"I know you know who I am," the boy said, following him to his car. Mark refused to cringe, wondering how in sam hill he was going to turn the boy down gently. Being propositioned by a fourteen year old indeed... He snorted.

"I know you know who you are too, Merlin."

He was proud that his step only barely hitched at the sound of his name. Not his current name, of course. Mark Ambruss was a middle grades science teacher, unmarried, well-off, and brilliant. Modern education was wonderful.

Arthur Doland was a fourteen year olf manipulative terror. From a regular class background, with lots of friends, lots of enemies, all the girls, and a head for maths and science, the odd propensity for old literature. And all the stubborn, charming qualities that made him Arthur.

He unlocked his car and slid in, the opposite door opening for the child to slip in.

"Get out!" Mark hissed. "You can't be seen in here! Do you know how much trouble you'll get me in!"

"You always know how to get out of trouble, Merlin."

"Get out," he ordered.

"Take me home with you. My parents beat me," he said showing a bruise on his bicep.

Mark rolled his eyes. "That's from Jake Thwort this morning, now get out.

"You were watching me?" Arthur replied, eyes gleaming.

"Of course not. It went round the school-news of your fight."

Arthur sniffed. "Hardly a fight. I beat him."

"He's two years your senior and twice your size."

"But doesn't have even a quarter of the training."

"Neither does that body," Mark returned. "Now get out of my vehicle before I force you out."

Arthur frowned, sullen, but obeyed.

Mark sighed and let his head drop against the steering wheel. If this was only the second week, it was going to be a looooong year.

He was an angel the rest of the week, answering questions sweetly and helping his classmates with problems in the lab. Mark, as he frequently had to remind himself, was relieved.

It shouldn't have surprised him when Arthur pounced on Friday. He was, after all a brilliant tactician.

"I need to stay with you for the weekend."

"What? No. Go home, Arthur."

The boy shrugged, all young muscle and golden hair. "Fine. If you see something in the news about a flat blown to pieces, that was probably me. I never could use the stove properly."

Merlin gaped.

He huffed a sigh and shook his head. "Honestly, Merlin. You're just as big of an idiot as ever."

"Wha-what's wrong with you!"

"My parents are out of town this weekend and I promised them that'd I'd be staying with a friend. An older friend. A responsible friend. And you, Merlin, are nothing if not responsible." Mark dropped his papers. "When it comes to me."

"You... You can't stay with me! I'm your teacher!" He crouched and straightened once all the papers were secure in his arms again.

Arthur snorted. "Let's go." He brushed past Mark, his hand ghosting over his bum.

"Arthur!" Merlin gave a strangled shout. The boy was already climbing into his car. With his keys. He stalked over and threw his belongings into the boy's lap and then snatched the keys, starting his car. "You're probably lying to me, you rotten prat."

"At least you know nothing's changed," Arthur drawled, stretching out his young legs and linking his hands behind his head. "What's your place like?"

"You're about to find out, aren't you?"

"True. Anything kinky? I remember the last you liked a bit of that."

Merlin ground his teeth and focused on driving.

"Oh don't be like that, Merlin. I know you want to do naughty things to me. I'm sure it's killing you that I'm underage."

"And so you're torturing me, Sire. Thanks so much for that." He slapped a hand over his mouth. "Didn't mean for that to come out."

"I'm still your king. Once and future and all that."

"Yes, well..." Merlin muttered, keeping his eyes quite purposely on the road.

"You want me."

"I don't want to be arrested."

"I wouldn't tattle," the boy promised, eyes wide as he reached over and placed a hand on Merlin's thigh. "There's just as much in it for me as for you."

He jumped. "Shit. Stop it."

"Or what?" Arthur teased, corners of his mouth curving upwards like a pleased cat. "You'll ravish me?"

"I just might have-NO. There will be none, I repeat none of that."

"Have I told you how sexy you look with specs, Merlin? And in that suit? Those trousers make your bum look delicious."

"The way you're talking to me right now, Arthur, is all sorts of wrong," Mark chastised, though his voice was a little breathless.

"I can see every curve, and imagine where it meets those scrawny legs of yours that wrap perfectly around my waist..."

"Says the teenager who's not even grown into his voice yet."

"But you like me like this. Young and nubile."

Merlin snorted.

"Innocent-looking. Young."

He pulled into a parking spot and got out of the car. "Carry my things inside."

Arthur smiled and did as asked. "Wow. Nice place," he whistled appreciatively. "Very modern. That's unexpected."

Merlin hung his jacket on the coat rack, setting his brief case down next to it. "Tea?"

"None for me thanks," Arthur replied, looking around, hands shoved into his pockets. After a moment, he took his jacket and blazer off, hanging them on the same coat rack and toeing off his shoes. "Though if you have any biscuits, I'll take those."

"Sweet things?"

"Things change," Arthur shrugged, propping himself up in one of Mark's kitchenette chairs.

"Apparently." He made himself a cup of tea and moved past Arthur to the couch, flicking on the telly.

