Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Title: Unforgivable or forgotten?

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn if I did yaoi would have taken over the world by now. What a dream that'll be.

Summary: Tsuna hears something he wish he didn't. His father, Reborn, and Nono planned out for him to become Decimo. He never had a choice.

Plot: Tsuna hears a conversation between his father, Reborn, and Nono. They planned out for him to become Decimo, he never had a choice. After that, everything seems to go downhill. Slowly losing his trust in those around him, he runs away. Slowly, Tsuna started to reawaken a power that he forgot, he never knew, nobody else does. But with this power, things will go wrong, but for whom?

Chapter 1 – Who can I trust?

'Kyao or Nyo or Nya or Nao'-Nuts Speaking to Tsuna with their mental link.

"Insert speaking here"

'Looking at my thoughts'

*Please bare with me! It sounds a bit boring in the beginning but I promise IT will get a lot better! Cross my heart! And No Kuroshitsuji crossover, you'll understand what I mean later!

He was happy. Why? Because his grandpa was coming to visit after the whole Shimon incident. Well, half-way happy you could say. Another why? His dad.

Tsuna barely had a good relationship with him and after he found out that his dad had killed Enma's family… it was hard to look at the man. He could understand why he did it; he just wanted to protect him and Nana. But, to murder somebody else's family, that's what he couldn't cope with. Even though Reborn keeps telling him that it's just part of the mafia life, his life, he never wanted to understand it. It'll just destroy a part of who he is.

Well, right now he was riding in the limo to the Namimori Vongola HQ, with his guardians of course. If you can count Hibari lying on top of the car with his Hibird. Yeah, go figure. Yamamoto and Gokudera were having their usual argument, well but Tsuna could see it was lover's quarrel. Chrome and Mukuro, yes Mukuro, but that's another story for later. Well those two were having a silent conversation. Then he felt Mukuro's eyes on him. He quickly looked away as he felt shivers go through his body; he still wasn't use to his mist guardian's gaze.

Ryohei and Lambo were talking about the extreme flavors of candy. Weird.

Reborn was being Reborn, he was sleeping.

He couldn't help but sigh, but was quickly comforted by Nuts (Natsu) who was on his lap. Nuts is the only one who knew that something kept plaguing his mind. He's been having nightmares, but they seemed so life like. He would wake up in cold sweat and a small gasp would slip from his lips, with his eyes wide open staring at the ceiling. He would have thought Reborn would notice by now, but it seems he didn't. He was so grateful that he didn't, everyone needed a break. It's only been two weeks, since the whole incident, and he could tell everybody was exhausted, even Reborn.

He looked down and smiled when he saw Natsu was purring at his chest. He acted like a house cat sometimes, even though he's a baby lion cub.

'Are you okay, Tsu?'

'I'm fine Nuts, my body still healing, you know?'

'I'm not talking about that, but its good to know your healing okay, I'm saying about last night.'

Tsuna immediately frowned at that, his eyes losing a bit of their glow, not noticing that several pair of eyes looking at him strangely.

'…I don't want to talk about that right now Natsu… I'm still a little scared of what I dreamt last night, I really don't want to think about it, I want it to be the last thing on my mind.'

He curled Nuts with his arms and put him against his chest, as his he were a baby. Nuts could feel his Tsu's inner turmoil. So he purred again just to give him some comfort.

'We're in this together okay Tsu… I'll never leave your side… just promise me to tell me everything… I don't want to see you suffer.'

'Nuts, it's a promise, you stayed by my side this long, and okay I'll tell you, besides only you know everything so far, let's just make sure none of the others find out. '


Tsuna smiled at Nuts… and looked out the tinted window. They were already here. He must have been out of it for a while. He heard the car's door being opened. He couldn't help but gasp as he looked at the HQ; it was amazing combination of an Italian villa and traditional Japanese into one. They did an amazing remodeling job, the Sakura trees and flowers that surrounded it made it so astounding. He stepped out of the car, is feet met the ground and…

He almost collapsed.

But was quickly saved by Gokudera, who rushed out of the car to catch him in time. The others came rushing out too; they all surrounded him, all asking if he was okay. Tsuna just put a hand on his forehead; everything went dizzy for a moment. Gokudera put an arm around Tsuna's waist and put Tsuna's arm around his neck.

"Jyuudaime are you okay?" said the ever loyal right hand man.

"SAWADA are you alright!" screamed the extreme boxer.

"Boss are you hurt?" said in a quiet but worried tone.

"Bwahaha… Tsuna-nii fell!" laughed the 5-year old Bovino.

"Tsuna you okay?" said the rain guardian.

"Omnivore get up." said the ever happy cloud guardian. Not.

"Tsunayoshi are you alright?" said lastly the Mist guardian calmly.

