Chapter 5: The beach

We were walking down a beach. "

So.. um your pretty cute.." She blushed.

"T-thanks. Your as beautiful as that sun." I pointed up at the sun.

"Aww how sweet."

She grabbed my hand.. i got kinda nervous but then it all went away when i accidently hit her with some water.

"Whoops i'm so sorry." I turned to her.

"No no its fine." She laughed and bended some water and so it hit me.

"Oh its on! Water bending battle. Oh and just to tell you i'm not the greatest water bender so i might fail." I laughed.

I did the motion trick my dad taught me and it hit her. She hit me back.

"This is really fun!" She yelled. I tried to hit back but just ended up choking myself. I fell down and started coughing. She ran so fast over to me it was kinda odd.

"Oh my gosh are you ok." She sat me up. I coughed some more. Next thing i knew i was lying between Azie's legs and she was running her hands through my hair.

"Whoa that was some fun." I laughed. She laughed too. It was good to see her smile. I sat up and turned around to face her. She leaned forward... i leaned forward our lips touched

"Kang? Where are you?" Tokka called she tumbled all the way down the beach and knocked me over. "Ow." She said rubbing her head.


"The water benders took Zaio!" I sat up. I rubbed my head. "Why?" I asked and looked at Azie to tell me.

"I, i don't know.." Azie said. "We better go get him then." I got up and started walking. "Coming?" I put my hand out to Azie.

"What about me, I'M BLIND?" Tokka yelled at me she got up and pushed me down. "Sorry." She blushed really red.

"Its ok." I got up and grabbed Tokka's hand. "Lets go." I ran with Tokka in my hand but some water benders came.

"You have to leave now Kang." The water bender had a harsh tone.

"We're not leaving without Zaio! Give him back!" Tokka yelled at them.

"He deserves to be in our prisons." Another water bender shouted.

"No he doesn't! He didn't do anything! Just because he is the fire nation prince doesn't mean you have to put him in jail, just because THEY BURNED DOWN YOUR-" She fell backwards, like she fainted.

"Tokka!" I yelled i got down on my knees, she was still alive luckily.

"I'm sorry." Azie whispered to the water benders. She was attacking her own tribe.

"What are you doing Azie? Your on our side remember. You promised you were." The leader of that little group said.

"I need to be with the air bender more then i need to be with you guys." She had tears in her eyes as she hit the last water bender.

She was so slick and slender when she did it like a weasel. I picked Tokka up and we ran to the castle. It was so beautiful made out of ice. We broke the doors down and i set down Tokka to fight. Luckily Azie took most of them down. We entered through these cold icy doors. i set Tokka down again.

"Az come out and play." A girl entered she looked exactly like Azie.

"Hello Az." Azie said she walked forward a little bit.

"Why Azie, why are you betraying us?" She had tears in her eyes.

"I need to be with the avatar." Azie said proudly.

"Attack them Az." The king shouted.

"I'm sorry sister."

The girl flipped over and jabbed me in the back. AH. I feel forwards and hit the floor. I couldn't feel anything. I was like... FROZEN! "Hi-ya!" She tried jabbing Azie but she back flipped and kicked the girl in the stomach.

"You'll never beat me." Azie bended some water and it hit Az right in the head.
"Ow!" Az yelled. She jumped up and flipped and landed on Azie.

"Its time for you to go too." Az swung her hand around and- BOOM! She went flying into the king.

"Whoops." I saw Tokka standing with her hands out in front of her. "Maybe i pushed her to hard?"

Az got up and wiped off the blood from her mouth. She ran towards Tokka.

"Watch out Tokka!" Soon i felt my whole body again. I got up just in time to grab her out of the way. "Ouf.. err" She wiped her forehead. I got up and went over to the king.

"Bye." I kicked him right out the icy window. I grabbed the microphone so the whole tribe could hear me. "Hello this is your king speaking, would you please send the prisoner Zaio to my castle i have some punishment for him." I said into the microphone.

Azie got up and grabbed Az's arm and twisted it backwards. "Stay against the wall and don't talk." Azie said. "Err.." She whispered. "I SAID TO SHUT UP!" Azie pushed her against the wall harder it was indenting.

"Here you go kin-" They dropped Zaio. "Your not the king! Attack!" I charged forward and kicked them both in the stomach. Dropped down and tripped them and then threw them out the window. "Zaio are you ok?" I shouted, wiping off the blood from the attackers.

"Zaio!" Tokka got up and just stood there.

"I'm right here in front of you." Tokka ran forward and wrapped her arms around Zaio.

"Aww... now that you are all reunited how about i do this!" She put her hands on Azie's shoulder's flipped over and and threw Azie against the wall. "AHHH!" She ran over jabbed her in the stomach.

"What the-" Tokka went flabby in Zaio's arms. He put his hands straight and closed his eyes and then fire... fire! Fire started coming out of his arms and they shot fireballs at her! "AH!" She dodged most of them except the last two. "Haha gotcha!" He laughed.

"I think we should get out of here and fast." I picked up Azie who was making a weird face at Az. "Maybe.. we should take her." Azie whispered. "ARE YOU CRAZY? No way!" Zaio shouted.

"Well.. they are sisters." I looked at Az. "Fine." He put down Tokka and grabbed Azie and put her on his back and the picked up Tokka. "Oh my gosh this is so heavy." He wabbled out like a penguin.

"Ok this is going to be a little weird." I said to myself. I heaved Az unto my back and walked out of the castle.

"There they are!" A water bender shouted.

"ZAIO RUN! GO FIND PING-PONG RUN!" I yelled at the top of my lungs i yelled so hard they my throat started getting shaky. I set down Az and kicked a guy in the stomach. I hit him so hard that he was coughing up blood. I picked up Az again and started running.