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Summary: A year has past since Sunny and the Winchesters defeated Damian and stopped him from enslaving all of humanity. That doesn't mean their jobs as hunters came to an end, though. There were still demons, monsters and spirits treading around and they still had to desecrate graves and do a little exorcising, but life had gone back to normal. Well, as normal as a hunter's life could be. It was no apple pie life but they still had each other and they were still kicking some major supernatural ass.

What they won't expect is a visit from a certain angel- An angel who will bring them news and change everything they thought was stable and familiar. This news will either result in the end of life as we know it or it will be the salvation of it.

Her Fear, His Love

Chapter 1- Is It Good News or Bad News?

Late September-

"When are we gonna be there?" Sunny complained from the backseat of the Impala.

"It's gonna be a couple hundred more miles so...get comfy." Dean replied, calmly, though all he wanted to do was turn around and yell at her to shut up.

For miles, Sunny had done nothing but bitch and moan about being tired or being hungry or being bored. They were on their way to Bobby's from Maine, after a simple poltergeist case. Roxie sat next to her, passed out and slumped against the car door with her arms crossed and her head pressed against the window.

"Relax, Sunny." Sam sighed. "You know how long it takes to drive across the country. None of us enjoy it so just...try to get some sleep or something."

"Why can't we just stop and get a motel for the night?" she whined.

She laid all the way back against the seat with her knees pressed into the back of Dean's.

"Sun-! Uh, hun, could you please stop digging your knees into my seat?" Dean requested, through gritted teeth.

Sam had to give his brother props for being so lenient with her. If it were anyone else complaining and pushing against his seat- he'd be tearing them a new one. She wasn't the only one who was tired or hungry. They were only half-way there and Dean really wanted to get to Bobby's without stopping for anything other than food and gas.

Sunny scowled and dropped her knees, stomping the floor in the process. Dean shot her a warning look through the rear-view mirror and she responded with a sneer. He shook his head and brought his attention back to the road.

They've been an official couple for a year now and everything was going great; they never fought, the sex was amazing, they talked about everything...it wasn't until a week ago she started acting different. Even during the poltergeist case, she did nothing but nag about having to pose as an exterminator, in order to investigate the haunted house. She gave the family who lived in said house an attitude and almost blew their cover. When she wasn't up bitching about something, she was sleeping or eating more than her usual amount.

She had also denied sex. Dean could handle her bitchiness and dirty looks but now he had to go without the sex he's been getting for a year, non-stop? Now, he was going to be bitchy and irritable.

"Dean, maybe it isn't a bad idea to get a room- we've been on the road all day." Sam said.

Dean grunted in response after a moment but gave in and pulled into the first motel he saw. He checked in while the others waited outside, then came out with the keys to their room. Once inside, he tossed his and Sunny's bags onto the floor and plopped on one of the beds. Sam set his bag on the floor next to the second bed and took Roxie's from her, setting her bag next to his. Sunny crawled in bed, next to Dean, and laid her head on his chest.

When he didn't wrap his arm around her, she looked up at him with her big, doe-like eyes.

"You still mad at me?" she whimpered.

He clicked on the tv with the remote, after snatching it off the bedside table, and didn't answer her. Of course he was mad, his plans were to get to Bobby's in one trip. Any other time, she was down for it and she never whined or complained about how long it took or how bored she was. To be honest, it was a little insulting to him. He thought she enjoyed taking long drives with him and traveling long distances with him. He never thought he bored her.

"I'm sorry, okay! I just...I haven't been feeling so well lately." she said, softly.

"What do you mean you haven't been feeling well? What's wrong?" he asked, becoming concerned.

He always feared the worst when it came to things like sickness and personality shifts. The last time she acted out of character, she was being tormented by a dream demon who ended up being the devil's son. Then, of course, there was the whole Cupid thing- he didn't want to think about that ever again.

"I don't know- I'm tired all of the time...and I get cranky when I'm tired. I get really cranky when I'm hungry...then, other times I just get mad for no reason." she explained.

Dean didn't know what to make of everything she was telling him. Did she just need more sleep? He looked at her, thoughtfully, as she went on.

"...And it doesn't stop there- sometimes, I get so sad, I want to cry. I won't even have a reason to feel that way, it just happens. Maybe it's depression." she sighed, heavily.

"Maybe...but what would trigger it?" he asked.