Tsuna felt a bit wobbly on his feet so he was leaning his weight on Hayato. He couldn't help but be angry at himself, he was making them worried. Even Natsu was looking at him concerned, who landed on the ground.

"Baka-Tsuna take it easy, you're still recovering." The hitman finally speaks. "Reborn…," he winced, he closed his eyes, the sun was hurting his eyes. Then we felt another wave hit him. He was going to pass out at this rate. Then he felt shade cover him. He looked up and saw a umbrella-like-staff. "Are okay Boss?" Chrome gently asked. Tsuna couldn't help but smile, illusion's can be helpful. "Arigatou Chrome." She lightly blushed at the smile he was giving her, as she passed her staff-like-spear to him.

"What are all of you waiting for? Get Tsuna inside. Baka's." Reborn said frustrated. Tsuna saw the look in Reborn's eyes, as he was being set on his feet, it held anger and resentment. Tsuna couldn't help but feel guilty, he caused Reborn pain. He caused everybody pain. To suffer. If he was only stronger to-

"Calm down Tsuna." Reborn said. Tsuna looked up and there Reborn was on his head, looking down at him. "Mmm…", Reborn was right. He was pushing is body and mind beyond his limit. As they all walked to the huge front doors that held a beautiful craved design, there were men outside lined up neatly, orderly, making it look perfectly, paving the way to said front doors. An exact number on the right and left. Each were wearing identical suits, posture straight, and no emotion on their face. Not one was close to the other, but not to separate either. As they walked down, each Mafioso bowed waist low and stood back up. Tsuna didn't know why they were doing this it.

A gentle yank of his hair, he looked up. It seemed Reborn could see the question mark popping from his head. And why did Gokudera had that 'everybody-respects-jyuudaime' face but with combination of his puppy adoration look of course. Reborn whispered "They showing their sign of respect and trust to you Tsuna."

His eyes widened at that. After the Shimon incident passed, and word spread to the whole underworld about what had occurred. He meant everybody in the mafia organization and underworld knew what happened. They started to respect Tsuna and giving Tsuna good wishes on becoming Vongola Decimo. He just couldn't help but be in awe, even if his face didn't show it. Before, some famaliga would send assassin's to kill him, but now they wanted an alliance with Vongola. More so ever in Mafia history.

He didn't know what caused them to "believe" in him. As they finally reached the double doors, they both opened at the same time. Revealing …Basil? "Sawada-dono are thy okay? How are you feeling?" he said quickly. "I'm fine Basil just a little exhausted." 'So is everybody else.' He handed Chrome her spear back and a small 'thank you'.

"Please come in.", all heads turned to a tall butler. "My name is Sebastian; I'll be your personal butler Master Vongola Decimo." Tsuna mentally groaned at that. He didn't want a butler! Ever since he watched the anime Kuroshitsuji [I &II], he's been having a small fear of butlers. Hell this butler has the same name of the one in the series! But this one had very dark brown hair, very tall too, Italian? Maybe. Light peachy skin. Well built body. Italian again? But that's not the creepy thing… he has the same eye color of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. He had to admit they are a lovely crimson color- gah! He was getting carried away, he must be blushing!

"If all of you please follow me, the others are waiting." Sebastian voice held respect and charm. He looked at the others and they were glaring at Sebastian! Sure he was acting… odd but that's no reason to glare at Sebastian. Tsuna was missing that Sebastian was looking at him, all over. This caused the other to intensify their glares a notch.

While the others thought he was looking at Tsuna pervertedly, he was actually evaluating him. It seemed his new master was terribly cute, very adorable. Approving cuteness. He was also very strong even with those innocent looking honey amber eyes. He approved of that as well. But what he liked the most is that Tsuna is observing him too. He was looking underneath, not just thinking he was a pretty face or somebody he could force around. Yes, it seemed he would really like his new master.

"But before we carry off…" he got on one knee in front of Tsuna, causing him to blush. Sebastian gently got Tsuna's right hand, kissed it and his Vongola ring. Tsuna could feel the blood rising to his cheeks. The murderous aura's too. But why? That's what he didn't get, so oblivious to the possessiveness of his guardians and Reborn.

"It'll be a great honor serving you Decimo." He said full of respect, raising his head to look Tsuna in the eyes. That's when Tsuna saw the real person that is Sebastian. Like most people say 'The eyes are the window to a person's soul.' Tsuna knew this was a person wouldn't betray him or hurt him. Just being on his side when he needed him. "Its nice meeting you too Sebastian-san," he gestured him to stand up "Please call me Tsuna." He said with a smile that made flowers pop out of nowhere.

