Title: Unforgivable or forgotten?

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Summary: Tsuna hears something he wishes he didn't. His dad, Reborn, and Nono planned out for him to become Decimo, he was never going to have a choice. What will Tsuna do? Will he become Decimo or runaway from it all?

Plot: Tsuna hears a conversation between his father, Reborn, and Nono. They planned out for him to become Decimo, he never had a choice. After that, everything seems to go downhill. Slowly losing his trust in those around him, he runs away. Slowly, Tsuna started to reawaken a power that he forgot, he never knew, nobody else does. But with this power, things will go wrong, but for whom?

'Kyao or Nyo or Nya or Nao'-Nuts Speaking to Tsuna with their mental link.

"Insert speaking here"

'Looking at my thoughts'

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Chapter 10 – (Is Everything Finally Right?) Day Six Of Ten

Music: Taku Iwasaki – Passed Off,

Last Time in Chapter 9: Day Five Of Ten

Seeing that he wasn't going to get his bed any time soon, Tsuna opted to take a shower. He entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

When he looked at mirror, he noticed that he was little bit taller. Only a little.

He started to take off his shirt and saw two things that shocked him.

The first, he was getting some muscle but still had his lean and lithe figure but how? He wasn't physically training.

The second thing that scared him more than shocked him was the silver markings that started from the top of his heart. The markings spread all the way to his back and was barely creeping to his neck.

Tsuna saw a small piece of the marking that resembled a vine, slowly move upward up his neck. His hand quickly went on top of it as he backed away from the mirror. The mirror showing his wide scared eyes, reflecting his fear. He trembling said,

"W-what is happening to me?"

No matter how hard he tried to stop shaking his body wouldn't listen. His eyes wouldn't stop staring the markings on his body. All he wanted to do was scream. He didn't know what was happening to him, he was horrified.

But his eyes glanced at his hand that covered his neck, the pitch black ring visible from his finger. With barely enough concentration, he managed to light the ring, the dark stone combining with the bright orange flame.

Victtorio materialized within seconds, "Tsunayoshi what is it that you need?" Then he noticed that he was in the bathroom and that Tsuna was shaking terribly. He immediately knew something was wrong.


He saw Tsuna slowly turn around and his visible eye widened in disbelief.

"Victtorio w-what is happening to m-me?" Tsuna stuttered. He released his neck, and the markings started to move up from his neck on to his face, but ever so slowly.

Victtorio kneeled and gently put his hand against the middle of Tsuna's chest. His eyes still showing disbelief but also expectance. Victtorio sighed; he knew something like this was going to happen.

He then put his hands each side of Tsuna's shoulders, trying to calm him down. It barely had an effect has Tsuna continued to shake in fear, but not as much.

"Tsunayoshi, you agreed to become Pandora's Box. Its power is inside you. The original Box, the container, is going to become nothing more than a piece of wood until I fix it. You are the new container, in other words YOU are thee Pandora Box. That is what the vessel is." Victtorio carefully explained.

"I-I know. B-But these markings what are they?" Tsuna said, calmer but still scared.

"These markings, symbols, tattoos, whatever you may want to call it, are Pandora's power alternating you… Its power moving inside your body…" Victtorio paused, giving Tsuna time to process what he was just told.

Tsuna's eyes widened, "A-alternating me?"

"Yes. It's alternating your body to be able to contain its power. But after it's done alternating you the marks should disappear. Tsunayoshi I want you to close your eyes…" Victtorio asked.

Tsuna was confused but the look from Victtorio eye, he could tell he should listen. So he closed his eyes and waited what to do.

"Don't you feel Pandora's power flowing inside you? Just concentrate and you'll feel it."

Tsuna closed his eyes and instantly felt the reaction. It felt…good. It was raw uncontrolled power trapped within him, moving at his will. Then he felt something else, a clash of fire. He didn't know what he was doing but he subconsciously was reaching for his Dying-Will Flame and Pandora's power at once, at the same time. He couldn't hear that Victtorio was calling him.

"Tsunayoshi! Tsunayoshi! Stop!"

He opened his eyes and saw that his hands. The tattoos were giving a soft silver glow. But there was an orange aura that surrounded his hands, moving like a mist-like flame. It wasn't like his Dying Will Flame at all. He looked back at Victtorio. Shock was written all over his face.

