Welcome to the new story, Pixelated Princess. If you haven't already read it, I suggest you read the story Pixelated Pixie. This is the sequel and it relies on that previous story quite heavily at times.

Demetra yawned and swung her legs out of bed. Today was the debriefing for the mission. As she brushed her hair, she thought about the title. The Memory Mission. What could it be about? She slipped on an apricot-coloured t-shirt and some green khakis before walking from the room. In the dining room, she was met by pure chaos, as usual. The people were calm, but everything else wasn't. Newspapers were strewn across the table and a box of Froot Loops was busily spilling its contents onto the oak hardwood. Demetra laughed. A regular day at the Cortez house. She righted the box and poured some Cheerios into a red ceramic bowl. After fetching a spoon from the drawer, she poured milk on her cereal and started eating as she wondered where everyone was. Then she heard Juni scream and she was worried until he came running down the stairs, chased by his shirtless father. Gregorio Cortez didn't look happy, that's for sure. Juni ran for the bathroom and she heard the lock click, followed by a wagging tongue. Juni's father headed back upstairs and Juni peeked out of the door cautiously. "Is he gone?" Demetra nodded and he gave a sigh of relief before sitting down at the table and pouring himself some Froot Loops. Dem couldn't help but scold him. "You DO know those things have, like, a kazillion preservatives and they could last 'til man lands on Pluto, right?"

"That's an interesting way of putting it. If they're so bad, why is half the box empty, smarty-pants?" Dem pointed at the floor. "They were spilling onto the floor when I came down. Your Jack Russell, Zip, refused to eat them, I'll have you know." Juni made a mock pouty face and looked at his floppy-eared pup. "Whose side are YOU on anyway, Zip? Hers or mine?" Zip cocked his head to the side before going to sit beside Demetra and they both laughed hard, Dem arching her eyebrows and smiling. "I guess I know where his loyalties lie, huh? By the way Juni, what DID you do to make your dad so angry?"

"I switched his cologne for apple juice and he realized that he was going to work smelling like a fruit stand!" Dem tried desperately not to smile and to give her boyfriend a stern look, but she failed miserably. That WAS a pretty good trick. Shortly after they finished breakfast, Gregorio and Ingrid came down, both of them in snazzy black suits. Juni was dressed in a forest green hoodie and light blue jeans though, so Dem didn't look completely out of place. Two muffins were grabbed by the parents before we all walked out of the door to the gray sedan.

They arrived at the OSS headquarters not too much later. Juni and Demetra walked to the junior agent building, parting ways with his parents. Soon, tehy reached the orange door marked DEBRIEFING. There was a huge TV screen and five chairs in the room. One of them was already occupied by the junior OSS coordinator, Gabriella Grantley. Her younger brother was vice-director of the OSS, but Gabriella had chosen to work with the kids. Juni and Dem sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. AND wait. Finally, as Gabriella tapped her watch with her manicured nails, I took out my phone and texted her.

(DeeDee = Dem, JoGo = Josephine)

DeeDee: where r u?

JoGo: breaky

DeeDee: debriefing NOW

JoGo: **** 2day? start w/o me!

DeeDee: k

Dem put her phone back into her pocket. "She'll be here as soon as she can, but she says to go on without her." Gabriella nodded before proceeding with the operation. "So far, you've only heard the name of the mission. It's the Memory Mission, but it's so much more. This will be dangerous, but the OSS has faith in your abilities." Juni spoke up. "Is this safe enough for level 1s?"

"For you three it is. You'll go in altogether. We've sent three agents to the location so far. Each of them has been located later with their previous memories erased. They didn't remember anything and had other memories instead. Needless to say, they didn't have any information. By sending the trio in, we hope to gain the info that full agents couldn't obtain. Spy Kids are smaller and we hope that will give them an edge over the full-size agents. Should you accept the mission, you'd be dropped off in the Bahamas. From the beaches, you'd try to learn what you could. When you obtained that, you'd radio or email us with it. Then, depending on the info, you'll move in on them." The orange door suddenly opened and a flash of blue swept by. "Sorry I'm late! I forgot debriefing was today, Ms. Grantley!" Jo was in a blue track suit. She was breathless, but covered in smiles. Gabriella gave a wry smile. "So glad you could join us finally, Josephine, even if your breath couldn't manage it." We all chuckled while Jo gave a mock pouty face. Gabriella outlined the mission again and asked the same question. "I'll have to confer with my counterparts, Juni Cortez and Demetra Papillon, Ms. Gabriella Grantley." The voice was Jo's fake suave voice and Juni and I both laughed. We looked at each other and cried out in unison, "We'll do it!" Of course, Dem was the only one to yell 'jinx'. Juni and Jo puffed out their cheeks as she leisurely strolled through the alphabet. They weren't allowed to speak until someone said their name again. "Let's see...Bo, Co, Do, Go, Jo!" Jo laughed and thanked Dem as Gabriella gestured for them to leave. She handed each of the trio a sheet debriefing their mission. As they walked down the hall, Jo wondered aloud to her friends. "Why do they need a debriefing room if they could just mail THESE? Bloody waste of resources, I tell you!" She waved the paper in the air. Juni had his cheeks puffed out. Dem spoke, "I'll make it easier for you. I'll deviate from the original rules. Just kiss me!" Dem smiled as Juni leaned over and kissed her on the forehead while Jo made little coochy-coo noises. Dem glared at her and made a cylindrical shape with her hands, shaking them. "I'll get you for that, Jo!"

"Ha! I'd like to see you try, girl. You can't do a thing to me if you can't catch me, doofus!" With that, the blond took off and Dem waved her hand in dismissal. "I guess we're going to need to start packing. It says here to drop by the tech room first though. It's a good thing they provide wardrobes for us over the course of the mission. I don't think anything I have would fit in on a Bahamas beach." With that, Juni and Dem raced after Jo. She had obviously looked at her paper, as she was already in the tech room. Dem punched her in the arm gently. The junior OSS techie, Bo Chisel, stood in the middle of the room with a huge silver suitcase. By big, it meant that the suitcase was five feet square. Dem smiled at the geek. He was about twenty and had a whole pimple deal going on. If a pimple popped out for every chocolate a person had, Bo would be in rehab as a chocolate ADDICT. It was THAT bad. However, Dem wasn't about to ask about the pimples. She had done that once before and he had started talking about DNA, physics and the molecular structure of pimples. That had been kind of creepy!

First, sorry about the slow start. Next, sorry if that apple juice prank doesn't work. I needed a prank for Juni to play though. Next, did anyone notice the tech's name is similar to Fo Sizzle? I changed it around because he's FAR from cool. I mean, YUCK! No offense to those with pimple troubles though. It just completed Bo's geek image is all.