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Quo Vadis, Lucius?

Chapter 1

Lacroix was in a lousy mood. His son had vanished after assaulting that mortal girlfriend of his and had left him with the mess. As always, Nicolas had been far too hasty, his own predicaments and his selfish nature forcing him to believe Dr. Lambert dead. Lacroix was forced to get her to the hospital instead of pursuing his son. Not that he valued her life any more than that of any other mortal, but if Nicolas was ever to return, it would be to his advantage to present Nicolas with a living and breathing
Natalie Lambert instead of a grave.

So he found himself in the middle of the night in an ER, giving
them instructions about her blood type so that they could give her the treatment she required in the most swift and efficient manner possible.

After persuading the personnel not to remember him or anything
about the person who brought her into the hospital, he went home.

Nicholas had shut himself off completely. Lacroix had never
thought Nicholas capable of doing that, but obviously he was wrong. The only thing he could feel was that Nicholas was still alive.

One thing eased the worries of the old general. Nicolas was a Catholic. The Catholic Church forbade suicide. That was why Nicolas had asked Lacroix
to kill him.

Even now Nicholas would not walk into the sun or seeking refuge
in other disgusting activities like staking himself , etc.

The sun was about to rise as he went into bed.

Lucien woke up instantly. This insolent cock. How dare he disturb
his sleep? He opened his eyes and shut them instantly, rolling instinctively out of his bed to hide from those burning rays of the sun. Suddenly he blinked. Laying on the floor, he still felt the warmth
of the sun but not the pain. The sun was not burning him, but
instead he felt warm and comfortable. Slowly he rose to his feet. Where was he? This was a sunlit room, but it
looked familiar. He went to a chest and opened it ... His armor! No, that was not the armor of a general but a mere Legatus. He looked down. Obviously
he was a bit lighter build than the recalled. He looked at his hands and his arms. Those where the arms and hands of a much younger man.

He heard voices outside...

'Lydia! Come inside. You have to help me with the Waving.'


He went to the window and saw a young blonde woman rushing obediently inside.

His sister? But she died in 69 under the reign of Nero. Confused,
he pinched himself to wake up but gained nothing but a blue spot on his calf.

Suddenly he realized that he was not only hearing Latin, he was
again thinking in Latin, too!

He shook his head in disgust. This was the weirdest dream he had
ever encountered.

Natalie woke up on a road. Nice cobblestones, almost shining
after the storm. The air smelled fresh from the fallen rain. In fact, it smelled almost alive. So much different from the city smell she was used to breathing in.

She had no clue as to how she ended up on this road, but she felt
fine...almost like in a dream state. Some birds sang in the distance, and the sun was warm and welcoming.

Natalie was so lost in her own universe that she did not hear the
noises that suddenly came from behind...a kind of clapping...

Suddenly she was swept out of her dreams... A horse shrieked and
a man fought to control his mare...

"MOVI!!! "

Natalie jumped off the road and her eyes widened in amazement
when she saw a chariot passing her high speed .... with a Roman soldier in full armor on it!!!

"This is most certainly a very weird trick... somebody is
probably playing a damn lousy joke... Nick!!! Come out at once....!!"

Suddenly she was caught up by vertigo. She had to sit next to the
road and hold her head. What had happened ? She recalled Nick holding her, promising to join her, feeling his breath on her neck...the sharp sting of his teeth. The sudden realization that he was unable to control himself....

A small wagon with a bull pulling it came along the road. The
woman sitting on it looked at her and stopped.

Natalie felt the young woman bending down and asking her
something, but she was too upset to listen, far too confused.

The woman gave her something to drink out of a water pouch and
tried to smooth her with words. Indeed, Natalie slowly calmed down.

She looked up at the young woman and tried a small smile.

She had had Latin in med school and she still remembered some
bits. The young woman asked for her name.

"Natalie..." she said and pointed on herself.

"Ahhh. " The young woman smiled and pointed on her chest. " Sabina."

Natalie grinned and mumbled to herself.... "All ways lead to
Rome...then this should be the Via Appia."

And Sabina confirmed : "Via Appia!"

An hour later Natalie sat on the wagon and rode along the bumpy
cobblestone road...She still tried to tell herself that she was dreaming. But everything was so real. It smelled real. She pinched herself in the arm and discovered that it did hurt...She was riding the Via Appia on her way to Rome.