He knew what she meant. She had told him a while back that she was diagnosed with chronic depression meaning she could experience sad or angry feelings at a drop of a dime, without any reason or warning at all. Once she started traveling on her own, she wasn't able to get the medication she needed to help her deal with it.

She shrugged and shook her head, her eyes began to gloss over with tears but she blinked them away.

"I'm sorry I've been so mean to you. I didn't mean it, I swear- I can't help it sometimes." she whispered. "I hate when you're mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you, I promise." he insisted. "Let's just get some sleep, okay?"

He kissed her, gently, then moved up to lay a kiss on her forehead. She nodded, sniffling, and nuzzled against him, her arm draped over his torso and her head laid on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her gently. He looked over at the other bed and saw Sam and Roxie holding each other, fast asleep. He guessed it wasn't a bad idea getting a room, after all. Spending a whole day inside a car, driving through countless states, really could take a lot out of you- even if you're not the driver.

He yawned, deeply, and kissed an already passed out Sunny on her forehead before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up before anyone else. Sunlight poured in through the mini blinds hanging over the windows, illuminating the gorgeous woman laying on top of him. As he looked down and smiled at her sleeping form, he noticed something new about her. He didn't know what it was or when it happened, but there was definitely something different about her. She had always been beautiful to him, always the true definition of perfect in his world, but...that morning she just glowed vibrantly.

Her dark bangs fell loosely over her eyes and long strands draped off her shoulders onto his chest. The smile on his face deepened when he noticed her bottom lip stuck to his skin, pulling down very gently as she nuzzled him in her sleep. He bit his lip as he slowly and carefully lifted her arm off of him and slid, ever so softly, off the bed. He wanted her to get as much sleep as possible, so she could have a better day than yesterday. He figured he'd get the coffee and donuts instead of Sam, who usually was the first to awaken.

He pulled his boots on and slid on his jacket, then grabbed the car and motel room keys. He was about to open the door when he heard Sunny call him.

"Hey." he whispered, so he wouldn't wake up his brother and Roxie.

"Goin' to get coffee?" she asked, sleepily, rubbing her eye.

"Yeah, I thought I'd let you sleep before we head out." he replied, walking back over to her.

She made a squeak-like noise as she stretched. She arched her back and lifted her knee to her chest as she did so, causing him to bit his lip and smile deviously. He crawled on top of her , in between her legs, and lowered his hips against her, thrusting slowly as he leaned down and kissed her. She moaned, softly, as he shoved his tongue into her mouth and began thrusting harder. She felt him harden with each playful thrust, making a bulge grow in his jeans as he rubbed against her boy-cut panties.

He quickly decided that it was a very bad idea, since he couldn't do anything about it with his little brother in the bed right next to his.

"God, I can't believe you'd pick the worst time to finally let me have my way with you." he whispered, harshly, in her ear.

She faked surprise and gasped in disbelief.

"What are you talking about? I always let you have your way!" she argued.

He glared at her with wide eyes and slowly shook his head.

"No. No, you have NOT! I've gone a whole damn week without your hot, tight, sweet sex." he reminded, kissing down her neck between words.

"I'm sorry, baby." she pouted.

He brought his lips back to hers for another deep, long kiss and slid his hand up her waist- bringing it up and under her shirt, stopping just under her left breast. He pulled up, stopping himself before he did something daring. Too daring. He jumped off of her and took a deep breath. She sat up and began to dress herself, pulling on a pair of black and white Tripp pants with hanging suspenders.

"What are you doing?" he asked, eyeing her ass as she wiggled into the tight part of the pants. They were tight in the top half but ended in baggy flares.

"I'm going with you, silly. What's it look like?" she replied, smiling as she slipped on her baby pink zip-up hoodie.

He smiled at her and watched as she slid on her sneakers then reached out his hand to hold hers. He pulled the keys out of his jacket pocket and locked the motel door before making their way to the Impala and to the Dunkin' Donuts down the street.

On the way back to the motel, Sunny began feeling dizzy. She had just eaten her favorite kind of doughnut, glazed, when suddenly, her stomach churned and she felt queasy. Dean noticed she looked uncomfortable as she grimaced.

"Are you alright?" he asked, squinting at her.

"I don't know." she said after a moment, shaking her head.

Her body began to stiffen and her eyes became wide as she realized she was going to throw up.

"Pull over...now." she warned, slowly, as she continuously swallowed saliva and concentrated on something other than puking.

"What? Why?" he demanded, worriedly.

