Green and Yellow

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Beast Boy walked into the Common room with an extra 'oomph' in his step. He stretched out his arms and gave out a big loud;

"Hello Wisconsin!" Everybody in the kitchen and common room looked at him strangely, well except for Raven, who didn't even acknowledge the fact that her green boyfriend of two years entered the room.

"Umm…excuse me friend, but do we not live in Jump City California?" Starfire asked bewildered by Beast Boy's outburst

"Yo Rob, I think it's finally time to take BB to the…you know…'nut house" Cyborg whispered in Robin's ear as he twirled his finger over his own ear to mock Beast Boy's state of mind.

"I heard that Cy! No guys! Don't you know what today is?" Beast Boy asked happily

"Obviously confused moron day?" Raven deadpanned as she sipped her tea

"No…it's the day before the Super Bowl!" Beast Boy cried out excitingly, jumping up and down to add affect. Starfire also began to jump up and down.

"Wondrous! I could use this 'Super Bowl' for my traditional Pudding of Happiness!" Starfire squealed

"No Star, the Super Bowl isn't an actual bowl for food, it's just one of America's biggest championship games" Robin explained to his alien girlfriend.

"Oh…well what happens at this Super Championship Bowl?" Starfire asked innocently. At hearing this, Beast Boy stopped jumping and stared at Starfire, completely stunned

"What happens? Only the greatest sports event that could ever possibly happen! With only the best junk food that a person could consume! With only the very best commercials that can have you bursting out laughing or bursting out in tears! And only the best football game of the year!" Beast Boy explained dramatically

"Beast Boy, it's just a stupid game, don't over exaggerate" Raven said calmly, causing a vein in Beast Boy's forehead to throb in anger and frustration

"It's not a stupid game Raven! It's only the pineapple of sports!" Beast Boy shouted again

"You mean pinnacle?" Raven corrected Beast Boy

"That's what I said Rae! Pineapple!" Beast Boy retorted, receiving a sigh of exasperation from his dark girlfriend.

"So what's your point BB?" Cyborg asked

"Well…nothing much except… my favorite team is playing in the Super Bowl! WOOOO! Go Pack Go!" Beast Boy cheered as he grabbed two Cheese-Head hats from behind his back and placed one on Raven's head and another one on his own scalp.

"Don't we just make the cheesiest couple?" Beast Boy asked as he placed his cheek against Raven's. Raven groaned before she made the ridiculous looking hat on her head melt with her black magic, earning a whimper from her green boyfriend.

"Whoa, whoa! Hold on a minute! I thought the Baltimore Ravens were your favorite team BB?" Cyborg and Robin laughed knowingly.

"Don't remind him…he'll make me wear his stupid jersey to bed tonight" Raven blushed profusely while Beast Boy just smiled goofily.

"Well they are, but your stupid Pittsburg Stealers cheated us out of a win! 'Sides, I've always been a Packers fan at heart. I mean they're green and they love cheese! What's not to like?" Beast Boy responded

"Pfft, you just wait BB, tomorrow you'll be crying your eyes out when Pittsburg wins our seventh Super Bowl trophy" Cyborg exclaimed cockily

"You sure about that Cy?" Beast Boy grew a confident smirk on his face.

"I'm one hundred percent sure grass stain" Cyborg remarked just as arrogantly

"Well you leave me no choice Cy. I'm gonna have to show you my awesome rap skillz that killz….dawg! Wizard Khaliblah…style!" Beast Boy crossed his arms over his chest, trying to look convincing, but ended up posing awkwardly, and looking absurd in front of his friends and teammates.

"You mean Whiz Khalifah?" Cyborg chuckled, while Robin and even Starfire laughed as well

"That's what I said! Wizard Khaliblah…." Beast Boy retorted, receiving another groan from Raven

"Please don't Beast Boy! You have no skills at all! It's just embarrassing to watch" Raven pleaded at her boyfriend

"Sorry babe, a cheese-head's gotta do, what a cheese-head's gotta do" Beast Boy monologue and spoke to no one in particular as he turned around and looked to the window dramatically

"Rae, hat, iPod, and jersey, stat" Beast Boy commanded Raven, sticking his hand out expectantly, never looking away from the window

"Please, don't-"

"Rae! Hat and Music!" Beast Boy yelled out, waving his arm up and down. Raven growled before stumping up to her boyfriend and looking up at him.

"You watch your tone buddy, or else you won't get your little 'fun in the dark' so long as you're green and I'm grey! Understand!" Raven threatened her boyfriend, poking him in the chest for added effect. Beast Boy gulped and nodded his head nervously.

"Y-yes mam" Beast Boy whispered, frightened of the empath

"Good. Now what is it that you wanted, Beastie Boo?" Raven asked with sarcastic kindness. Beast Boy grimaced at the pet name as Cyborg and Robin laughed at him again. Raven knew he hated being called 'Beastie Boo' in public, but she felt it was a good payback. Raven stood impatiently and glared as she crossed her arms and tapped on the floor with her foot

"Umm…Raven, darling, could you please get me my hat, jersey and iPod? Please?" Beast Boy asked politely, but still terrified by his girlfriend. Raven smiled smugly and nodded as she disintegrated under the floor.

"Hahaha! BB you're totally whipped!" Cyborg burst out laughing. Beast Boy could only glare back at him. Raven returned in front of Beast Boy as she threw him his 'Green Bay' hat, number 12 'Aaron Rodgers jersey, and his green iPod before she floated over to the couch, pulled out a book, and placed two ear plugs in her ears.