"That would be considered rude Decimo, how about Tsuna-sama?" he asked politely. "OF COURSE IT'LL BE RUDE TO THE JYUUDAIME!" interrupted Gokudera. "Maa~ Gokudera calm down," said Takeshi, as he put a arm around Hayato's shoulders. "Get your hands of me yakyuu-baka!" he yelled back. Ignoring their argument, Tsuna continued his conversation. "I-I guess it'll be fine. Shouldn't we going by now Sebastian-san?" reminding himself about the meeting.

"Of course, if all of you would follow me please." ,leading the direction. As they walked, Reborn got off his head to Basil's shoulder, they started a quiet conversation. It seemed they want to talk in private. That when Tsuna felt another awful wave of fatigue hit him. He felt everything moving, and ended up losing his balance. "Juudaime! /Tsuna! /Sawada! /Boss! /Tsunayoshi!" they all said, wanting to catch him. But all lost to a certain butler, who was carrying Tsuna bridal style. "Hmmm…." The butler mumbled.

He took off his glove with his teeth and put his hand on Tsuna forehead. "Who do you think you are to be touching Juudaime!" Hayato pointed accusingly. Sebastian removed his hand and looked at all of them. "He has a fever." He stated with all the seriousness in the world.

"Eh?" they all said. Yup even Hibari.

They all looked closer and noticed Tsuna was looking a bit pale, had some cold sweat on his face, shaking a little, and his breathing was a little labored. They were starting to feel ashamed of themselves; they haven't even notice if Tsuna's health was okay. "If I may make a suggestion I think it would be best if Tsunayoshi-sama rest first. It seemed his body has only recovered to a certain time limit." He explained, watching the others expression. Many emotions were running on their faces.

"Very well. Basil go tell Nono and Imeitsu that Tsuna will rest for a while to recover some strength. " he said as he jumped off Basil's shoulder to Yamamoto's. "Hai Reborn-dono." He started to walk away but took a quick glance at Tsuna before continuing. The rest watched him walk down the hall and disappear at a turn. "Tsunayoshi-sama room is this way. Please follow me, you don't want to get lost here, a few already did.", he said as he shifted his arms to make Tsuna comfortable, who had fell asleep or passed out, he really couldn't tell.

Sebastian led the way as the others followed. First, they had to go back to entrance room then up the grand stairs. Next they went up four levels of stairs and walk down a long stair-like hallway, as if it were a bridge. All made of the best quality and material on earth. As they finally enter at the fourth floor, they saw a hallway on top written with solid gold letters 'Vongola X'. As they walk down the corridor they saw painting on the walls until they reached a wall painted sky blue.

It was their pictures, "Oh I didn't know this was going to be here Kufufu… " ,Mukuro said as he stepped closer to inspect his painted picture. He had to admit who ever done it, did an outstanding job, they got his eyes color right, even the kanji was correct. Even Chrome's eye patch design was very detailed.

The others stepped closer to their own paintings. Ryohei yelled "Extreme!" obviously saying he likes his picture. Hibari hummed in approval, the Hibird coming out of nowhere saying, 'Hibari~! Hibari~! The Hibird like the picture too! Gokudera was at the right of Tsuna's picture which made him happy; Yamamoto's picture was next to his. Lambo was just bragging about his 'awesomeness'.

They went from left to right, the pictures went like this; Chrome, Mukuro, Hibari, Tsuna in the middle, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and finally Lambo. "Jyuudaime looks amazing!" he said with the puppy adoration look… again. The others had to admit it looked stunning. Tsuna was wearing a white suit with matching white tie. Black collar shirt that held white vertical thin stripes. His Vongola Sky ring around his neck. He was in Dying will mode, the flame on his forehead, burning brightly. The glowing orange eyes seem to be piercing your very soul. They held a serious gaze, but theirs a small smile. Below the framed painting in bold gold-orange writing:

~Vongola Sawada Tsunayoshi –Vongola Decimo – X ~

Pride swelled in Reborn's chest, Tsuna finally done it. He became the ideal boss that everyone will respect not feared. But Tsuna had a long way to go to restore Vongola's former glory. Though Reborn has faith that Tsuna will be able to go even beyond Primo.

It seemed Reborn forgot is own words, 'The sky show more emotion and smile brighter than anyone else. But fate dictates that they be taken away from us early.' Fate messed around with Tsuna already, what else is it going to throw?

As they were all admiring their paintings, Sebastian slipped away with Nuts following him. His main concern was his Master. Not looking at a painting while his Master was not in the best condition. Though he has to admit Tsunayoshi –Sama did look stunning. He already tucked Tsuna into his canopy bed with a small towel on his forehead to cool him down a bit. Sebastian was a bit annoyed by his Master's guardians, they were lacking. In so many ways; disorganized, disrespectful, immature, careless, and his list goes on. He looked sadly at Tsuna from the chair he was sitting, 'At this rate', he thought, 'he'll be left alone…'

Tsuna was forced to mature to grow stronger to protect those he loves. He is being pushed from one world to another, rejecting all of it along the way. But he came to understand it, it was do or die. Sebastian could see that Tsuna didn't fear death. Unbelievable as it sounds, it's true. The only thing Tsuna fears is the deaths of those around him.

