"Now, two souls are fiercely entangled..." -- the announcer, Stage 7 from the original arcade version of Soul Calibur.

Fiercely Entangled Souls: the true stories behind the sub-boss battles in Soul Calibur
by Rurouni KJS

Ever wondered why certain characters always duel each other in Stage 7? Discover the outrageous truth in this series.

Each story is self-contained (for example, Sophitia vs. Nightmare story has no relation to the Nightmare vs. Sophitia story), but a few running gags appear throughout. To those who read the original versions at www.guardimpact.com, minor text corrections and changes have been made, as well as author notes explaining some of my motivations and inspirations.

The default characters are in alphabetical order. Then, the time-release/unlockable characters are shown in order of release. Finally, some of the characters' sub-bosses change as new characters become available - these are called "Next chapters."

The series is rated PG-13 for mild language, mild violence and some *very* bawdy humor that may not be appropriate for the under-13 set (and maybe not some of you older ones). Most are pretty clean, though.

Okay! Click on the chapters to learn the sordid motivations and strange occurrences in these fierce entanglements!