"Well, anyways, I'll just let my song do the talking for me." Beast Boy stated as he set up his iPod on the Titan's music dock

"Robin, could you just push play on my signal?" Beast Boy asked before Robin nodded and traded places with him. Beast Boy turned away from everyone as he placed his hat sideways on his head, slipped on his over-sized jersey, and cleared his throat. When he turned around, he struck another 'rapper's' pose. But again, he only looked stupid. At seeing this Robin and Cyborg burst out laughing while Starfire just looked confused.

"Yo Rob-meister, hit me that beat boi" Beast Boy ordered Robin

"Try again" Robin frowned as Beast Boy chuckled awkwardly

"Now?" Beast Boy asked sheepishly

"Better" Robin smirked as he pushed play and the music began to play. Cyborg faced palmed when he heard an exact copy of "Black and Yellow" play over the speakers.

"Oh! I love this song!" Starfire applauded as Robin stared at her strangely

"Alright Cy, this ain't a diss song but uh…" Beast Boy began by speaking the words at Cyborg

"Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is! I'm a cheese-head, y'all losers Cheez Whiz! Pittsburgh Steelers, thats nothing.' That Super Bowl ring, thats stuntin'" Beast Boy rapped as he swung his arms around to the beat of the song….or at least try to keep up with the beat.

"Pull up in your town, when you see me you know everything. Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow!" Beast Boy continued waving his hands up and down and trying his very best to 'Dougie.' At seeing this Cyborg muffled a laugh by forcing his hand over his mouth and trying so hard not to cry at Beast Boy's foolishness. Robin and Starfire just stared wide-eyed, while Raven began to hum loudly to tune out Beast Boy's music.

"I put it down, representin' for my team. I'm in Green and Yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow!" Beast Boy sung as he pulled on his jersey and hat as part of his routine.

"Got a call from my homie, this just in. The Packers in the Super Bowl and they better win. They call him Big Ben, but he weak though. We in Dallas, but we Lambeau Leap yo!" Beast Boy moved around the common room, jumping on tables and bouncing up and down in beat to the song. As this was taking place however, Beast Boy failed to see Cyborg record every move he was making.

"You're gonna put this on the internet, aren't you?" Robin whispered to Cyborg

"You know it" Cyborg guffawed loudly

"Long hair, don't care, Clay Matthews. We sittin' on these fools, no bathroom! Yeah, got a pocket full of big faces. Throw it up, touchdown on Ike Taylor" Beast Boy continued to make a fool of himself. As he passed Raven, she pulled her hood over her head as far as it could go to hide her embarrassment of seeing her boyfriend act like such an idiot.

"Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is! I'm a cheese-head, y'all losers Cheez Whiz! Pittsburgh Steelers, thats nothing.' That Super Bowl ring, thats stuntin.' "Pull up in your town, when you see me you know everything. Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow!" Beast Boy continued to rap as everyone laughed at him. Raven just felt like dying from shame, but she had to admit, she admired his dedication.

"We knocked the Eagles and the Falcons and the Bears off! Now we 'bout to cut Troy Polamalu's hair off!" Beast Boy shouted as he made 'Snipping Scissors' motions with his fingers.

"Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is! I'm a cheese-head, y'all losers Cheez Whiz! Pittsburgh Steelers, thats nothing.' That Super Bowl ring, thats stuntin.' "Pull up in your town, when you see me you know everything. Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yellow! Green and yell-WHOA!" Beast Boy shouted as he tripped over his own feet and fell on the coffee table in front of Raven, sending her tea up in the air and on top of himself and her.

Robin decided that was enough and stopped the sing, but instead of helping his friends, he looked over at Cyborg where they looked at each other really quickly before bursting out laughing again. Meanwhile, Raven's eyes turned red as she gave Beast Boy a death glare. Beast Boy could only grin sheepishly

"Uh….Green and Yellow Rae? Heheh" Beast Boy chuckled nervously

"How about black and blue?" Raven asked menacingly before she teleported herself and Beast Boy to her room. Cyborg only laughed harder when he heard Beast Boy scream bloody murder.

"Ahh…that green bean will just never learn" Cyborg whipped a tear from his eye with that big smile still on his face.

"Yeah, but I don't know. I think the Packers will win" Robin pondered to himself

"Oh please! There's a reason the song is originally 'Black and Yellow" Cyborg responded

"The usual wager?" Robin asked smugly

"You're on 'gel-ly man" Cyborg smirked as the two shook hands.

"Well, we'll just see the better man win tomorrow then" Robin sneered

"Don't worry I will" Cyborg chuckled darkly




"Well, I better stop Raven before she gets arrested for 'spousal abuse" Robin chuckled to himself as Cyborg left to the kitchen

"Wanna join me Starfire? Starfire?" Robin asked as he turned around to see Starfire 'popping it' and 'cutting a rug' to Beast Boy's iPod. All Robin could do was stare.


A/N: Yeah…it was WAY cheesy (No pun intended lol) but TOTALLY necessary! There isn't enough football references in the Teen Titans world! And since it's the most wonderful time of the year (SUPER BOWL!) I decided to write up this ridiculous number lol! Well anyways, if you guys want me to continue, I'll update the next chapter according to the results of the Super Bowl! Lol! So there will be one of two endings! And yes I was WAAAAY out of my element with this rap music (I'm a rocker not a rapper lol), but cut me some slack, at least I tried ryte? Lol! Anyways, like always, REVIEW! Thankies! :)

P.S. Although I have been a casual fan of the Green Bay Packers for a while now, let it be known that I am a DIE HARD Washington Redskins fannatic! WOOOO! Hail to the Skins baby! But yeah…after being eliminated from the playoff picture…my second favorite teams were in the Playoffs (Ravens and Packers) so you obviously know who I'll be cheering for tomorrow ;) lol

Have a GREAT Super Bowl Sunday everybody! :D