Season 1: Chapter 1: 16 years
Its been 16 years since they fought Ozai, and now they have there own kids of there own except Toph and Sokka got married and had another blind daughter named Tokka xD. Aang and Katara got married and had a song named Kang. But unfortunately Kang doesn't know how to air bend. His dad is trying to teach him but he just can't get it!

"DAD I'VE HAD ENOUGH I CAN'T GET IT!" I screamed at my father. As the sun shined down on them, it was very hot out.

"No you don't do it like that you have to flow in and then down again, then hands out then breath. Your just doing flow, and breath your pretty much skipping the other parts." Aang showed his son.

"Can i just quit." I said slumping down on the ground frustrated.

"No! You have to be the next avatar remember?" Aang kept doing the move over and over.

"YES I KNOW! But what if i'm not the avatar what if you got it all wrong you never know. There could be some like earth bender out there thats the avatar. Cause i'm sure i'm not!"

I got up and paced back and forth. The sun was getting hotter and hotter, and i began to sweat, i did the move but instead of air bending i water bended... "A water bender..." Aang gasped and went inside the temple. I can... i can water bend.. but how? I'm suppose to be a air bender.. I thought to myself.

"Dad where are you?" I put my hands out and walked on the ice in look for him. Tokka is staying at the southern water tribe while her mom is off at Bai Sing Se in search of the Dai Lee agents. "Hun i'm right over here." He called.

"Im blind remember i can't se- AH!" As i bumped into a guy.

"Oh i'm sorry little girl." As he helped me up he could notice how blue they were. "Oh hi Toph!" As he hugged me.

"I'm not Toph... and who's hugging me he feels warm!" I tried to push him off but just ended up falling again the ice was melting and i could feel the hot sun down on my face. "Ouf." I said as i fell.

"Oh darling here." My father helped me up and i brushed myself off.

"So um... where's Toph?" The guy asked.

"She went to go find the Dai Lee agents she needs to find them and train them."

He told the man while i went walking again. I kept walking my shoes were the worst thing about this i got down and slumped on the ice and threw my shoes...

"OUCH!" As i heard a little boy said.

"Oh sorry if i hit you i'm blind so i can't really see whats going on..." I kinda shied..

"Oh well its ok, i'm I'm Zaio the prince of the WHOLE fire nation!" He excitedly told me.

"Really! I'm just a water tribe bender! My dad's the chief of this tribe." I got up and started putting out my hands to make sure i didn't hit anything but reluctantly, my hands pushed on Zaio's chest.

"Brrr! Your hands are cold! You need a fire!" As he made a fire i almost fell into it but Zaio caught me.

"Well i don't really know if i'm a water bender or a earth bender..." I rubbed my head.

"How can you not know! Well then maybe you should show me so we can tell!" He said in a happy squealing voice.

I was suppose to be going to Bai Sing Sa to train the dai lee agents but they over powered me and took me to jail.

"Let me out!" I screamed. "LET ME OUT!" I threw a rock at the guard but he just bended it back.

"I'm sorry but we don't need your help training were perfectly find by ourselves. Whats the real reason you came here? You wanted to make sure we didn't destroy Bai Sing Se?" He chuckled at me.

"Yes thats exactly, please i'll let you kill me and let you be the best earth benders in the world! Just please don't destroy Bai Sing Se!" I cried out to him. "No i want something else... I want your daughter." He looked at me straight in the eyes and i knew he meant it.