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Chapter 1: Heart Reaper


"This is a great day, not only for the gods but for mankind as well!"

His voice was absolutely booming, a tone of command and authority melding with the childish fantasies of a five year old. Hiroto Minaka was a man of many things, he was a person of great wealth with enough money to buy continents if he so chose. He was a man of great power, his influence felt round the world in his multi-national corporation known as M.B.I. He was a terrible enemy and a wonderful friend, his boots lined with the blood of those that stood before him while his back was covered by those who adored him. Yet with all of this money and all of this power, there was but one thing that he lacked...


"Hundreds if not thousands of years ago they came to earth, fated by the gods to give a new rising to humanity's belief," he continued to howl, a gleaming grin crossing his lips and baring pearly white teeth as he spoke, "and I am here to allow them passage into this future which will be called eons in the future the Sekirei plan!"

He was stark raving insane, his twisted imagination bending the very rules of ethics, morals, and even reality of the world to play with the lives of sentient beings as if they were his personal toys. Toys that he had planned to loan out to numerous people for a short time, just as long as he could watch, enjoy...and they didn't break the rules.

That was the reason this meeting was called, three Sekirei all lined up before him prepared to be entered into what he liked to call, 'the Disciplinary Squad.' Each of them showed a strength that was uncommon even amongst the Sekirei, a power that could crush any thought of rebellion or trouble from those who would defy the words of the gods. The first of them was the easiest choice, number 4 Karasuba being on previous incarnations of the squad several times over and proving her loyalty and determination, some would call bloodlust, to get the job done. Next was another obvious choice, number 105 Benitsubasa pledging her fist as long as she had the opportunity to fight and crush her opponent into dust. Yet, it was the final spot that had given him some trouble.

At first he had prepared number 104 to take the third slot in the trio, her extreme speed and strength becoming a powerful asset to the squad...instead who stood before him was number 5 Mutsu, the sword wielding earth Sekirei who too had served on a previous squad. 104 had been a prime contender for the role, even going so far as to be specifically adjusted for partnership with 105 whose style was complimentary to the bladed Sekirei. However it was 104's unforgiveable shortcomings of forgetfulness and lack of situational awareness that lost her the seat among the proud hands of Minaka.

None the less Minaka was ecstatic, a wide grin lighting his face as he continued his enthusiastic speech, "And that is why you have been placed before me, the gods choosing you above all else to hold those who play their game to the rules that have been brought forth!" With magnificent flare his brought a single hand forward, pointing at the slightly smirking Karasuba, "Number 4 Karasuba! Will you do everything in your power to withhold the will of the gods and the Sekirei plan?"

Karasuba chuckled softly, bowing her head so none could see the predatory gleam in her eyes, "Yes, I will."

Minaka raised his hand up and like the drop of an executioners axe pointed at Benitsubasa, "Number 105 Benitsubasa! Will you do everything in your power to withhold the will of the gods and the Sekirei plan?"

Benitsubasa smirked, one hand fisting and slamming into the palm of the other with a sickening smack, "As long as I get to knock some head, yes I will!"

Finally Minaka turned to the ringer, the third slot filled by the emergency inclusion of Mutsu, "Number 5 Mutsu! Will you do everything in your power to withhold the will of the gods and the Sekirei plan?"

For a moment Mutsu hesitated, a lingering doubt festering in his heart as he thought of his part in all of this. He really did want to go find his own Ashikabi, perhaps live a long and happy by their side but...it wasn't like he had any choice in the matter anymore anyway. Bowing low he spoke, "Yes, I will."

