"Namine?" The blonde nodded and Yuna smiled. Most of the bus ride was quiet and Yuna found out quickly that it was going to be a long ride since she was right on the cut off line. She was probably one the last few to get off. Namine after awhile pulled out what looked like a sketch pad and began flipping through the pages, I leaned over to see what was on them. She looked over and smiled and let her see what she had drawn.

She didn't understand one bit of it, it looked like a bunch a cartoons then one picture was of shoes? Wait is was of Yuna's shoes.

"Why did you draw my shoes?" Namine laughed while flipping through more pages.

"I was bored in class and they were so sparkly." She looked down at her shoes and saw that they were sparkly. They were white with gold and clear sequins on them, she knew they would be dirty by the end of the week. Yuna laughed and began looking at the drawings again. She still didn't understand them until one caught her eye.

"Wait go back." Namine turned back until Yuna told her to stop. "This, what is it?" It wasn't one drawing it was a bunch of little doodles and in the middle was the words "Kingdom Hearts."

"That's a video game I play." Namine started going on about the game and Yuna just tuned her out. She never played video games that sounded that complicated before, but why did recognize that one?

Yuna found out that Namine only lived about five minutes away, but she was across the highway. When Namine got off the bus Yuna gave out a sigh of relief. "What a strange girl." Yuna said to herself.

Yuna got off the bus and stood at the end of her driveway for a little while looking at her new house. She hated it, they lived right next to the highway and there was a housing development behind her house. Maybe should could babysit though. She unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen to meet a wall of boxes. Her mom peeked her head from out behind the boxes and gave her daughter one of her famous smiles.

"Hey Yuna how was school?"

"Good." She always used that answer no matter what so her parents wouldn't question her.

"Great, I put all your boxes in your room, if you don't have homework you can start unpacking if you want." Yuna nodded and headed to her room. She didn't have homework because she finished everything at school. She grabbed a box cutter off her dresser and began opening the boxes. She placed everything as close as possible in the same place it was at her last home.

"Yuna here is a box with some of your stuff mixed in. Just throw away the stuff that isn't yours." Her mom said placing a small box inside her door. Yuna crawled over to the box and found only a couple things were hers. She pulled out her Playstation 2 and placed it on the floor beside her. She didn't have a TV in her room so she would have to put it somewhere else. She grabbed all the games and placed them with it.

She was done unpacking in under two hours. Her parents came in and saw she was finished and asked her if she wanted to go to the store.

"No I'll stay here."

"Are you sure? There's no internet or TV, you'll be bored." Her dad asked picking up her Playstation. "I'll hook this up real quick for you, didn't you get a new game last night?"

"Yeah that should be good. How long will you guys be gone?" She asked while her dad hooked up the Playstation.

"We don't know yet it might be awhile." Yuna looked over at the clock and saw it was late, she was happy it was already Friday. Yeah her school made her start on a Friday, stupid huh?

"Fine I'll probably be up still up."

"Alright be good." They both kissed me on the forehead and left. I went and grabbed my big pink chair and laid down in it. My dad had already put the game in so I went and pressed X to get pass everything. I went through the beginning stages where you pick your settings and sat back while the beginning video played, I was too lazy to skip it this time. I watched as random videos went along with music and sighed.

"Why would they put stuff that happens in the game in the beginning video? It's just going to tell what's going to happen." Then all of a sudden the title of the game came up. Yuna's eyes widened at the name she couldn't believe it was actually that game. It was "Kingdom Hearts."

Yuna shrugged and decided to see just how good this game was. Well turned out she couldn't stop playing it. She had no idea what was going on but she loved it too much to put it down. Her parents came home but let her be, they had learned when she was doing something this long don't bother her.

Yuna played the game all weekend, nonstop. Once she got stuck on one part though she gave up. It was Sunday and she had made as far as could through the game. She decided she was going to ask Namine about it tomorrow, so maybe she could help.

She couldn't believe she got addicted to that strange game so quickly.

When Yuna got on the bus that morning Namine wasn't there. She sat in the seat and asked herself "Where could she be?"

Well she found out when she got to school. Namine came up to her when Yuna was going to her locker. "Sorry I wasn't on the bus, my sister made me miss the bus."

"No problem. O you'll never believe this, guess what I found out I have yesterday."

"What is it?" We both stopped and saw that people were blocking our lockers so we decided to wait for them to move.

"I have that game Kingdom Hearts."

"Really? Do you like it?" Yuna nodded and laughed at her surprised face.

"Yes but I'm gonna need you to explain it a little." She nodded and went over to her locker that wasn't blocked anymore. Yuna looked over at her locker and saw it was being blocked still, and of course it was by him. She walked over to her locker and stood there until he looked over at her. He gave her a mischievous smile and moved and gestured to her locker.

"Well long time no see Yuna." He said as she leaned down to open her locker.

"Yeah whatever ever Zack." One person she never like was Zack Fair, he had tortured ever since she first moved to this town when she was four.

"Aw come on don't act like that, you shouldn't treat your ex- boyfriend like that, also you better get used to me being here we are locker neighbors." Her face suddenly turn red and she stood up and turned to him.

"I never went out with you, and I never liked you, you were the one who liked me when we were little." He laughed and Yuna turned even redder.

"Don't have to get mad I was just messing with you, sorry." Yuna's face lost it redness but her cheeks were a little pink. Zack walked past her and to their classroom. She followed behind him since she didn't really remember where it was at.

When she walked in she saw the desks were all rearranged. Their teacher was actually there and showed her to her seat. She sat next to Namine but the bad thing was Zack was behind her.

"Can this school year get any better?" Yuna asked herself while Zack tapped the back of her chair the whole entire class period.

OK Nami I know this isn't exactly how it was but I don't remember evrything exactly! And don't worry I won't like Zack Fair in this story unless you say I can! But you can guess who he is by now. Our other friends will come in next chapter! Its boring now but trust me it get pretty funny... :D Im not kidding