A/N: Written for Katekyou Hitman Reborn! one sentence/drabble/snippet/fic meme on LiveJournal for the prompt Spade/Chrome - my tongue has now become a platform for your lies.

Warnings: worksafe.

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The Lying Game

"Mukuro-sama," she breathes, her one good eye wide and disbelieving.

"Yes," he whispers in return because she only wants to hear a confirmation of what she believes to be true. She has no need for reality when her entire life is an illusion.


And Daemon lies again, words dancing off his tongue with ease as he holds her, as he leads her by the hand through shifting worlds. One moment it's all bright green grass and white flowers, and in the next - shadows writing in a sea of flames before a thick mist covers it all, suffocating and heavy, and sinking downwards and expanding around them until there's only a small piece of an almost starless sky left above them.


She wants to be lied to, Daemon realises, knows. She wants to hear a confirmation of her lies. She desires an illusion to replace the reality of her life. And he will craft it for her: the illusion someone else was too soft-hearted to complete. Too afraid, he deems. Daemon is not afraid.

"I'm here," Daemon says and it's a lie as much as it is truth as he tugs lightly on her hand. "Come, dear Chrome."

She doesn't.

Her hand slips out of his palm and she steps around him lightly, right into the thick mist and he cannot lead her anymore; only follow. He laughs and it is a laugh Chrome knows all too well before he follows her into the mist. The footsteps are hers, but the beating heart is not. She doesn't know which one is lying more right now - her footsteps against invisible ground or his laughter in the empty void which is the world the both of them have crafted - this nobody's territory. He started it, she brought it forth for him to play, to twist, and taint. He gives birth to the lie which she wants to hear and she listens to it intently because it makes him speak more and…


Because he was right. Lies into truth into lies again. One bright eye looks up at the starless sky above. Mukuro-sama was right.