"Excellent!" Minaka laughed, spreading his arms wide as his booming voice filled the room, "Then I would like to congratulate and welcome the third generation Discipli-"


A sudden slam echoed throughout the room, Minaka's speech cut short and all head turning toward the source of the sudden sound. Standing in the doorway of the room was number 104 Haihane, her bandaged body and gaunt appearance at ends with the slight trickle of red leaking down her arms. Cradled in her bandages limbs were her twin gauntlets, the tempered steel claws hastily gathered up in a mad rush leaving her with many gaping wounds up and down her arms. Haihane panted and gasped as she held the door open with a single unsheathed hand, the mummified arm littered with splotches of crimson from the blood her claws had inadvertently spilled. After a few seconds Haihane looked up into the room, a relieved smile as she spoke, "Sorry...I'm late...lost my...claws..."

In the span of a full second Minaka's attitude changed, his eyes narrowing as his grin was replaced by a deeply set frown. With calm and careful action he stepped back, falling into his office chair before crossing his fingers over his face, the gleam of his glasses giving no clue as to the state of his mind, "Number 104...once again you are late."

Panting a bit more Haihane bowed, her hands carefully and tenderly slipping the gauntlets onto her wounded arms, "I'm sorry sir...but my gauntlets...I lost them in my room."

"Hm," Minaka muttered, watching as the reaper-esque Sekirei attached her equipment, slowly walking over in her usual hunched position, "And that would make how many times this has occurred?"

The anger in Minaka's voice froze Haihane instantly, her eyes meeting the gleam of his glasses with a slightly nervous glance, "I...I don't remember."

"16," Minaka said with a casual tone, "This will be the 16th time you have lost your weapons and caused a meeting to be late because of it."

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean-"

"At this point number 104 this has gone far beyond accidental and become insubordination," Minaka interrupted the increasingly nervous Sekirei, his gaze turning from her to the three others in the room, "Unlike you, these three have shown punctuality and dedication to their work for the gods...as well as remembering where they put their weapons."

For the first time since entering the room Haihane turned to the other Sekirei in the room, her eyes widening as she noticed the introduction of Mutsu to the number, "Sir?"

Minaka pointedly turned back to Haihane, his hidden gaze bringing a slightly sickening feeling up from her stomach, "Number 104, because of your lack of commitment I have decided to replace you with number 5 Mutsu on the Disciplinary Squad for the remainder of the Sekirei plan. You will be released just like any other Sekirei and participate in the plan just like any other. Is this understood?"

Haihane froze, ice water running through her veins as she glanced from Minaka to the other Sekirei in the room. Benitsubasa and Mutsu both gave her a look of apology while Karasuba continued to smirk, that disturbing grin and horrifying glint in her eye sending Haihane's hand shivering with fear. Breaking away the stare Haihane looked to Minaka once more, her mouth opening to plead her case, "But sir-"

"Number 104, I expect you to be down at the departure bay in one hour to be released with number 54, 88, 79, and 63. Do you understand?" Minaka said, his voice as hard as steel leaving no room for argument whatsoever.

With a heavy heart and a frog in her throat Haihane nodded, her head hanging slightly to look at the crimson that soaked into her numerous bandages, "Yes sir."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zah World~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Haihane sighed as she looked out at the landscape of Tokyo, the bright sun and the clear day drawing smiles from almost anyone under its rays...almost. For Haihane today had to have been one of the worst in her short life, from forgetting that she left her claws in the hall closet of her apartment to being replaced on the disciplinary squad with Mutsu, she had definitely had better days. If that hadn't been enough then she just barely was able to rewrap her bandages before she was set to leave, her adjustor giving her a few brief words before sending her out to find her destined Ashikabi...

With a quiet groan Haihane flopped onto her back, her eyes staring right back up into the clear cerulean of the sky above. She knew the odds of finding an Ashikabi for herself were slim to impossible, why else would she want to join with the disciplinary squad in the first place? Well that and he fact that she really liked to fight but right now that was a mute point. She knew her place was on the squad, she wanted to be placed there, but why then did she find herself out in the middle of the city on some random rooftop staring at the sky as if it held all the answers she could ever hope for.