He smiled as Tsuna's color started returning to his face. He heard footsteps closing in. So they finally found them. He left the door open so it'll be hard to miss where they are. Sebastian strode to the hallway, and closed the doors. They were being quite loud. He stood straight in front of the double doors, acting like a guard. "Where's Jyuudaime?" demanded Gokudera. Everybody else nodded in agreement well, except Reborn, Hibari, and Mukuro. Sebastian gave his signature creepy smile and put a finger on his lips, making Hayato shut up.

Putting his finger away, "He's sleeping; all of you are being too loud so I closed the doors. All of you could have woken him up; he needs all the rest he can get." He scolds at them if they were little children. "Well I might as well show your rooms." And with that he walked leading them once again. Not giving any the time to talk back. "All of you follow him; in the mean time I'll be watching Tsuna." Reborn ordered. Hibari and Mukuro, with Chrome tagging along, were already following him before Reborn ordered the rest to. Ryohei picked up Lambo and they jogged to reach the others.

Reborn shook his head, making Leon look at him. They, the guardians, were barely making progress. Sure in strength they were improving greatly, but emotionally and mentally, not so much. He sighed then opened the door. He could see a figure lying on a bed. Then he heard a wince. Hurrying his steps Reborn jump and landed on Tsuna's bed. Natsu was curled by Tsuna's chest, while Tsuna's arms were wrapped around him. He walked closer and saw Tsuna's sleeping face mixed with pain and anger. He was about to wake him up when Tsuna started to mumble in a dark tone, "I'll… kill you…". Reborn beady eyes just stared at him in shock but Tsuna wasn't finished. "Kill me… just kill me…" but this time it was said softerand with that Tsuna woke up with a gasp and stared at the ceiling wide eyed. Waking up Nuts, Tsuna put a hand on his heart, the beating making him believe he was alive. Unaware that somebody witnessed the scene.

"I-I'm a-alive?... " Tsuna's hand gripped his shirt, just to make sure. "Of course you're alive." Reborn said bringing Tsuna out of his trance. Shock filling his very core, Tsuna sprang out of the bed. Natsu growled defensively and stood in front of Tsuna, thinking Reborn is a threat. Tsuna pinned himself at the headboard. Staring at Reborn if he were a monster. "R-re-b-born." Tsuna stuttered out. "Tsuna what were you dreaming about?" he demanded, Leon crawling to his hand. Tsuna's hands went on either side of his head. Remembering what he dreamt. All he could think: Pain.

_Dream Flashback_

It was a class of gold and black. Tsuna made a gold sphere, threw it…destroying the ground surrounding him. His breathing was severely labored, his body was in horrible condition; he knew he couldn't win this fight. He failed again after so many sacrifices he made… and not one helped.

"You let your guard down…" the voice whispered in his ears. Tsuna jumped in the air just in time, watching the ground below him was crushed. "Got you…" he heard, but only felt a hand on his face then he was slammed to the unforgiving earth. He coughed blood on the gloved hand splatting some on his face. The gloved hand moved from his mouth to his neck. The hand started strangling him, picking him up from the ground. The hand gripped tighter as it lifted him up in the air. Blood started to creak from Tsuna's mouth. "All I wanted to do was protect you… save you from those that only want to use you, hurt you, make you suffer, those that take away your happiness but what do you do…" the unknown voice turned harsh " YOU TRY TO PROTECT THEM!" The grip was suffocating him, Tsuna could barley gasp for air.

"All you do is protect them! ...AND TRY TO KILL ME!" the voice was now sounding desperate. His unused hand slowly traveled to Tsuna's chest, ripping off a piece of the clothing. He looked at the stab wound he did some time ago, he slowly slid two fingers in, hearing Tsuna's gargle in pain. He brought Tsuna to his eye level, wanting to see the pain on his face. "Is this what you want? I could have given you this if this is what you wanted!" With that he threw Tsuna on the ground, watching him skid until he came to a stop. Their was a certain distance between them now. Tsuna slowly went on his knees, then stood up, clutching the bleeding wound on his chest. While he closed one of his eyes, his other hand gripped his stomach. The small cut above his eyebrow was leaking blood in his eye, so he had no choice but to close it.

