Supposed to be a comedic one-shot...was supposed to be a lemon, but I decided against it...

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Restless Night



Asuka sat up, panicked, sweat beading off her forehead. Her breath was loud and unnatural, her eyes wide with fear. She swallowed hesitantly, as if the action would kill her, while she glanced around the dark room. Realizing that she and all her friends were still in the hotel room, her fingers shifted around and touched the hand of the person sleeping on her right…J-Juudai…Yuki… She grabbed her hand away quickly, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks.

The brown-and-orange haired boy blinked awake. His eyes searched the darkness, seeing a silhouette of the blonde girl, moonlight shining behind her. He staggered up, leaning on his left arm, looking at her groggily. "Asuka?" he said in a husky whisper. "Are you okay?"

Asuka nodded, shaking a little. Trying to get her mind off that horrid nightmare, she looked at what Juudai was wearing. He wore a white slim t-shirt and she could barely see his white shorts under the blankets. So much for focusing on something else…

"Asuka?" His eyes were narrowed in worry, but the brown hue wasn't glowing, as if his eyes had no energy. Juudai leaned over drunkenly and held her shoulder. "What's wrong, Asuka?"

She turned red, looking at the callused hand against her shoulder. "I had a nightmare," she mumbled, turning away in embarrassment.

Juudai frowned, leaning in closer, their noses almost touching. "Tell me what's up…," he mumbles, slurring his words. He yawned, but quickly put his hand over his mouth. "A nightmare?" he repeated.

Asuka nodded again. "Yes…it was…frightening…"

"Oh, Asuka…" He rested his head on her shoulder, yawning again, playing with her golden blonde hair. "Why did you have a nightmare?" he whispered, almost seductively, causing the blush on Asuka's face to deepen.

After a moment, Asuka blinked. Her mind was like a blank static with the way he was so close to her body. "Um…well…the blankets…" She shifted through her mind for ideas. "The blankets were light," she came up with. "And…um, my dream…" Again, her mind just completely crashed. "…I think…I was being…frozen…to death? …I just felt…so cold and alone…"

Juudai was quiet for a while, so Asuka assumed he fell asleep. She pushed on his shoulder, trying to move him onto his own bed, but he wouldn't budge. After a few minutes, Juudai spoke up softly, so inaudibly, Asuka almost missed hearing him. "I can help you be warm, if you want," the brunette murmured against her neck.

Even more blood rushed to Asuka's face. "W-What?" she replied absently, perverted thoughts rolling through her mind.

"I can…" Another yawn. "…hug you while you sleep…or something…" Juudai pulled back and looked around the room, checking to see if the rest of their friends were still asleep.

Asuka looked away from Juudai, now looking at if she had ran a marathon: completely red in the face. "I'm not sure if it would help – "

Juudai dropped on top of Asuka with no warning at all, making loud snoring noises. "If this is a joke…" Her voice trailed off and she hit Juudai's back gently a few times. "Stupid...idiot..." She sighed with a rare smile and lay down, pulling the covers over the two of them. Juudai wasn't exactly emitting any body heat and the blankets didn't help at all...but Asuka felt warm. So very warm. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his, taking long slow breaths.

"Thanks, Juudai."

"…You're welcome."

"J-Juudai! You – you freaking – I-IDIOT!"


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