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Chapter 24- Weight Of The World, Part 2

The three hunters hurried back to Bobby's house, greeting the obviously anxious angel on the front porch. Bobby stood with him, his hand patting his shoulder comfortingly but gave the others an awkward look of aggravation.

"I expected you all to be ready when I got here." Castiel growled, quietly, glaring at the three stiff hunters before him. "We must go now."

With a quick nod, Dean grabbed his duffel and handed Sunny hers before rushing to the Impala and packing everything into the backseat, for convenience. Sam hefted his in front with him, in the passenger seat, keeping his thoughts to himself and remaining silent.

He wanted to focus on the battle ahead of him but thoughts of Roxie plagued his brain. He was conflicted about her cause of death and whether or not Sunny was hiding something involving it. He just couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right with her.

Dean on the other hand, was able to push his feelings about it down and pass it off as trauma on Sunny's part, for being through so much in the future and witnessing his and Sam's death, then losing her best friend. The older brother climbed into the driver's seat, once Sunny was settled in the backseat, and started the car. Castiel appeared next to her in the back, his expression was grim as he stared ahead.

"You're gonna be okay, son." Bobby assured Dean, leaning against the Impala's driver side door and talking to the hunter through the window. "All of you will be, I know it."

"Yeah." Dean exhaled, glancing at Sam as the younger hunter stared off into space in silence. "We'll see."

With that, Bobby tapped the hood of the car and backed away, waving as it pulled away and sped down the street. He watched after it until it disappeared around the corner and the roar of the engine was a dull rumble.

"God, let them be okay." the mechanic muttered, taking his hat off to scratch his head.

Silence fell over the Impala, as everyone mentally scrambled to prepare for what lied ahead for them. What was to be expected during this confrontation? How were they supposed to win against an all powerful former-God who still possessed quite a lot of power. Not to mention his right hand man, Nikolai, who was promised to be dealt with by Tom- who was M.I.A. He wouldn't return any of Sunny's phone calls or texts and it made her believe he had backed out or maybe got himself into trouble and was either dead or seriously injured.

Sunny pressed the buttons of her cellphone and sent another text to him, sighing in defeat. Cas looked over at her, intently, observing her demeanor and taking notice of her bouncing knee. She seemed distraught as she stared at her cellphone screen.

"You're afraid." he pointed out the obvious.

Scoffing, softly, she looked at him and gave him a look.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." she mumbled, shaking her head.

She smiled, skeptically, but it faded as she looked into his blue eyes, so intense and oblivious to the real reason of her fear.

"Aren't you?" she questioned, curiously.

He paused, awkwardly, not wanting to admit the words. He'd never been in a situation this dire- this severely important. He had also never felt so strongly for a human. Sunny had put him in an unfamiliar position, asking if he was afraid. He wasn't quite sure how to respond.

"I am...conflicted." he finally replied, returning to his gaze ahead of him. "I have...never been in such a situation where I constantly pray to God for safety of those others than myself or my family."

"Huh." she pondered, narrowing her eyes at him, thoughtfully. "And what...still no answer?"

"No." he said, quietly, looking down.

"Figures." she muttered, looking down as well, then lifting her eyes back up at him. "Well, for what it's worth, thanks...for, like, everything."

Dean watched through the rear view mirror, quietly, as the angel looked at Sunny and forced a small smile.

"I mean, uhh..." she stammered, chuckling softly. "You're the only angel who genuinely cares about what happens to us and the world, not to mention all your help during the past couple years...with the pregnancy and keeping me as safe as possible, arranging the meeting with mine and Dean's son after he was... and now helping to prevent him from fighting this William guy. You didn't have to stick around after your 'job' was done and you certainly don't have to sneak back into Heaven and risk your life helping us save the world. You could've totally joined your family and turned us away."

"You're right." he admitted, "I could have done that...but I don't think that's what God would've wanted me to do. I may not know where He is or if He will ever return but I can still feel Him...His love- His faith- inside me at times. Sometimes, He even sends me signs and speaks to me."

"God speaks to you?" Dean chimed in, a little agitated. "What does he have to say about all this? Y'know, the apocalypse...our son being ripped away from us and being forced to train and-and fight for His selfish kid's enjoyment?"

"Dean..." Sunny interjected, softly, but the hunter barely heard her over his steaming anger.

"He doesn't converse with me, Dean." Castiel explained, "It's more of a cryptic message and it's not often. I'm not sure what He's saying to me but somehow it's comforting...I believe He'll be there to watch over us today."

"Yeah, well, maybe you should tell Him not to bother." Dean suggested, snidely. "We've been doing just fine without His help, so forget it."

Sam listened, quietly, keeping himself calm and collected during his older brother's heated opinions and Sunny's pleads for him to stop. Believe it or not, Sam once believed God was watching over them and that in the end, would help and protect them during their attempt to avoid the apocalypse. He couldn't say it to Dean because he knew the older Winchester would dismiss him and ridicule his unshaken faith in the Lord.

But now, with Roxie so brutally killed and taken away from him- so suddenly and mercilessly- he decided he was being a fool all along. Roxie had been the very thing that kept his faith and hope alive, just barely, but indefinitely and now that she was gone- dead- he didn't believe in anything anymore. Not in God or himself. He used his anger toward Lucifer, William, God, the angels, his life and his dad, for dragging him into it, to fuel his want- his need- to stop the world from coming to an end. He didn't care about anything else, anymore. He would do whatever it took to save the world and he didn't care if he died trying. In fact, a part of him was hoping on it...to be reunited with Roxie and stay with her forever.

"I understand you feel afraid and hopeless, Dean." Cas said, breaking the young Winchester's train of thought- he didn't realize his brother and the angel had been going on, back and forth the whole time. "But you must have faith- if not in God- then in yourself, in Sunshine and in Sam. Most importantly, for your son- who is an innocent within all this."

"And in Cas." Sunny added, smiling at the angel. "He might as well be God...to us."

She scooted closer to the trench coat clad angel and rested her head on his tense, stiff shoulder. She shifted her eyes to the mirror, to Dean's- who soften in realization. He swallowed, hard, and looked away from her.

"He's the only one who believed in us when...when Damian threatened to bring Hell on Earth." she reminded, wincing at the demon's name. "And he believes in us now, he's here with us now...after walking away from his whole family, his duties. After being threatened and beat up...he was kicked out his home!"

Dean nodded, solemnly, feeling rather ashamed that he didn't realize how much Cas really sacrificed for him and his family. He knew Cas had been there for them and that he was willing to stand by their side and fight with them until the end but he never took the time to take in consideration how much this angel really cared about them.

"You're right, Sunshine." he rasped, biting his bottom lip.

"I know." she acknowledged, smirking. "And I understand you're angry at God but if Cas truly believes He's watching over us...then I think we owe him that much to believe. I mean, if Cas hasn't given up on Him- after everything he's been through to help us- then there's no reason we should. At least, not just yet."

"Okay, babe." Dean chuckled, "If you believe...and Cas believes, than I do, too. 'Kay?"

"How 'bout you, Sam?" Sunny asked, leaning between the front seats to talk to the younger brother.

