Author's Note: These are a very different type of vampire from those in Twilight. They are mostly inspired by the type of vampire shown in the manga/anime Vampire Knight. Neither of these are things that I own. Thank you for reading my story!



Edward entered the chambers deep within the confines of Volterra. Normally, he would let his anger and displeasure show, but he was not dealing with ordinary vampires today. He would be meeting with the Tribunal in just a matter of moments. Aside from himself, they were the most powerful vampires of his kind.

Edward strode confidently into the Great Hall, where the Tribunal convened. He came to a stop before three cloaked figures sitting in what could only be called thrones. It was the place where the king and queen had normally sat, but they had been dead for nearly 15 years. The vampires had lost their great leaders and Edward had lost his parents.

There would be a king again soon and it would be Edward. Vampire law stated that only a Masen could take the throne and Edward was the last of the Masen bloodline. He was determined to bring honor to his family and to valiantly lead his people.

Unfortunately for Edward, the three men in front of him seemed determined to make his ascension to the throne as difficult as possible. Well, two of them. Marcus was catatonic and hardly put out any thoughts that Edward, a consummate mind reader, could read. Marcus' family had been killed on the same day as Edward's. He had lost his wife and toddler. Since then, he had been a shell of his former self.

Marcus' face was a blank slate, which was shadowed by his curtains of dark hair. Aro, his biologically twin, had the exact same physical appearance, except his face was constantly animated. Right now he had a pleasant smile perched upon his lips. Caius was the twins' polar opposite. He had the same pale skin that marked all of their kind, but he had his white hair cut into a short, severe haircut. He was glaring at Edward. It was something that he could not seem to even help doing whenever Edward was in the same room as him.

These three men were the current governing body of his kind. The Tribunal, they called themselves. What a nurturing-sounding name, Edward thought to himself with a dry snort.

Aro stood up and glided over to Edward. "Greetings, Prince Edward," he said, reaching out to grasp Edward's hands with his own.

Edward kept his hands out of reached and smirked at the older vampire. He would not allow Aro to use his powers on him. Aro had the power to read every thought that a man ever had. Did Aro think him a fool who had forgotten the dangers that lay in touching him?

Edward gave a tilt of his head to acknowledge Aro's statement. "Greetings, Lord Aro," he responded. "To what do I owe the pleasure of an invitation into the Great Hall? Do you wish to show me how the preparations for my coronation are coming along?"

Aro's smiled widened and Edward read the answer in Aro's mind before he could speak it. "You see, Your Highness, there have been some complications with the proceedings."

"Complications?" Edward asked, unable to gleam the answer from any of the three men's minds. "What complications? I am to ascend to the throne on my twenty first birthday, which is only three months away!"

At this, Caius smiled a smile that was more like a baring of teeth. He had not even gotten up to greet Edward as Aro had, which was a grave slight. Edward, of course, did not expect Marcus to rise because he was hardly aware of what was even going on at the moment.

When Caius spoke, Edward felt his fangs descend. "Yes, Prince Edward," he sneered, "there seems to be quite the complication. I have recently read over our laws about kingship and it would appear that one is not allowed to become king or queen without being married to a Pureblood."

Edward growled. "What antiquated clause is this? It is my right to become king on the day of my twenty first birthday."

Aro gave a chuckle that chilled Edward to the bone. He took a scroll out from beneath his cloak and handed it to Edward, who quickly read over its contents. It spoke of the rule that Caius had just talked about. Edward knew this was not a lie because he could smell that the scroll had been written from the Blood of the Ancients.

Aro noticed when Edward had finished reading the scroll. "So you see Edward, you must marry a Pureblood within the next three months. And although there are only three Pureblood women left, I think you will find that at least one of them to be a suitable match, hmmm?"

Edward swallowed back his anger and disbelief. The three women that Aro spoke of were Tanya, Irina and Kate, Aro's own daughters. All of them were vapid, shallow harpies, who were as power hungry as their father.

Edward knew he had to leave before he caused a scene. There were several Nobles milling around the Great Hall, hoping to overhear their conversation. He flashed his fangs at the Tribunal in a threatening manner, making sure that no one but the three men he intended it for had seen.

"They are quite . . . suitable," Edward replied, making sure that his tone implied that he thought the opposite. "They are so suitable, in fact, that I will need time to make my decision. If you will kindly excuse me, I must be on my way, so that I may have some time in private to decide which of your worthy daughters will be my bride."

Aro's ever-permanent smiled widened. "Of course, Prince Edward. Take as much time as you need. I understand how tough a choice it will be." Aro bowed his head to Edward in a show of false respect. "May the Blood always flow within you," recited Aro.

It was a Pureblood tradition to state these words when parting. It pained Edward to have to reply, but he did anyway. "May the Blood keep you wise and strong," he stated in a monotone. With that Edward quickly exited the chamber, the anger he felt on the way in nothing compared to the rage that he felt on the way out.


When Edward exited the grounds beneath Volterra, there was a tiny figure standing in the moonlight, waiting for him.

"Alice," Edward grumbled, in no mood for whatever it was she had to say to him.

"Hi Edward," she responded, cheerful as always. Unlike Aro, though, there was nothing false about her cheery demeanor. Alice was just a naturally happy person. She was Edward's sister in every sense but in blood. Her parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, a pair of Noble vampires, had adopted him after his parents' death.

Edward continued on, walking casually in the direction of his apartment. Much to his dismay, Alice fell into step beside him, singing the American national anthem in her head. She was hiding something.

Edward released a breath, knowing he was being bated, but yet still wanting to know what she knew. "What is it, Alice?" he asked, his tone playfully annoyed.

Alice grinned. She didn't bother responding out loud because she knew that it annoyed Edward to have to hear everything twice. I saw what happened in the chamber, but it was also followed by another vision. One that is of great interest to you.

Like Edward, Alice had a special talent. She was gifted with the Sight, meaning that she could see things before they happened.

Edward was finally fully intrigued. "And what was it that you saw Alice?"

It was her Edward. I saw the Lost Princess. She's our only hope, Edward.

Edward stopped walking, shock coursing through his veins. He could feel it in his Blood. "Where is she, Alice?" he asked

Forks, Washington . . . in the United States.

"We must leave for Forks right away. I must find her." Hope filled Edward's heart. Perhaps the future was not as bleak as he thought it was.