Victtorio exhaled, "As you can see even your Dying Will Flame can now change form…" He watched as Tsuna markings lost their glow and the mist-like flame wisped away.

Victtorio prepared to tell Tsuna one of the things that he hid from the beginning.

"Tsunayoshi…the Arcobaleno are the most strongest and powerful seven people in the world…but not anymore more…" He paused, to show that what he was saying held grave importance.

Tsuna felt his body go from unstoppable shaking to utter numbness. Deep in his heart he knew what Victtorio was going to say next. When he thought he was going to become Pandora's Box he thought its power would be sealed within him. That he would have no access to it what so ever. But here Victtorio was, telling him of this power that he could use and control. But he was wrong, so wrong.

Tsuna gently shook his head side to side; denying what he knew what Victtorio was going to say. "No…no… This is… it can be… I don't want to be…" Tsuna said sadly and defeated.

He could never have a normal life. Be just a regular person. He desperately wanted his absolute no-good life back. Why was fate keeping him from living how he wanted?

Victtorio then decided it was now or never. "Tsunayoshi… You are now the most strongest and powerful person in the world."

His mind couldn't be more abused than now.

First, the lies and betrayal of Reborn, Nono, and Imietsu. Next the nightmarish dreams that wouldn't stop plaguing his mind. Then telling Hayato and Takeshi what Nono, Reborn, and Imietsu planned out for him and telling them to tell the other guardians. He was starting to regret ever telling them, guilt was eating up his heart for even worrying them.

Even trying to amend the broken brother relationship with Byakuran, which was already strained, was ripping his mind in every corner. Trying to remember what or how he could forget him.

Finally, the last unexpected thing was that he was becoming some sort of…monster? A creature filled power that can bring nothing but destruction.

Tsuna didn't feel when the world seemed to fading or the worry calls of Victtorio. He didn't even feel when Victtorio catched him before he fell to the cold tile floor. The only thing that Tsuna could feel was the darkness that pulled him to sleep.

And like a put out light, Tsuna became unconscious.

Takeshi could only bite his finger as he watched Hayato angrily pace back and forth. He could clearly see that Gokudera was a bomb, ready to explode.

"Maa maa Gokudera you need to calm down." Takeshi said nervously.

"Calm down? Calm down! Are you stupid? How am I after I know they fuckin' used me! They used you too you baka!" Gokudera screamed with fury.

Takeshi was known to be a very nice guy. But there are times when he would became serious, that you wouldn't even recognize who he was. But when he became angry, he was a whole different person.

And he just reached his breaking point.

"Don't you think I understand what is going on? Hell I am just as angry as you are! But there are damn more important things to be angry about!" Takeshi snarled out. His voice was not cold, but a flame burning everything in its path.

Gokudera was taken back but he couldn't stop his outburst before it left his mouth, "Like you fucking understand the situation idiot!" His voice, unlike Takeshi's, was cold as ice.

The storm became freezing, the rain became ablaze.

Without their sky, they were slowly falling apart.

Neither of them noticed that they were breathing hard. A moment of silence began as both regain their breathing. Gokudera put a hand on top of his eyes and with his other started to look for his cigarettes in his pockets. His hands went to his front pockets, his back, his shirt, nothing.

"Are you looking for these?"

Hayato looked at Takeshi and saw he was holding his packet of cigarettes.

"Why do you have them? Give them back!" Hayato said as reached for them, but Takeshi raised his arm high.

Hayato stretched his arm but then felt something on his shoulder. Takeshi gently laid his head on Hayato's shoulder. Gokudera couldn't help but blush from the close contact.

"Get off me…" Hayato's voice was soft. It sounded that he wasn't even asking Takeshi to move.

"You know Tsuna told you to stop smoking. He told to me help to him. That's why I took them away from you."

Gokudera eyes widened, then closed. What was he doing? He was here arguing about something absolutely stupid. He remembered what Tsuna told him what to do. He had to inform the other guardians.

He reopened them, "Ah I remember what Juudaime told me. But now we have to tell the others. I'll tell Pineapple head and the idiot skylark. You go to the stupid crybaby and boxer."

Takeshi smiled; Hayato finally came to his senses.

"Hai~ hai~!"

Tsuna eyes fluttered open but closed them from the white light. His hand went to cover his forehead as he groaned. His eyes began to adjust and he noticed that he was in a room that looked like a…infirmary?

"I was beginning to wonder when you would wake up Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna turned his head and saw Victtorio sitting on a chair next to him.