Reaching up with one hand she grasped at the clouds hanging above, her metallic claws glinting in the light as she imagined them clashing with another, tearing through flesh, fighting a difficult opponent. She slammed her palms into her face as she growled, her bladed claws luckily missing her skin as she rocked from side to side, what was one who was destined for battle going to do now?

A sudden explosion shook Haihane out of her thoughts, her body sitting up quickly to find smoke billowing from a nearby rooftop. From the haze of the blast came three figures, each one of them bounding across the sky as if they were playing hopscotch in a school yard. With a deadly grin Haihane slowly rose to her feet, her claws tensing in preparation for battle. She might not have been on the squad but she'd be damned if that didn't give her a good battle! With a deep chuckle she bounded off after the three figures, her tongue darting across her lips as she felt the lust of battle rise within her...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zah World~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once again nothing had worked out as he had planned, his hopes and dreams for the future crashing around him like so much broken glass. A second year ronin, a title that many had but no one wanted, and Sahashi Minato had just been granted the 'illustrious' title by his failing once again the gain entrance into Tokyo University. The wound to his pride hadn't been helped when he called his mother about the news, her disappointed tone and nagging voice digging in the harsh reality of the situation to him. In less eloquent terms, he was in some serious trouble at the moment.

A sigh announced his presence as he stepped off the train and onto the platform, his thoughts going a thousand miles an hour from his most recent failure. How would he pay his way? How would he keep going on? How would he pass the test the next time around? Why did it feel like an earthquake had just hit? "KYAAAAA! Please get out of the way!"

Turning head up to the sky Minato barely had time to react before he felt something heavy crash into him, his body being forced to the ground by the weighty but surprisingly soft object falling on top of him. "Ouch...what in the worl-" he began but his words were instantly stopped, his eyes springing open in surprise and his heart beginning to pound as he found himself face to face with a pair of sparkling white panties.

"Ah...as I expected, it was too high to jump from," a soft voice spoke up, feminine and delicate vibrations floating through the air as it the person atop him quickly slipped off. As the person can to sit on the sidewalk his eyes couldn't help but get even wider, his face flushing with heat as he finally took in the full sight before him. The person whom he had 'caught' was obviously a girl; it was easy to tell judging by her more than generous bust and the abundance of curves that were present throughout her form. Her clothing was an alteration of a shrine maiden's traditional garb, changes made to the basic design making it much more revealing while a pair of deep crimson sparring gloves clothed her hands. The more Minato looked at her the more his mind repeated one word, 'Beautiful.'

"Um...uh, are you okay?" He asked his tongue swelling and filling his mouth making proper speech incredibly difficult.

The girl suddenly turned to him, looking into his eyes for a moment before smiling brightly, her cherubic features and beaming grin the perfect poster child for innocence, "Ah! Thank you sir! You must have caught me."

More blood rushed to Minato's cheeks as the girl smiled, his mind never once breaking from its single worded chant of beautiful, "N-No...um, I was just-"

Without warning the girl's eyes snapped open, her head turning to the side and looking behind her for a brief second. Just as quickly, she turned back to face Minato, her whole body lunging towards him and pushing him to the ground as swiftly as she could, "Watch out!"

From out of nowhere came a thunderous zap, purple electricity streaking through the sky and destroying a sizeable chunk of the sidewalk where he had just sat. Minato's eyes were wide as he watched a large section of the sidewalk be turned to rubble and dust by the oddly colored thunderbolt. In a flash the girl had back off from Minato, her head turning up and looking in the direction where the bolt had fallen. Minato swiftly followed her stare, his surprise and confusion meeting new heights as he gazed upon two identical women, twins dressed in skimpy leather outfits and standing on the balcony of a billboard without a problem. One of them, the one with darker wear and larger breasts he noted, stepped forward onto the railing, a cocky smirk dressing her lips as she shouted out, "There's no use running, come and fight us!"