Lucius burped loudly. It was not the nicest of behaviors, but he
had not eaten that much in ages. He had not eaten ANYTHING in ages....

'My, My.... Lucius. You certainly developed an appetite.'

He nodded and took another grape.

'Yes, Mother.'

'Don't be so uncommunicative, Lucius. What is on your mind? I
always know when your mind is occupied with other things. Yesterday when you came home, you were so tired you could hardly stand and today, instead of telling us about your latest adventures, you sit here and eat like a barbarian.'

Lucius desperately tried to recall what had happened on that
particular trip...and failed miserably. His perfect memory was gone, together with is vampiric nature. But he found enough stories in his mind to entertain his mother and his sister.

He looked at his sister. She was unusually silent, and seemed
absent-minded. Now he recalled why she had died so long ago. Had it already started to infect her? Had she already met those strange men?

He bent over towards the young woman and inquired softly.

'Lydia. Is there something you would like to tell me, little sister?'

She looked at him as if she suddenly had woken up.

'Lucius... No, certainly not. Everything is fine...just wonderful
and perfect.'

Lucius shook his head. He was worried. This was certainly a cruel
dream. Pleasant in some ways, painful in others.

He decided it was not his business. It had happened long ago.

It felt nice to wear a toga again. He wandered though the streets
and listened to the merchants and watched the people go about their business.

Rome was certainly an impressive city, even before it burned down.

It was certainly a bit smelly, but he soon grew accustomed to the
smell. It felt good to be home, even if it was only a weird dream.

He was just talking to an old childhood friend who now served in
the praetorian guard of Nero when his eyes fell on a wagon coming through the gate.

He stood there, transfixed.

On the wagon was sitting a certain tasty coroner, looking around
with wide eyes.He noted with a slight surprise that the usual itching in his
teeth was replaced by a certain itching in an entirely different place.

'Gaius, would you do me the favor and check this wagon? I would
like to take a closer look at that woman.'

Gaius laughed.

'Lucius, I swear that it will not be a Gaul that kills you one
day but an angry husband!'

Lucius laughed as Gaius went to stop that wagon.

He strolled seemingly uninterested towards the wagon and looked
at the slim ankle.

'POST NUBILA DIANA!' He smiled up at the distracted woman.

She instantly looked down, and it was quite obvious that she did
not understand.

The woman next to Natalie giggled slightly and blushed. She did
understand the remark.But obviously she tried to protect Natalie and answered in her place.

He laughed at her biting remark. He was certainly no ox.

Natalie stared at the young Roman grinning at her. He looked
familiar, very familiar, but she could not recall where she had met him before. He had stunning blue eyes and a smooth, sunburned face. His muscles were well-defined, and he looked definitely handsome.

He looked up and saw that Dr. Lambert obviously tried to put him
somewhere....but was not quite successful. He decided to assist her.


She looked closer and suddenly gasped.


He grinned.

'Well, well, my dear Dr. Lambert, it took you quite a while to
recognize me. I should be hurt.'

'What are you doing in my dream?'

'I hate to sound overbearing, my dear Dr. Lambert, but I have to
insist that it is my dream you are invading.' He replied with a smooth voice.

'Since when did you ever consider arrogance nothing but a virtue?'

'Oh, my dear Doctor, you can be so amusing.'

The woman next to Natalie looked interested and noted something,
and Lacroix replied evenly.

'What did you say?'

'My dear doctor, is that a hint of curiosity I detect?' He teased
her amiably. 'Your friend here inquired if we know each other, and I replied that we have met and that you are coming from a far-away province I went to with the army.'

She obviously tried to summon her wit and replied in an equally
friendly manner.

'Well, Lacroix, it was certainly 'nice' to meet you, but I would
prefer to dream on my own. So if you would excuse me.'

'Very well, my dear. I shall obey. If you need me, just ask one
of the praetorian guards for the house of Lucius Seianus.'

He knew that every praetorian knew the house of Seianus. The
'fame' of his grandfather as head of the praetorian guards had made sure of it and had prevented him or any other male offspring of his family from ever becoming a member of the praetorian guards. It was pure luck and some good connections that his family still existed at all and had not been ordered to commit suicide.