Sunny took notice of how silent her good friend was the whole time and was surprised he hadn't thrown his point of view their way. Considering he was struggling with his girlfriend's death, she didn't expect him to be this withdrawn.

"You keepin' the faith over here?" she asked, hesitantly..

"Uh, yeah. Sure." he forced a smile, though he mentally cringed through it.

He hated smiling, knowing the love of his life was no longer breathing nor with him to fight by his side. He didn't want to feel happiness or even fake it for fear of forgetting her or getting over her death. He wanted her back, desperately.

Sunny could see right through his empty smile and gave him a sympathetic look as she rested her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Sam." she said, her eyes beginning to glisten with tears. "Roxie...she should be here with us. There hasn't been a moment where I haven't thought of her and...blamed myself for not protecting her."

"No...Sunny." he sighed, shaking his head. "What could you have done against Lucifer? If anyone here should be sorry...it should be me. I should've been here to protect her from the angels and I should've been there for her when Lucifer..." he trailed off, sniffling as he turned away.

"Roxanne's death was unfortunate." Cas chimed in, glumly. "If there was a way I could bring her back, I would."

"Thanks, Cas." Sam whispered.

"I don't get it." Dean muttered, staring ahead at the road as they came closer to their destination. "Shouldn't there be a way to get her back if we win this thing?"

Sunny frowned, thoughtfully, trying to understand what he was trying to say, as Sam turned a thoughtful, yet hopeful, eye on his older brother.

"What do you mean?" the younger hunter asked, furrowing his brows, slightly.

"I mean, if we win and Luci is never released from the hole..." Dean started, leaving the comment open for his brother to finish, "Then there's no way he could kill her in the first place."

"Yeah, the problem with that is; present Roxie was killed, not future Roxie." Sunny pointed out, raining on the guys' parade a bit.

"Right." Cas sighed, "Which is why, I can't bring her back."

"And future Roxie? What about her? Did you ever find out where your future counterparts where?" Sam asked, studying the brunette hunters face.

"Uh, all Dean told me was that Cas couldn't find us." Sunny replied, shrugging. "And you guys had went two years thinking we were dead- starting from the day the angels separated us."

"That's so weird." Dean said, chuckling incredulously. "Then where are 'future' you and Roxie?"

Sunny only answered with a shrug and sighed when she saw they were only a few yards away from the path leading to the Gates' location.

They had been following Cas' directions, from Bobby's in South Dakota, all the way down to a forest in Colorado. Dean parked the Impala in front of a small opening among the bushes. The hunters sat for a moment, in dread, anxiousness, and having no idea what to expect once they entered the forest and stood their ground against William and Nicolai. With a deep, heavy sigh, Dean opened the car door and stepped out, the others following, hesitantly.

"So, this is it, huh?" Sunny asked, chuckling nervously as she dug her hands into her back pockets and looked up at the tall, lush trees.

"Yes." Cas answered, also staring up at the gigantic trees. "The location of Heaven's Gates are in the heart of these woods, in a long abandoned graveyard."

"There's a graveyard in there?" Sam questioned, frowning.

He glanced at Dean and they exchanged pensive looks before looking over their shoulders at Sunny- who stared past the woods, deep in thought. Dean popped the trunk and began handing everyone their weapons; shotguns loaded with salt rounds, Holy water, Sunny's wrist blades and hunting knife. Cas had warned them, before, that no mortal weapon would be able to injure the ex-God but they were sure he'd be bringing along some demons- at least, those of which who had fought through the Elements storm without getting blown away or frozen over.

It was possible the weapons could harm Nicolai but since he was superhuman, he would most likely be able to regenerate and heal any wounds. Sunny pulled out her cell one last time, to check if her uncle had messaged her back, but her box remained empty and she stuffed it back into her pocket, angrily.

"Still no word from Tom?" Sam asked, checking his gun to make sure it was loaded.

Sunny shook her head and sighed. It looked like Dean had been right all along about him and she felt stupid for not taking his side when he told her he didn't trust him. Dean glanced at her and she gave him a knowing look, smiling forcefully.

"Let's get going, then." Dean sighed, allowing Cas to lead them through the bush entrance.

They hiked through the woods for what seemed like forever, climbing over fallen trees and wading through a knee-deep stream along the way. Birds called, frogs croaked and bugs buzzed around the hunters and their angel leader, until finally they came to a dirt path. As they, cautiously, followed the path, the hunters noticed that the upcoming trees were becoming more and more lifeless. The bushes were dry and brittle and no other forms of plant life existed- other than the bare trees and extremely flammable skeleton bushes.

Finally, Cas led them to the 'heart' of the forest. The deserted cemetery spread out ahead of them, filled with very small headstones upon dead grass and dirt patches. It looked as if people had stopped burying the deceased in the yard hundreds of years ago and was completely neglected ever since.

"Nice digs." Dean muttered, sarcastically, as he scoped their surroundings.

"No one has been buried here since the early 1800s." Cas revealed, staring ahead at four people standing side by side.

The others recognized Markus and Willow, the water and earth elements, and figured the other two were wind and fire.

"Elena." Cas greeted, nodding. "I'm glad to see you were able to find a new vessel strong enough to detain your essence."

The fire element, smiled modestly, and blushed. It was clear she had a thing for the blue eyed, trench coat wearing angel. The vessel's cheeks flushed with the color of her true element, fire, as she looked down and swayed sweetly.

"I, uh, assume the storm is effective in slowing William and his men down?" he asked, clearing his throat, loudly.

"Yes, but it doesn't seem to be slowing him down enough." Willow interceded, "He'll be here very, very soon. We have at least an hour."

"That's good." Cas assured her, "I'll have enough time to sneak into Heaven and retrieve Lucifer's Sword."

"The angel killing blade?" Sunny asked, curiously. "That's what it's called? Lucifer's sword?"

She had never known that, she only just referred to it as the angel killing blade.*

"Yes." Willow nodded, slowly, clearly annoyed at the human's ignorance.

The earth element shifted her eyes to Dean and gave him a bold smile, causing him to flush and look away- since his fiance was standing right there. Sam caught on and rolled his eyes, here we go again. He was lucky Sunny was there otherwise Sam would've ripped into him, hard this time. His older brother was real damn lucky to still have his love by his side while Roxie was gone forever.

Sunny narrowed her eyes at Willow, then switched it to Dean, crossing her arm in front of her chest. He just shook his head and shrugged, signing he had no idea what that was about between him and Willow. Rolling her eyes, she sighed and continued to listen to Cas talk.

"If my assumptions are correct, the archangels will be standing behind the gate, waiting for William to arrive." Cas continued, looking intently at the four elements before him. "You four are to wait here and protect these hunters at all cost."

Three of them nodded, in agreement, but Willow just stared, looking at Dean in the corner of her eye. Sunny could feel the tension radiating off of Dean and just knew there was something going on with the earth element. This infuriated her further, knowing this...thing had the nerve to openly yet secretly flirt with her man, her fiance, and not even consider the fact that his woman was right there. She didn't trust Willow with her life and as for Dean, she decided to play the game too.

"I know Markus won't let anything happen to me- er- us." she chimed, giggling at her 'mistake'.

Dean's face dropped at this and he cleared his throat, loudly, as he stepped closer to his bride-to-be-someday. She let him wrap his arm around her and gave Willow a subtle sneer as the element looked on.

