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Percy's POV

After chatting with Chiron, I walked outside to meet up with Annabeth and Thaila. Annabeth and Thailia were waiting outside just like they promised. I walked out trying to put a smile on my face assuring my cousin and my love that I am alright. Annabeth stared at me as I walked out the old cabin.

"Percy, what did Chiron say?" Annabeth asked with a slight sound of nervousness.

"I am alright…" I said in response. Obviously, Annabeth did not buy it because my voice did not come out the way I wanted it too.

Thailia stared at me as Annabeth did trying to figure out what my face was saying. Obviously she found nothing. Their eyes looked around me until they found a book I was holding.

"What is this old dusty book?" Thailia asked.

Annabeth grabbed the book out of my hand. Annabeth looked at the book.

"Ah!" Annabeth shrieked dropping the book on the floor.

"What is it Annabeth" Thailia asked horrified.

I stood there speechless. No idea of what was occurring and to shocked to do anything. Pain struck again in my head. I began shaking my head as if I had lice in my hair if that was possible.

"Percy, why would Chiron give this book to you?" Annabeth asked referring to the book now on the floor. I bent down with struggle picking up the book.

Thailia looked at the book.

"Chiron said that this book may have the answers to my problem…" I said.

"Percy, Chiron has to be joking about this! There is no way that…" began to say but she began to cry. She wrapped her arms around me hugging me.

Thailia stared as if she was stabbed that she became unresponsive.

"Percy…" Thailia stared at me and we all hugged one another.

Thailia stared at with her eyes glistening. I felt pain but this pain made a greater impact. Thailia was sad. I looked at her and Annabeth as if this maybe the very last time we may ever see one another.

"Come on we can't at like this. Chiron said theres still a possibility but it's just in this book. He wouldn't tell me what I had but he claims that this book had all the answers I need. I can start to read it and figure out what I have. Afterwards, I can possibility get these annoying pains out of my head." I said.

All three of us hand in hand in hand zapped ourselves back to Olympus to retire in our rooms.

I open up the old book glances through the many old ruined damaged and dusty papers. I blew at them as many dust particles flew into the air. I began to flip through the book until I saw something that caught my eye.

"Godthopia : By: Goddess of Curses"

This book was written in Greek which made it easier for me a person with dyslexia and ADHD to understand better. I skimmed through the many pages that focused on this topic until something caught my eye.

"There are many Gods and Goddess out there who do not like one another. These gods and goddess who dislike others are mainly jealous, ignorant, demand power, evilness lies within them, used to cure, help, and ultimately destroy one another. This curse was developed by Kronos in which he used to ultimately destroy Zeus and win over the skies."

I stopped in my reading. Who can possibly wanting to destroy me… It can't possibly be the other options seeing as no one I know would put such a curse on me just to help me. It came to me that Zeus maybe the reason for my pain. He hated me before I even knew who I truly was. He blamed me for stealing. Then there was Athena who had once hated me but is now dating me father. Names kept rolling into my head as I thought of possible threats that can harm me.

I looked back into the book searching for more information in which was involved with this curse.

"This curse allows the God or Goddess to begin to form memories in which can bring pain to the other God or Goddess. Usually the person inflicted with this pain will have a dramatic change in their emotions, and physical features. The reason for which pain is felt through these memories is because the one who is inflicted is not accepting these newly made memories. Sadly, the memories will increase in pain until they are finally accepted. Once these memories are accepted a wave of pain will be surging throughout your body."

These are memories that another god or goddess is trying to send to me. This doesn't make sense why would anyone want to change up my memories. Why would they want to mess around with me in the first place? The pain is bad enough how can I accept it. This book is useless. I threw the book on the ground frustrated with what I just read.

A page flew out of the book. It was ripped. I picked it up.

The one that is with the the Godthopia will eventually die. The only way to save yourself is to face your memories…

Annabeth walked in the room. I quickly threw the ripped piece of paper in the garbage can.

"What's wrong Perce" Annabeth said coming up to me. She looked around the room and found the book of the floor.

Annabeth stared at me in horror.

"Percy what did you just read?" Annabeth asked slightly shaking me.

"Someone is trying to send me memories. These memories can hurt me if I don't "accept" them" I answered her.

"It won't do you any harm would it?" She asked.

"I don't know… I didn't finish reading it." I started.

Annabeth picked the book back up and flipped the pages. She was probably able to obtain information from reading it because she came up to me and hugged me.

"Percy, we need to tell Zeus this." Annabeth said.

"Zeus could have done this to me! He would kill me on the spot! " I said my voice growing louder and deeper.

"But Percy, we have to tell to someone" Annabeth said in a calm voice looking straight into my eyes.

"I don't know! Just… Just leave me alone for once would you? It is bad enough someone is after me and now your hear bossing me around" I said.

"Forget it. If you don't want my help at all then..." Annabeth left running out of the room.

I did this for Annabeth's good. No matter what I will not allow Annabeth to see me like this not until I find out whom this is. I closed off the lights and lied on my pillow. I began to sleep as the soothing sound of the ocean was heard miles away.

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