic, excited grin. Fairly short in stature and scrawny-looking (with looking being the key word), what he doesn't have in sheer mass he more than makes up for with his boundless enthusiasm. He has a small scar under one eye courtesy of a nasty run-in with a sea king when he was younger, and of course a number of wounds from his multiple battles – the most noticeable of which is on his chest – but what else would you expect? In addition, he has a black 'X' tattoo on his left wrist and 3D2Y printed on his shoulder, but that's about it, and really, if you're looking to marry a pirate, body art should be the least of your worries as far as appearances go.

Clothing: Luffy's outfits don't tend to vary too much. Along with the aforementioned straw hat, he generally sports a pair of knee-length denim shorts, sandals, and a sleeveless button-up shirt. The color of his top changes occasionally, but he usually sticks to red. He has a tendency to leave his shirt open, showing off his well built stomach muscles and abs and proving that while he may look skinny, Monkey D. Luffy is by no means weak. That being said, we're not quite sure whether he does this to intimidate opponents (unlikely) or is simply too lazy to bother buttoning it in the morning (probable). More recently, however, he has switched to a long-sleeved red shirt (also left open) with a yellow sash around his waist.

Intelligence: We would not give Luffy the benefit of the doubt regarding anything related to book smarts, and given the hectic nature of his childhood, it is unlikely that he ever went to school. He does know how to read at least, and can do very simple math in his head – that being: more strength + more beaten Marines = higher bounty = one step closer to meeting Shanks. While he may come across as oblivious and naïve at first (most likely because he is), Luffy has developed a surprisingly clear head in battle situations, and is resourceful and creative. In addition, he is a quick learner, as shown by his mastering of Rayleigh's teaching in a meager two years.

Personality/Socializing: Perhaps the best way to describe Luffy would be to simply say that he is like a giant child. He is curious to the point where it borders on idiocy, has little to no regard for things such as money, is forgetful to an almost deadly level (he drowns in water, and yet insists on always trying to swim), and once he has his heart on something, he will not take no for an answer. On the other hand, though, he also has a mature side to him, even if it rarely surfaces. He cares deeply for his friends and family, and will go to seemingly impossible lengths to ensure their safety. This might just be what makes him so ridiculously likeable. Seriously, he finds a way to befriend almost everyone he meets. As Mihawk pointed out, he really is just one of those scary-charismatic people. He is also fun and exciting, constantly looking for stronger opponents and greater challenges, and while this may annoy you at times, it is part of what makes him Luffy, and probably one of the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place.

Finances: Being a pirate and all, it is highly unlikely that Luffy will ever go completely broke. At the very least, you will never have to get a job (aside from, you know, pirating). That being said, he does have a crew to take care of, as well as the always possible threat of either: a) other pirates attacking and making off with your treasure, b) a storm sinking your ship, or c) one or more of the crew members taking more than their fair share of the loot. Basically, while you may never be in dire need of funds, it probably wouldn't hurt to have a secret stash hidden away somewhere just in case.

Home Economics: If you value the safety of your family, friends, crewmates, pets, and pretty much anything else that would ever wander into your house/ship/tent, do not let Luffy anywhere near the cooking area. While he may be a super-stretchy, strong, amazing fighter out on the battle field, we can't see any of these things lending him a hand in the kitchen. Cleaning is out of the question as well, as the skull-and-crossbones poison sign would be more likely to draw him in than tell him that something was dangerous. Not to mention that he would probably find a way to fashion any sort of broom or mop into a makeshift surfboard and then proceed to jump overboard and drown himself. You may want to brush up on your cooking skills, but remember that you'll also have Sanji and the rest of the crew to help out, so don't stress over it too much.

Combat:Luffy is a pirate. Who has eaten a Devil Fruit. And mastered Haki. And defeated a number of the Shichibukai. And has a bounty of 400,000,000 beli. And has several of the world's most dangerous pirates as crewmates/allies. We don't think you'll be having too many problems in this department.

Competition: This is where the really hard part of your courtship comes into play. Ignoring for a moment the rabid fangirls Luffy has probably acquired throughout the years, you will be up against arguably the most beautiful, ruthless woman in the world, Boa Hancock. Though there have been no signs that her feelings are being reciprocated in the least, the lady is stubborn. Not only that, she is a Shichibukai, has eaten a Devil Fruit, mastered Haki, and rules an island of deadly female warriors. However, despite all this, we truly believe (hope) that she cares more for Luffy's happiness than her own. If you two really appear happy, then there is a good chance that she will stand down, albeit grudgingly. Just…avoid being left alone in a room with her. In addition to all this, there are also a few rumors going around that Luffy and Nami may be involved, but we don't really believe in these. Still, if storm clouds begin forming unnaturally close to your head, you may want to hurry and find your rubbery lover for protection. You know, just in case. However, probably the largest hurdle you'll have to get over is Luffy himself. Oblivious does not even come close to describing this Pirate King candidate. It took him two years to even acknowledge that Boa has feelings for him, and that was probably with her saying, "I love you!" to his face every day. So how do you overcome this? We strongly suggest starting with meat.

Family: It would be extremely beneficial to your health if you got along with every member of Luffy's extensive family, both honorary and blood-related. His only living relatives (that we know of) are Monkey D. Garp, his grandfather and a former Marine Vice-Admiral, and Monkey D. Dragon, his father and the rebel leader. …Not exactly the kind of people you may want to take home to the folks, but seeing as Dragon never so much as contacts his son and Luffy tries to avoid his grandfather out of fear, we don't think you'll have too many problems. In the off chance that you do run into either of them, simply show that you do love their son/grandson and that you are able to keep him relatively in check, and all should be well. And then you have his crew to deal with. Similar to Garp and Dragon, as long as Luffy is happy, they will be too (provided you don't do something horrible to offend them all). Though a very dysfunctional bunch, they love each other a lot, and will no doubt accept you with open arms. And as long as you don't mind being hit on by one of your boyfriend/fiancée/husband's best friends, there shouldn't be any serious issues.

In Bed: Clueless. You will need to literally drag Luffy to the bedroom any time before he deems that it is time to go to sleep, as he won't pick up on any hints you give prior to it. Not only that, once you actually get into the room, he will have no idea what you're trying to do. Your first time will most likely be rather awkward and loud, though not entirely unpleasant. Once he gets a feel for it, however (providing you are willing to brave the gauntlet associated with even getting to that stage), it will be fun. He's curious by nature, and will thus want to experiment. Still, he'll always take your feelings into consideration, and won't do something if you expressly say no.

Conclusion: Perhaps you could do better (rather unlikely, but possible), but you could definitely do worse. Not only will you be – for the most part – financially set, you will have a partner who is not only loyal and caring, but also fun. You'll never see a boring day with your new adoptive family, and your life will be filled with adventure and excitement. And really, isn't that worth the little bit of extra cleaning and the deadly snake-princesses?