A/N: Alright, first off, I need to explain why Ed has alchemy in this story even though this takes place after the manga. In this story, Ed figured out the whole giving up alchemy solution before the fight and told Al. But then, the fight happened and he had no time to actually go through with the idea. After the fight, just as he was about to go to the Gate, Al beat him to it and went there ahead of him. When Al came back, they discovered that Al's sacrifice only gave back his body and Ed's leg. Ed's arm didn't get returned because it had been taken in a trip to the Gate that was separate from their original trip. Al managed to convince Ed to keep his alchemy, saying it helped people, plus keeping his arm gave him an excuse to see Winry. I know in the manga that Ed's automail arm was destroyed and Al sacrificed his soul to give it back, but even though I like that scene (because seriously, after all this time of Ed sacrificing things for Al, Al can finally return the favor, somewhat) I can't have it in there if Al gives up alchemy because it would make no sense if he returned Ed's arm, sat at the Gate during the fight, and THEN came back without alchemy. So just pretend that Ed's automail arm stayed intact during the fact. Yup. Also, sorry about not updating anything for a long time. I'd give you excuses but it's late and I'm tired. Lastly, I know this chapter's short (like Ed), but it's how I wrote it and I like it this way. It will not change.

I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER OR FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. Seriously, if I did, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be published.

Roy Mustang was not one to disobey orders. He knew damn well that if he wanted to get higher in position, he would have to be a good 'dog', as he was usually called. But, in his opinion, disobeying orders and burning them were two very different things. Too bad that a very specific order was stop burning his orders. And he could see why that order finally came, after all these years.