"Well your resolve is still strong I see…" then an evil look came upon his face, it was so horrid that it almost made Tsuna puke. "I guess I'll just go after them…if that will break you down I suppose." The smile turned so murderous, filled with malice and insanity. Tsuna couldn't take it anymore and vomited blood. Tsuna raised his head, "I'll… kill you… if you go after them." his voice held a demonic tone.Tsuna's eyes held a firm glare, his eyes flashed gold-orange, then black but quickly back to brown. But no longer those bright honey amber eyes, they darkened but held age, horror, hope, and lastly regret. Then Tsuna heard footsteps, running… at his directions! NO! Horror ran on Tsuna's pale face. They were coming; he looked and saw that smile turned more despicable that hell has frozen over.

"Hmm it looks like their knocking on deaths door… it would be considered rude if it didn't open right?" the unknown figure casually threatened as a long black blade appeared in his hand. Tsuna knew he didn't have much time to stop him so he did the only thing he could do… give up. "Kill me..." he couldn't let the others be killed no matter how much pain they caused him. The unknown figure stopped twirling the blade and his smile turned grim. "So you finally surrender?", he snapped his finger and out of the dark , seven soldier like figures came out. Each having a handgun. All pointing at Tsuna, their is no turning back.

Tsuna could hear them coming closer, he needed to finish this now. "Kill me… just killme…"the demonic tone returning but said softly. "As you wish… Cielo." with another snap the soldiers pulled the trigger. Tsuna could feel each bullet pierce deep and they didn't stop shooting. But Tsuna held his ground, he wouldn't fall. Hell he'll die standing. "Nuh-uh Cielo." Then the last thing Tsuna saw is the black blade that went through his heart. Everything lost its color, it went white and gray, the only color Tsuna could see was red. His blood. Then dark, oh so dark… then…


The unknown figure pulled out his blade from Tsuna's body. With another snap the soldiers were ash. He couldn't help but marvel at sight below him. Tsuna is on his back, blood pouring out every wound, cut, hole and gash. The blood started pooling like a pond beneath Tsuna, contrasting his already pale skin and soaking his long hair. A bit of blood splats on his face. But what made the scene stand out was that he had his eyes open and he had a very small smile on his face. Those eyes dulled as seconds went by. As if he was just enjoying the sky's last view, which has turned a dark gray. Tsuna finally surrendered.

Tsuna is finally dead.

He heard them running, closing in. Oh how would he love to kill them. Ripping out their throats and choking them with it. But that smiled returned with a hint of victory. He did kill them. In a way, he took away what kept them alive. Tsuna's friends and family will suffer what he suffered. Tsuna's death will be their deaths. He started to chuckle darkly then it turned to manically laughter. Slowly stopping his laughter, he looked at Tsuna one last time. This time a real small gentle smile on his face, "Goodbye Cielo." And with that he was gone. He couldn't help but bring that horrible smile back when he heard them scream in haunting agony…


But his eyes widened when he heard the wind whisper 'Goodbye Muerte (Death)…'

That's when he knew he lost it.

They all lost. And they were never getting him back.

_End Flashback Dream_

Tsuna in real life didn't know he started to hyperventilate. He was still lost in his own world. "Tsuna… Tsuna! TSUNA!" Reborn panicked. Tsuna's body will shut down if he didn't get him to stop. So he did the only thing he could… knock him out. Acupuncture did come in handy. Tsuna motionless body was now breathing normally. 'What did you dream Tsuna? What was so bad that it made you suffer like this?' Reborn thought. But one thing for sure he was going to get to the bottom of this. One way or another. 'I think its time for me to see Nono… in private.'

Eyes fluttered open, a hand came to his forehead in mild pain, and he slowly sat up. What happened? He couldn't remember anything. He slowly looked around, this isn't his room. He felt a small vibration, and looked at his side, it was Nuts. Smiling, he grabbed the purring Nuts and put him on his lap. He started to stroke the soft fur.

'Nuts where am I?' he looked at his surroundings.

'We're in your room, well in your new room I suppose…'

Tsuna quickly remembered that he was supposed to have a meeting with his grandpa and dad then nothing.

'Natsu did I pass out...again?' Tsuna asked, worry laced in his voice.

'Sorry Tsu but you did… I'm sorry I wasn't able to help this time…' Natsu's said ashamed he couldn't help.

'Don't be. It's my fault for not realizing the warnings….I'm just glad you're here with me.'