"What happened to me?"

Victtorio closed the book in his hands, "You passed out. I know it might have been from the shock. But our doctor thinks more of an underlying cause. So I'm going to ask, though you don't have to answer, what is causing you so much sadness Tsunayoshi? Let me now from the start."

Tsuna sat up and fidgeted with the edge of the blanket. He didn't want to burden Victtorio with his problems, he should solve them himself. But it wouldn't hurt to tell Victtorio would it?

So Tsuna started to tell Victtorio from the very beginning to the very end. But what Tsuna wouldn't be able to notice what was going on behind Victtorio's bandaged face. Saying Victtorio was furious, was a complete utter understatement. He was ready to make those three and vanish them from the face of the earth. But what calmed his mind down was when Tsuna said he didn't want to them, no matter how much pain they caused him.

Victtorio realized he had to protect Tsuna in more than one way. Vongola was harming Tsuna and in Tsuna's state that would be unacceptable.

"That's everything and here we are now." Tsuna said. He couldn't deny he was nervous; he just exposed himself a great deal.

"I see. Now that I know I cannot let this go any further."

Tsuna's eyes widened, "What do you mean?"

"If they continue to do you harm I cannot allow it. I won't harm them now for I know it is your wish, desire, not to hurt them. But if they do Tsunayoshi, I will step in. It is unacceptable." Victtorio stated.

"Why? It doesn't involve you."

"It involves me now. You are under Vendicci's protection, remember? Therefore it's my responsibility to make sure you are well, whether you like it or not."

Tsuna sighed, "But please…I do not wish for anyone to get hurt or get caught in the crossfire."

Victtorio nodded, "I understand. There is something else I must tell you Tsunayoshi…."

Tsuna groaned out, "What now?"

"Now that your body is adjusting to Pandora's Power, we believe that you can take the rest of the power that is still trap in the box at this moment." Victtorio explained.

"Wait…but isn't that dangerous? I don't mind to finish it once and for all but should we hurry it?" Tsuna asked worriedly.

"That is what we thought as well. But we came to the conclusion that since the power has adjusted to you as its vessel; it's starting to reject the box. Surely enough when you passed out, I was informed that the box went a little out of hand. However, the decision is yours. If you choose to continue how we started, don't hesitate to say so. If you decide to do it once and for all, then we'll go that path." Victtorio explained.

Tsuna nodded, "I'll think it over if that is okay?"

Victtorio, "If that is you want to do. But let's take you back to your room for now." Victtorio gently picked Tsuna from the bed and carried him in his arms. Tsuna just laid his head against the shoulder and closed his eyes; he got so use to being carried around. He strangely felt safe.

When he reopened them, he was back in his room. But this time there was another bed, Byakuran and Nuts still sleeping in his. Victtorio laid him on the bed and tipped his hat back.

"You know how to reach me Tsunayoshi…" Victtorio whispered as he faded away.

Tsuna looked at the ring on his finger then to the window. It was a blizzard outside and he was glad that the fireplace was still lit. He then looked at his reflection in the window, the silver markings leaving their print on his face. His hand gently touched his cheek; he couldn't feel the marking even though it stood out. He couldn't help but feel so left out, so lonely. That everybody was in a circle and he was only one outside. No one would understand what he was going through.

It was the price to pay to have such power in him, it was only right. Every power has a price and he was just paying his. Then he started to clutch his head in pain again as a lost memory hit him, 'You'll always be protected by me…no matter what child…'

But this time he saw a blurry image in his mind, it was a man in dark clothing and his voice sounded so much like…

"Victtorio…" Tsuna said quietly in shock. There was no way that he knew…there was just no way… it didn't make sense…

'How do I remember Victtorio when I never met him? Unless…' Tsuna looked at Byakuran, who seemed to be sleeping.

'I didn't remember Byakuran but he clearly remembered me. Could that mean the same for Victtorio, did I meet him when I was a child? But why would someone from Vendicci even come to me? "Protected by me…." was Victtorio protecting me from something? This is making no sense…'

"Tsu-chan?" Byakuran yawned, waking up Nuts in the process. Tsuna 'HIEE-ed' and put the covers on his head. He didn't want Byakuran to see him with these markings on his face.

Byakuran merely raised an eyebrow. Nuts slowly climb on to Byakuran hair, finding it soft as a marshmallow. Byakuran started to make his way towards Tsuna and tried to pull off the cover but Tsuna wouldn't let go.

