Where Dreams Come True


What we did on our Holiday

A play in three acts


Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective and worst flatmate
Dr. John H. Watson, retired army surgeon and the world's most patient flatmate
Mr. Mycroft Holmes, the government, and also the world's most infuriating busybody

Receptionist at Disneyland Hotel, The world's least offensive receptionist.
Manager at Disneyland Hotel,The world's most put upon hotel manager
Park Employee at the Tower of Terror Picture booth, the world's most grossed out park employee
Kid from Basque Country, the world's most ignored thirteen year old
Ryan,the world's most adoring five year old
Melinda Kirk,Ryan's mother
Ron Kirk, Ryan's father
Alexandra, a dark shadow from Sherlock's past
Ty, the world's most confused seven year old
Jennifer, an American, Ty's mother

Various Park Attendants and Tourists