Ch.2 Welcome to America! /Opening titles

November 9th, 2010

10:54 P.M.

Northern Algonquin, Atlas Hotel, Secret Penthouse, top floor

"The forty feet by forty foot room we see is exceptionally designed, with roman tiles-"The 20 inch TV screen showing the renovation show went black. A man with brown Bob hair, green eyes, and a black business suit with a maroon tie was sitting behind an intricately designed, reinforced steel oak desk.

On it were a couple of things. Two pictures, one of the man and a small girl were playing in a small yard. The other showed the girl, much older, was posing in a military outfit, the tag saying "Sgt. Reness Halkins". There were also two piles of paper, one minuscule and one gigantic.

Before he could continue on the paper he was interrupted at a knock on the door across the room.

"Come in." The man said, revealing a Bostonian accent.

A 20-year old looking man entered, wearing a green sweat jacket, blue jeans, and white sneakers. He had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Our guy over in Panama said they switched boats. There'll be here tomorrow morning."

"Thank you Xavier, uh, I want you and Shawn, the Cabbie owner, and pick them up at the docks and come back here."

"Alright boss"

As the man left, the other one gazed out to the skyline, losing his train of thought…


"Naruto! Wake up! Were here!" Sakura yelled.

"Ahhh….I'm getting up" He groaned back.

It had been a hectic week for the entire ninjas. There was seasickness; a dispute with Kiba and the captain about wither Akamaru should go with the other animals or stay with him, and a whole lot of other things.

He quickly got on his usual outfit, and packed everything back into a scroll. Everyone else was already on deck, near the causeway.

"So what do we do now?" Asked Kiba.

"Lady Tsunade said that we would see some transport some were."

"Yeah, can you believe that those things, cars, exist?" Said Kiba.

"Yeah I can't believe such a machine could exist!" Said Tenten.

"And did you see how big all those ships were-" started Kiba, but was cut off by Hinata.

"Uhh, guys, I-I think that's our rides" she stuttered, pointing to two yellow cars that had two guys waving a sign that said Konoho.

They all walked over to the guys, who opened the doors for them.

The guy on the right, who had a buzz cut and was wearing a blue shirt and jeans with combat boots, introduced himself first.

"Hey welcome to Liberty City! I'm Shawn, Shawn Carthy. And that moron," he said pointing to the other guy, a sandy haired, blue-eyed guy wearing a sleeveless shirt and jeans with white sneakers, "is Xavier O'Conner, or the Irish Bastard, one of my youngest drivers." He finished as they all got into the cabs.

The one in front was being driven by Shawn with Lee, Tenten, and Gui, with Neji and Shino sitting in the back.

The other was being driven by Xavier, with Yamamoto in the passenger's side, Naruto sitting next to Hinata and Skaura, with Sai in the back with Kiba and Akamaru.

After a while, the drivers asked their passengers if they wanted to listen to some music to pass the time. It started out with a small beat till it grew…

He's on the level if he's inclined
The son of a devil, he wants mine and more
Ooh, he's a high, high climber, not just a clinging vine
He made the grade, he made his marks, senor
And guess who's keeping score?


Rush, rush to me Yayo
Buzz, buzz, give me Yayo
Rush, rush gotta Yayo
No, no, no, no Yayo
He's real speed demon
He's one of a kind
What and wait winking over his shoulder
He's running out of time


Rush, rush to me Yayo
Buzz, buzz give me Yayo
Yoyo no, no Yayo
Go, go, no, no Yayo
Rush, rush to me Yayo
Never, never take a chance before
But now he's in a hurry
Better, better make your mind up boy
He's faster


He's a real speed daemon
He's one of a kind
What him wait
Winking over his shoulder
He's running out of time
Rush, rush
Buzz, buzz
Rush, rush
Buzz, buzz
Rush, rush
Buzz, buzz



The two cabs stopped in front of a giant hotel in Algonquin. "Were here"

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