Every muscle in Minato's body locked up at once, his throat closing up as panic settled into his mind. Had that just been electricity? Had those twins somehow conjured a thunderbolt out of nowhere to attack them! Before he could voice anything the girl suddenly stood up, her fist clenched in determination as she shouted back, "I'm not going to fight yet!"

With a smirk the twin with the larger breasts held up a single hand, a crackling ball of purple electricity forming from nothing as she spoke, "Oh is that right?"

The girl lowered herself quickly, her arms held up in front of her face as if to block an incoming punch, "I will not fight until I find my Ashikabi-sama!"

The twin chuckled as she raised her hand behind her head, the ball growing in size as she spoke, "Guess that makes one le-"

"Fu, fu, fu," quiet laughter filled the air, a spine shivering chuckle that caused everyone to pause at the sound.

The larger breasted twin spun on a dime, her eyes wide as her sister did the same. Standing at the very top of the billboard behind them was another oddly dressed girl, her tall and lanky form hunched into herself as she smiled down on them. From her throat to her toes the girl was covered in bandages while her dark tattered and torn kimono fluttered in the breeze. Her silver hair was a mess of tangles and spikes, narrow sanpaku eyes glaring out from beneath the mat of grey and above a brightly gleaming sharp toothed grin. Around her neck was a thick collar of black leather, rivets of stainless steel adorning the material as a thick iron ring dangled from her throat. From her hands to her elbows were gauntlets composed of heavy metal, razor sharp claws twitching hungrily at the ends of her fingers as she continued to chuckle, "So she won't fight huh? Well I will...let's go!"

In the blink of an eye the girl had leapt from her perch, her grin growing even wilder as she plummeted towards the twins with claws outstretched. Sensing that their very existence was in danger the twins rapidly jumped away, their speedy retreat just barely fast enough to avoid the razor sharp blades of the gaunt reaper girl. In a flash of light the balcony which the twins stood was reduced to rubble, the grinning girl's claws slicing through steel and cement as if they were paper. With the balcony gone the girl quickly stabbed one of her hands into the billboard, her gleeful visage staring down at the twins who, in their rush, had landed beside the other girl and the boy.

The moment the twins landed on the walk the one with the larger breasts turned to the other, "Hibiki, we need to get the hell out of here, NOW!" With a silent nod from Hibiki the two quickly turned tail, their bodies becoming nothing more than a streak of black as they raced into an alley way.

Minato could only watch in fear as the gaunt looking girl changes her focus from the twins to himself and the girl who had fallen from the sky, her grin growing wider as she spoke once more, "Hn, well they were boring...maybe you could be interesting?"

Once again the girl from the sky held her ground, her fists tightening and her guard strengthening as she spoke, "I've already said I won't fight until I find my Ashkabi-sama!"

The grey girls smile continued, her crooked grin turning from the girl to Minato and wondering if threatening a human would get her a good battle. Instantly her smile loosened, her thumping heart made for battle now beginning to beat to something different. There was something about this human, something that made her of all people rank fighting a little bit lower than getting to know the fearfully gazing man on the ground. The second that thought entered her mind she mentally shook it off, instead turning back to the other girl with a curious gaze before she silently unhooked herself from the billboard, "What about that guy behind you?"

As the grey girl fell to the ground Minato suddenly found himself at the end of two very different stares. One came from the grey haired girl, her landing on the ground doing nothing to dissuade the intense and curious gaze she sent his way. The other, however came from the girl from the sky, her deep chocolate brown orbs widening in surprise as a light flush tinted her cheeks, "Wh-What? I have pledged to only take the Ashikabi-sama whom I am destined for!"

"Huh...okay then, what's your name?" The clawed girl asked, her approach never stopping as she walked closer to the girl from the sky and Minato.

"My name? They call me Musubi!"

Nodding a bit the grey girl turned to Minato, his confusion still at record levels as she softly asked, "And what is yours?"

"I...I'm Minato, Sahashi Minato."

