I'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSO-O-RYYYYYYYYYYY! I can't do the Supernovas yet! I don't have enough information to do their awesomeness justice! (*Corner of Woe* but they're so BADASSSSSSSS! *Generic crying*) On the other hand, I threw away my guilt, shame and principles and decided to not do the other Strawhats. If you really want me to, I will, but it sounds like you guys wanted the BA characters.

don't worry Law, you'll always be mommy's favorite child. As my sister noted, not the funniest thing I've written, but Mihawk isn't the funniest person. Who next? Shanks, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Coby (I saw that on a review… that was a new one. How old is he?)

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Now, by popular demand, I give you Dracule Mihawk!

One Piece Marriage Prospects

Dracule Mihawk

Appearance: Mihawk is tall, lean, and strongly resembles a Renaissance Spaniard. He has black hair, including a pointy moustache, beard, and sideburns. Usually seen with a frown on his face to match his intense yellow hawk eyes, he is one of the most serious characters in the One Piece-verse. His choice of attire and color scheme is sometimes called vampiric, consisting of an eerie combination of deep red, black, gold, and ghostly green. He has been seen surrounded by crosses on several occasions, but we are questioning the necessity of the seven-and-a-half foot sword in this form.

Clothing: In all but one of his appearances, Mihawk wears a black shirt that exposes his toned chest with a red, floral collar and matching sleeves. The shirt also expands into a black, floor length cape with wine-red lining. Matching this, he wears a wide-brimmed black hat, decorated with a large green plume. He wears light purple pants (tucked into black boots that reach mid-calf) with a decorative golden belt to match the gold cross (dagger) around his neck. And of course, the giant freaking sword strapped to his back.

Intelligence: If anyone can picture that face not having a good brain behind it, please speak up. Although, like virtually any pirate you'll find, he probably didn't have any proper schooling, Mihawk is quick, perceptive, and levelheaded. He was also seen reading the newspaper, though it is unknown if this was a daily practice or due to the state of the world at the time. Either way, he's probably one of the brighter bulbs on the Grand Line.

Personality/Socializing: You may have some trouble. While he isn't rude (blunt is the word) and has the life experience to know what romance is, Mihawk doesn't seem like the romantic type. He doesn't seem to like whiny, loud glamour girls (ex: Perona) but would be more likely to be lovers with someone he can respect. He's quiet, and as mentioned earlier, blunt. He does have a sense of honor, and seeks out a challenge, but he also comes with the unavoidable-they-all-have-some-form-of-it-trademark Shichibukai jadedness. You're biggest problem would be if you're someone who minds silence.

Finances: Seeing as he lives in a castle, has decorated it comfortably, and has expensive tastes, (ex: favorite drink = red wine) we assume that he is well off. One must take into account that he lives by himself and does whatever he wants whenever he wants. We do not know if he currently makes (read: plunders) enough to comfortably support both of you, but with his skill, it wouldn't be a problem.

Home Economics: Dracule Mihawk does live in a castle, and while he may hire people to clean it, the island that he lives on suggests otherwise. If he doesn't have a housekeeping staff, someone has to be keeping the place up to scratch. Whether this someone is himself or a warring baboon is unknown. However, unless you don't mind travelling in his creepy little coffin/boat whenever he takes off somewhere, we suggest you being capable of cooking and cleaning for yourself.

Combat: Shi-chi-bu-kai. Does that mean anything to you? Were you to elbow your way into his life, well then congratulations, you're the lover of the strongest swordsman in the world (although Roronoa Zoro is hell-bent on taking that title). Mihawk was on par, if not stronger than, Monkey D. Luffy during the Battle of Marineford (from which he was one of the extremely few to escape unscathed), and that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment. In his younger days, he frequently clashed with Shanks, a Yonkou, in duels that would shake the Grand Line itself. Add it all up, and he's one of the strongest monsters in a world full of monsters.

Competition: … Your fellow fangirls? None of the characters have shown interest in him, nor him in them, so… Aside from that, if age can be considered an obstacle, he is currently 43…

Family: Along with many of the other tragically under-shown characters, no family of his has been seen or heard of. He also doesn't seem to have a crew, and is the only human on his island, assuming Perona isn't still mooching off of him. He seems to have a strange, mutual respect kind of relationship with Shanks, though they aren't in each other's lives much (read: at all)

In Bed: In all honesty, probably an uncreative seme. Although Shanks did once talk him into staying with the Yonkou and his crew to party, you probably wouldn't be able to convince Mihawk to get freaky. Ever. If you're of the same cut, you won't have trouble once you get him in bed, even though he probably won't be the most empathetic lover, you wouldn't have gotten to this point with him if you were fragile.

Conclusion: A good catch. Lose hope if you're expecting long, touchy-feely talks, but Hawkeyes might be willing to discuss something intellectual now and then. Despite his age, he's something to look at, and you'd have an adventurous life on the Grand Line when you weren't at castle sweet castle. If you can get Mihawk to give you the time of day and don't mind the possible random challenges from an ex-Pirate Hunter, you'll be living it up.