Cas turned to the hunters and inhaled, sharply.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." he promised, "I just hope the weapon storage area isn't too heavily guarded. If it's being watched by angels who joined me before, there's a chance they'll let me take the sword."

"Here's hoping, Cas." Sunny sighed, pulling away from Dean and giving Cas a tight hug. "Be careful, okay? I...I don't know what I'll do if anything happens to you. I love you, Cas."

The angel felt his vessel stiffen at the words he had never heard from a human's mouth before- at least not to him, personally. He found himself conflicted but he knew she didn't mean she loved him like she loved Dean but rather like she loved Sam. He knew the difference after spending so much time with the mortal hunters and being accepted by them as family. He realized, he too would be stricken with grief if he lost his friends during the battle.

He awkwardly pulled back and gave her an appreciative nod before looking to Dean then Sam. Then, he was gone.

A whoosh of breath escaped Sunny's lungs, her body shook under her skin and she felt her emotions acting up again as the fear of losing Cas consumed her. She turned to Dean, tears lining her lashes and slid her arms around his neck, tightly..

"Dean..." she whimpered, "What if...what if we lose him?"

Dean sighed in her hair before kissing her head and rubbing her back, vigorously. He loved Cas like family and wouldn't hesitate to do anything for the angel- for he had done so much for them, including turning his back on his true family, risking his own existence and the wrath of God, supposedly. He knew the angel wasn't used to thinking for himself or doing things his own way- being an angel who always took orders and never asked questions- so he knew the poor guy was probably just as scared as they were. Maybe more.

"I...I honestly don't know." he replied, truthfully.

He could feel his own emotions beginning to erupt but swallowed them back. He had to be strong. For Sunshine. For Sam. For his son, Munro. He wasn't going to break this time. He was not going to lose his family, anyone who'd threaten them would go through him first. That was the Dean Winchester way. Period.

Sam watched the couple embrace, Sunny sniffled against his older brother's shoulder, and he couldn't help but stop being angry at Dean... and Sunny, too. He just couldn't see her lying about Roxie's death or hiding something from his brother and him. He realized, he had let his grief and anger take over too much of his sanity and decided Sunny was telling the truth. He felt some of the weight lift off his shoulders and suddenly, he could kind of breathe again.

"What do we do in the meantime?" Sam asked, questioning nobody in particular.

"We wait." Dean replied, his expression grim.

Sam nodded, solemnly. The elements began to walk toward the shaken the hunters, in hopes of cheering them up. Markus was the first to speak.

"How've you guys been dealing?" he asked Sunny and Dean, his eyes were sympathetic.

"We're, uh, doing much better." Sunny nodded, after releasing Dean and turning around to face the friend.

"Uh, yeah, yeah- No, we're getting there." Dean added, trying to be a part of the conversation.

He still had that lingering jealousy of the water element, since the incident at the beach.

"Good, good." Markus smiled down at the brunette, then up at her fiance. "I'm glad to hear that. I remember how...upset you both were- during the time we met."

"Yeah." Sunny said, looking down.

"Anyway," he chirped up, motioning to the other two elements. "This is Elena, as you know, the fire element. And that there is Blaine, the wind element."

Blaine waved, giving the hunters a small smirk and receiving a nod in return from the group. He had light brown hair, cut short, and piercing gray eyes. His clothes were baggy and samurai-like. Around his neck was a charm necklace with a white orb and strapped around his shoulder was a long sword- fitted inside its holster.

Suddenly, Elena's eyes shot wide open in fear.

"Oh no..." she hushed, sharply, and looked to Markus. "He's getting closer...fast."

"What?" Willow cried, "How? He was just miles away...our storm should be keeping him from going any faster..." she trailed off as she, too, began to feel William's presence getting stronger.

"Well, what do we do?" Sunny demanded, "How long until he gets here?"

"Definitely sooner than an hour." Markus replied, concentrating on the demi-God's power as it grew with each step closer to his destination.

"We're just gonna have to pray Cas gets back in time." Elena said, "Otherwise, we won't make it through the first two minutes of his arrival."

"She's right," Blaine added, "We need that blade- it's our only shot."

"And we gotta stab him with it before he enters Heaven." Willow pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest. "It'll be the only time he's vulnerable to attack."

Sunny looked at Dean, his hazel eyes refused to falter as he gave her a reassuring nod and took her hand in his.

"We'll be alright, Sunshine." he promised, "Cas'll get here with the blade, before Will does, and we'll kill that sonuvabitch."

He smirked, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and planting a kiss on her forehead. As he rested his chin on her head, he prayed he could keep that promise. He didn't want to let her and Sam and everyone else down again. Not like he had been for the past few years. He needed this to go as planned so he could finally feel like he did something right. So he could feel like Sunny's hero again and be someone his brother could look up to again- figuratively speaking.

Castiel stood in a different forest, alone, looking up at the sky. No sounds could be heard, not even wind, as he prayed to one of his brothers- an angel who didn't partake in anything his family organized. A lone angel who only went by his own set of rules and took to himself for the most part.

"Balthazar," Cas prayed aloud, "I need your help. It's urgent. Please."

Cas waited in silence until he decided his brother wasn't going to respond, when suddenly he felt a presence.

"Cassie." a voice greeted, in amusement.

Cas turned to find his brother, Balthazar, smiling at him.

"It's been too long, baby brother." he added, his eyes twinkling.

"Balthazar...you came." Cas acknowledged, sighing. "I don't have much time..."

"Yeah, yeah I know; big battle on the horizon, very exciting," Balthazar quipped. "Except you forget, I'm not one to pick sides...especially not the losing side."

"I'm aware of that, Balthazar." Cas nodded, "But I'm not asking you to join me in the fight."

Balthazar narrowed his eyes in confusion at the blue-eyed angel and took a step closer.

"Then what do you want?" he asked, his voice low.

"I need to get Lucifer's Sword from the weapon's artillery." Cas answered, "But I can't get it without being attacked by the archangels guarding it."

"Ahh, you want me to sneak past them and retrieve it for you, eh?" Balthazar smirked, arching a brow.

"Yes, they won't question you if you go in." Cas said. "You're known for your disposition within the family- that you're out for yourself...they won't suspect that you're helping me."

Balthazar stared at Cas for a moment, observing him and realizing his brother was desperate to win this war against the demi-god, William. Despite how powerful the guy was, how ruthless, he could see Cas wanted to do what it took to avoid the Winchester offspring from having to fight. Though, Balthazar refused to get involved with the situation, he was aware of what was going down; Cas' betrayal against his family, the Winchester child being taken to fight against the once banished, then released, demi-god, who wanted to rule Heaven, he knew everything.

"You know, Cas, this isn't just another apocalypse." he pointed out, shaking his head. "This is THE apocalypse to end all apocalypses. William wins...Heaven loses. William loses...Heaven still loses. Either way, with God M.I.A, we're all pretty much screwed."

"That's not true." Cas argued, "If William loses, the angels won't be forced out, Lucifer won't be released and Earth will remain in one piece, as will our home."