"Good to meet you Minato," the grey girl muttered, a soft smile on her lips as she turned away from Minato and faced Musubi, "you're all acquainted, now go get'm."

Before Musubi could react she found herself turned in place, the grey girl's claws luckily avoiding her clothing and skin as Musubi was turned by her shoulders. For a moment Musubi found herself looking down at Minato, his wide eyes appearing like a deer in headlights as he stared up at her. However, a sudden pressure pushed her forward, the grey girl roughly kicking her and sending Musubi tumbling face first onto Minato's body once again.

However, unlike last time Minato was expecting the fall, watching as the grey girls foot rose and prepared to kick Musubi was an advantage that Musubi didn't. Because of this Musubi found herself caught by Minato, his arms gently wrapping around her body and cushioning her fall to the ground. With Musubi safely caught Minato gave a sigh of relief, it was a different matter catching a beautiful girl when you expected it...a much nicer one if you had to ask him. Shaking himself from his thoughts he pushed Musubi back slightly, his gaze meeting hers as he spoke, "Um, Musubi-san right? Are you alright?"

Musubi could feel a sudden heat build up in her body, a blazing inferno building from a single spark that seemed to wreath her skin in flames. Every bit of her body that touched Minato was brushing against an uncontrollable inferno, her heart thumping in her chest as a blush rose across her cheeks, "Minato-san...my body...it feels so hot...what should I do?"

Instantly a bright scarlet flush broke out across Minato's cheeks, embarrassment filling him as he stuttered, "Wh-what?"

Before he could make another move he found his face captured between Musubi's hands, her lips drawing closer to his own as she spoke, "I've found you...my Ashikabi-sama."

Lips pressed against lips, Minato and Musubi meeting one another for a slow and passionate kiss. With eyes wide open Minato watched as bright wings of light burst from Musubi's back, a brilliant crest forming before it slowly sank into her skin. It lasted for a few moments before the wings vanished, Musubi's lips slowly breaking from his own as she brightly smiled, "I am yours my Ashikabi, now and forever!" Without warning Minato found himself smothered beneath Musubi's prodigious bust, her enthusiasm and joy nearly palpable to any who had seen the spectacle.

It was especially effective on the grey haired girl who was observing, the gaunt reaper women standing there with her teeth subconsciously nibbling at her lower lip. She could see everything that had gone between the two, an unspeakable bond formed by the fates and unbreakable by anything less than death. She felt a slow heat begin to build in her body as she watched their lips grow closer, a slow and agonizing torture simmer beneath her skin until at last their lips touched, Musubi's wings springing forth and bringing the grey haired girls internal inferno to a head. Her claws twitched as her throat went dry, her lips being licked with a sandpaper tongue. Maybe finding an Ashikabi wouldn't be so hard after all.

For a few moments Minato struggled with the girl atop of him, her impressive strength pressing his face into her bosom and shouting her joy to the heavens, she had found her Ashikabi and she couldn't be happier. No matter how tight her hold might be Minato eventually found a way to squirm away from it, his breath coming in pants and sighs as he spoke, "Ok...first thing...what is an...ashee...something?"

Without warning he felt a sudden buzz in his pocket, his phones vibrating ring alerting him to an incoming call. Unconsciously he reached into his pocket and pulled the phone out, an unfamiliar number scrolling across the screen before flipping it open only to be faced to face with a peculiar man, "Hello! You were magnificently chosen to be the partner of a Sekirei! Congratulations!"

Minato stared at the man for a few moments in silence before he spoke, "Um...who are you?"

The man appeared deeply confused for a moment before shaking it off with a brilliant smile, "Is that a greeting? Hahahaha!"

Minato was about to hang up when Musubi glanced over his shoulder, her smile spreading wide as she excitably shouted, "Professor!"

That was the word that brought the grey girl out of her heated haze, her mind snapping back into place as she remembered the director, the professor, the man who had denied her the placement she so desired. Before anyone could notice the grey girl was standing behind Minato, narrow eyes staring into the screen with a hooded stare and lips set in a deep frown.