Both couldn't help but think back when it first happened. It was just four days ago in his room, Tsuna was strong enough to get out of bed and walk a couple of feet. If he went beyond that his body would give out. Tsuna was going to go downstairs to get some water, if he had the chance. None of his guardians wouldn't let him lift a finger! Well, Reborn didn't say anything about it. Nuts stayed by his side, going wherever he went. But currently they were being updated by Reborn about something he already knew in Bianchi's room. Slowly getting out his room, not making a sound, he started to walk to the stairs, until he felt everything move. Knowing what was going to happen, Tsuna rushed to his room. Big mistake. As he entered his room again, he felt awful. Everything was cold, but his skin was burning. He was shaking, his skin looked so white. He could feel his clothes getting soaked in cold sweat. Stumbling back to his bed, he passed out before he hit the sheets. Natsu witnessed the whole scene, he was screaming Tsuna's name in his mind, but Tsuna didn't respond back. After he woke up, they found out when he or Nuts was going to pass out or unconscious, the link they shared wouldn't work.

Tsuna wanted no one to find out. Nuts could respect that, things were already in a haywire; this could just cause more problems. So it became their little secret.

'Mmm… I just wish we could know a bit ahead to make sure your safe.'

'I'm sorry for making you worry Nuts...'

'Ano…etto…I'm not the only one you worried Tsu… you passed out in front of the others…'

'Eh! Really? T-Then who brought me here?' Tsuna couldn't help but ask nervously.

'Well your friends wanted to catch you but Sebastian beat them to it. He carried you up here. Bridal style.' Nuts snickered.

'S-Soka? Then I have to thank him when I see him.'


Tsuna continued to pet Nuts, he would sometimes stop to annoy him. While Tsuna petted Nuts he was looking in his new room. It held tall windows, from which he can see he had a balcony outside. Also tall doors leading to the closet and the other to the bathroom. The other doors he didn't know. In one corner were book shelf's embalmed in the wall, he squinted his eyes and saw manga's and books. Right near the book shelf was a fireplace with a love seat and tea table. He had a huge canopy bed that stuck to the ceiling. It could fit at least ten people or more. He looked in front of him and there was a carpet with the Vongola symbol. If he looked up there was a HD flat screen, big too. Stereo and game system. A laptop on the espresso colored mahogany desk. Overall the walls are painted sky blue.

It was bit a too much for Tsuna, he felt small in this room. In his opinion he liked his old room in his house. It has the homey feeling he likes so much. With a sigh, he knew he had to get use to it. Looking at the sheets, they were silk. He didn't like silk, it feels too slippery, and he prefers cotton. It's soft and warm, just how he likes it. With a groan he crawled to the edge of the bed. Natsu following close behind.

Then he heard a knock on the door. "Excuse me." The double doors open and Sebastian walks in. Closing them, locking it, and perfectly balancing a tray of tea. "I hope you rested well Master Tsunayoshi." He said as he poured the tea in to a cup. "I-I did. Ano Sebastian…" Tsuna asked. "Yes Master Tsunayoshi?" He said as he gently placed the cup onto a plate and was handing it over to Tsuna, who took it gratefully. "I want to say thank you for taking care of me." With that being said, Tsuna took a sip of his green tea to hide his blush. It's embarrassing to be carried up bridal style. "You're welcome Master Tsunayoshi." Sebastian said with a smile on his face. Tsuna's eyes narrowed slightly, "Where is Reborn Sebastian?" he asked cautiously. Sebastian put a hand oh his chin, "Well if I remember correctly he left your room about an hour ago, may I ask why?" curiosity getting the better of him. "No um… I meant where he went?" he asked once again. Sebastian pulled his hand away from his chin, his hand asking for Tsuna's cup, who gave it to him. "He went to the conference room; he wanted to have a private chat with Vongola Nono and CEDEF Leader Imeitsu."

Now it was Tsuna's turn to panic.

Reborn might tell them he had a nightmare, the last thing he needed them is to be suspicious. "Are they still having a meeting Sebastian?" Tsuna asked urgently. Sebastian seeing the panic, he quickly nodded and led his hand out. "Then we have no time to waste. If you would follow me please Master Tsunayoshi." Tsuna gently placed his hand on top Sebastian's, feeling the cool soft glove. "And Sebastian please call me Tsuna, even in private if you want, if it makes you feel comfortable." Tsuna stammered. The blood rising to his cheeks and feeling the warmth reach to his ears. Sebastian smiled and once again raised Tsuna's hand to his lips and kissed it. Now Tsuna was ripe as a tomato. "As you wish Tsuna."

Tsuna shivered, his name on that mans lips sounded divine. With a gentle pull Sebastian was leading him to one of the tall doors that he didn't know what it was. "These doors, each door, contains a secret passage way. They almost connect to every hallway in this Manor." Sebastian quickly explained as he opened a door, which looked to have blankets and futons. Tsuna was at awe at how elaborate this Mansion is. His ears heard a 'click' and that the top part of the shelf contained a secret opening. Sebastian twisted a knob and was another 'click' and the shelf opened if it was a door.