"Why do you care so much about the humans, anyway, Cas?" Balthazar demanded, squinting in confusion. "I mean, really...? One way or another, they're going to die and there's nothing anyone can do about it. If they happen to die a little sooner than destiny intended, than so what? Why not just go deep underground and wait it all out? Stay out of the loop for once, Cas."

"They're my friends." Cas said, looking up from the ground and into Balthazar's eyes.

With a defeated sigh, Balthazar shook his head. He couldn't believe the words that were going to come out of his mouth.

"Fine." he gave in, "I'll get the stupid sword for you..."

"Thank you, Balthazar." Cas sighed, relieved.

"But you have to do something for me in return." Balthazar added, his eyes lit up mischievously.

Back at the Cemetery, time was running out for the hunters as the elements began feeling William get closer and closer to them. Sam, Dean and Sunny pulled out their weapons and continuously looked around for any type of sudden movements. By the way the elements were acting, they feared the demi-God would appear at any time, and without Cas and the angel killing blade, they knew they didn't stand a chance.

Cas finally appeared with the blade and automatically felt William's presence nearing.

"He's approaching fast." Cas stated, looking around intensely. "And the storm is dying down."

"We couldn't hold it for much longer." Willow told him, "We're still one element short, since William stole Elena's powers."

"He'll be here any minute." Cas realized, turning to the hunters. "I don't need to remind you of the risks..." he trailed off.

"We know, Cas." Dean nodded, inhaling sharply. "We're in this until the end."

"Together." Sunny added, smiling weakly.

"How sweet." William's voice creeped from behind them. "You came to see the show."

The blue eyed demi-god smiled, standing just feet away, with his arms crossed. Nicolai stood beside him, a smirk played on his lips as he stared at the group. Four demons stood behind them, their eyes black, with twisted scowls on their faces.

"No." Castiel replied, moving to stand in front of the hunters, the blade hidden in his coat's sleeve. "We're here to stop you from entering Heaven."

"Oh, you're gonna stop me, are you?" William scoffed, dryly. "That's cute but I don't have time for playing around. I have a previous engagement to uphold..."

He looked at Sunny as he referred to the fight with her and Dean's son. She glared at him with pure loathing and snorted. As he continued to look at her, his facial expression changed from taunting to pure interest.

"Well, well..." he chuckled, "This is new- I would've noticed before..."

They all looked at him in confusion, not having the slightest idea what he was talking about. Sunny exhaled, heavily, knowing exactly what he saw. He could see her soul was tagged by a resident of Hell.

"Who's got you on lay-away, Sunshine?" he asked, curling his lip up into an amused smirk.

Dean shifted his eyes from the demi-god to Sunny, furrowing his brows in utter oblivion.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she demanded, playing the innocent card.

It was obvious to William that she hadn't told her precious boyfriend or anyone else about her deal. He could see she was terrified of them knowing about it and as much as he would've loved to pick that subject apart,- and cause tension between her and the others- he only had so much time to get through the Gates before they moved again.

"Whatever." he muttered, taking a step forward. "If you wanna fight, then be my guest. Nicolai and the boys will be more than happy to oblige. I, on the other hand, have much bigger fish to fry."

Markus and Blaine went to defend the ritual site but William used his godlike powers to keep all four of them still, then sent a string of fire around them that swallowed them whole then disappeared. The hunters watched, wide eyed, as the elements disappeared with the flames while William began to move around the group. Cas stepped in front of him, again, glowering at the demi-god, determined to keep him away from the Gates.

"Not before going through me...buddy." the angel refused, awkwardly using a term he had heard Sunny and Dean use- sarcastically- when dealing with others who weren't actually buddies of theirs. He didn't actually understand sarcasm fully but for some reason, it felt right saying it this time.

He received an amused look from William, giving Cas the opportunity to slip out the blade and prepare to thrust it in William's chest. Before he could drop his arm to stab the demi-god, though, his body froze in place and the blade fell from his hand. Cas looked up at William's now glowing, white eyes and struggled to break free of the paralysis, with no success. Suddenly, the angel was thrown to the side and rolled through a thick bush before crashing into the stump of a dead tree.

"Cas!" Sunny called, moving to aid the angel but was interceded by a demon, who moved lightening quick and punched her in the face.

Dean was attacked next, before Sunny even hit the ground, receiving a drop kick to his lower back and dropping to his knee. His gun was ripped from his grip and tossed somewhere in the brush. Sam dodged a sucker punch from the third demon, and rushed over to his brother to help him up. Sunny climbed back on her feet, to find her assaulting demon, circling her. Somehow, she had been separated from Dean and knew if she ran for him, the demon would catch her first. She held onto her wrist daggers, tightly, awaiting the demons next attack.

Her eyes stayed glued to the demon's inky ones, as it shifted back and forth, preparing to lunge. The demon Sam previously dodged, came up behind the taller hunter- wrapping its arms around his shoulders- and heaved him away from Dean, who clumsily found his way back on his feet. He looked around for Sunny and realized how far she away from him she was then saw the demon closing in on her. The second demon snuck up behind him and before the hunter could go to his fiance, he endured another assault- this time in the face by a hard fist.

Infuriated by the second sneak attack, Dean reached into the back of his jeans and pulled out another gun; the Colt. He waited for the demon to approach again, listening for footsteps to indicate where it was coming from. When he heard a twig snap beside him, he quickly stood up and pointed it at the demon's face, shooting it in the forehead. The demon's host body began to flicker orange light until it finally fell to the ground, dead.

Staring down at it, Dean sighed heavily, and looked back up to where Sunny was fighting off her demon. It had knocked her down, again, using its super speed, and she was now crawling backwards to get away from it. It rushed forward at her but she used her foot to stop it from getting too close- planting it in its stomach as it jumped on top of her.

"You're a pretty one, aren't you?" the demon hissed, leaning closer to her face but keeping a safe distance from her blades- that she held up in an X as a shield. "Damian's one lucky bastard."

She whimpered as its weight on her became too heavy to hold up. She tried to kick at the ground to get away but the demon held her by her thighs, brutally squeezing her. She closed her eyes and waited for pain the demon would soon be inflicting upon her but instead, she heard a gun shot and the weight of the demon was lifted. Breathing fast, she opened her eyes and saw Dean standing over her, the demon's 'body' lay lifeless on the ground next to her.

She wondered if he heard what the demon said to her about Damian but instantly blew it off when she saw Sam struggling with the last two demons. Dean pulled her up and immediately ran over to his brother, shooting the first demon and killing it- after it socked Sam in the jaw. The demon holding Sam down hissed in anger and let the dark haired hunter drop to his knees- he had taken a pretty severe beating prior to Dean's chivalry.

The demon lunged at Dean, who jumped back and evaded the attack then shot the demon in the heart before it could attack again. It flickered as it slumped to the ground and died, instantly. Sunny helped Sam to his feet, struggling under his weight and height. Despite her efforts, the gigantic Winchester brother still remained hunched over in pain and dizziness.

Dean glanced at his brother and fiance before looking over at Nicolai, who watched the whole thing with a smile. The hunter aimed the Colt at the smirking super human and pulled the trigger. The bullet hurled toward the man in black, who didn't even flinch, and entered his body, penetrating his suit and dress shirt.

