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For a Strong Woman

Pip Bernadette knew he was an asshole. He knew he was, but could never stop himself. He needed somebody to bring him down a peg or two, and shut him up when he crossed the line. His Geese were useless. They were good men, good fighters, and he liked them, but they never got quite confident enough to tell their commander to shut the hell up.

Whoring and hookers were all well enough, fun for a night, a good lay, but they were there to make money by doing exactly what the person paying them wanted. They weren't supposed to have a brain or a will. The prostitutes were OK, but Pip would be damned if he didn't fall hard for a strong woman. Whenever a hooker slapped him for being suck a dickhead he made certain to smarten up, and that the one who hit him would be the one he had that night. When he pissed off some woman enough that she would chew him out good he would always shut up, and draw on his reserves of French charm.

When Pip brought the Wild Geese to Hellsing, and met Sir Integra, he knew right away she was not to be screwed with. She had an air about her of command and immovability, and any idiot with eyes could see she knew what she was about, and yes, she would be followed.

No, at Hellsing what really surprised Pip was their newest recruit (besides, of course, him and his Geese), the little Police Girl, Seras. His first impression was some busty, blonde, blue-eyed ditz. Knowing the Boss Lady, he found himself wondering 'Why does she keep this girl around?' Next thing he knew, however, the girl was handing him his ass with one finger. 'Oh,' was his thought. 'That's why...' He promptly resolved to be extra nice to this girl.

This conviction strengthened over the next few weeks, as he grew to know Seras. He watched her as, jaw set, she shot hell out of ghouls, then took out their masters. He learned about her difficult past, and marveled at the wonderful person that came from it. He saw her killing time with his men, listening to the rude, dirty mouthed men of fortune as they shot the breeze. She held her own among them, with her own supply of curses, dirty, rude jokes, and a stiff glare or a solid smack upside the head for those who crossed the line. And each time the Captain watched this woman, saw her strength, knew her innate kindness and humanity he found himself falling harder and harder for his blonde, blue-eyed vampire, his Mignonette.

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