"Just do it, please! Unless you want puke all over your floor..." she snapped.

He immediately pulled over to the side of the road, he didn't even want to think about his precious car being flooded with vomit. Not even Sunny's vomit. With one hand pressed over her mouth, she pushed the car door open and jumped out- just as a burst of throw up erupted from her body. Dean quickly exited the car and circled it to get to her but she held her hand up, signaling him to stop. She let out one last heave and the remainder of the doughnut she had just eaten.

Dean watched in confusion, wondering what had made her so sick. He had never seen her sick before so it worried him. She spit the last of the saliva from her mouth and stood up, wiping the corners of her mouth with her thumb and index finger. Her face shimmered with tears and sweat. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hands and walked back over to the car.

"You...you feel better now?" he asked, cautiously.

She simply nodded and entered the vehicle while Dean stood still for a few seconds, trying to process what had just happened and why. He returned to the car and continued driving back to the motel.

"That was...weird." he said, softly, keeping his eyes in front of him.

"Yeah...I haven't thrown up since my first hunt." she replied, chuckling.

Dean heard her rustling through the bag of doughnuts so he quickly glanced at her. Surely, she wasn't going to try and eat again...

"What're you doing? Aren't you gonna just...puke that back up again?" he asked.

"I don't think so...I feel much better now." she replied, biting into another doughnut.

When they got back to the motel, Sam and Roxie were already up.

"Yay, doughnuts!" Roxie squealed, reaching for the bag.

Sunny pulled it away, playfully, then gave it to her. She decided she didn't want anyone knowing she got sick and have them all worry about her. She swore Dean to secrecy before leaving the car to go in.

"Everybody ready to go?" Dean asked, grabbing his and Sunny's bags.

The others nodded and shuffled one by one towards the door. Suddenly, a gust of wind swirled around the room, from out of nowhere, and Castiel appeared in front of them. Dean sighed, heavily, and dropped the bags. The angel was obviously there for a reason.

"Cas...let me guess- God has another secret mission for us?" he assumed, none too enthused.

"You can say that." the angel replied, looking past him and at Sunny.

He stepped over to her and stared into her eyes.

"Remember what I said after you asked me to help you by giving up one of my feathers?" he asked, turning to Dean.

"Yeah, you said...you'd only do it because it'd mess with 'the plan'." he remarked. "I have to say, it has been bugging me not knowing what the hell you were talking about."

"Well, you're about to find out what it is..." Cas declared, turning back to Sunny.

He took her hands and closed his eyes, as if he were concentrating on her energy.

"Sunshine." he finally said, opening his eyes.

"What?" she asked, cautiously, unaware of what he could have possibly wanted with her.

"God has blessed you with the ultimate gift of love." he whispered.

She stared, blankly, at him for a few seconds then chuckled.

"What?" she silently prayed he didn't mean what she knew he meant.

"You're carrying the child God sent to save the world from evil and damnation." he explained, seriously.

She chuckled nervously and shook her head, vigorously, in disbelief.

"No, no, no, no- that's impossible- I mean, I can't-" she stammered.

"You're saying she's freaking pregnant?" Roxie demanded, rather loudly.

She quickly walked over to her best friend, who stood still and looked out into space- in shock.

"Sunny- hey, Sunny?" she tried, taking her face in her hands and shaking her.

Sunny blinked back to reality and looked at her friend, confused.

"Huh?" she squinted.

"Wow." Sam whispered, raising his eyebrows.

"How could you not know you were pregnant? Don't you keep track of your...y'know?" Roxie asked, referring to her friend's menstrual cycle.

"the birth control I'm on prevents me from having a period." Sunny said, calmly, only half there.

She quickly snapped out of it at the realization that she had been taking her birth control pill everyday. She made it a priority and even stole from hospital pharmacies when posing as F.B.I. when she checks out dead bodies.

"Hey, how can this happen? I take my birth control everyday- like, religiously." she said to Cas, who gave her a confused head tilt.

"Birth control, a man-made medicine that prevents women from getting pregnant. I make sure I take it every damn day! I can't have a kid...not now- not ever, as long as I keep hunting." she continued.

"God chose you specifically, Sunshine..." Cas said, then turned to Sam and Dean. "...and it's up to you to protect her and make sure nothing happens to the child." he added.

"I'm gonna be...this was planned...?" Dean whispered to himself.

"But why?" Sam asked the angel.

"I can't say right now- The Lord has his reasons, it's best not to question them." Cas replied.