To Dean's dismay, the man didn't collapse in pain or flicker from the inside; he wasn't at all phased. Instead, the round bullet forced its way back out of Nicolai's body and dropped to the ground at his feet. With a heaving sigh of aggravation, Dean lowered the gun and stared Nicolai in the eye as the super human villain walked towards him, intimidatingly.

Dean stood his ground, swallowing hard, as Nicolai closed the space between them- his eyes boring into the hunters evilly, his smile still pasted on his face.

"Did you really thing that toy would hurt me?" Nicolai asked, amused.

"Eh, more like 'prayed' it would." Dean chuckled, nervously but truthfully.

"Uh-huh." the dark haired man nodded, thoughtfully. "And where has praying gotten you thus far, Winchester?"

Dean caught William's image out of the corner of his eye and realized he was in the middle of summoning the Gates to open. He could barely make out the chant the demi-god was uttering as the wind picked up and the clouds departed, the sky began to brighten above them. He shifted his eyes back to Nicolai just in time to be swatted away with a single wave of Nicolai's hand. He slammed, backwards, into a wide tree and slowly slumped to the ground, groaning in pain.

Sunny gasped, softly, at the sight then continued to rouse Sam from his semi-unconsciousness. Cas crawled from the bare bushes and made his way towards the blade he dropped, to recover it. It was at least ten feet away from him but may as well be miles since Nicolai was standing right in front of it. Fortunately, the super powered man's focus was on Dean, who was struggling to get back on his feet after the harsh assault he endured from the tree. Cas took the opportunity to teleport behind Nicolai and reached for the weapon, just to have it kicked away from him.

Cas looked up to find Nicolai smiling down at him then took a kick to his face. It didn't prove harmful to the angel but the impact sent him rolling into another set of bushes. Nicolai chuckled at Cas' rolling form but was cut off when Dean hit him with a thick, long branch- cracking it in half over his back. Nicolai fell forward, his slicked hair coming undone over his face as he regained his balance. He turned, swiftly, in Dean's direction and scowled for the first time since arriving.

Dean raised his brows and chuckled, nervously, as he backed away; dropping the remains of the branch as Nicolai stomped over to him. Sunny stood up and rushed over to gain Nicolai's attention and take the focus off Dean, baring her blades as she closed in on him. She swiped at the assailant, leaving a long, deep slash on the side of neck and achieving his attention. He turned his head and glared at her, black liquid pouring from his wound.

Suddenly, the cut closed, leaving no sign he was ever wounded. The anger on his face, however, didn't change as he switched direction and walked towards her. She backed away, whimpering as she bumped into a tree, trapped. He closed the gap between them and lifted his arm to backhand her but before he could unleash the attack, he let out a loud yell and fell to his knees in front of her.

Bewildered, Sunny looked up from him and found her uncle standing a few feet away from them, his arm outstretched and his hand held up. Sunny side-stepped away from Nicolai and quickly made her way to Dean, who held her close against him, sighing in relief. Sam regained his stature and joined the couple, coughing and wheezing softly as he bit back the lingering pain in his abdomen and his jaw.

"You okay, Sammy?" Dean asked, inspecting his brother's face for visibly broken bones but only seeing bruises and cuts.

"Yeah." Sam replied, breathing hard, "I'll be fine."

"Sorry, I'm late, gang." Tom spoke, approaching the group. "Had to do a little last minute training...I, uh, lost track of time."

"Did you lose track of your cellphone, as well?" Sunny demanded, resting her temple against Dean's chest as she spoke.

"Had to get rid of it, actually." her uncle stated, looking on as Nicolai began to climb back to his feet.

"Better late than never, I guess." Dean added, tilting his head to the side and shrugging.

Nicolai stood up and angrily turned to Tom, who held a proud smirk on his face.

"Tom Thornhart." he laughed, slicking his long dark hair back in place. "Long time no see."

"Not long enough, trust me." Tom countered, cracking his knuckles as he positioned himself to fight.

"Might I recall the last time we fought?" Nicolai sighed, looking up. "Good times."

"You tried to kill me and steal my powers." Tom reminded him.

"I proved unsuccessful then..." Nicolai smiled, "Luck had been on your side...but this time, it won't be."

With that, Nicolai threw a deadly ball of fire at Tom. It hurtled toward the patriarch, who stood still and folded his hands in front of him as the ball blasted into an invisible force field. Nicolai stared in surprise for a second but recovered and and chuckled, softly, at the discovery. Tom smiled and shook his head in mock-disappointment.

"After all these years, you'd think your powers would've gotten stronger not weaker." he taunted. "Do you even have a force field?"

"Never needed one." Nicolai quipped, his pride covering his worry of losing.

Suddenly, Tom used super speed to appear behind Nicolai and pressed his hand on the back of the man's neck. Nicolai screamed in pain and his eyes turned white. Tom grimaced as Nicolai's power began to merge with his own, leaving the once intimidating, powerful superhuman an average, powerless man.

Tom pulled his hand back as Nicolai fell to his knees, no longer possessing any powers, and stared passed the forest in shock and horror. Without a second to waste, Tom pulled out a pistol and shot Nicolai in the head, killing him. The hunters looked on at the scene and flinched as Nicolai's lifeless body landed fully on the ground with a thud. Normally they were against killing humans but this guy was the ultimate exception; first, putting a pregnant Sunny into a coma for William to steal the baby's power and kill them both. Then, for stealing Roxie's god given powers to break William out of his prison. Lastly, for almost killing them during this fight.

Sam noticed Cas in the bushes and rushed to help the angel up. He lifted Cas up and hefted his arm around his shoulder to help him walk.

"The blade..." Cas pointed to the weapon, where Nicolai kicked it. "We must obtain it and kill William before he finishes the ritual."

"Got it." Sam breathed, sitting the angel against the base of a tree and making a break for the blade.

He scooped it up and looked over at William. The demi-god had his arms outstretched and lifted high over his head as he yelled in Latin, the sky was getting brighter and the wind whipped around him in all directions, stinging any bare skin and making his eyes tear. In front of William, an outline of a door began to flicker and crackle- Sam assumed it was a portal or 'the Gate' leading into Heaven. Without another thought, the taller Winchester ran over to him and prepared the blade for insertion.

He was merely inches away when his body suddenly stopped mid step and paralysis took over. Without turning, William chuckled and shook his head,

"Nice try, Winchester." he mused, before continuing the ritual chant.

Sam grunted, struggling against William's hold as the blade fell from his hand. Blood trickled from his nose and sweat dampened his forehead from William's evil power consuming and trapping his body. Cas appeared behind Sam and placed two fingers on his shoulder, releasing the hunter from the paralysis. Sam nodded his thanks and quickly retreated to let Cas have a try at killing the demi-god.

Cas picked up the blade and proceeded toward William, retracting his arm as he came closer to his back. He stopped suddenly when he realized the ritual was complete and the Gates were beginning to open in front of him.

"No..." he whispered, harshly. "We're too late!"

Suddenly, a bright white light washed over the area- and the hunters- as a large opening began to grow before William, who laughed in triumph. They all closed their eyes due to the stinging of the powerful light and were forced to wait until the light finally died down. They, cautiously, opened their eyes to find the gates fully opened and glowing with William looking back at them, smiling.

