Big Time Valentine

(This is a Camille/Logan, Jo/Kendall, James/OC, and Carlos/OC story)

James' POV

I was out by the Palmwood's Pool, being lazy, as usual. It was February 13, tomorrow was Valentine's Day. Of course, I didn't have a Valentine. Actually, the only one who had a valentine was Kendall, he had Jo.

Carlos was single, still. He kept looking for a girlfriend, but he had the worst of luck.

Logan was single as well, but he still liked Camille. Everyone knew Camille still liked him, but she was trying to move on. But with Camille, it could take a while.

I was planning on being single on Valentine's Day, but then I saw a beautiful girl with long brown hair.

Kendall's POV

I felt sorry for the others. They all wanted to have a girlfriend, but of course they didn't have one. I had Jo, but at the moment she was mad at me because I hadn't asked her to be my valentine yet. But I was going to right about now.

I walked down to the Palmwood's Lobby. I say Jo sitting at one of the couches and I saw she looked upset. I looked down at the flowers I had gotten for her. Roses, classic, yet beautiful, just like Jo.

I walked up to the couch she was sitting on and sat next to her. I know she knew it was me, but she was holding her grudge

"Leave me alone, Kendall" I heard tears in her voice, I couldn't believe it. I have never seen or heard her cry. She's always mad at me.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear "Be my valentine?" I obviously caught her off guard; she adjusted herself so she was facing me. She wiped her tears from her delicate eyes. I held out the flowers and she took them. A small smile forming on her lips

"Really?" she asked

"Yes, Jo" I smiled

"Then, yes" Jo leaned over and kissed me with those smiling lips.

This is going to be the best Valentine's Day ever.

Carlos' POV

I need a girlfriend! Ugh. Why I this so hard? I kept thinking that as I walked to 2J. I kept my head down, wondering what I could do to get a valentine. I suddenly bumped into someone. I looked up to see a cute girl falling to the floor. I quickly caught her before she fell.

"Sorry" I said "I wasn't looking"

"It's okay, I'm really clumsy" I set her back on her feet and she stuck out her hand

"I'm Hazel" She smiled moving hair out of gorgeous face.

"I'm Carlos"

"You're from Big Time Rush, aren't you?"

I nodded "Yep"

"I love your guys' music. It's amazing" She grinned

"Thanks" I said

"I have to admit, you were always my favorite" She said softly

"Really?" I asked, hoping she really meant it

"Of course. You are so cute. And I love your voice" She blushed slightly and looked down

"Wow, thanks. And you're pretty cute yourself" I said, not believing I had the guts to say that.

"Thanks" She kept her head down, but I saw her cheeks light up again

Hazel, Hazel, Hazel. She's the best

Logan's POV

I sighed. I want Camille back. Ever since I went out with the new girl then saw Camille at the movies, I knew how I really feel about her. But then, she had some other date. I know I blew my chance. I let her slip through my fingers. I wish she was still my girlfriend.

I'm trying to figure out if she has a boyfriend. If she does, I'll back off. If she doesn't, I'll try my hardest to get her back. Suddenly, Jo and Kendall walked through the door, laughing and holding hands. I envied the relationship they had.

"Hey, Logan" they said in unison

"Hey" I said sadly

"What's up, buddy?" Kendall asked

"I want Camille back!" I groaned

"Then why don't you get her back?" Jo asked

"Because last week when we were all at the movie together, she was with some other guy"

"Oh, Steve?" Jo asked

"Yeah, I think that was his name" I said

"She said it didn't work out with him. He was too clingy and he kept asking why she was talking to you at the movie" Jo explained "She also told me, she wanted you back as well"

"Really?" I said smiling


"Go get her, Logan!" Kendall said

"On it!" I jumped up and ran to find Camille

I was going to get Camille back if it was the last thing I do!

(Hope you like it. I personally don't like Valentine's Day, but I thought it would make for a great story next one will be up soon!)