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Summary: When Kurt is feeling down, Blaine takes it upon himself to put together a week-end that he hopes will make him happy again.
Note: This is the last chapter, just tying everything up. Thanks so much to everyone for your kind reviews! I love those a lot. This definitely won't be my last Klainefic!3

"Why are you all smiling like that?"

The boys had made it back to Dalton before four, but instead of hopping right out of the car, Kurt had sat perfectly still for a long time, studying the dorm with solemn eyes. "What's wrong?" Blaine had asked, hand stilled on his own door handle, "I thought you were in a good mood now."

"I am," Kurt had insisted, though his words were contradicted by his tone. "I'm just worried that, in a day or two, I'm going to go back to feeling exactly like I did before we left." He'd sighed then, "I'm going to go right back to being the new kid; the outcast. The idiot."

Blaine had taken his chin in his hand and forced him to look into his eyes, saying seriously, "You're not an idiot, or an outcast, and things are going to get better. Just trust me." There were those words again, and just like always, Kurt had had no choice but to believe them. So he'd helped Blaine unload bags, then gone to his room to unpack and reluctantly don his uniform once more.

When he walked into the practice room an hour later, all of the Warblers turned their eyes to him with matching smiles that made his skin crawl. "We're smiling," Wes answered, "Because we have a new job for you."

Kurt gulped. He hadn't been at Dalton long enough to showcase all of his talents, so he couldn't imagine what they could possibly have in store for him. Maybe it was something humiliating, like wearing a giant canary outfit, or fetching them their morning coffee. "And what's that?" He asked cautiously.


Wait, wait, wait, Kurt thought. Stop. Rewind. Play. What did he say?

"I'm sorry," he said, shaking his head slightly, "Could you repeat that? Because I think I'm confused."

Wes took a step forward, putting a hand on Kurt's shoulder, "Not specifically for dancing, but for overall movement." Kurt stared at him helplessly, not understanding, and he laughed, "Blaine had us watch some of the New Directions performances online, and they're good. They're very active, but together at the same time, and everyone plays an important part." Wes glanced at the other Warblers, "We all agreed that that's something we're lacking in. We've always wanted our audience to see us as one being; now we realize that it's good for them to see us as individuals too."

Kurt raised his eyebrows, a tentative grin creeping across his face. "So you want me to change up our performances?"

"Absolutely," David chimed in from the couch, "Starting today. We have a new song, and we're splitting up the solos."

Kurt clapped his hands together, his grin now a full-fledged smile, and asked, "So what song are we doing?"

"Blaine picked it," David handed him his sheet music, "'Meet Virginia.'" Kurt felt himself flush, and he looked up at Blaine, who just shrugged and winked at him. David crossed his arms over his chest and smiled encouragingly, "Any immediate ideas?"

Kurt cleared his throat and thought for a moment. "Okay, I definitely think we need to put more of a theatricality to our performance. Really put emotion into what we're singing."

And so it went for the next two hours.

Blaine was staring at the huge bruise on his forearm as he and Kurt walked down the hall after practice. "I just don't understand," he said with a shake of his head, "Why you are so obsessed with me jumping up on the furniture. I swear, my entire body is a bruise right now."

"It's not my fault you're so uncoordinated," Kurt said absently. He was still flying high over how great the practice had gone, and how everyone had seemed to genuinely support all of his ideas. He'd come a long way from getting his Duran Duran idea shot down at the beginning of his Warbler career. "Oh, hey," he said suddenly, "Would you mind going over my math homework with me later? I think I did an entire section wrong."

"Sure, no problem," Blaine agreed, tugging the sleeve of his jacket down over the big purple splotch carefully. Then he added, "See, didn't I tell you that things would be better?"

"You did."

"It's a good thing you decided to trust me."

"'Decided,'" Kurt scoffed. "I never had a choice in the matter; I've always trusted you."

Without warning, Blaine grabbed his hand to stop his stride, and used it to pull him close. Kurt immediately blushed. Sure, Blaine had said that things wouldn't be secretive and awkward between them when they got back to school, but on some level, Kurt hadn't actually believed it. "I'm glad you can trust me," Blaine said, hands finding their way to Kurt's sides and squeezing gently.

"I'm glad I can, too," the younger boy replied shakily, fingers curling around the lapels of Blaine's jacket. He wasn't sure who started leaning in first, but it was just a matter of seconds before their lips met and the world was blurring in the background. It was almost alarming, the way adrenaline coursed through Kurt's body, the way it felt like every hair was standing on end. This feeling only intensified when he heard Blaine let out a little sigh against his lips; he'd never imagined he could make anyone - let alone someone as strong and controlled as Blaine - make a sound like that.

"Aw, look at the happy couple," a voice teased, causing them to pull apart quickly. Kurt braced himself for the insults, the taunts, or even some physical violence; all of the things he would have received at McKinley, had anyone ever caught him so openly kissing another boy. But instead, he just saw Wes and David, both of them grinning in a way that two friends would when they were happy for two other friends.

"You guys are real adorable and everything," David added, looking over his shoulder, "But Keith's right down the hall, and if he catches you guys sucking face, he'll probably transfer one of you to another dorm." He had a point. They'd been careless.

Reluctantly, Blaine unwrapped his arms from around Kurt and sighed. "Okay, well," he ran a hand through his hair, making it stick up in a charmingly boyish way, "Meet me in the commons in a few minutes and we'll go over your math, okay?"

"A few minutes," Wes put a hand to his chest in feigned horror, "But how will you ever survive being away from your boyfriend for so long?" Blaine reached out and slugged him playfully on the shoulder while Kurt turned an impressive shade of red. Boyfriend. The word echoed around in his head. Was he Blaine's boyfriend? Is that what all of this meant?

"I'm sure we'll manage a brief separation," Blaine chuckled. Kurt couldn't help but notice that he didn't correct Wes on the label, either. He took Kurt's hand again, giving it a little squeeze, and said, "Go get your books and meet me there, okay? I'll get us some coffee."

"Okay," Kurt said numbly, but he didn't move.

Blaine noticed this and his eyebrows knitted together as he took a step forward, asking lowly, "Is everything okay? You know they're just teasing, right?"

"I know," Kurt said quickly; his face felt like it was on fire. "It's just…are we… I mean, am I…your boyfriend?"

The dark haired boy just stared at him for a long moment, then cracked a grin and leaned his forehead against his, whispering, "What do you think, dummy?"