"You might wanna step back a bit," he warned, "The next few minutes is going to be pretty brutal."

The three hunters and rogue angel didn't move, they couldn't decide if they were paralyzed from fear or if they were too stubborn to retreat- even when they were clearly losing. They were finally shaken awake when a loud, thunderous wave sounded and William was hurtled backwards violently.

The impact sent the hunters flying backward as something sped by by them and hit William again. The hunters shielded their eyes from the strong gust that send dirt and leaves whipping at their faces. Castiel stood up, immediately, and looked on at William with wide, fearful eyes.

"It's him..." Cas gasped, softly, turning to Dean and Sunny. "Munro is fighting William."

The parents stared up at Cas, stunned and speechless, with big eyes, breathing shakily and fast.

"What? Right now?" Sunny questioned, climbing to her feet, using Dean's shoulder for leverage.

Dean remained on the ground, looking down in defeat as he worried for his son's life. He still didn't know what happened to angels when they die and it terrified him that his son could lose the war and the world would end in ruin and bloodshed.

"There's gotta be something else we can do." Sam said, standing beside Sunny. "Cas? What can we do?"

"It's too late, Sam." Cas admitted, shaking his head. "All we can do now is...wait. Wait for the battle to end...and pray it ends with Munro defeating William."

"No." Sam argued, "I can't just sit back and wait, there's gotta be a way to help Munro kill this guy. Maybe we can distract William, get him to trip up or something."

"If we intercede, the archangels will kill us all." Cas replied, grimly.

"You know what...let them try." Sam shrugged, tired of feeling helpless and useless. "That's m brother's son and my nephew out there risking his life to save ours so...I'm gonna risk mine, helping him."

Dean looked up at Sam and swallowed hard, the lump increasing as he listened to his little brother's desperate words, feeling his need to fight beside his family, his blood. It touched him that Sam cared and loved Munro as much as he and Sunny did. He fought back forming tears and pulled himself to his feet to stand between his brother and his woman.

"I'm with you, Sammy." Dean agreed, "I don't care what it takes, I'm not letting my son fight alone."

Dean took Sunny's hand and walked past Cas, Sam trailing close behind. Pure anger and determination fueled the hunters' path to their stolen family piece, neither knew what in the world they were about to do or how they were going to do it but they were blinded by their sudden burst of courage. They marched to where William had Munro by the throat, about to send a powerful ball of who-knew-what into his body.

Suddenly, the demi-god was hit by a rock, right on his head, causing him to break his focus and turn toward the hunters. He saw Sunny smirking and assumed it had been her who threw the stone and quickly threw the ball in their direction.

It missed them by a few feet but they wouldn't let that scare them off. Munro managed to slip out of William's grasp, making the villain growl in frustration.

"Back off, hunters!" he hollered, moving to use his paralysis on them but their angel son hit him with a ray of burning power.

The heat of the ray began to melt William's skin, making it break out and crack. His eyes started to glow red with anger and he screamed loudly as he charged at his enemy again. William followed Munro up into the air and the two exchanged blows, kicks, energy balls and more. They kept managing to evade each others power surges and only enduring physical attacks until finally William threw Munro to the ground.

The young angel hit the ground, leaving a deep trench as he slid about 25 yards- breaking down trees and rooting bushes in the process.

"N-" was all Sunny could make out as she started for her son's seemingly lifeless form buried in the dirt.

Dean attempted to hold her back, in case William decided to finish the job with a bang but she slipped from his grasp and quickly made her way to the fallen angel. Sam and Dean followed close behind, coughing as dust filled the air around the site.

Sunny dropped to her knees and immediately began digging Munro out, pushing past pounds of soil to get to her son's face. When she finally uncovered her offspring's face, she realized he was unconscious. Not knowing what else to do, she caressed his cheek and tried to wake him up.

"Hey..." she whimpered, patting him softly. "Hey, you gotta wake up, sweetie...it can't end like this, please."

Sam and Dean stopped, suddenly, upon seeing the youngest Winchester laying motionless in the ground, unresponsive to his mother's beckoning. He looked defeated, weak, drained. It was more than Dean could take as tears began to fall from his widened eyes. Sunny began shaking Munro's shoulder, pleading for him to wake up, but he remained quiet and unconscious.

"I suggest you fools move out of the way." William's voice boomed above them. "I'm about to bring new meaning to the words 'big bang'...This will be the beginning of a whole new world."

Sunny didn't even look up at the threatening soon-to-be new God, her focus stayed on her son and trying to get him to wake. She couldn't let herself believe it was over and he was gone forever, she couldn't let herself let go of everything she had done to get to this point in her life. She looked up at the sky as tears streamed down her face.

"Please." she prayed, closing her eyes as she whispered up at the cloudless, bright blue sky. "Please wake up."

"Have it your way, hunters." William called, as he raised his arm and summoned a huge ball of fire and readied to hurtle it down to earth and finish the battle.

Sam and Dean glanced at one another, guilt and fear swelling in their eyes as they sighed, heavily and shakily. This wasn't what Dean wanted for his little brother, it never was. He always knew he was doomed to live his life hunting monsters and living out of motel rooms, never having that option to walk away and live a normal life but Sammy...he had once been given that chance when he left home to go to college. He had almost made it out and Dean had pulled him right back into it.

Dean had never forgiven himself for dragging Sam back into the hunting life and somehow, Sam knew this.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Sammy." Dean rasped, looking down. "I should have never gone back to get you...I shoulda left you alone, dealt with things myself...Everything that's happened...is because of me."

"No, Dean." Sam insisted, shaking his head. "I wanted back in. None of this is your fault- none of it. You're a damn good brother and an even better father than ours ever was."

Dean smiled, weakly, and chuckled softly in modesty during the chick flick moment that would apparently be their last.

"Thanks, Sam." he said, looking into his brother's eyes. "I mean it...not just for, y'know this... but for everything. What you said earlier about helping your nephew...that was..uh...well, thanks."

"No, problem, Dean." Sam chuckled, knowing how his brother hated those moments of the intimate variety.

The ground began to quake as William's fire ball became bigger and hotter. Dean kneeled behind Sunny and slid his arms around her waist, hooking his fingers together against her stomach as she cried. Realizing that he wasn't getting up and they were about to perish within William's humongous fire ball, she leaned in and gave her son a kiss on his forehead. As she rose, a single tear landed on his face and slid down the apple of his cheek. Sunny turned towards Dean and wrapped her arms around his neck, tightly, bracing herself for her ultimate death. Sam crouched beside his brother and rested his hand on his shoulder, giving Sunny a smile.

"Dean." she whispered, biting her bottom lip.

"Yeah, baby?" he whispered in reply.

"I'm scared."

He looked over her shoulder, into space, as he held her close, her words hitting him hard in his heart. He kissed her shoulder then pulled her away enough to kiss her lips, passionately. She returned the kiss and suddenly felt a growing sensation in her belly. She figured it was fear and anxiety from being seconds away from being blown into pieces mixed with her love and dedication to Dean- as well as losing him and Sam- but it became stronger and stronger with every movement of hers and Deans lips pressing together. She didn't realize Dean was feeling the same sensation inside him, as well.

