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"It's been a few months since me and Zero embarked on our journey, I can't stop thinking about Rokka. I mean I couldn't face her and tell her I'm leaving for a year! When I thought relationships were supposed to be strong, I go and make ours weak! I knew it! It was pathetic of me to leave Rokka a goodbye note, I should of told her and said goodbye. So much for love… I wonder if Zero and Nina have problems like this. I can't believe I liked Nina back then! Gosh I should of known that Zero would end up with her. But was I meant to end up with Rokka?"

"Uhhh Ichi? ICHI!"

"Huh? What now Zero?"

"Don't tell me your thinking about Rokka, man I cannot believe you gave in to her!"

"What! I didn't give in to her, It was me I was begging her to go out with me, and she finally gave in.."

"GYYYYAAAA!What do you mean begging? "

"You don't know?... Wait I didn't tell you! Well after me and Rokka had our first relationship, I was travelling a lot, after a year she saw me as a horrible boyfriend, she broke up with me"

"Good on ya Ichi!"

"Huh, not like that you idiot! I didn't fully love her but I learnt later her true beauty inside her. And when she broke up with me, I was shattered only then have I seen her love for me.. I was blind."

"Ummm Ichi? You're not crying are you?"

"After our relationship, she didn't follow, talk or look at me ever again, a month later I saw her with Yakumo. They were holding hands, I could feel jealously building up in me, then they kissed. I filled with rage, I ran up to him and punched him."

"Good one!"

"Of course Rokka broke up with him she would never date a weakling*laughs*. But she was angry with me, despite the fact that she was angry at me I still kneeled down to her and begged. After a month of begging she gave in."

"Woooww.. desperate huh?"



"I just don't want to lose her again*sadly*"


"Ninaaa! Ninaa! Are you home?"

"Rokka? What are you doing here?"

"*crying* It's Zero…"

To be continued..