"Wao." Tsuna had to admit that was cool. Sebastian smiled at how cute his master was surprised. Stepping over the secret door, Tsuna followed, with Nuts on his head. Tsuna saw it was dark, as if you just stepped into another world. "As you can see Tsuna, it's dark and it'll only light one way." Sebastian said as he looked down at him. Realizing what he meant, Tsuna looked at Nuts, who nodded. Nuts fiery neck started to glow orange. Lighting up the dark narrow hallway. Tsuna looked at Sebastian "But why does the Dying Will Flame work and not a regular lighter?" he questioned. "Actually only a Sky flame can light up this passage." He took a small pause. "A lighter would quickly die out because it doesn't have the same type of energy of that of a dying will flame which these wall were made for. Any chemical or gas will be subdued by them. Also there are special mirrors that'll reflect all the other colors except orange. But those are also hidden in the walls." Tsuna soaked this info in his brain. Knowing he'll use it later. Tsuna took a step forward and then continued to walk further, he needs to get to that meeting.

"I guess this is where we will part." Sebastian said has he stepped out of the secret passage. That's when Tsuna remembered he didn't know the damn passage way! "W-Wait Sebastian what way is it?" he sweat dropped. He's walking to hells knows where! "Ah yes, please listen carefully Tsuna, your going to keep walking straight for fifteen feet, tap the wall once, next take the corridor on the far left, take that path all the way, even if it means taking the stairs down. Then, you'll see five doors take the one that has a Red orchid design." He informed, eyes smiling at how Tsuna tried to swallow it all.

"H-Hai." He nervously replied. Hoping to any deity up there will make sure he doesn't get lost.

"Wait Sebastian what are you going to be doing?" he couldn't help but ask. "I will be keeping watch, just to make sure they don't panic and go looking all over for you." Sebastian replied if it was the simplest thing ever. This made Tsuna smile, "Thank you Sebastian, give an excuse if you have too." His eyes growing serious. "This is between us Sebastian." He said with a firm but gentle tone. With a small bow, "As you wish, Master Tsunayoshi." And with that Tsuna turned around and began to walk, Sebastian closing the secret door. Nothing ever happened.

'Nuts I hope you remembered part of that because I didn't.'

'Uhh….I remembered part of it…. No we're going to get lost!'

'Don't say that! What happens if you jinx us!'

'No I take it back!'

'Too late! Now we are going to be lost here for the rest of are no-good lives!'

'Oh the horror!'

They both laughed, just finding their predicament funny. "I think it's been fifteen feet already." Tsuna said out loud. "Me too." This time it was Nuts. Nobody knows and they never will know that Nuts can talk. That's what makes Nuts different from the other Vongola animals. That and Nuts has a voice of a child. But a very cute one. Tsuna also noticed that he was feeling a lot better.

Tapping the wall, part of the wall, the size of a door, slide back and to the side. "I guess this is it." Tsuna said. Nuts glowed brighter making sure they could see where their going. After making their way, they got lost making the wrong turn, only once, they finally reached the door with Red orchid design. They both can hear talking on the other side. But from what Tsuna fingers could feel the door was petty thick.

Remembering to slide it, he did. The door he slides was an opening to a small room. The voices were now clearer. Tsuna saw light coming out, but it was small. He is behind a book shelf. So this was the exit? Feeling behind the book shelf, Tsuna felt his fingers slide something else. Sliding it open, light hit his eyes. Stepping back for his eyes to adjust but quickly let it go when he heard his name. It was a sliding peep hole, Tsuna looked through it, wondering what they where talking about.

"So everything is under control now right?" it was Reborn's voice. From what Tsuna could see he was sitting next to his dad, right across from them is Nono. "Yes so far all is well." Said Nono in his humbled tone. Hearing a huge sigh, Tsuna moved his eyes to his father, feeling a soft pain in his chest. "I'm just glad we were able to settle this situation before it went beyond are control, I don't know what we were going to do if it did." Iemitsu said as he intertwined his fingers. "That's a relief, since Vongola is still recovering from recent incidents." Reborn said, Tsuna could see him relax a bit, but no matter what his guard was up. Both men nodded at this, they visibly relaxed as well.

Tsuna felt he should reveal himself now until he heard his name again. "So how's Tsuna Reborn?" Nono asked, as he leaned back to his chair. While Iemitsu leaned forward, being the worried parent. This time Reborn sighed, "His health is fairly stable but I'm not sure about his mental state. After what he's been through I'm observing him to see if he has any trauma." Both men nodded, gesturing him to continue. Tsuna wondered why Reborn would think that. Did he think he was weak? "Well as I'm sure Basil told you that I postponed the meeting correct?" Again they nod. "He passed out while we going to the conference room." The air in the room was so quiet you could cut it with a knife. "I was hoping for his health to be a bit better." Nono admitted.

