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-Hiccup's POV-

The sun shone in through my bedroom window. But it wasn't the sun that made me wake up. What made me wake up was Toothless who forcefully grabbed me and placed me on his back by throwing me out the window and catching me on his back.

I almost got a heart attack when i woke up on his back. He was flying sky high. When I woke up I couldn't understand how I was able to sleep through all of that.

"Toothless? What's going on!" I asked Toothless. Thank god I wore my clothes while sleeping.

Then I remembered that I had agreed with Astrid to meet up with her in the forest today. She said she needed some help training her Deadly Nadder. Not weird she asked me since I am the first ever viking to train a dragon.

"Okay! Toothless dive down..right... here!" Toothless dived down. But he got a little carried away and ended up doing a barrel roll, causing me to fall of his back. I managed to fall onto a treebranch. Underneath me I could see Astrid.

"There she is! But how do I get down?" I was about 15 feet above her. Then I heard the branch cracking a little.

-Astrid's POV-

"Where is he?" I looked around. He is never this late to an appointment. "Can you sense him nearby?" I asked my Nadder. It looked around and sniffed for a bit. It seemed it had caught his scent. "

Is he nearby?" The Nadder looked like it was about to burst out laughing.

Okay so he is pretty close, don't panic it's just Hiccup, the boy who couldn't kill a dragon, the boy who just barley can lift weapons. But still he is the boy that saved Berk, the first viking to ever ride a dragon and last but not least the boy who stole my heart.

"I guess since he's pretty close why not make sure I don't look like a mess" I thought to myself.

I started walking over to the tiny lake inn this area. I made sure my hair looked alright, then I started walking over to a tree right next to my Nadder. I heard a sound.

"What was that?" I grabbed my battleaxe. Seconds later I realized what it was. The sound was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. He fell from a tree and right on top of me.

-Normal POV-

"Oh god! Are you okay?" Hiccup asked with a bit of fright in his tone.

"Yeah, I am okay! But were have you been?" Astrid said and punched Hiccup in his right shoulder.

"Ouch! What was that for!" Hiccup asked with an annoyed tone.

"That's for being late!" Astrid said and struck him with the back of her axe. "And that's for falling on top of me!"

"Okay, I am sorry, but I overslept," Hiccup said. As they were talking Toothless landed next to Astrid's Deadly Nadder.

"Anyway, let's get started shall we?" Hiccup asked and started walking towards Toothless.

"Of course" Astrid said with a grin on her face.

The two young viking teens mounted their dragons. Astrid was checking if her dragon saddle was securely fastened. Hiccup touched her right shoulder.

"Astrid?" Astrid turned and looked at him. "I am truly sorry,".

Astrid just started grinning more of the sight of; "Hiccup's sorry face". Then the two teens took off on their dragons with an amazing speed. Hiccup and Toothless took the lead, with Astrid and her Nadder a few meters behind them. Hiccup made Toothless spin and do all kinds of moves in the air.

"Okay mister perfect, let's see if you are prepared for this!" Astrid thought to herself. She made her Nadder slam right into Toothless. But then it felt like Astrids heart had stopped. Because the slam was so powerful and came so unpredicted that it brok a piece of Hiccups prosthetic leg off causing him to fall of Toothless.

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