Danny couldn't help it. Glancing at Steve, the Seal's hand massaging the side of his head, the Jersey native let out a chuckle.

"It's not funny," Steve snapped glaring at his partner.

"Oh, it's a little funny," Danny replied his right hand leaving the steering wheel. He gestured to McGarrett and said, "I mean, come on. How many times does that happen to people?"

"Weren't you the one who gave me a speech about how these things kill?"

"Yeah, if they fall on your head. But you… you had one practically thrown at you."

"It wasn't thrown. Morris swung one at me."

"That's even funnier," Danny said chuckling again.

"No it's not. I think I've got milk in my hair." Steve picked at his dark hair, his fingers coming away wet

"Yeah, because your hard head cracked the shell."

"We are never running after a perp in a coconut factory again."

"Funny, I thought you'd run after a perp anywhere. Especially without backup."

"Just drive, Williams," Steve grumbled rubbing his head again.

"Whatever you say, McGarrett," Danny replied smiling.

5-0 5-0 5-0

This popped into my head at the grocery store the other day. I saw a coconut and my muse was like 'What would happen if one of the boys were attacked by said item?' And that's where this was born. As always I own nothing, hope you enjoy, and leave a comment if you can :)

Oh, and the title is the scientific name for coconuts