Rodney huddled closer to John under the blanket, taking a sip of beer, and watching the water stream around their small dry shelter and off the end of the pier. The sun was setting on the horizon, streaking through the rain clouds and the air was getting colder by the minute.

"I still can't believe you made me come out here."

"C'mon, it's not that bad."

John had a faraway look in his eye when he turned and smiled. Rodney glanced back at the purple and yellow underbellies of the clouds and the hazy blue of the ocean. He shrugged and frowned, "I'm still cold."

The grin that suddenly appeared on John's face made Rodney's stomach flip. That smile had made him do some very uncomfortable things.

"C'mon." John hopped up, kicking off his unlaced boots and hopping into the falling rain with both hands held awkwardly behind his back and an unconvincingly innocent look.

"No. No, no, no!"

John just smirked and brought out the tablet he'd hidden behind his back.

"Fuck! I will kill you!" Rodney yelled as he flung himself out of the shelter toward John just as John took off running. He wouldn't of course, the tablet was waterproof, but it was the principle of the matter.

John ran himself out of room at a corner of the pier stood looking out at the waves as Rodney caught up to him and snatched the tablet out of his hands. He cooed over it for a moment before John interrupted him.


He looked up to see John looking at him, his hair plastered down on one side, dripping down his face and neck. The wind slapping raindrops against his cheeks and his black shirt plastered against his body. His bare feet looked red and cold on the wet ground. Rodney shivered as another gust of wind reminded him he wasn't in any better shape.

"Great, now I'm really cold. And wet. You better-"

But John stepped forward then and tugged the tablet out of Rodney's hands, placing it gently on the ground then he leaned forward again, close enough that Rodney could feel the heat of his body and see the steam coming off his clothes in the cold air. He trailed the tip of his nose over Rodney's cheekbone, breath hot against Rodney's skin, before pressing gentle kisses on the corner of his mouth.

"I'll warm you up."

Rodney sighed into John's mouth, "I hate you," and cut off John's breathy laugh by capturing his bottom lip.