"Me too, after I heard what happened I thought I lost him, I almost killed myself." Iemitsu said with grief, his face filled with pain, as if remembering something he would rather erase. "We all did Iemitsu." Reborn said as he adjusted his fedora, creating a shade under his eyes. "But I wish it really didn't have to be this way." Nono said. " Aah if only Tsuna was interested in the mafia when he was little it wouldn't be so difficult for me to see him become boss." Iemitsu admitted, if releasing a heavy burden off his shoulders.

Watching from his sliding peep hole, Tsuna was confused; what did his dad mean by that? Tsuna could feel something in his chest, telling him that he wasn't going to like what he's going to hear. "Ah that would have made things easier but Tsuna wasn't born in the mafia world. Also he wasn't one of the original candidates in the beginning." Nono added. "Yeah but it hurts that in the end it had to be plotted out." Iemitsu replied. 'Plot what?' Tsuna thought. The feeling rising in his chest was starting to hurt; deep inside him he knew the answer but he didn't want to hear it. "At first I thought he was a joke but I did see he had potential and now it's nearly perfect. Though I thought he would end up giving up, but we took the correct steps to make sure that in the end Tsuna would become Vongola Decimo. But Byakuran and Shimon were unexpected though." Reborn finally spoke, and for Tsuna his words were like stabs that were going deeper, and wouldn't stop.

"Tsuna…" Nuts whispered, feeling Tsuna's emotions run through him and his own anger. Nuts couldn't believe they would do that…would they?

"I thought that for a second too, that Tsuna might back out or not believe Reborn, but sending Gokudera was a good idea Timoteo, using his enthusiasm for a mission to help Vongola." Iemitsu said. A silent gasp came out of Tsuna's mouth as his eyes were widened with disbelief. He started to tremble; the pain felt if he had an open hole in his chest and getting bigger. His grandpa… His Grandpa of all people set this up! Tsuna shook his head; his ji-chan wouldn't do that right? Right? He could not believe this!

"I wish their was another way, but Vongola needed him or else another family would have taken over and that's the last thing this organization needed." Nono said, a slight hint of sadness in his voice, but barely audible. Not knowing that he was tearing Tsuna apart piece by piece, making the hole be ripped open. "If that didn't work then bringing his guardians into this would, Tsuna wouldn't just abandon them in his problems. But somehow they would have gotten in the mafia with or without Tsuna." Reborn also added, now making the hole so empty. "We took the right steps and all that matter's is that Tsuna became boss, even if it is against his will." Finally his dad making the hole so hollow. No on one in that room noticed that they broken the boy to unforgivable pieces.

Tsuna slowly slide closed the peep hole, unable to hear anymore as they continued their conversation. Tears were streaming like a creak, sobbing escaped from his mouth, his shoulders shaking, and his whole body trembling. Tsuna walked to the Red Orchid door and left. Following close behind, Nuts was worried deeply. After closing the door behind him and leaned against it, he couldn't take it anymore. He broke down, sliding down to the cold ground. Pulling his legs against his chest, burying his face and… he just cried. Not knowing what else to do.

'I-I never felt so used and betrayed! I was their last resort! They planned for me to become Decimo… not even giving me a choice! Why? Why would they so far? I trusted them with all I had and this is what they wanted! Dad… you're a liar, Reborn… you're a deceiver, Ji-ch- Nono… you t-traitor…. All of you lied to me… what else is a lie!'

Tsuna grabbed his hair in frustrated sadness, slightly banged his head against the door. Until he felt the cold metal on his finger, knowingly seething what was on it. Bringing his hand to his view, he stared at it coldly. Nuts quietly went on his head in silent fury.

"I guess I was no-good after all. Just some another boy who was being used for somebody else's dirty work. No talent, nothing special, just useless. Another person who's forced to take the blame and weight and will never be given a choice to choose. Take all the pain and torment…" he took a shuddering breath in "and I will, because I already did." New tears started rolling down his face, blurring his vision.

"But not anymore…" with that he ranked off the ring from his finger. Tsuna kept replaying what he saw, what he heard, clutching the ring in his palm his nails started to dig in his skin, making it bleed. His teeth gritting, tears pouring out, "I will never become Decimo, I never wanted to be in the mafia, I wanted was a normal life, ALL I WANTED WAS TO BE LEFT ALONE! I NEVER WANTED THIS LIFE!" he screamed out. No longer being able to hold it in. Everything felt like a blur, everything was hazed.

Tsuna couldn't help but stare at his bleeding palm, painting the Vongola Sky ring crimson, and then close his eyes shut tight.

'Who can I trust?'

Deep inside him, the answer came back.

'No one.'

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