A/N: Written for Katekyou Hitman Reborn! one sentence/drabble/snippet/fic meme on LiveJournal for the prompt Giotto/Alaude - one way street.

Warnings: worksafe.

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And there isn't much room for them to go, to grow. While Giotto strives to keep all of his guardians close, the Cloud just seems to slip away, as is his nature. He drifts, and disappears, and reforms only to dissolve again. No matter how hard Giotto tries, he never gets anything more than that look, that rare touch, the confirmation of I'm here before it's all gone and he is left wondering about what exactly is missing between them. He doesn't question (oh, but he wants to!) and tries to watch over all of them to see where is the rift. He wants to fix it, even if he knows that he probably can't.

It's only much later that he realises it - they've been walking in the opposite directions on a street to nowhere, trying to get somewhere.