Hominid's Brother

2 weeks after Hominid crashed his planet was getting worried. Hominid's planet sent his brother Homunid to retrieve Hominid. While Homunid was traveling to planet Earth Hominid was killing the members of the SUAK or the Super UFO Alien Killers. Hominid finished killing all the members of SUAK while Homunid landed 2 kilometers away from the location Hominid was at. Homunid got out of his spaceship to find Hominid. 2 minutes after SUAK was destroyed Hominid and Homunid met again.

Homunid told Hominid about their planet Raffia. While both aliens were talking a member of the SAKA or Special Alien Killers Association saw them. The member called his teammates about the 2 aliens. After the 2 brothers finished talking the SAKA squad arrived. Hominid took out his blaster while Homunid took out his energy blade. Hominid jumped and shot 2 members in the faces. One SAKA member was about to shoot Hominid until Homunid slashed him in the neck. 2 minutes later 89% of the SAKA squad was killed. Hominid and Homunid were wounded during the fight. While the 2 aliens were resting a SAKA member took out a control and pushed it. The button activated SAKA's deadliest weapon, The Devastator or Joe. Joe arrived in a flash after the button was pushed. Hominid and Homunid were fully healed now. The 2 aliens charged at Joe and the SAKA squad. Hominid kicked 2 SAKA members in the lungs while shooting someone with his blaster while Homunid threw his energy blade like a boomerang slashing 5 peoples neck off. Joe then ran towards Homunid while he was retrieving his energy blade and punched him in the back. Homunid fell straight down after the attack. Hominid saw Homunid on the grown and quickly ran towards him. Hominid was 2 meters away until Joe activated his bazooka and shot Hominid. Hominid was blasted towards a nearby McDonalds head-on. Joe deactivated the bazooka and punched Homunid in the chest. Joe's attack was so deadly it killed Homunid. Hominid was too weak to do anything but watch his brother Homunid die. 10 seconds after Homunid's death Joe was headed to Hominid. Joe was in front of Hominid and activated his Fire Punch technique. Joe then punched Hominid in the chest using the Fire Punch technique which increases the attack by 67% adding a deadly burn to it. Hominid then fell to the floor. Joe knew Hominid was dead so he flew back to SAKA headquarters. 3 minutes after Joe left Hominid was still alive. The Fire Punch's pain was so high it made Hominid faint. After the battle Hominid swore that he would kill all the SAKA members and explode Joe and burn the SAKA headquarters to the ground.~The End

-Created by battycoolkid-