Byakuran pulled harder, "Tsuna let go! Come on Tsu-chan~!" Tsuna just gripped harder.

"I guess I have no choice!" Byakuran said. He then tackled Tsuna on the bed and started to tickle him.

"No-haha stop! HAHAHA! NII-SAN YAMERO!"

Tsuna releases the blanket…and realized that he was exposed. He immediately tries to cover his face, but other hands gently grab his. Byakuran then holds Tsuna's hands with one and his other tenderly touches Tsuna's face. Tsuna avoids eye contact with Byakuran, not knowing how to explain what has happening to him.

"It's okay…"

Tsuna's eyes widened, "What? It doesn't scare you or or or-"

Byakuran smiled, "Why should I be? I'm your nii-san Tsuna. I will never fear you. I will always protect you." He then quietly embraces Tsuna.

"This is not only your burden to carry Tsuna; it is now mine as well. I will be damned if I let you do this on your own. Besides fearing you is simply something that I can never do, I care about you too much to even think about that. If one day you should kill me I would not fear you but I will purely embrace you as my death."

"But I would never kill you! Never again!"

Byakuran combed his fingers into Tsuna's hair, "I know. It just means that I love you too much to let you suffer...otouto…"

Tsuna embraces Byakuran deeply, "Baka nii-san…"

"Besides now I can trace your face with a marker ~"


Reborn felt the aura around the guardians change. Whenever he would go near them, he could feel that their smiles were strained, their actions limited, or their words spoken carefully. They acted in either of two way a) completely avoid him, which Hibari, Mukuro and Chrome did or b) acted odd around him, which was the rest of the guardians.

What Reborn wonder is why they were acting like this? He knew something was wrong and he knew this time he would get no answers.

Also for some strange reason, he their actions reminded him of Tsuna's before he was taken. Also for another strange reason, he was really missed Tsuna. He was so use to being alone, employed for missions, or when Nono needed advice. Other than that he was alone and the loneliness disappeared when he began to become closer to Tsuna. But he didn't want to leave Tsuna.

So once again he found himself on the roof waiting for sunrise.

Today he couldn't help but think of the day that Tsuna would no longer need him. Tsuna would be an incredible boss; he could see that it would happen. But, he couldn't deny he would dread the day. He didn't want that loneliness to surround him and Tsuna…easily soothingly burned away that darkness.

He couldn't help tighten his hand into a fist. If he only was in his true form, adult form, he could show how he really felt. He admitted, for once in his life, that he was falling – he felt embarrassed at the very thought – for Tsuna. He felt that he falling…in love…with Tsuna.

A small blush made on to his cheeks. He is a human after all.

Finally the sun rose, and it soothed his soul once again.

"So are you going to do it?" Byakuran asked.

"Ah, I am but I hope it goes well." Tsuna

A scowl appeared on Byakuran's face, "I don't like this. I would rather have you just go by the day-by-day way. Something could go wrong if you go through with it."

Tsuna sighed. He decided to tell Byakuran about what Victtorio told him, but didn't say Victtorio's name. He just said Boss of Vendicci, Victtorio trusted him with the secret of his name and he will not break it.

"Tsunayoshi are you ready?" Victtorio asked.

"Yes." Tsuna stared at Victtorio, he felt something was up. "Is there something that I should know?"

"Your intuition is getting sharper. Yes there is but I'm not sure if you want to hear it." Victtorio explained.

"It's okay; it can't be that bad, right?" Tsuna gave an uneasy smile, why did he feel he was wrong.

"Depending on your view, I just been informed that your father has returned to Italy…"

"And?" Tsuna for sure knew something was up. Byakuran raised an eyebrow, what about Tsuna's father? He felt that he was left out of the loop. But he will find out, one way or another.

Victtorio sighed, "Despite our warning, your father is stubborn. We have been keeping an eye on your friends and family to ensure they don't suspect what is happening here. But it seems when your father arrived at CEDEF HQ, he had something in mind…

"Your father is on his way. He's coming to Vendicci..."

The reaction was instant. Tsuna eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly in shock. In an instant he gripped Victtorio's cloak, "But-but there is blizzard outside!"

"That's the problem…

Tsuna let a shuddering gasp escape from his lips as he heard Victtorio's next words.

"He's going to die."

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