Well we've made it through this fanfiction. Lost a few readers, gained a few. All in all not bad. I reread alot of the chapters and I find that I could have added more to the plot so I tried bringing in more action in the end and sum up all of the questions I was getting from the readers. I didn't want the Sailor Scouts fighting in this one because I read so many stories with them in it and I wanted to focus on Serena's growth as a character and mother and queen. We're so used to a cry baby character from the actual show, I thought I'd try adding a little more perspective and character development to her. If you've noticed from reading my other stories, I'm not a fan of Darien so he and Serena are most likely not together in any of the stories I write unless Serena and he are back characters, such as in "Be Careful What You Wish For"...anyways, I think you're more excited to read the ending to this story so here it is...Chapter 17.



The sun was shining through the window and fell on Serena's sleeping form. She stirred as she heard the sounds of birds chirping and the unmistakable sound of whispering and then a woman's voice telling who ever was on the other side of the door to go away. She opened her eyes just as Ororo walked in and shut the door. In her hands was water and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a tray.

"I'm happy to see that you're away. Jean has been watching over you and said you should be awake today. I brought you some food. You must be starving." Spoke Ororo gently to her. She pulled the computer chair up next to Serena's bed and sat down, the tray resting in her lap. Serena's mind was a bit groggy. She tried to put the pieces together.

"What happened? How long was I out for?" she asked quietly. She still hadn't sat up. She just laid there and watched Ororo's face.

"You've been out for three days since the fight in the Danger Room. We were lucky to save you. Your cat, Luna, explained how the crystal worked and she said it had drained your energy and almost killed you." Everything flooded back to Serena's memory. Sapphire. She wanted to know what happened to him.

"What happened to Sapphire?" She asked in a slight panic.

"He helped save your life. He gave his life energy to save yours. Professor Xavier became the link between you and him and He sacrificed himself to pull you back. In doing so he gave Luke his life back as well. Unfortunately Luke doesn't remember a thing, much less knew about his ability to heal. Apparently Sapphire was aware of that entire period. Luke was sent to stay at the school for the gifted in California." Serena gave a soft sigh and felt bad. She was unable to say goodbye to Sapphire after she healed his heart and soul.

"How is Rini? Is she alright?" She remembered when Sapphire was tainted by the pain in his heart he had captured Rini and was hurting her.

"She is doing very well. She's currently out shopping with Logan. They should be back in a little while. I think they went out shopping for a gift for you." Ororo smiled and then picked up the sandwich. "You should eat Serena and get some of your strength back."

Serena sat up and took the sandwich. It tasted so good for being such a normal sandwich. She was alot hungrier than she had thought she was. She finished it and the glass of water quickly.

"After everything that has happened, will you be staying with us, remaining as a teacher?" inquired the controller of weather. Serena thought for a moment and finally decided that she wanted to continue teaching here at a school that she felt at home. "The students have been anxious for you to come back. They have been looking forward to your class." Serena smiled at the woman.

"Yes, I think I will stay and teach. I love it here. I miss my friends but they can visit when ever they want and I know I can visit them."

"Wonderful! Do you feel strong enough to come join us in the den? Luna has been a nervous wreck down there. She's been at your side for hours on end. The Professor finally convinced her to join him in the garden to learn more about you and the scouts and your power and what happened between you and your...friend...Sapphire."

Serena nodded in agreement to join everyone. Ororo helped her to get dressed and be steady on her feet again.

Serena was sitting on the den couch when Rini and Logan walked in the door. Luna was asleep in Serena's lap and everyone else was around her. They had all settled down to watch a movie minutes before. All the students and the teachers relaxing in the one room. It was a nice atmosphere for Serena. Serena scooted Luna into Kitty's lap and got up to meet Rini and Logan at the door. Rini embraced Serena and didn't let go. Serena didn't want to let go either. Serena looked at Logan just standing there with one hand in his pocket and one holding a bag. She used one hand and pulled him into a hug. At first he stood there kind of tense but after a few beats he returned the hug and picked up Rini to be able to give both a hug at the same time. Serena smiled into Logan's chest and Rini smiled at Serena.

"Can we be a family here?" Serena smiled at her daughter. Rini slipped a bracelet onto Serena's wrist from the bag that Logan was holding. It was a link chain with a silver jewel on it. Each side of the crystal was the color of each of her scouts. She looked up at Logan and smiled at him and then turned back to Rini.

"We can be a family here." She went back to hugging them. Their moment of happiness followed by an interval of "Awes" from those being nosey in the hall looking at them.

Serena decided to stay as a teacher at the school for the gifted, Trista allowed Rini to stay at the school and become enrolled, and Logan and Serena started seeing each other. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Scott and Jean got married, Rogue and Bobby became engaged, and everyone was waiting for Logan to pop the question. To all of their surprises, the first thing to be announced was Serena becoming a new mother again. Serena had finally found her happiness and one morning days before she expected her second daughter, she pulled the picture that Sapphire took of her at the park looking sad and disconnected. She tore the picture in half and threw it away, feeling that her life was exactly where it needed to be.

I wanted a really nice happy ending for once. So I hope you enjoyed it. Even though I know it could be a bit better, I am actually fairly proud of it. Thank you all those who have followed the story. It means alot. If you liked this story, please check out my other works.