Dem peeked through the small window on the closed door. There was a man in a lab coat going from a computer to a drawer regularly. Even though Dem loved Juni, she still noticed other guys. Who wouldn't? It was only natural. She had to admit that this scientist wasn't of the pimply nerd variety. He had black, close cropped hair and a rather classy and very neat goatee. She glimpsed the contents of the drawer and was puzzled to see rows and rows of CDs. What were they for?

After listening in on his speech (he talked to himself), she found out a few minutes later that he was going to go for a lunch break and Demetra watched him exit the room by a door across the room. She waited a couple of minutes before speeding through the door. Electronics dominated the wall-space and her eyes widened as she spoke in a hushed tone. "Come on Juni, Jo! I'm here to save you. Don't worry. I'll get you out soon and we can solve this thing together."

"Solve what thing? Who are you? Who are Juni and Jo?" The words were said by Juni, but Jo had the same clueless look as Dem's boyfriend. They didn't know? It threw Dem for a loop. Then she realized with a start. THE DRAWER! The girl rushed over and looked through the disks. The newest two had pictures of Jo and Juni. She brought the CDs to the machines attached to the chairs. There was a bowl-shaped contraption attached to cords. After looking over the machine Dem saw something saying INSTRUCTIONS. Oh brother. Just how clueless WAS this guy? Obviously this guy was an evil not-so-genius. Dem rolled her eyes and followed the instructions. First, she put the bowls on their heads. Then she flicked a lever, inserted the corresponding CDs and pressed a button. The machines began to whir quietly and Dem read about the machine, not quite believing that the guy would leave a manual around. Oh...the manual explained that too. He could just store their whole memories on a disk and alter, or switch memories. It also said that the manual was hard for scientists to understand because of technicalities in the speech used, and it was hard for normal people to understand because of the scientific nature of the project. The machines stopped their various noises and Dem undid the chains quickly, pulling her friends from the chairs to hide away just as the guy came through the door again. Dem jumped out and, with the help of Juni and Jo, overpowered him and strapped him in the chair for questioning. Jo and Juni bounced away to try to shut down the facility, leaving Demetra to interrogate. She shivered slightly with anticipation. She loved this part. "Who are you?"

"I am the Memory Master." The guy looked Spanish, but appearances could be deceiving, as he had a crisp British accent and Dem scratched her head. "No. I meant your REAL name."

"I can't remember. Just kidding, sweetheart. My name is Kyle Williams." Demetra frowned at his calling her sweetheart, but didn't let her feelings towards that invade her professional attitude. "We have agents who lost their memories, Mr. Williams and came back with different ones. This is no joking matter. Is that your work?"

"Of course. Their true memories are either in someone else's mind or in my vast collection of memory CDs. Quite an ingenious invention if I do say so myself. You yourself was one of the subjects. I loaded your true memory onto a disk and uploaded a new one into your mind, one that was made according to my client's specifications."

"Client? And you wiped MY memory?" This interrogation was almost too easy. This guy had obviously wanted someone to brag to for a long time. He answered her questions very willingly. "Yes. You were one of my proudest moments. You were the first to receive a manufactured memory. Clients, or customers, pay me to give certain memories to people who meet their specifications in looks and abilities. Then they tell me what they want these people to...remember. I make those memories and upload them via a special computer program I developed. The customer receives an obedient employee or servant. If the customers likes some of the original memories, I merge the two memories and the subject of the experiment has both. So far, I haven't had cause to use that technology though. I've created a manual for it though." He was so proud of his achievements that this interrogation was too easy. "Why make the manual so easy to follow?"

"Just because it was easy for you to follow doesn't mean it's that way for everyone. I implanted an understanding in your memory so you could work it. I do it with all my subjects, but usually they don't find their way back to the lab."

"Where's my old memory, dude?"

"Row 31, disk 500." Suddenly, the lights flickered and Dem heard a message over the speakers. Juni's voice. "Over-ride complete. The OSS will be arriving shortly, Demetra." Dem chuckled. Juni worked the computers and nothing was exploding? Miracles of miracles. She spoke into her KOSS headset. "Tell the OSS to keep the disks and the machine. They're vital to recovering the identities of thousands of people, including myself. Also, keep this guy around, and his manuals. We can restore the memories of those victims." Kyle Williams spoke up. "I have a warning for you Demetra. You may not like who you were before. Are you sure you don't want to remain clueless? Ignorance is bliss after all."

"You have the right to remain silent. Interrogation is over. You are now under the custody of the OSS, and was arrested by KOSS agents. Anything you say from this point on can and will be used against you."