For his part the man seemed nonplused, his smile never slipping as he turned to each Sekirei in turn, "Ah number 88 Musubi! It's good to see you, are you doing well? And number 104 Haihane; it seems you haven't been winged yet."

Minato turned to Musubi and subsequently Haihane confused, "Someone you know?"

While Musubi nodded in enthusiasm Haihane simply nodded, frown still fixed upon her face and a slight glare in her visible eye. "Yes Minato-san, he's the CEO and Professor!"

"Indeed Minato-kun! How can you not know my face? At least read a newspaper sometime!" The man laughed, his booming voice echoing from the phones tiny speakers surprisingly well.

"Wait, how do you know my name?" Minato asked, an agitated and confused tone accompanied by a slight glare of his own toward the man in white.

"There's not much I don't know Minato-kun, but more to the point! Congratulations on becoming a participant in this wonderful game known as the Sekirei plan! The rules are very simple, there are 108 freed Sekirei sent out into Tokyo. These Sekirei are winged by Ashikabi's and they fight and fight and fight and fight until one only remains!"

Minato felt a bit of sickness rise up in his stomach, skepticism and disbelief leaving an acidic taste in his mouth as he thought of the implications. If this man was telling the truth then he was sick, is if not then he was insane, either way Minato raised up a hand and prepared to end the call, "Wait! Don't hang up! You also must know that since this project is very new and secretive if you decide to tell anyone who is not involved in the game about it, the M.B.I. will use everything in its power to punish you."

Thinking for a moment Minato thought back to the M.B.I. tower, the signs, the multinational corporation that could buy and sell Tokyo in the same day, "M.B.I.?"

The man in which chuckled softly, "You are quite slow aren't you? Well I have to be going now. Be good to Musubi Minato, I'll be watching you. Take care Musubi! Haihane."

With that the line went dead, Musubi waving to the oddly dressed man with a smile as his picture faded from the screen, "Wait! What is this all about? Hello?" With a heavy hearted sigh Minato closed the phone, pocketing it with a groan, "Well that was completely insane."

Turning to Musubi Minato found her to be almost shining with happiness, determination welling in her eyes as she spoke, "Don't worry Minato-san! I will fight for you and become the strongest so we can win together!" Once again Minato found that ever present blush burn on his cheeks as he looked over Musubi, his heart beating fast as she gave him that adorable smile...

A quiet cough suddenly reminded Minato that he was not alone with Musubi; in fact it was very apparent that Haihane had come even closer to him than she was just a few moments ago. Instead of simply standing behind Minato Haihane was now kneeling behind him, her clawed hands carefully laid on either side of his body as she leaned over him. Turning slightly he found himself almost face to face with the scary looking girl, "Uh, c-can I help you?"

Haihane's heart thundered in her chest as she drew closer to Minato, her pale features darkening as the beginning of a blush tinted her cheeks. She could feel the fire in her stomach burn hotter and hotter the closer she was to Minato, the reactions in her body setting her world ablaze as she spoke, "Yes, I think you can Minato...my name is Haihane."

Before Minato could react to her presence Haihane had pressed her lips to his own, a pair of deep indigo wings spreading from her back in a slashing pattern, invisible claws rendering space and time leaving behind luminescent wings of blinding light. The larger the wings grew the harder Haihane kissed, her tongue slipping between his lips and entangling with his own as the fires inside burned. She had found him; she had found her Ashikabi, the one thing she never thought she would ever find and the one she would never give up no matter what. With a soft smack Haihane pulled away from Minato, a lazy smile on her face and a bright crimson blush absolutely beaming from her cheeks all the way down to her throat, "And I am yours my Ashikabi, now and forever."

As Musubi cheered in the background about Minato winging another Sekirei Minato could tell his life was only going to get more complicated from this point on.


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