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Hell Hath No Fury

(Like That Of A Woman)

It wasn't that she was particularly hungry – she had swallowed a whole village recently (while yes, she had shared it with the triplet demons who followed her faithfully until they paid back their debt – which wouldn't be for a few centuries still – but the bits and pieces she'd allowed them were utterly insignificant), which was a feat no demon before her had managed, not overnight. But it was grating to find herself craving for one particular soul. She had not been able to stave her hunger, no matter how many richly damaged souls she had eaten because a tiny voice inside of her demanded only one soul – the older brother of her youngest contractor yet. Irate and curious, she had turned back to find that other boy and see if she could coerce him into a contract as well.

No one could describe her anger when she found out that the boy was already bound in a contract with another demon. She had left England in a flurry of rage and vented it all on an uninhabited island (which was nothing but a piece of cliff protruding from the waters, covered with weak bushes and rough grass) just off the shores of Scotland. With the force of a hurricane she laid it to waste, making stone splinter and grind to dust, and the unlucky fishermen who happened to be near that place were swallowed by the tall waves and their souls were picked up by the triplet demons who fed on their mistress' rage. Most of the cliff went under and what remained was only a small rock submerged only centimetres under the surface of the sea, just enough to sit on and enough to sink boats and ships of careless sailors.

She sat on the rock, waves crashing around her and breaking against her knees, as the sea calmed down, and she thought. A way. There had to be a way. To break a contract; to steal a contractor. She knew her opponent, her rival, but she did not know her target. Time, she thought with disgust, she needed more time. Lies and false admiration, she decided, tilting her head, – she would need that too. She mulled over all of the options, deciding on the first course of actions. She stood up and summoned her servants to her side.

"It's time to give you names," she announced.

Done with naming her servants, she recalled all of her previous names given to her by her countless masters, before settling on one of her more recent ones. Thus, she bound herself in a contract with a contractor who didn't even know yet that he wanted to be bound to her, and when she left the rock which had been an island moments before, she was Hanna Anafeloz, followed closely by three fellow servants.