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His Name Is Harry

"Harry over here!"

Harry looked over his shoulder, face breaking out into a big grin when he saw Hermione and Draco waving at him, he quickly bounced over, by his side, carrying his trunk on his shoulder was Fenrir, in his wolf form was Remus.

They found a compartment and once they were settled, the train started moving.

"So Harry are you nervous about what house you'll be in?" Hermione asked.

"A little" Harry confessed, "Papa, Mama, and Dad said they wouldn't care what house I'm in, but I know they want me to be in Slytherin"

"I'm sure they'll be happy in whatever house you end up in" Hermione reassured.

"Even Gryffindor?"


When they arrived and disembarked, Harry fell in line with the first years, looking back at Fenrir and Remus who told him that they would met up with him later after the Welcoming Feast, he gave a wave back at them. Grinning when Remus waved, and Fenrir yawned.

He then climbed into the boat.

When the first years came into the hall, Severus's eyes instant sought out his son, feeling relief when he saw the familiar unruly black hair, he barely listened to Minerva as she welcomed the first years, or the Sorting Hat's song. When it was time for the sorting Severus waited in anticipation for Harry's name though to anyone else it would look like he was just staring blankly.

"Harry Potter!" Minerva called.

There were gasps, and whispers, as every pair of eyes locked onto the Dark Lord's Heir as he made his way up to the stool. The moment he sat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head, there was silence.


The Slytherin table cheered, while the others gave polite claps relief on their faces, next to the Potion's Master, Sirius groaned.

"Oh don't look so smug, you bastard" Sirius grumbled.

Severus smirked.

Harry went over to the table and sat between Draco and Blaise and watched the other students be sorted, once everyone was sorted, Minerva said a few words and the feast began. Harry piled his plate with found, half-listening to the conversation around him as he ate, excitement rushing through him.

He was here, finally here in Hogwarts!

Sure he had been nervous and didn't want to leave his Mom and the manor, but now that he was here, he couldn't remember why he was nervous in the first place, and realized that perhaps he had been a bit silly to worry about dreams.

After the feast, Harry followed Draco to his room.

"We'll be rooming together" Draco said, as they entered the room.

"And whose's idea was that?" Harry asked as he looked around, "Mom, Daddy, Sirius or Papa?"

"The Headmistress actually"

Harry blinked at his brother in surprise, "Really?"

Draco shrugged, yelping when he was suddenly tackled by a large sandy brown Werewolf.

"Remus!" Draco groaned, pushing the Wolf off him.

Harry giggled, petting the large white wolf that came up to him, "so this is where you and Remus went off to" he said.

Fenrir barked, tail wagging, the Alpha as a wolf had a much sweeter disposition then his human counterpart, much to everyone's amusement.

After exploring the room, Harry readied himself for bed, after dressing he jumped into Draco's bed, Fenrir and Remus behind him, all three looked eagerly at blonde.

"No" Draco said, "you have your own bed" he said again sternly when the eyes turned begging.

"But yours is bigger than mines" Harry said, "please!"

"No, and those eyes are not going to work on me"

Five minutes later Draco was pushing a tail out of his face, scolding himself for being so easy.

After breakfast, Harry followed Draco to their first class.

After deciding it was best for Harry to go to Hogwarts, Minerva the Headmistress had Harry take a test to see what year Harry should be in, the Headmistress was surprised at the results, she told Severus and Lucius rather bluntly that Harry could teach a class with the knowledge he held. The two were not surprised, but insisted, so the Witch placed Harry in the same years as Draco and Hermione.

"Alright you little brats, class is about to start" Sirius said as he strolled into the classroom.

The students who were glancing at Harry, some whispering others staring fearfully at the wolves curled underneath the desk, how the two were able to fit under that no one knew, turned their attention to their Professor.

Sirius looked over his class, lingering on Harry for a moment before ordering them to take out they're wands.

"Alright let's see if any of you have actually did your summer homework, I'm going to pair you up, and when I say begin, you will try to disarm each other with the spells you've learned from last year and what I've told you to practice over the summer." Sirius instructed, before he began pairing them up.

Harry blinked when he was paired up with a tall red-haired boy, who sneered at him, Harry noticed that he was a Gryffindor, for some reason Harry felt like he knew this boy.

"Alright, begin!"

Harry blocked the spell that came his way, and quickly fire one of his own, smirking when the boy was thrown off his feet.

"Very nice Mr. Potter" Sirius praised, before praising another student.

The red-head scrambled to his feet and quickly fired off another curse to which Harry side-stepped to avoid.

"Your form is off" Harry pointed out when he blocked another attack.

"Shut up" the red-head growled.

This time Harry fired off an attack, once again knocking the boy of his feet.

"Enough!" Sirius ordered.

Harry lowered his wand, the red-head did as well only with some reluctances.

"Shake hands, then take your seat"

Harry held out his hand, frowning when the red-head ignored him completely and took his seat.

"Hey Hermione" Harry said, stopping the girl, "whose's that?"

Hermione looked over to where the boy was pointing at, she frowned, eyes flickering with emotions before turning back to Harry.

"He's name is Ron Weasley, he's the twins younger brother"

Contrary to what his parents and the rest of his family seem to think, Harry was not oblivious to what went on around him. He knew well what his family did, what they were in the eyes of the public, knew why he had all that training, all the protection.

He knew the dangers that being the son of the Dark Lord came with.

When he came to Hogwarts, he was expecting the reaction of fear, hate and uncertainty from the students and staff that weren't for his families' cause, and it bothered him.

Bothered him that they automatically thought the worse of him and his family who have done nothing but make the Wizarding World better.

"It's just how people are Harry" Remus said when he had asked why no one could see the good that was being done, "not only that but the Dark Lord did kill the man that everyone thought to be a Hero"

Well he was going to have to change that.

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