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His Name Is Harry

"Hello Wizarding World, I'm Voldemort, the Dark Lord and acting ruler of your world. You're beloved Albus Dumbledore has met his end by yours truly, his beloved Order is now nonexistent, the Ministry, as you can see is now under my rule. I give you my word any type of resistant will be dealt with strictly and without mercy. Things are changing, so you best get use to it, my word is law now. And I leave you with this finally note. Welcome to my new world"

"They still have this speech after nearly two years?"

"You must admit Bella, it was a very magnificent and frightening speech, still is"

Voldemort smirked as he looked over the Daily Prophet and several other Wizarding media scattered around his desk. All showed a moving picture of him making this speech in front of the Ministry of Magic building.

"Yes, although I find the way they describe the lord as a cold-hearted, dark and monstrous man a bit amusing"

Voldemort looked up and glared at Tone, the vampire looked back amused with no hint of fear.

"And why do you say that?"

"Come now, it's no secret here that you're nothing of those words towards a certain someone" Tone chuckled.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed especially when the rest of his members smirked or snickered amused.

"I assure you, I am all those words and more, including towards that someone as you call him. So kindly keep your—MY BABY!" and yes he did indeed shriek.

"Hi Mom!"

"Don't 'Hi Mom' me! What the hell are you doing?"

Outside the window behind the Dark Lord's desk and looked over the garden, was Harry, hanging upside down, his ankle cover in a strange red colored goo, it was the only thing keeping the boy from falling to his death.

Voldemort nearly broke the window as he shoved it open.

"Wow, it's holding really strong" said a voice from above.

Voldemort and his members- who had went over to see- stuck their heads out-careful of Harry of course- and looked up, catching sight of bright fiery red hair.

"You two!" Voldemort snarled.

"What the hell are you doing to my baby?"

"Nothing" the tow chorused, and almost sounded innocent if wasn't for the fact that the two were nick-named the Demon Pranksters within the Manor.

"Nothing! You call this nothing! When I get my hands on you two Demons, you'd wish—"

"Sorry to interrupt you're infamous death speeches, but perhaps we should help Harry, the thing looks like it's about to bre—"

"Never mind"



Harry squealed in delight as he plummeted to the ground, which got closer, closer and closer and close— suddenly he stopped, his nose being tickled by the green grass.

"Do I even want to know what you were doing?" said a familiar voice.

Harry smiled he recognized that voice anywhere.


Fenrir gave a little smirk in greeting before placing Harry on his feet, immediately the boy latched on to the Werewolf, wrapping his arms around the other's waist just as Voldemort appeared along with Tone and the other members.


Harry squeaked when he was pulled into a tight huge, his vision blinded by black robes.

"Merlin Harry! Are you hurt? What were you thinking! Scared me to death!"

"Mom" Harry whined, voice muffled in his mother's chest.

"What were you doing?" Tone asked pulling Harry away from the Dark Lord and looking him over himself.

"Fred and George were testing out their new experiment, I don't know what it was though, but I wanted to help"

Voldemort sighed, "By the gods child, how many times are we going to tell you, do not hang around the twins when their experimenting"

"But I wanted to help" Harry pouted.

"Leave the Pup alone Voldemort, if he wants to risk a leg and an arm, then let him" Fenrir said.

Voldemort glared at the smirking Werewolf

"You're not helping" the Dark Lord snarled, "and you! Just wait until both you're fathers get back"

Harry just pouted even more, eeping when his vision was suddenly blinded by ginger hair.

"I saw everything, are you alright? You're not hurt right! I'm going to kill those two!"

"I'm fine Mione" Harry said.

Hermione sighed in relief and let go of the boy, looking him over with her eyes to make sure.

"My Lord where are you going?"

"I need to speak to two red-heads" was the response.

Severus Snape stepped out of the fireplace , his black eyes taking in the quiet study and even quieter Manson, which was a surprise in its self especially for those who lived here and knew that the Manson was anything but quiet. His robes billowed as he made his way through the halls, he stopped at a door, he knocked before opening it.

Shrieks of laughter greeted him and he was not surprise to see Harry being chased around by a large white wolf.


Severus atomically opened his arms, grunting when he was nearly bulldozed over.

"Your back!"

"Yes, did you behave today?"

Harry nodded, a snort came from behind him and he glared at the Were, who merely wagged its tail.

"Now, why don't I believe you?"

"Because you're paranoid"

Severus raised a brow a little anger at the cheeky response but also amused by it as well, "And why do you say that?" he asked.

"That's what Uncle Remus says, although Uncle Sirius says that you're just constipated, Papa are you really constipated?"

"No but give me five minutes and you're mutt of a godfather will be"

Harry blinked curiously at his Papa, watching him leave.

"What was that about?" he asked Fenrir, letting out a squeak when he was pounced on, soon his room was filled with laughter.

Weeks after the attack on the Manor and the death of Albus, Voldemort moved, he sent his DeathEaters to the Ministry of Magic and took over it, a few more days later he took over Hogwarts.

There were groups of resistant, but they were dealt with.

His laws were put in effect, and much of the Wizarding world were surprised that some of them weren't as back as they thought, no massacre, or imprisonment.

Lucius suspected it was all because of Harry and Hermione, but didn't say so out loud.


After the attack, Harry had matured quicker then he originally was, they figured it was because of his large burst of magic, his mind now that of a fifteen year old, and to their relief he had also grown, of course he was only five foot and some inches and didn't look like he was going to grow any taller, they blamed the Dursleys for that.