Suddenly, the two hunters began to radiate blasting heat while a bright light surrounded them and the wind swirled around them. Sam watched in confusion and worry as his brother and 'sister in law' were engulfed in an aura that made them glow.

"Uhh, guys?" he stammered, realization they were burning the air surrounding them after trying to reach out and touch them.

When the two finally parted, the realized they were vibrating and radiating tremendous power. They looked around, freaking out, and grasping onto each other.

"Dean, what's going on?" she asked, gripping onto his shoulders, tightly.

"How the hell should I know?" he demanded, his voice cracking.

"Guys!" Sam tried again, finally grabbing the attention, as he pointed to Munro.

The parents turned to look and saw their son was glowing white. Stunned they stared in disbelief, trying to figure out what in the world of fuck was going on. Up in the sky, William decided his ball of fire was finally ready to be unleashed and whipped it toward the earth. The ground began to quake more violently as the ball neared its destination and the three hunters shielded their eyes, preparing to die- Sunny hid her face in Dean's chest as he and Sam used their forearms to cover their eyes.

They waited for pain, death, anything for moments- which felt more like hours- but nothing happened. The brothers worked up the courage to open their eyes and figure out what was happening and discovered Munro's body was gone and William was no longer in the sky, above them.

Sunny pulled away from Dean and looked around, also, only to find Castiel standing behind Dean.

"H-hey..." Dean hushed, shaking her shoulder to get her attention.

She followed his gaze and found William standing behind her, he had a twisted, shocked expression as his hair fell limp all over his face. Sunny saw that something was sticking out of his chest and realized Munro was behind the demi-god. William fell to his knees then landed face down on the ground, the angel killing blade lodged in his back.

After staring down at his fallen enemy, Munro looked up at his parents and began to walk toward them.

"He won." Cas said, almost sounding surprised. "William is dead."

"Th-that's it?" Sunny asked, hopefully, "It's over?"

"Yes, Sunshine." Cas smiled, relieved. "The war is over and the threat is diminished."

Munro stopped in front of his parents and watched as they all stood up. Neither was sure of what to say, they were still in shock and confused as all hell.

"I knew you could do it, sweetie." Sunny finally said, hesitantly hugging her son and sniffling. "You saved us all...the whole world and Heaven...you're a hero, honey."

"No." he whispered, standing back to look her in the eye. "It was you. You and my father, your love for one another is so powerful- you're true soul mates. That's why I was needed to fight the former God William."

"That's what all that weird crap was?" Dean asked, exhaling sharply. "The heat and weird fuzzy feelings?"

"Yes." Cas stepped in. "It's very, very powerful but also extremely rare. I didn't even recognize it and I'm an angel of the Lord. It is indeed, God given and very special."

"So...the whole soul mates deal...it actually exists?" Sam asked, incredulously, automatically thinking of Roxie.

"It does." Munro replied, nodding. "But like Cas said, it's very rare; only few people in the world end up with their destined partner."

Sam looked down, deep in thought, and wondered if he and Roxie were soul mates and if not, who were their real soul mate? Sunny looked up at Dean and smirked, causing him to mirror the gesture.

"We're soul mates." he teased, nudging her shoulder with his. "That's awesome."

She giggled and nudged him back before looking to her son and frowning.

"So...what do we do now?" she asked, her eyes became sad.

"We return to Heaven." Cas answered, standing beside Munro, who looked disheartened.

"Really?" Dean demanded, "Th...that's it? You're just gonna...leave?"

"We must." Cas told them, "We must restore order in Heaven and address those who have betrayed God's will."

"Right..." Sunny nodded, "The angels who faked this whole prophecy...they're going to be punished? Like, severely?"

"Unfortunately, it is not up to angel to punish...that's God job." Cas revealed, "It's 'God's Wrath' not 'Castiel's Wrath."

His attempt at a joke was rewarded with light chuckles and the angel was actually proud of that.

"Well, will we ever see you again?" Sunny questioned, her hopeful eyes searching Cas'. "And what about our son? I mean, is this the last we're ever going to see of him?"

"I promise you, Sunshine, Dean, you will see Munro a lot sooner than you think." Cas promised, smiling softly.

"What's that mean?" Dean demanded, confused. "Is he gonna visit us from time to time? Coz' that's be really awesome. We may be able to play catch after all."

Tom came up from behind the group and cleared his throat loudly. The hunters looked back at him and nodded their thanks, in turn, he nodded back.

"This is your great uncle." Sunny introduced Munro to Tom.

Tom gaped at the angel warrior and smiled. Munro nodded and looked to Castiel before saying goodbye.

"I'll see you soon, mom. Dad." he said, "Uncle Sam." he smiled.

Sam looked up and smiled back, his heart fluttering at the sound of his nephew addressing him as uncle Sam- it was unreal.

Then, they were gone- leaving the hunters to breathe in relief and let what had happened sink in and settle in their minds. They had survived another apocalypse and walked away in one piece, despite convincing themselves prior to the fight that they were most likely going to die. They had managed to surprise themselves yet again and were now ready to start living again.

Tom went his separate way and the trio checked into a motel room for the remainder of the night. The only thing they had the motivation to do at that point was sleep and start fresh in the morning, as best as they could anyway. They were still a long way from healing after the last two years and now Roxie's death but almost dying had opened their eyes and made them realize that life is too short, too precious to dwell on the bad things and be depressed all the time.

But now that the worst was over, Sunny had no choice but to think about the deal she made with Damian. She had 5 years left on Earth, with Dean, and it haunted her. Guilt of hiding it from Dean ate at her from inside and she hated herself for lying to him and Sam, both. She had no idea how she was supposed to break the news or when she should either.

She decided to hold off on telling the truth and just try to live what little time she had left with Dean without stressing him or hurting him.


Sunny unzipped her duffel bag and carefully placed her pistols and blades inside before packing her extra clothes on top of them. Her clothes bag was full so she was forced to stuff the rest of her clothes in her weapon bag.

Sam and Dean were out in the salvage yard, enjoying a cold beer and fixing up the Impala. They were getting ready to leave for Ohio where a job was waiting for them and once the car was ready, they'd be heading out of Bobby's and back on the road.

Sunny zipped her back closed and hefted it over her should as she turned for the bedroom door when she bumped into something solid.

"Cas?" she gasped, backing up quickly and glaring at him in shock. "What the hell?"

"Sorry." he apologized, blushing. "I didn't mean to-"

She didn't let him finish, her arms were around his neck before he could end the sentence. He stood, awkwardly, as she hugged him and waited for her to pull back before speaking to her.

"What's up?" she asked, "How's Munro and everything else in Heaven?"

"He's fine...Heaven is back to normal- more or less." he replied, shrugging a shoulder- a gesture he learned from Sunny.

"Okay, so what do I owe the pleasure of your random visit...after not seeing or hearing from you in a month?" she asked, muttering the last part under breath, rapidly.

"God." he answered, simply.

"God..." she echoed, nodding and furrowing her brows in confusion.

"He spoke to me- directly to me." the angel reported, "He came to me with a gift...for you."

Sunny slanted an eyebrow, incredulously, at Cas' news. She didn't know whether to be excited or terrified.

