Season 6, episode 12 – 'Like A Virgin' tag. Spoilers!

Dragon Slayer

Dean kept sneaking glances across at Sam as they headed back to Bobby's.

God it felt so good to have the kid back in the passenger seat.

The real Sam.

Not that carbon copy droid that had been taking up space for the past couple of months.

And all things considered, their first hunt back had gone pretty well.

Nothing broken, bleeding or impaled – hell, it was a stellar hunt.

And when Sam had looked over his shoulder during the fight with the dragons and then executed a parry to back off one dragon and then a twirl and thrust thing to stab the one about to barbeque Dean?

That was a hallmark moment; his brother at his back, saving him for all the right reasons?

Geez, Dean was going to need to buy a card…

A new thought struck him and he started to grin.

"What's so funny?" Sam asked, apparently stealing his own glances at Dean.

Damn, but it warmed Dean's heart –

And soul.

"So, how does it feel?" he asked, as he stared back out the front window. Damn traffic.

"How does what feel?" there was a wariness in Sam's voice that had Dean looking back at him for a second before shrugging the tinge of worry off.

"Well… to be the first person to kill a dragon in, like 700 hundred years."


"Dude, you're a full on dragon slayer!" Dean was getting excited. "I'm so proud! Who would have thought that my little brother, little Sammy Winchester, would slay a real dragon when he grew up? Just. Wow."

"Dean," the pained way Sam dragged out his voice had Dean absolutely beaming.

Did he mention lately how damned happy he was to have his brother back?

"Don't Dean me, Dragon Slayer, it's true. You got the kill; you brave and noble knight, you." Dean was so proud, his heart was bursting. He wanted to add that it was only fitting that the man who wrangled Lucifer back into his box, killed a dragon, but he didn't say anything.

"You aren't going to let this go, are you?" amusement crept into Sam's voice and Dean gloated.

"Nope. Not today anyways," he admitted and could practically hear the sound of Sam rolling his eyes. "So, D.S, where do you want to eat?"

"D.S?" Sam started to laugh. "Never mind. I get it. Hmmm… I dunno? Maybe a nice salad buffet or something?"

Dean scowled. "Salad? Are you kidding me?" he threw his lip out in a pout. "That's embarrassing – dragon slayers don't eat greens! That's… that's… hell, I don't even know what that is!"

"You know you live longer if you eat vegetables," Sam was still laughing and Dean couldn't help it, he grinned in spite of himself.

"This is me, you're talking about," he reminded his brother.

"You have a point," Sam conceded with a chuckle. "Okay then, how about – right there?" he pointed to a place coming up on the right.

Dean took one glance then burst out laughing. It was a White Castle™.

Signalling to make the turn, Dean decided right then and there, no matter what happened or how long they got before 'great wall of Sam' crumbled, he was never going to regret this.

Not even for one moment.

And Heaven help anyone (or Cas) if they tried to take that feeling away.

The End