This year he was going to Hogwarts, along with Hermione and Draco, Severus had finally convinced Voldemort that it was in the boy's best interest, if he went to school like all regular Wizarding children.

This year was also the year Voldemort was going to announce that Harry was to be his heir.

Lucius blinked out of his thoughts when he stepped though the Floo and was greeted with the Manor shaking and high-pitched familiar screaming. He gave a chuckle before making his way to Harry's room, he knocked and opened.

"Good afternoon Greyback"

Fenrir was on Harry's bed laying on his back, Harry asleep cuddled up on his side, a death grip on the Werewolf's arm, Lucius gave an amused grin, he had been on the receiving of Harry's cuddles.

"Shut up" Fenrir growled, but he made no move to get up.

"You do realize the meeting starts in twenty minutes"

"I'm aware"

"And the Lord does not tolerant lateness"

"I know"

Harry mumbled in his sleep and cuddled closer, his grip on the Werewolf's arm tightens, Fenrir wondered how the pup was so strong, for one so little.

Lucius watched the Werewolf try and detach his arm from Harry without waking the boy and fail.

"Are you going to just stand there?" Fenrir growled at the blonde when his third attempt failed.

"I think you're doing very well"

Fenrir snarled at him.

"Very well"

Lucius went over, he leaned over the Werewolf to get to Harry, and firmly removed Harry's arms, Harry mumbled and rolled over.

"You're welcome" Lucius said stepping back, for the Werewolf to roll out of bed.

Fenrir glanced at him before leaving the room, Lucius followed after covering up Harry.

"You're late Lucius, Greyback"

Lucius bowed his head, "I apologize my Lord, but Greyback had a bit of a problem that needed to be dealt with" he said, smirking when the Werewolf grumbled as he took his table.

"And what kind of problem could that have been?"

"Harry, milord"

Voldemort nodded, as the blonde to his seat to his right.

"I've called you all here to discuss the events that are to pass, as you know I will announce Harry as my heir before he begins his year at Hogwarts, along with Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger"

"My Mione and Harry are leaving me!" Bella wailed.

"What about Draco?" Lucius asked his sister-in-law.

"Oh him too"

"As I was saying, they will be going to school, and while Severus and Sirius will be there, you can never be sure with children, nor do I trust the staff there, so Greyback and Lupin have agreed to become Harry's bodyguard"

Draco he wasn't worried about, he was trained by the best, and Hermione was a muggle-born and no one in their right mind would think Hermione was on the Dark Lord's side willingly, so the most trouble she would have would be some of the staff trying to "save" her.

Harry on the other hand would be in constant danger once Voldemort announced the boy to be his heir.

"Furthermore, I've been getting reports of a resistant group raising and calling themselves the Raising Phoenix, we can only assume it's in honor of Albus. I want them found and dispose of, understood Tone?"

"Yes, my lord"

The meeting continued on.

It was nearly evening when Harry woke up, he yawned and got out of bed. He wasn't surprised to find Fenrir gone, and assumed the Were left for a meeting. After using the bathroom, Harry left his room. He didn't have a destination in mind, but then again he never did, and most of the time he always found himself in the gardens or in the woods.

The young man found himself somewhere in the South wing of the manor, when he was stopped by a soft voice.

"So you're awake"

Harry looked over his shoulder and grinned.

"Hi Remus!"

Remus chuckled when he was hugged, wrapping his arms around the smaller body.

"Where Uncle Sirius?"

"I left your Uncle with your Papa"

Harry giggled, whenever his Uncle Sirius and Papa were together it always resulted in flying curses and hexes.

"Don't worry I sent Cissy to straighten them out"

Cissy or Narcissa was one woman you don't want to mess around with, even the Dark Lord knew better then to piss her off.

"Come on, it's nearly dinner, and we don't want to be late…again"

Harry nodded and took the Werewolf's hand, together the two made their way to the dining hall.

When they entered everyone was seated, Fenrir narrowed his eyes when he saw the two holding hands and standing so close.

For some reason it bothered him to see the Potter pup being so affectionate with the other Were, a reaction he found a bit odd, seeing as how Harry was affectionate with everyone.

The two took their seats, Remus next to Sirius whose hair was now a lovely shade of pink and his skin was a scaly green, and had hair growing out of his ears.

Harry sat down between Voldemort and Severus, the Potion Master looking very smug, once settled, everyone tucked in.

"Uncle Sirius, how come you're not sitting next to Auntie Bella like you always do?"

"I have pink hair, green skin and scales and hair growing out my ears and the first thing you ask me is why I'm not sitting next to my psycho cousin?"

"I'm not a psycho!"

"Bella, you have a pet rock, that you talk to and thinks talks back"

"He does!"

"He? Last week it was a she"

"He can't make up his mind"

"….Are you sure the therapy working?"

"Considering how much we're paying him, I'd say no"

"Could someone pass the salt?"

"Harry stop sneaking food to Nagini, and Nagini stop begging….don't get sassy with me!"

"If you two value you're lives you will put away that potion"

"Hey who took the last chicken thigh!"

"There a carrot shaped like in eyeball in my stew"

"Looks like some of the elves are getting creative again"

"Noooo! Give me back Rocky the fourth!"

"You named the stupid rock?"

"And why the fourth?"

"Because Rocky the fourth is Rocky the first son"

"….I had to ask"

"Harry don't give Nagini that, snakes can't eat cheesecake! Nagini take that out of you're mouth at once!"

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