"Yeeeah, the last gift he gave me ended with me being a sappy, emotional mess." she recalled, flatly. "I haven't been the same since, Cas."

"I understand, Sunshine, but this is different." Cas assured her, "This was God, Himself, speaking to me and giving me something to give to you and Dean."

Sunny's eyes widened as she realized what that gift was but she let him go on.

"He's giving back what was taken from you." he revealed, "He's going to reincarnate Munro through your next child."

"Wha..." she breathed, "Wh-when?"

She felt her heart begin to beat faster and harder in her chest with anxiety. She couldn't get pregnant again, not now. Not after making a deal to go to Hell and be with Damian for eternity. How could she do that to Dean and their child? It was bad enough she had to betray Dean by not telling him- and when he does find out, he'll be so...hurt and broken up- but to bring a child into this world just to leave him without a mother in a few short years? That'd just made everything that much worse.

"As soon as possible, whenever you want." Cas answered, "Perhaps we should wait for Dean-"

"No!" she blurted, cutting him off. "Cas, I can't...I can't get pregnant again, not now- not ever."

Cas furrowed his brows at her in confusion and tilted his head. He thought she'd be happy to have a chance to get her son back- after everything she and Dean had been through- yet she was turning this chance away. Why?

"I don't understand." he said, shaking his head. "I thought this would be something you'd want."

"God, Cas, you have no idea how much I want it." she whispered, tears building in her eyes.

"Then what's wrong?" he asked, genuinely worried.

She sniffled and looked away, knowing she had to tell Cas the truth. She took a deep breath and looked into his deep blue eyes.

"In the future, where Roxie and I were sent by the angels..." she began, inhaling shakily, "Damian came to me and offered to bring me back...if-"

"If you made a deal." he finished, his eyes fixed on hers.

"You can't tell Dean, you can't tell anyone, what I did, Cas." she whispered, tears fell from her eyes. "You can't tell them about the deal I made and you can't tell Dean about what you came here for."

"Sunshine..." he started, trailing off.

"Promise me." she ordered, her eyes begging his. "Please."

After a moment, he sighed in defeat and nodded.

"I promise; I won't say anything to anyone." he agreed. "But, if you do change your mind..."

"I won't." she assured him, "I can't bring a child into this world knowing my time on this earth is running short. I can't do that to Munro and I can't do that to Dean."

"How long do you have?" he asked, looking down.

"4 years, 11 months." she replied, sniffling.

He nodded in understanding and looked at her with sorrow filled eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sunshine." he said, "I wish there was something I could do to help but...I can't."

"It's okay, Cas." she chuckled, "I dug my own grave...I don't need any help burying myself. You know, you never told us how you were able to get the blade from Heaven." she changed the subject.

"I asked an angel for help." he answered, absently, still fixed on her situation.

"Which angel?" she pressed.


"Neat." she nodded, forcing interest, anything to get her mind off of her deal.

"He wouldn't help me without receiving something in return, however." he admitted, awkwardly.

"Well, what did he want?" she asked, now interested for real.

"A date with Elena." he replied, mumbling.

"Aw, sucks." she chuckled, sympathetically. She knew Cas had the tinglies for the element, it must've felt awful having to set her up with his brother.

"Good bye, Sunshine." he smiled, weakly.

Cas gave her one last long look before disappearing. Sunny sniffled one last time before drying her eyes and collecting herself, it was almost time to hit the road and she didn't need Dean knowing she had been upset. She had to act like everything was okay and normal even though she was getting closer and closer to an eternity in Hell, with the son of Lucifer, with every heartbeat.

She picked up her duffel bag from the floor and swung it over her shoulder before heading out into the hallway, descending down the stairs, making her way through the kitchen, bidding goodbye to Bobby and meeting the guys outside at the car- with a fake smile on her face.

Knowing Dean was oblivious to everything she knew; the deal she made, selling her soul, refusing to take God's gift and give Munro the life he should've had...she knew if he learned all these secrets, he would never forgive her. He'd be hurt, angry, betrayed, maybe worse than she ever assumed. All she knew was, she had to make him as happy as possible before leaving him forever.

"Hey, sexy." Dean purred, pulling her against him by the belt loop of her jeans and kissing her, lustfully. "Ready to hit the road?"

"Always." she whispered, before returning the passionate kiss.


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As promised, here are some of my rough draft notes/ideas for Supernatural: My Soul To Take, the two-part trilogy to the Sunnyverse Series! They are considered spoilers so if you are not interested in knowing what to expect, then quickly scroll down this page right now and REVIEW! Even if you never have before and wanted to wait until the very last chapter, review what you thought about the whole story! It'll please me, tremendously! Thanks! Okay, here's your spoilers!

Supernatural: My Soul To Take, Part 1 is the third installment to the Sunnyverse Series following Her Blood Splattered Past, Cupid's Chokehold and The Gift. (Cupid's Chokehold isn't a full length story so wasn't given an actual place other than as a bonus feature.) In the first part of the drama/thriller, Sunshine Thornhart is, again, the focus of the story but won't take up the whole plot like the last two full length fics. Sam and *Roxie will take up as much 'screen time' as Sunny and Dean will.

Continuing where 'The Gift' left off, the reality of the deal Sunny made with Damian will begin to sink in and the petite huntress will literally become completely wrecked, emotionally. Meanwhile, Dean tries to be as affection and comforting as possible- to help her deal with her best friend, Roxie's, death. This will ultimately trigger the guilt she's hoarding over lying to her fiance' about what really happened in the year 2013 and how she was truly brought back to 2011. (Along with the secret she's keeping about God's gift that she turned down) Sam's struggle with dealing with the death of his beloved girlfriend, Roxie, drives him into the brink of 'almost insanity' as his suspicions of Sunny grow with her self-destructive behavior. Also, while Dean's not looking, Sunny will encounter her deal-holder, Damian- the son of Lucifer- several times and will learn something shocking about him and his past relationship with her. His revelation will cause her to become conflicted with her feelings. The blue-eyed angel, Castiel, plays a small role in this part of the story but will be more present in part 2 when the 'big, bad guy' arises. (A teaser for part 2 will be posted during the middle of part 1.)

Here's what to expect in Part One of My Soul To Take.

*Sunny's guilt causes her to behave self-destructively causing Sam to become suspicious and Dean to worry.

*Castiel will find Roxie, alive and well, but something will be very wrong with her.

*Sam will struggle with a stubborn Roxie but won't give up on her, causing her to become annoyed with him.

*Dean will struggle with Sunny's new attitude and will try to make her remember how much she means to him- and vice-versa- but his pushy attempts to make her feel loved only worsen her guilt. She'll continue to withdraw from him and out of frustration, he will lash out at her.

*Sunny is threatened by someone close to her and is given a heartbreaking ultimatum.

*Dean will make special plans for him and Sunny, prompting her to make a drastic decision.

*Cas will let a secret slip to Dean.

*Dean will find out something shocking about Sunny, that will devastate him.

That's all I can give you for now! I hope it gets you excited and wanting more because believe me there is sooo much more than just what's listed up there! SO. Much. More. Indeed! After a short break, I will post on my profile when I'm ready to post the first chapter! (Trust me, even the beginning will be exciting!) TTFN, Ta-ta for now!