"Relax Yuna, everything will be fine."

A girl with short brown hair sat in the chair fidgeting around. She was trying to stay calm but moving to a new school was scarier than she ever thought it would be. She had done it before but never in the middle of the year.

"I don't think I can do it mom. I don't know where to go and…" Her voice trailed off when she heard the bell ring. A giant crowd of kids walked past the front office talking and laughing. They all seemed to know each other and she didn't see anyone she knew. She reached behind her head and pulled her long braid in front of her. She began messing with the red ribbon tied all the way around it then her mom smacked her hand.

"Stop or you'll mess it up again." The girl let go off her braid and fixed her earring which was tangled in the short part of her hair. She was going to be late to class at this rate. The stupid guidance counselor was supposed to be making her schedule. She was supposed to be in honor classes but was scared with all the people here they might be full. She looked out into the hall and still didn't see anyone she knew. There had to be someone, all the people from her old elementary school were supposed to come here but why hadn't she seen any?

"Alright here is your schedule Yuna." A short chubby lady with her hair in a tight bun stood in front of her with a piece of paper. Yuna took the paper and looked at it. They were still simple looking classes. It had math, science, language arts, social studies, dance, and chorus. The only class she would probably enjoy was chorus. Why did these classes have to be so easy? She was already taking high school credits in seventh grade at her other school.

"I can't take algebra?" She looked at the lady and pointed at the math block on her schedule.

"That's for eighth graders only."

"Well that sucks. Alright I'm ready to go to class then."

"OK I'll show you the way but first we have a dress code. No hoodies, shirt must be tucked in, and you must have a belt." She looked at her outfit and saw everything was fine but her sweater, it had a hood.

"Can't you give me a break? It's my first day, I can't go without a sweater at school."

"I'm sorry but it's the rules." Yuna sighed and tried not to say anything. She took off my sweater and handed it to her mom.

"See ya later mom." She hugged her daughter and wished her luck and left. The guidance counselor led the new student out into the hall and to a flight of stairs. It was hard for Yuna to keep up because of all the kids but she managed. She walked up the stairs slowly because she hated them.

"Great stairs, just what an uncoordinated person like me needs. I didn't have to worry about these at my other school." She finally reached the top and saw her counselor waiting in front of a classroom. She led her inside and introduced her to the teacher. It was a substitute so she was confused at what to do with the new student. The counselor left and the sub showed Yuna to a seat between two girls in cheerleading uniforms.

"Alright class you have a new student today, Yuna." She gestured for her to stand up and she stood and smiled. She looked around the room and saw that there were people from her elementary there in her class. It was actually most of her class, there were only a few she couldn't name. The two girls beside leaned in to her as she sat down and one took her schedule and looked at it.

"Hey you have the same classes as me." The girl with long brown hair said

"Are you going to join cheerleading?" The girl beside the other cheerleader asked in a nasally voice while she read Yuna's schedule.

"No I hate it, I play softball." The two girls looked in shock at her and the one with a nasally voice turned away from her.

"Don't mind her I'm Kita by the way and you can just follow me today so you can find your classes."

"Thanks." Yuna turned around in her desk to face the teacher who was handing out worksheets. She finished it minutes and saw that everyone was struggling to complete it. It took them the whole entire class period. She looked around the room and picked out the people she knew and wondered if they remembered her. She knew most of the girls but only boy stood out to her and it had to be the one she hated most. It was the boy she knew since she was small and had ridiculed her since the day they met. She cringed when he looked back at her and winked. She quickly looked away to the other side of the room and saw she wasn't the only one done with her work.

A girl with blonde hair sat staring out the window. She had her hair draped over her shoulder and she was curling the ends of it. Her blue eyes seemed in a far off place outside the window. Yuna looked at the girl's desk and saw there was stuffed stacked on top of it instead of under it like everyone else's. On top sat a pick pencil case with a picture of a cat on it. Yuna stared at it trying to figure out what the heck it said.

The bell rang and it was time for them to go to their next classes. All her classes had the regular teacher but still the same amount of easy work. She went to chorus and found out that was definitely going to be her favorite class. After that was dance and she hated it right away. Finally it was time for science one of her favorite subjects. It was easy but she still liked it. After that it was time for language arts which was also meant it was almost lunch time. She walked in the class and set down her stuff where the teacher told her and sat at the only empty desk. Then they all lined up and headed down for lunch.

Yuna got in and out of the lunch line quickly and saw that you had to sit at tables according to class. She hated the idea since she wanted to go sit with the people she saw she knew. She walked towards her classes table and realized that they were all the same people that were in here math class. She walked down the table looking for some of her old friends and saw they were at the very end. She pulled out a chair and sat next to a girl with long blonde hair. The girl looked confused but then smiled when she recognized Yuna.

"Yuna, I didn't realize that it was actually you when the teacher said your name. I wasn't listening I should of though."

"Hi Rikku long time no see huh?" The girl nodded and tucked her small braids behind her ear.

"Hey Lenne. Hey Paine." They both smiled and waved and went back to their conversation. Yuna sighed and began to pick at her food and looked at the girl sitting across from her, it was the one who had finished her work in math. Yuna realized that the girl was also in her science class. The girl was doodling on a notepad but Yuna couldn't make it out.

"What's wrong with this girl? Does she talk?" Yuna whispered to herself as she watched the blue pencil the girl was holding slide across the paper.

The bell rang and they went back to class and it was the same as the others: easy. Last class of the day was social studies and it was a little more challenging since Yuna wasn't good at it. She still managed to finish the work early and sit and be bored during the rest of the class. She looked at the kids who were just getting to the second worksheet except for one. It was the same girl as before and now she was looking at the floor near Yuna's feet. Yuna looked down but didn't see anything so she figured the girl was daydreaming. Yuna entertained herself by looking at the girl's pencil case throughout the rest of the class.

Finally the bell rang to go home. Yuna grabbed her stuff and ran out of the classroom. She got lost trying to get outside to the buses but a red headed eighth grader helped her. He also helped her find her bus. She walked up to the yellow beast with the number 155 and gulped. It looked older than the bus at her last school. It seemed it could break down at any second. She stepped on and saw it was extremely crowded. She looked at the driver who was a dark skinned lady who smiled at her.

"Hi you must be the new student they told me about. You can sit anywhere you want." Yuna nodded and looked for an empty seat but they all had at least two people in them except for one so she quickly went for it. She sat down and looked over at the person and saw that it was the girl in all her classes.

The girl looked at her in confusion but then went back to looking out the window. Yuna saw that the girl had all her stuff in her lap while Yuna had shoved it into the floor of the bus. The girl seemed extremely neat unlike Yuna who was so disorganized that if she lost something she knew she would never find it. Also the girl was different than the others, was she new here to? Yuna sighed and decided it was time to figure out who the heck this girl was.

"Hi I'm Yuna; I noticed you were in all my classes. What elementary did you go to?" The girl turned around and looked at Yuna with a kind smile. She shook her head lightly.

"I didn't go to any school here, I just moved here this year. Unlike everyone else here who started in sixth grade here I started in seventh like you." Yuna smiled at the fact of her not being the only new kid. The girl smiled and fixed her hair and finally gave Yuna a name.

"Also my name is Namine."