He walked over to Dean and spoke quietly.

"Protect her, Dean. The child she's carrying is very powerful- if a demon were to get a hold of her...bad things will happen." he warned, glaring at the hunter.

"Protect your child."

With a blink of an eye, Castiel was gone, leaving everyone shocked and confused. Dean hurried over to his pregnant girlfriend and took her hand. She looked up at him and swallowed hard. Her throat became dry and her heart pounded loudly in her head. She didn't know how to feel about the situation. On one hand, she had always wanted to start her own family but on the other, she dreaded it. Hunters weren't meant to have families and normal lives and she definitely didn't want to raise her child the way she was raised. She didn't want to train her young son or daughter to fight demons and monsters, she didn't want her family living in fear, looking over their shoulders all the time, traveling the country and living out of motels. That was no way for a child to live.

"Dean- I...what am I gonna do?" she whispered, tears welling in her eyes. "I can't raise a child like this..."

"Wait...You're pregnant...that means-"

"You can't hunt." Sam started but Roxie finished for him.

"What did he mean when he said the baby is powerful?" Roxie wondered.

"I don't know...but as long as I'm still breathing- nothing is going get Sunny or our baby." Dean promised, looking into Sunny's glistening, gray eyes.

He had to admit, he was stoked about being a father. Sure, it wasn't expected or even talked about but the thought of having something all to himself- his own family, meant more to him than anything else. He always thought Sam would be the one to leave hunting and settle down leaving him alone with nothing to look forward to but the next hunt-job. To be honest, that was his biggest fear- being alone and having nothing. Now, he was going to be a father and he vowed to himself, and his new family, that he will do everything in his power to make life as normal and safe as possible for them. No matter what.

"And you got us, too, babe." Roxie added, hopping over the bed to hug her friend.

"We're all here for you, Sunny. You're not alone in this." Sam said, also walking over and placing a hand on Dean's shoulder.

"We're already a family, Sunny, we're just adding to it, that's all." Dean assured her.

She gave them a small smile and nodded.

"Thanks, guys...Dean." she said, wrapping her arms around him, resting her head against his chest.

"I love you, Sun, and I'll always be here for you." he whispered, before kissing the top of her head.

She, then, pulled away and took a deep breath, using her finger to wipe the wetness from under her eye.

"Let's, uh, get outta here now, huh?" she asked, heading for the door.

"We aren't leaving for Bobby's until you see a doctor and get some prenatal care." Roxie informed her.

"What? No! I hate going to the doctor's!" Sunny whined, as Roxie hooked her arm around hers and dragged her outside to the Impala.

"I'm with Rox- I want to know how far along you are and I want to make sure the baby gets everything it needs to grow healthy and strong." Dean agreed.

Sunny rolled her eyes and sighed as she got in the car. Roxie hopped in next to her while Sam and Dean threw the bags in the trunk.


"Yep, there it is! There's definitely a baby in there!" the doctor beamed, gesturing toward the small screen with a moving, circular-being inside.

Sunny looked at the simple picture on the screen. It wasn't much; just a circular, egg-like...thing with a tiny, flickering, heartbeat. She felt her heart slam against her ribs and tears began to pour out of her eyes as the sound of the baby's heartbeat faintly thumped within the small room. Dean couldn't hold his tears back, as hard as he tried, and let a tear slide down his face. He never knew he could feel this way- he was always the macho-one, the tough guy, a typical 'man's man' but looking at this ever-so-fragile, growing life flickering before his eyes...he felt a comfortable, warm, fuzzy feeling in his body and he liked it.

"You're about 8 weeks along, Ms. Thornhart, congratulations!" the doctor smiled. "I'm going to round your due date around April 1...I'll write you out a prescription for prenatal tablets and I'll print you a picture of your baby." he added, handing her a dry cloth to wipe the gooey substance, used when performing an ultrasound, off her stomach.

"Thanks, doc." Dean said, smiling, and shook the doctor's hand.

"Oh my God, I can't wait to find out what you're gonna have!" Roxie squealed, excitedly. "I hope you have a little girl, that'd be so perfect; we can out number the guys by one!" she laughed.

Sunny chuckled and pulled her shirt back down as she sat up.

"No, no way, we're having a boy-" Dean smiled, proudly.

"As long as it's healthy it doesn't matter." Sam declared, looking at a smiling Sunny.

"Exactly." she whispered, nodding.

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