"If you're going to ignore me the whole weekend, I'll walk around naked."

"And what do I have to look at? A child's prick."

"You know I still turn you on, Merlin," Arthur turned in his chair, getting up to follow Merlin to the couch. "I always will."

He avoided Arthur's insense gave, sipping his tea calmly. The news, after all, was fascinating.

"You're quite sexy, Merlin. All sprawled across the couch like a feast for me to take my perusal of."

"Arthur, you're ridiculous. Not for another two years."

"I won't be able to wait for that." He grabbed Merlin's hand and placed it on his crotch. "See?"

"God! Arthur!" He yanked his hand back and looked appropriately horrified.

"You're getting hard."

"It's hard to not react," Merlin retorted hotly. "God. I'll be arrested!"

"I won't let that happen. It "never happened," right?" Arthur smirked.

"God you're annoying for a child."

"But I'm also gorgeous. And you have a weakness for me."

"Arthur. You're a twit. A prat. And a dollophead."

"Like I said. Nothing's changed."

"Except your stature." This time it was Merlin's turn to smirk as the boy flushed.

"It's not my fault you're older than me this time around..."

"No. It just means I have the bigger prick."

Arthur rolled his eyes. "This game then? Maybe I'll walk around naked until you use it then. Or have you lost your balls this time?"

"God, you're really obnoxious," Merlin drawled, setting down his tea.

That must have been the moment Arthur was waiting for because he threw himself into Merlin's lap. "And you're insufferable. And slow. And dimwitted."

"Sorry, Sire, but I'm actually quite brilliant, graduated from Uni, and teaching you." He gave Arthur's shoulder a shove, refusing to be impressed. Or turned on. "So that goes for something."

"Yeah," Arthur smirked slowly. "You completely fail at social cues." And his hand snuck between them, rubbing over Merlin's cock.

Merlin hissed, but then Arthur kissed him. Merlin allowed it for a moment. Just a moment. The he pushed Arthur back. "You are too young, and I feel horribly uncomfortable—"

"Because you've got a hard on."

"—with this because you're just a boy!"

"Merlin. I'm never 'just a boy.' If we wait two years for me to be legal, you won't be able to manhandle me around." Arthur grinned. "And I know how much you like that."

"Wrong," Merlin shorted, pushing him off his lap. "You're the one who likes that."

Arthur tilted his head consideringly. "True. Perhaps. But still. You can't help your fetishes for me."

"Object. Of. Temptation. Get thee gone." Merlin rose and strode towards the kitchen. "God, I'll be all old when you're just getting into politics."

"Who says I'm going into politics."

"Arthur, you always want to save the world. Through politics."

"You'll be a sexy older man, Merlin." Arthur shrugged, stretching out on the couch as if it were his throne. "Besides. You can always magic yourself younger, can't you? You're immortal, after all."

Merlin snorted. "It doesn't quite work that way. Besides..." He dropped his gaze. "It hasn't...come back."

At this, Arthur leaned forward. "Come back? What do you mean?"

"I mean I say the spells and they don't work! I can't do anything!" He snapped.

"This is new."

"Getting rather old, in fact."

"Relax, Merlin. It will come. It always does."

"No, I always have it."

Arthur waved a hand. "Enough. This was about sex, not poor baby Merlin."

The other man's eyes glinted. "Poor baby Merlin? Really?"

"Yes, who's probably been celibate to appease my jealousy and never been laid."

"You think so?"

"I know so," Arthur blathered on, rather oblivious of the dark smile that was beginning to spread across Merlin's face. "You wouldn't do that to me."

"Really? Because I quite specifically remembering you doing that to me that one time."

"Whoops. You remember that?"

"You're not the only one who remembers, Sire." Merlin had inched closer to the couch slowly.

"I know that, Merlin. I'm not daft."

"I think you are, Arthur. I really think you are," he said huskily as he bent over the sofa and pinned Arthur's arms stretched out across the back of it. "And just remember... You goaded me into this."

Arthur smirked, meeting Merlin's eyes. "I told you I wanted it."

"Oh, you'll get everything you wanted," Merlin promised darkly.

Arthur smirked, though he could see the corner slipping, a little unsure.

"Think you can keep up?"

"Yes," Arthur breathed, eyes finally going wide as Merlin pinned him down heavily with his own body weight, taking control of his mouth. Arthur groaned immediately, straining against Merlin's arms.

"We'll just see..." Merlin murmured against Arthur's neck darkly.

Arthur groaned on Merlin's bed later. "God, you must have lived a very sexually repressed life."

Adjusting his specs on his nose as he read his book, Merlin merely arched an eyebrow. "It's your fault for being so young, Sire."

"I'm going to be sore for a week."

"And I'm sated for two years." He grinned.

"What? Are you kidding me? Merlin!"

He continued reading.

"God, don't make me wait that long! I'll torture you. I'll... I'll do whatever it takes! I'll throw you down."

"Hush. Don't you think it's time for your nap? The weekend's not over."

Arthur's eyes lit up as a grin took it's time conquering his lips. "That's good news."